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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant RPG Quantum Power: Reanimate


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Level: 2

Quantum Minimum: 3

Dice Pool: Manipulation + Reanimate

Range: Touch

Area: N/A

Duration: Special

Effect: The nova can reanimate dead tissue to a semblance of life.

Multiple Actions: N/A

Description: The nova has the grisly ability to reanimate dead tissue with a touch, infusing it with quantum energies and granting the dead flesh a semblence of life. The parts in question do not need to be part of a whole body, as this power works just as well on a beefsteak as it does on a cadaver. The tissue must be relatively fresh, and even 24 hours worth of decomposition will prevent the tissue from being reanimated. Moderate refrigeration extends this period up to a week. Sadly, frozen tissue will have sustained too much cellular damage to be of use to a nova with Reanimate. Once animated, the tissues can perform the same basic mechanical functions that they did during life; a dead heart can beat, dead fingers can grasp and dead men can walk.

The nova touches the corpse or body part they wish to reanimate and rolls Manipulation + Reanimate. If successful, the tissue becomes animate for a number of days equal to the number of success rolled. The nova may animate up to ( (Manipulation + Reanimate) x 50) kilograms of tissue at any one time. As long as the nova retains line of sight contact with the reanimated flesh, he can mentally direct it to perform any act it is physically capable of and give simple commands. If line of sight contact is lost, the animated flesh will continue to perform whatever task it was performing until the task is complete, line of sight contact is re-established, or until the duration of this power's effect expires. The nova may also spend 1 quantum point to call all animated creatures within (Quantum + Reanimation) kilometers back to his current location if at all mechanically possible. Animated tissue without proper locomotion capability will twich and spasm in a most unwholesome manner until the duration expires or the nova moves out of command range. Of course, the nova may cease animating a given corpse or body part at any time.

Creatures and mostly intact structures (such as hands or heads) retain the same physical attributes they did in life, but lose one dot of Appearance and have only the most rudimentary senses (both Perception and Wits are reduced to 1). All other Mental and Social Attributes are reduced to 0. Reanimated creatures have no minds or will of their own and are effectively automatons made of flesh, blood, and bone; and are immune to mental attacks or any chemical agents that affect biological systems.

Reanimated tissue has health levels based on its size. A hand-sized lump of tissue has 1 health level, an arm or head has 2, a leg has 3 and a full human-sized corpse has 7. Reanimated tissue takes no wound penalties and soaks both bashing and lethal damage with its full stamina. Reanimated tissue will continue to function until it has lost all its health levels to lethal or aggravated damage. Reanimated tissue does not heal and cannot be healed by medical treatments or quantum powers. The quantum energies animating the tissue will stave off decomposition, however. Indeed, the tissue stays fresh for (Quantum days). If a corpse is animated while freshly dead and is in its animator's line of sight, it can pass as a living creature to casual observation. After this time elapses, the tissue decays rapidly, taking a level of lethal damage each day until it collapses into a fetid pile of rotting meat.

Extras: Undead Army (The nova may animate up to (Manipulation + Reanimate) x 100 kilograms of tissue at any one time); Necromancy (For every dot of Reanimate, add a month onto the time limit of reanimating a body after its death. This allows freshly decaying and/or frozen corpses from graveyards to rip up through the ground. The body must still possess a substantial working frame to be reanimated; roadkill cannot be reanimated if it's nothing more than grey paste with more live maggots than dead flesh. The Storyteller is the final judge on whether a body has decomposed beyond the point of reanimation, and is free to impose difficulties on the animation roll to represent this); Necropotence (Creatures and mostly intact structures reanimated by the nova are exceptionally strong, fast or tough. Each corpse raised by the nova gains a number of bonus dots equal to the nova's Reanimate power rating that may be distributed between the corpse's Physical attributes, to a maximum Attribute rating of 6).

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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