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Around The Web on October 29

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Around The Web on October 29

Charlie Chaplin and Time Travel

By now it seems like the whole Web is talking about time travel, Charlie Chaplin's The Circus premiere, an older woman and her cell phone. The scene is in the video at the bottom of this page, at 2:42 and again toward the end of the explanatory video, but there are some other examples as well.

Take a look at some other oddness and news around the Web.


Seinfeld gang plays D&D

What would happen if the Seinfeld gang played Dungeons and Dragons? This comic provides one answer. Cheetos come up again. This time not my doing. I am not sure why Cheetos and their crunchy cheese goodness are associated with Role-playing.

Diablo 3

Diablo 2 stole days from my life. A haze of monster slaying and leveling are all that is left. Diablo 3 gets a hands on review over at Slashdot. I am looking forward to losing myself in the new one when it comes out next year.

The Dark Knight Rises

The demographics of Gotham are just as I suspected. The infographic shows sanitation engineers run supreme while henchman is a growth industry.

The Dark Knight Rises has a name but the villain is hush hush. There's more details and speculation at Unreality Mag. No real spoilers but, as with most of these things, it may have more guesswork than one would like.

RPG Game Reviews

RPGnet has a couple of reviews up for new games and supplements that seem worth checking out. The Native American game, How We Came To Live Here sounds like a refreshing change of scenery and mythos for most of us. The review it's a mostly positive review with some concerns about the combat system, something that seems to be a sticking point with many games.

Also up is a very positive review of

Bigger Bads for the Monster and Other Childish Things game. The title of the games is enough to make me want to try it. If anyone has experience with it, please leave a comment.

Online Media

I do not support the following candidate. I don't even live in his state. My guess is Lucas will be having words with him though, as he blatantly pirates Star Wars for his ad. Austin powers too, down the page.

Speaking of video, if you are looking forward to The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont's six part miniseries adaptation of the comics, here's a five minute clip.

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