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Mutants & Masterminds: Legacy - Mutants and Masterminds: Legacy


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I'm in the process of reviving my M&M Superheroes game.

The setting is inspired by the 31st Century JSA (or was it JLA?) and the PCs are the "Big Leagues". Powerlevel is set to 12 and the games mood/theme is a lose potpourri of 4-Color, some Iron Age (but not so gritty), comedy and drama (depending on your PoV I guess).

The PCs are the sons and daughters of the leaders of the JSA. Unfortunately their parents have gone MIA or KIA during a mission surrounding the enigmatic Delta-Prison on the planetoid Pluto which held such namely Supercriminals as Mr. Smiles, Shift and Nexus.

I'm looking for 2 more players to join us. Updates will be twice a week (usually around tuesday and friday). We are currently converting the PCs to 3e (DC Adventures) and I'm planning to open the game on October the 25th. For those who don't know me - I'm not a native speaker and apologize in advance for any odd seeming interpretation or simple misstranslation on my behalf. If there are any questions just go ahead and ask.

Here are the Dramatis Personae:

Serene Dorian "Watchwoman" NPC (ex-PC)

Daughter of Watchman and the young leader of this new forged team.

Serene is a tall eighteen-year-old with a figure best described as ‘generous’. Her dark hair isn’t quite black but a rich, dark brown, and is generally worn very long. Her face, on the rare times it has been seen by those outside her close circle, could be considered beyond beautiful. Very few have actually seen her out of her costume. Those who have seen her in all her glory claim that she is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen, with exotic red eyes and a strange patterning on her neck and face which glows softly.

Her powers are somewhat an enigma/secret. She has gone through the same training as her father and seems to excel him in almost every way.

Teletha Katrina Tesstarossa "TK"

She's an attractive young woman, standing five inches shy of six feet, but with a Lithe Dancer's body. She grew up taking dance and is fairly talented and devoted to it. Her hair is pure white, like her mother's, and she has her Father's steel grey eyes. All through school she drew looks from the boys as she matured.

She's a carefree and outgoing young woman, that said she knows what's expected of her and is doing her very best to live up to the Example of her parents.

TK is perhaps one of the most powerful telekinetics in the entire JSA. Her father is the well-known hero Russian Paragon of power, Colussus, her mother, Thoughtwave, a world-reknowned Master Telepath.


Djane appears as an attractive young blonde woman with ruby red eyes that make her appear perpetually angry - the fact that she typically is, doesn't help much. She normally wears typical 31st century clothing, except when using her magic or when being directed by the owner of the Zippo, in which case her outfit shifts to a typical genie's outfit (face veil, vest, bracelets, slippers, translucent poofy pants, etc.)

Djane is a Djinni - yes, she is that awesome.

Celestial Centurion NPC (ex-PC)

Tall, broad, and muscular with deep blue hair that is nearly black and golden brown skin Herak is a Sartori, a humanoid race from the Sarton star system. Herak is straightforward and fair seeking to be as open and honest in all his relations. He sees the law as a matter of right and wrong, black and white without any gray areas; some might call him a boy scout, he prefers the term paladin. Generally when not working he can be jovial and kind easily having fun with his comrades.

CC is affiliated with the new found young JSA and helps whenever he is called. He acts as a force of Justice in the Galaxy but cannot fully join the JSA since he already has pledged allegiance to a higher entity he calls Helios.

In'Karra Zurthyn "MegaGirl"

In'karra is amazingly beautiful, even for one of the Shytari, with broad shoulders, a lean, muscular, and fit physique, full, gravity-defying curves, and remarkably long, strong legs. Her perfect complexion is a fair, golden-bronze; her large, cat-like eyes are a vivid green, and her shoulder length hair gleams like metallic fire of red, orange, and yellow. Her young, stunning face is both innocent and wholesomely sexy, though her expression at times can be... vacuous. She has two uniforms she switches between, a green and gold suit that covers her arms but bares her legs (replace purple in pic with gold), and a sexier black one with gold trim, that bares her arms and the inner slopes of her breasts, with fingerless, elbow-length gloves and thigh-high boots.

Most noticeably, of course, she stands over eight and a half feet tall.

She possesses truly incredible strength, far exceeding her mother or any Shytari, but has none of the energy absorption or expulsion powers. This only bothered In'Karra a bit, her mother moreso, especially when she visited the Shytari once. There were only two other children, both older than In'Karra, and they teased her mercilessly about her lack. After they made remarks about her mother and father, she preceded to pounded them into the floor. She hasn't been back since.

In'Karra is exuberant, energetic, friendly, and a little naive, making her seem somewhat younger than her eighteen years of age. Her temper can flare at times, but is quickly quelled. She is a bit disappointed that she never had a serious boyfriend yet. She almost did, and they started really making out, but she hurt him, by accident, and he didn't come back. She always wanted to be a member of the Legacy League, and though her mother Dawnstar trained her as best she could, she did have concerns about In'Karra's mental... fortitude.

