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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant: A Breed Apart


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Aberrant: A Breed Apart


Aberrant: A Breed Apart is on the way at www.eononline.net and www.rpg-post.com.


When novas came on the public scene in 1998, they were nothing short of amazing. Even so, they were but a taste of things to come. Despite the best efforts of Project Proteus – and with secretive help by the Teragen – the new marvels would bring forth a second generation…and those children would prove to be a purer breed.


Aberrant: A Breed Apart explores the future of novakind, a future that is nearer than some may think. The ever-thorny issue of mixed heritage is addressed. The sterilization “mickey” is examined, as are ways in which it may be bypassed. Groups and individuals that are driven to find – and either aid or stop – nova parents are detailed. And new rules are presented for the so-called “2ndGen” novas – who can follow very different paths, depending upon how their parents addressed the matter of Taint.


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