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[OpNet] Well, at least I sound less pretentious.

Sakurako Hino

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Don't worry guys, I'm not cracking up again. I'm just posting to say, it's time for me to be a little more diplomatic and humble while operating here. There are a lot of novas right now that I have burned bridges with. So, I'm dropping that pretentious "Endeavor" crap. Although I still own the rights to the name, you can just call me Sakurako from now on. I feel a little less... like an object that way. I mean, the whole 1 word adjective for a name deal... way 20th century. I only use Endeavor as a handle among friends and felloe geeks, that's all.

Getting all this aside, hopefully in the next couple of months you guys will get used to my latest (and last) username change here. I'm still that weird kid, but just a little less... grandios... Damn, my english slips from time to time, I hope that's the right speling. O.o;

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