MegaGirl is maybe the strongest (physically) Superheroine of the entire JSA and easily one of the most powerful members of the young team. She is also half-sister of Serene Dorian/Watchwoman.

David Hyperion "Hype" (inactive ex-PC)

Tall, but of a wiry, average build David looks like the track athelete he effectively is. His hair and eyes marked him out as unusual as a child but it was explained away as the remenant effects of some colonial genes in his otherwise Earthly ancestry. Although the eldest son of the League Heros Hyperion (a Speedster) and Twister (a semi-speedster, weather/air controller) his hero parents were kept hidden from his associates, largely by sending him to a boarding school for much of the time, especially in his early years. This backfired on the family about ten years ago when his sister, Mary, who was about 7 at the time was grabbed along with a number of her classmates as hostages after a failed bank robbery. The police followed their procedures, as did the hero who attended the scene, but not knowing any better their parents were not called in in time and Mary was among a number of children killed or injured in the ensuing fight. After that David and the other children (Eric and Samantha) were still kept mostly in boarding schools, but the veil of total secrecy was lifted, although not to the point of active publicity. For instance Hyperion and Twister never publically visited the schools, but the children did now get to mix with other League and Justice Society children. A large part of keeping them at boarding school was the practical problems of having parents who were permenantly on call for emergencies up to the interstellar level.

As part of this David kept his powers a secret at school, part did train in them while at home, or when visiting suitable places like the League and Society offices/HQ's. However, once he reached 18 (a year ago) and left school he threw that caution to the winds and has since been using them as a matter of course. The first time he used them to run across the Atlantic ocean to get to a party in New York from one of his parents homes in England was the cause of one of his more well-known early apperances in the media.


Echo is on a constant quest to combat boredom. The speed and hyperefficiency of her enhanced brain function

is such that she needs constant stimulation. She's a video game junkie, a crossword maniac, an obsessive

worker...often all at the same time. She doesn't sleep, and never shuts off or slows down. Echo often speaks

very rapidly, and still gets frustrated with how slow it is. In many cases she sends text messages, which are much faster from her point of view, even when the person she wants to talk to is in the same room.

This same impatience often works against her in social situations. People tend to misconstrue her multitasking as not being paid attention to, and she finds concentrating solely on one thing...especially something as slow to communicate as a human being...akin to watching paint dry. Despite this, Echo is not antisocial. She likes people just fine, and wants to be liked by them. She can be quite funny, if often in a somewhat cutting way.

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@Jeremy - are you planning to make a 1:1 port of that write-up? Batroc is in basics similar to Watchwoman/Watchman and I like to keep Character Themes relatively unique

@Krul - You're already accounted for. I'm looking for 2 more PCs actually.

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Hmm. Here's an interesting idea. An orphaned, drifting, shapeshifting superhero, affiliated with the League.

Age is flexible, older or younger doesn't matter smile

Edit: And to clear up some stuff bandied about in chat, this is Metahuman and Biological.

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On a slightly different note, so that folks know what they are dealing with with regards to my character, to give a really, really basic idea..

Think of a mix of a female version of Dr. Strange(or Dr. Fate/ Zatanna) & Green Lantern in terms of capabilities with a measure of supernatural bloodlines, being partly human and partly other.

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Originally Posted By: Djane
Good ol' Blur Studios; I'm doubtful the game itself will be that awesome, but that doesn't diminish the quality of their work.

Are we still recruiting? I might be able to nab a player or two.

I am not disinclined to accept more players if they are really interested to join us. Fresh blood is always good.

Originally Posted By: Necronaut
I would surely be interested in participating if you have a slot remaining. My thoughts are still congealing, but I'm looking toward a biomancer type. Healing, buffing + alt-forms for combat. Probably plant themed.

You're welcome Necro. Love your gaming in UP and would be delighted to have you in my game. I'mm Bodhie just in case you haven't noticed.
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FYI - If I get more submissions than I can handle, I will pick those PCs/Backgrounds that mesh best with the current group. I know this may cause some irritation because usually it's a first come first serve thing but this tends to produce unfinished PCs that have quickly been scribbled down just to "get a sure slot".

If possible I will try to handle every submission and consider expanding my game for more players - but not if I believe the game will suffer under it. I just want to make sure we're on the same page. SO if you're still interested and not completely alienated by this piece of information I await your submissions. Thank you.

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Got the 3rd Edition draft of Djane done!

Check it out here. (warning: PDF)

EDIT: Stuff to clarify: The HQ is the interior of the 'lamp.' It's a large Arabian-styled palace, with pleasant if warm weather, and an infinite kitchen and infinite library.

