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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant RPG Quantum Power: Neogenesis


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Level: 3

Quantum Minimum: 5

Dice Pool: Stamina + Neogenesis

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Variable

Effect: Character can transform himself into an eximorphic specimen of any sapient species.

Multiple Actions: No

Description: Although many novas can perform feats of shapeshifting, those changes - however radical - are often limited. This power is different, as it allows the nova to transform himself into an eximorphic specimen of any other kind of sapient creature that he has encountered (even as just a viable cell sample), right down to the genetic and biomolecular levels. For purposes of this power, "sapient beings" are those which could conceivably be used as player characters in Trinity - this would include aliens such as the Qin, Chromatics, Zeps and certain Coalition phyles. Alien beings based on quantum energies are also eligible. Due to their being mostly comprised of noetic energy, Doyen (and any similar "pure noetic energy" species) are ineligible for purposes of Neogenesis. While some Terran animals (such as dolphins, orcas, chimps and bonobos) are reputed to be intelligent, they do not qualify as sapient and are ineligible. Using Neogenesis requires the nova to make a Stamina + Neogenesis roll, with the number of successes indicating both the quality of the nova's new form and the number of Earth-standard days the transformation will last. Also, while a passing familiarity with the type of being the nova is attempting to change into is recommended, it isn't necessary. Once transformed, the nova will instinctively know how to use his new body to move and perform tasks. The psychological impact of transforming oneself in this manner, even temporarily, can be traumatic for novas who are mentally unstable due to aberration and/or mental disorders. Novas who are not mentally unstable can weather the experience without serious difficulty, and at the Storyteller's discretion could develop Mental Prodigy: Xenology. If the creature the nova is transforming himself into has any natural powers, the Storyteller will "trade in" some of the nova's other nova capabilities for those that can mimic the natural powers of the creature in question. The nova will regain all "traded in" capabilities (and lose the "natural powers") when the time limit of the transformation is reached. Unfortunately, this is not a way to sidestep the effects of Taint, as the nova will retain whatever levels of permanent and/or temporary Taint he had before the transformation. Any aberrations the nova may have may be altered at the Storyteller's discretion to suit the nova's new body. It is also possible for the nova to transform himself permanently with Neogenesis, although it isn't done lightly. If the nova scores two or more successes on the Stamina + Neogenesis roll, he can spend 1 point of permanent Willpower to adopt the new body as his "natural" form and shed his prior human existence forever. Psychological changes resulting from such a transformation are inevitable and are actually beneficial to the nova, as he will become more like his adopted species. If such a transformed nova found it necessary to permanently transform himself back into a human, it would cost him another point of permanent Willpower and he would transform into a completely different human form than his original one. In either case, any offspring produced by the nova in his new body will appear to be normal members of their species on the surface. The question of whether or not such offspring would inherit eximorphic capabilities from their transformed parent has been left to the Storyteller's discretion.

Extras: None.

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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