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Aberrant RPG - A Mega-Stamina Dynamo


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Ok, here's my story with regards to this contest.. A Mega-Stamina Dynamo.


Life, it was a funny thing, one moment you were being beaten out back behind your high school, by a bunch of bullies, and then next, you erupted, and nothing that they did to you felt like anything more then a tickling sensation. Michael still remembered that moment, how they had backed away as he stood up, his bruises vanishing within moments, and he looked like he was perfectly healthy at that point. The bullies however, were now holding their hands, which were broken, like they had been punching steel.

Looking down at himself, he looked up at them, shock and growing anger in his eyes, and they began to back away, and then turned to run. He almost chased them, but then let them go, it didn’t seem like there was much point to behaving the way they had, sense he was now so much tougher then they were, it would be him being the bully. Besides, they had already managed to seriously hurt themselves on his now incredibly tough skin.

That had been two years ago, and sense then Utopia had taught him a bit more about what he was capable of. He might not be a super strong or fast, but he could take just about any kind of beating and keep on going. He was one of the toughest folks on the planet, able to take a licking and keep on ticking, he appeared to be able to take just about anything, and survive just about anything. He didn’t even need to eat or drink things, which was nice, sense so many other nova’s had to eat so much more then normal, he only ate or drank for the pleasure of it.

He loved it, in a lot of ways, it was like he was on a permanent high, he was never tired, never needed to sleep, and should he chose to plant his feet, no one but the strongest of Titan’s could even get him to budge. He knew, he’d tried it with a nova friend of his, and it had taken him pushing all of his strength to the limit in order to move Michael even a little bit.

Of course, it came with a few downsides also, like the fact he couldn’t even get buzzed, that alcohol was burned out by his body within seconds, and the same for just about any other drug, but it was worth the price, he didn’t need caffeine, and pain killer’s were a waste of time. In fact, he never had much of a headache anymore, except when he developed a new capability, which was a pain, sense no painkillers worked. Also, on occasion, he felt guilty about eating, sense he didn’t need too, and there were folks in the world starving to death, he hated that feeling, but couldn’t do anything about it really.

Actually, it was like he was going though the world now, and nothing was able to do more to him then a breeze. For that matter, it seemed like nothing was able to hurt him, he still remembered when his thoughts were elsewhere, he’d forgotten himself and walked into oncoming traffic sense he wasn’t paying any attention at all. The car that smashed into him took far more damage then he did, the front folding around him, but otherwise doing nothing at all to him, though fortunately everyone inside was wearing their seatbelts and was unhurt. He took them down to a dealership and simply bought them a new car, to settle the matter, with a heartfelt apology.

It made it so that there was very little he feared with regards to himself, and he wondered on occasion about that, wasn’t fear a healthy thing for humans to possess? Was he losing touch with his humanity as he grew tougher? It worried him sometimes, that he was growing more distant from the humanity that he came from.

Of course, the Teragen would have him believe that he wasn’t human, and he could see they had something of a point, but he deplored their actions with regards to the rest of society, though that Orzaiz fellow was cool. Of course, there were nova’s who could still hurt him, in fact, it was nova’s almost that were his biggest threat, Pax and Divis for example, he was sure could still hurt him, and he was a little afraid of those two.

The fact he was still a bit scared of anyone reassured him somewhat, but then, just about everyone could be thought to be scared of those two, so did it count at all? What did it matter, he wasn’t all that likely to have to much to do with either of them, he was more concerned with the matter at hand.

“Ok, Lana, drop me, you folks head in when I call you.” With that, the nova who was carrying him dropped him, letting him fall close to 200 feet, gravity increasing the speed and velocity as he fell, so that when he finally did hit the ground, it was with a truly terrible force. The damage didn’t do anything to him after all, he’d simply struck the ground with maximum force, and kept right on going. Rising up from the ground, he ignored the dozens of bullets that bounced off his chest as he walked into rescue the folks who had barricaded themselves inside.

“Folks, I’m here with Team Tomorrow, I’ll be getting you out of this mess, while the rest of the team takes care of these crazies.. excuse me one moment.” He turned as he saw the man pulling out the rocket launcher, and set his feet against the ground. They fired, and the missile blew up at his chest, and the air around him filled with smoke and fire. A moment later the smoke cleared and for all intents and purposes, he appeared unharmed, and he spoke on his communicator to the rest of the team. “Ok team, distraction accomplished, hit them from behind.”

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