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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant RPG Quantum Power: Body Shift


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Body Shift

Level: 2

Quantum Minimum: 3

Dice Pool: Stamina + Body Shift

Range: Self

Duration: Maintenance

Area: N/A

Effect: Allows the nova to reshape his own body, within physical limitations.

Multiple Actions: Yes

Description: A variant of Shapeshift, this power allows the nova to alter their physical body within certain limits. Each success on a Stamina+ Body Shift roll allows the nova to manifest a body modification for one success each or Physical Mega-Attribute enhancement for two successes each. For body modifications or enhancements that can be taken multiple times, the number of times is limited to the nova's dots of Body Shift.

Extras: None.

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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