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Aberrant RPG - Aberrant: Forceful Personalities


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Aberrant: Forceful Personalities available for free download


Look for Aberrant: Forceful Personalities is available for download at www.eononline.net and www.rpg-post.com.

Forceful Personalities is divided into four chapters:

Ch 1: Faces of the World: This chapter highlights organizations and individuals that focus on and utilize this set of Mega-Attributes throughout the world.

Ch 2: Social Engineering: This chapter discusses the effects and applications of Social Warfare, how Mega-Social novas can shake up a normal story and introduces Adversarial Backgrounds.

Ch 3: Storytelling: This chapter introduces some ideas to protect your storylines from over the top novas and also strategies to keep your socially oriented nova engaged in the plot. Also included are rules designed to handle issues of brainwashing and Mega-Manipulation induced suicides.

Ch 4: Frightening, Wonderful Behavior: In this chapter are new enhancements, aberrations and a few good strategies for using your Social Mega-Attributes to accomplish the most.


Aberrant: - Forceful Personalities.pdf

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