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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant RPG Quantum Power: Immortality


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Level: 4

Quantum Minimum: 6

Dice Pool: Stamina + Immortality

Range: N/A

Area: N/A

Duration: Permanent

Effect: Character is immortal, to varying degrees.

Multiple Actions: No

Prerequisites: the Adaptability, Regeneration & Unaging enhancements.

Description: For a nova with this power, death is often only a temporary setback. Instead of simply dying like any other nova, an Immortal nova can draw upon his reserves of quantum energy to return his body to a fully intact state and then restore it to life. After 1 hour with his "Dead" health level box filled, the Immortal nova can spend quantum points to make a Stamina + Immortality roll. If successful, the nova can begin to rebuild his body through post-mortem regeneration (which functions as per the enhancement), no matter how extreme the damage it has suffered. The nova is restored to life when he reaches the "Incapacitated" Health Level, and can heal the remainder of his damage via Regeneration and/or in the usual fashion. If the Stamina + Immortality roll fails, the nova cannot attempt another roll for 1 hour. If the nova's Quantum Pool is depleted, he cannot make the roll until he's regained enough quantum points to activate this power. A "dead" Immortal nova will recover (power rating) quantum points per hour. Novas with the Quantum Attunement enhancement will be able to notice this power buildup and may figure out that the Immortal nova is only "mostly" dead. Also, not all novas are created equal, and this is reflected in the different stages of Immortality seen below. The particular stage of Immortality that a nova with this power will have is determined by his Quantum rating.

Stage 1: When dead, the nova's remains can be handled & stored without much difficulty (standard corpse, skeleton, pile of ashes, etc.). The nova's remains cannot be destroyed with simple bashing or lethal damage, but post-mortem regeneration can be prevented indefinitely through using Inspired technology (such as quantum-dampening devices) on the nova's remains. In game terms, the dice rating of the Inspired technology's effect must equal or exceed the nova's Immortality rating for post-mortem regeneration to be prevented. However, if all of the Immortal nova's Health Levels are lost due to aggravated damage, the Immortal nova may be killed permanently.

Stage 2 (requires Quantum 7): When dead, the nova's remains are difficult and/or hazardous to store when killed (nova's corpse reduced to vapor, becomes highly toxic or radioactive, etc.). The nova's remains cannot be destroyed by even aggravated damage at this stage. However, post-mortem regeneration can still be hampered by Inspired technology whose effect dice rating equals or exceeds the nova's Immortality rating. Starting with the effect die that equals the nova's Immortality rating, each die of the Inspired technology's effect slows the time period at which regeneration takes place as per the Torpor Weakness (see below), counting effect dice as Taint.

Stage 3 (requires Quantum 8): When dead, the nova's remains are reduced to a state which is near-impossible to either handle or store (an intangible quantum pattern, burst of energy, etc). As the nova is discorporate, post-mortem regeneration can also no longer be hampered by Inspired technology. When the Immortal nova returns to life, he will awaken and his body will coalesce in a location of Storyteller's choosing.

Stage 4 (requires Quantum 9+): When "killed", the Immortal nova's physical body transforms into living quantum energy, which can be treated as if the Immortal nova had (power rating) dots of Bodymorph: Energy. The Immortal nova's quantum energy form will also have his full Health Levels and Quantum Pool. After (power rating) scenes or when his energy form is "killed" and dispersed - whichever comes first - the Immortal nova's quantum energy form will quickly vanish into the local telluric medium. While discorporate, the Immortal nova can begin to regenerate his physical form as normal, which will coalesce in a location of the nova's choosing.

However, coming back from the dead is not anything to take lightly, even for Immortal novas. Resurrecting oneself in this manner will cost the Immortal nova one permanent Willpower point at the time the Stamina + Immortality roll is made, although second generation novas can spend 12 quantum points instead. If an Immortal nova actually does want to die for some reason, not spending the Willpower point (or 12 quantum points) will be sufficient to grant him the death he desires. In addition, first generation novas who take this power must also take one of the following weaknesses. Baseline humans simply aren't designed to handle the stresses of immortality, so even those who erupt can be expected to still have some serious difficulties with the situation. The Storyteller is also encouraged to have some of an Immortal first-generation nova's aberrations tie into his Immortality in some detrimental manner.

Change of Heart: Experiencing death and the subsequent resurrection causes significant changes in the Immortal nova's psychology. Each time the nova returns to life using Immortality, he must select a new Nature. If the circumstances of the nova's previous death were stressful and/or violent, the nova will also suffer from a temporary mental disorder of the Storyteller's choosing.

Distortion: Returning to life is an feat that further divorces the nova from his origins as a mortal human. Each successful use of the Immortality power causes the nova to gain 5 points of temporary Taint.

Limited Immortality: While the Immortal nova could still conceivably live forever, he can only resurrect himself for a limited number of times. Once the Immortal nova reaches his "resurrection limit", this power is lost for good. The number of resurrections the Immortal nova has available is equal to his (Willpower + Immortality). At the Storyteller's discretion, such a former Immortal nova could instead "trade in" this power for Reincarnation (typically one of the nastier versions) at the same dot rating.

Torpor: When the nova is killed, it takes him an increased amount on time depending on his level of taint to activate his Immortality. If the nova has an intact or mostly intact corpse, it desiccates rather than rots and will resemble a natural mummy after a few years (and may even be mistaken for such).

Taint=One, Time=1 Hour

Taint=Two, Time=1 Day

Taint=Three, Time=1 Week

Taint=Four, Time=1 Month

Taint=Five, Time=6 Months

Taint=Six, Time=1 Year

Taint=Seven, Time=5 Years

Taint=Eight, Time=10 Years

Taint=Nine, Time=50 Years

Taint=Ten, Time=100 Years

Extras: None.

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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