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Aberrant RPG Enhancement: Husk


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Husk (Mega-Appearance)

Prerequisites: Either of the Copycat or Mr. Nobody enhancements.

Many times, the most effective attacks are the ones which the target doesn't see coming until it's too late. Novas with this enhancement have taken that bit of advice to heart, and have learned to literally put up a normal-seeming façade to deceive their foes.

System: To use this enhancement, the nova must spend 2 quantum points and make an Style roll. If successful, he can generate a "husk" behind which the nova's current form is hidden, which also provides some protection against being detected as a nova. Each success gained on the Style roll allows the nova to roll 1 die in resisted rolls against attempts to detect him as such while wearing the intact husk. Likewise, the husk will mask 1 dot of the nova's Taint (and the accompanying aberrations) for each success on the Style roll. Any visible body modifications possessed by the nova will also be masked. Depending on what prerequisite the nova has, the husk can provide other benefits. Novas with Copycat can have their husks duplicate other people, while those with Mr. Nobody can stack its Taint-masking benefit with that gained from this enhancement. In both cases, the husk will remain functional for up to (the nova's Mega- Appearance) scenes, after which it will dissolve in some way. The details of this dissolution are best left to the player's discretion; some husks might turn to ash with a slight puff of smoke or small flames, melt into nothingness or collapse into a disgusting mess of slime and shreds of skin. The husk can even be used when the nova uses the Dormancy background. In this case, the nova uses this enhancement just before "dorm'ing down", leaving him wearing a husk that will continue to function for up to (the nova's Mega-Appearance) hours before it dissolves. The Taint-masking effects of Dormancy are cumulative with that of the husk (and those of Mr. Nobody, should the nova possses it).

Unfortunately, the husk created by this enhancement is somewhat fragile. The husk has only 1 point of bashing Soak and 1 Health Level, neither of which provide any protection to the nova. If the husk loses its single Health Level, it is ruined and the nova's disguise can clearly be seen for what it is. Uniquely for novas, after creation a husk is not considered part of a nova and is not immune to their powers. It also cannot be attuned by the nova who creates it. This means that any use of a large number of powers (Quantum Bolt, Immolate, Sizemorph, etc.) will instantly destroy a husk. At the Storyteller's discretion, a husk ruined in such a manner may also dissolve automatically after becoming nonfunctional. In combat, this enhancement is typically used to take one's foes by surprise by tearing out of the husk and attacking. Alternatively, the nova can choose to tear away the husk in a slower, more dramatic fashion as the basis for an Intimidation roll. The downside of this is that tearing through the husk will also destroy any clothing worn by the nova that isn't either a eufiber colony or attuned to his quantum signature.

This enhancement costs 2 quantum points to use, and is available to novas with either version of Mega-Appearance.

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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