The Unreliable on the 'Variable' power pool means that it cannot be activated by Djane, it is only activated by GM fiat. This is the pool of last resort when it comes to wish-granting.

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Ok - Update

Looks like I've got my bases covered. Submission will still be dealt with but put on my waitinglist. If someone should bow out I will take the next on the list. Thank you for showing so much interest in my game. Looking forward to get started in late October.

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I'm not really submitting a character, but I made up Primal based on the new 3E rules just to get some feedback. Let me know what you guys think (not to hi-jack Joani's thread or anything).

Tyler "Primal" Cole



Strength 6, Stamina 12, Agility 5, Dexterity 5, Fighting 5, Intellect 1, Awareness 6, Presence 2


Claws of the Hunter: [strike 6 Penetrating 6, Incurable (+1), Activation (Flat -1), Noticeable (Flat -1)] (10 points)

- Primal's claws are always noticeable as sharp black fingernails. They are retracted to allow him better manual dexterity and are usually activated as a move action by him lashing his arms out to the side in the tell-tale 'snikt' motion of Wolverine. Although sharp, while retracted they are considered harmless.

All The King's Majesty: Affliction 12 [burst, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated, Activation (Flat -1)] (22 points)

-All must bow to the majesty of the King of the Wilds. With a might roar Primal announces his presence and those who fail their resistance check are usually held fast, in awe of the mighty hunter before them. Those who fall victim to the full power of his majesty find themselves cowering before him, unable act. Note, this effect is not 'selective', all who hear the might of Primal and fail to resist this effect must pay homage to His Majesty.

Tenacity: Regeneration 12 [Persistent (+1) (24 points)

- Primal regenerates injury at a startling rate. It takes a lot to take him down, and even then he only wakes up pissed.

Pounce: Leaping 4 [500 feet, Acrobatics Check Required (-1) (2 points)

- Primal is not very graceful sometimes. Just because he leaps, doesn't mean he necessarily cares whether or not he lands on his feet, only that he comes crashing down on something's head.

Feral Senses: Senses 11 [Accurate [Hearing 2, Scent 2], Acute [Hearing 1], Analytical [scent 2], Danger Sense [scent 1], Low-Light Vision 1, Radius [scent] 1, Tracking [scent 1] (11 points)

- Once he has your scent... you're done.

Advantages All-out Attack, Great Endurance, Improved Critical 4 [Claws], Prone Fighting, Takedown 2, Diehard, Fearless, Startle, Tracking

Skills Acrobatics 2 (+7), Athletics 6 (+12), Close Combat: Claws 8 (+13), Deception (+2), Insight 2 (+8), Intimidation 8 (+10), Perception 8 (+14), Persuasion (+2), Stealth 6 (+11), Technology 4 (+5)


Initiative +5

Claws of the Hunter +13, Damage 12


Dodge 5, Parry 5

Toughness 12 (Def Roll 0), Fortitude 12, Will 6

Power Points

Abilities 84 + Powers 60 + Advantages 13 + Skills 22 + Defenses 0 = Total 179


Misplaced Loyalty - Primal has never been accepted and finds it hard to place his trust In people. Everyone's out to stab the other guy in the back, it's just a matter of time.

A Father's Love - The loss of his son, Leon, is a heavy burden for Primal to bear. Any promise of his lost son returned to him is a surefire way to buy his loyalty.

Feral Rage - When seriously threatened or when his temper flares Primal's rage causes him to fly in a berserk fury breaking and destroying anything in his path to get to the source of his frustration.

Irritating - He's a foul-mouthed, womanizing, cigar smoking, alcoholic… or, at least that what he wears on his sleeve. Maybe there's more to the guy.

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I'm cool with it, Dave.

Maybe it encourages other potemtial players to try and see how a conversion to 3e for one of their characters would look and feel like and at the same time get some feedback from our local M&M Experts.

Feel free to add your concepts/ideas but make sure to tell me if it is an actual submission for a PC or just asking for Feedback/ideas.

I will get to look at Primal once I'm done with my own stuff for Legacy. Thank you Dave.

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Interesting build Dave. My comments below:

The claws break offensive cap by 1 point (damage +12 with an attack of +13 > 2xPL). By my count this should also cost 16 pp: Damage (Penetrating, Incurable) 3 pp/rank = 18 - 1 (activation) -1 (noticeable) = 16

All The King's Majesty: So this takes him a full round to use (or is activated on one round and used in a later round). I guess he's gotta take a nice deep breath? I like this, its a good mechanical flaw to back up the flavor of the power. This should cost 23 pt = Affliction (burst area) 24 pp -1 (activation)

Pounce: Leaping 4 [500 feet, Acrobatics Check Required (-1) (2 points) - This should cost 3 pp, or be check required 2, the check required flaw is a flat modifier so taking it once save 1 pt and imposes a DC 11 check.

Pretty cool otherwise.

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