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Aberrant RPG Enhancement: Command To Attack


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Command To Attack (Mega-Manipulation)

Sowing dissension among one's foes has always been a time-honored battlefield tactic, and it remains so even in the Nova Age. A Mega-Manipulative nova with this enhancement can turn his foes against each other - with possibly tragic consequences - and gain some room to maneuver while they waste time fighting with each other.

System: A Mega-Manipulative nova with this enhancement can sow dissension among two or more of his foes by giving a false order for a chosen foe (the secondary target) to do something - often a violent act - on the nova's behalf. This falsely paints the secondary target as the nova's willing servant in the view of the nova's other foe (the primary target). This usually results in the primary target believing that the secondary target is both hostile and intent on carrying out the nova's order, and acting accordingly. Note the nova giving the false order doesn't need to have any relationship whatsoever with the secondary target, as all he is doing is trying to fool the primary target. To use this enhancement, the nova spends a quantum point and makes a resisted Manipulation + Subterfuge roll against the primary target's Manipulation + Subterfuge while giving the order to the secondary target. For every net success the nova achieves, the primary target will believe that the secondary target actually intends to carry out the nova's order for one round, and will respond accordingly. While operating under this deception, the primary target will dismiss any protestations that the secondary target might make. It is also possible to use this enhancement on a primary target group for a cost of 3 quantum points. (The secondary target in this case can be either a single foe or another group.) In this case the Storyteller will assign a shared Manipulation + Subterfuge dice pool for the primary target group; a group of extras might use an averaged Manipulation + Subterfuge, while a group with a nova (or other Inspired being) acting as the leader could use would use the leader's Manipulation + Subterfuge.

At the Storyteller's discretion, this enhancement can either either work poorly (read: be rolled with a difficulty penalty) or fail completely depending on the personal circumstances of the primary and secondary targets. These circumstances include (but aren't limited to) the targets personally knowing and/or trusting each other, deserved reputations for trustworthiness, and sharing common loyalties.

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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