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wfc36.jpgWorld Fantasy Convention

One of my favorite Con stories starts off: “There I was, covered in baby oil ….” DO NOT Google this line unless you want to see SSBBW covered in baby oil.

I mention this because you can choose your own adventure (so to speak) at the World Fantasy Convention 36. Whether your adventure involves baby oil is entirely up to you. The story is, I imagine, more fun with others involved but to each his or her own.


The Con is held at the Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio this year, October 28-31. Amazingly close to me, living in Cincinnati. The total information is here http://www.contextsf.org/WFC/, but the description of the event, from the site, is:

“On the weekend of October 28-31, 2010, please join us in Columbus, Ohio for the World Fantasy Convention. The city is noted for O. Henry and James Thurber, brooding gargoyles, "unicorns in gardens", and is home to a global community of authors, editors, publishers, artists, agents, and others who share a serious interest in fantastic literature and art.

The convention's theme will be focused on the whimsical side of fantasy.”

Guests include:

  • Author Dennis McKiernan
  • Author Esther Friesner
  • Editor David Hartwell
  • Artist Darrell K. Sweet
I have never been to a World Fantasy Convention, though I have been to both ConText and MarCon in Columbus as a panelist and an attendee. I like the intimacy of ConText, the accessibility of the authors and other guests and I enjoy the more expansive programming at MarCon. Both are dwarfed (ha) by the World Fantasy Convention. I am thinking of attending, despite my ...dislike …of crowds, just to experience a major Con.

With Indy so close I should attend GenCon but I never seem to remember until the weekend after it happens. Next year I have promised myself I will attend; I have made a note for August 4-7 on my calendar. Now assuming some semblance of order in the world (a bad assumption), I should remember it.

The price for the World Fantasy Con, if I am reading the site correctly, seems to be $165 per ticket at the door. It is too late to pre-order on-line, whatever savings that would have granted. Then there is food, hotel and the inevitable purchase at the Bazaar of the Bizarre, to steal a title from Dragon Magazine. Man, major cons are expensive.

The programming looks great though, and if I can talk my wife into going, I should be shielded somewhat from both the crowds and the impulse to buy Ellison first editions and life-size Predator models.

Are you planning to attend World Fantasy Con? And what is the beginning (or entirety) of your favorite Con story?

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