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Aberrant RPG Enhancement: Discern Weakness


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Discern Weakness (Mega-Intelligence)

Prerequisites: the Analyze Weakness and Mental Prodigy: Investigative enhancements

Lots of novas can study a target and find a proverbial chink in its armor on the spur of the moment. A nova with this enhancement can not only find out about those weaknesses, but can also share that information with her friends and make long term plans around it.

System: A nova with Discern Weakness has the capability to deduce a target's real weaknesses, and can share that knowledge so that others may exploit it (if they're able to) as well. While this enhancement can easily be used to deduce the flaws of physical objects, planned routines and troublesome lower lifeforms (nonsapient animals, plants, fungi & microbes), assessing the weaknesses of other people is where its potential truly comes into full bloom. When used on a person, a nova with Discern Weakness can determine all of his existing weaknesses - physical, mental, social, telluric, etc. - provided that she has sufficient information on that person to serve as the basis for her research. For purposes of this enhancement, "weaknesses" includes all Flaws, all Adversarial Backgrounds and most aberrations. After studying a subject for hours (if the nova isn't in the target's presence) or minutes (if she is), the nova spends 1 quantum point to have the Storyteller make an Intelligence + Ability roll for her, with a difficulty penalty equal to the target's Cipher rating. If the nova is successful, she can deduce the nature of any weaknesses that the target may possess. If the nova fails, the Storyteller will instead give the nova's player incorrect information on the target's weaknesses. In the case of a botch, the information gained will be disastrously incorrect. In both of the latter cases, the Storyteller is under no obligation to warn the nova's player that the nova's information is incorrect until the nova (or anyone she's shared the information with) attempts to use the information against the target. Precisely what Ability should be used is left to the Storyteller's discretion; but Investigation, Medicine, Science or Awareness are suggested. This enhancement normally rquires the nova to take some time out for research for it to function, but with under appropriate conditions the Storyteller might allow it to be used in combat. If a nova with Discern Weakness witnesses a target having a phobic reaction, she could figure out the nature and strength of the target's phobia without much effort.

Example: Investigator Olivia Stamp has been tasked with profiling David Goldstein, a mid-level operative for the Camparelli-Zhukov Megasyndicate who happens to be a nova with considerable powers to control and manipulate rock and soil. Mr. Goldstein's recorded behavior reveals that he suffers from some sort of mental disorder, but Goldstein's Cipher rating of 3 has prevented the exact type of his disorder from being determined. Fortunately Investigator Stamp is also a nova, and has Discern Weakness. After researching the available data over a period of 3 days, Investigator Stamp's player rolls Intelligence + Investigation and determines that Goldstein's mental disorder is acute acrophobia. Investigator Stamp then adds that information to Goldstein's psychological profile, where her superiors can use it in their plan to apprehend Mr. Goldstein.

This is a part of Aberrant RPG: The New Flesh. Aberrant is a role playing game from White Wolf that shares a common universe with the Adventure! RPG and Trinity RPG game lines. Download the sourcebook for Aberrant: The New Flesh.

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