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Mel Grimson

Adventure! RPG - House of New Knacks

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Well, since the forums are merging, and I find that both forums are notably deficient in new Knacks/supplements, I shall begin to fill the gap by cranking out new Knacks here every so often.

Please comment and review. And join in. wink

Heroic Knack: Lucky Find

"Look, Johnson left this movie ticket, Sergeant!" "Yes, for the symphony playing at Carnegie Hall at 7:00... tonight. Excellent, we'll lay a trap for the burglar there."

People are always leaving behind little clues, and you're able to find every one of them- and the answers they hold- with ease. Whether your kidnapped friend left a clue behind as who took him, or a discarded box of distinctive cigars left at a crime scene identifies the culprit, they come to your attention quickly.


When spending Inspiration points for dramatic editing, you may ignore the extra cost for plot ramifications and further decrease the cost by one Inspiration point, provided that the ramification answers or helps make significant progress towards answering a previously unknown question. Appropriate examples include uncovering the identity of the buyer of several killer robots from the Machinatrix, or where the famous missing singer is hiding for fear of her life. However, an appropriate person MUST have left behind this clue, eg. you cannot find out who the King of the World is from looking in a cobwebbed mansion. The GM is the final arbiter of when this Knack applies.

Requirements: It's important that you see the clue, and you have to make sense of what it means. A character must have Wits & Perception 4 to purchase this knack.

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Hello, some Knacks from a universal crossover project.

I use alternate terminology; Eximorph: Stalwart; Psychomorph: Mesmerist; Paramorph: Daredevil.

Chrysalis: The Eximorphic metamorphosis that allows the establishment of an M-R Node. The first Chrysalis takes (Inspiration+Stamina)x10 - (Intelligence+Destructive facet) years and thereafter takes ~2 years for every Quantum being added and ~1 year for every Taint being subtracted. The Chrysalis first grants a 30 Nova point eruption and each thereafter removes Taint, grants Quantum and also 20 Nova points of changes; Flaws cannot be added during Chrysalis; Merits may be purchased and Flaws may be removed but they cost Nova points; Novas are truly vulnerable during Chrysalis, all dice pools are zero.

Transcendence: The Psychomorphic enlightenment experience, this represents a perception and resultant connection to the Noetic totality. Transcendence allows the character to make Psionic Attunement rolls; the character may use Psionic powers and Gadgets; the character adds Psi to Soak against Quantum powers and Enhancements; the character adds Willpower to Soak against Psi powers; provides 20 Psion points of character changes, primary Aptitudes grant level 0 Powers, Psi 9+ allows +1 Mode maximums .

Unstuck In Time: The Paramorphic non-linear consciousness expression, this represents a person who has slipped through the cracks of time and appears at any point in time through force of will. This Knack requires that a character first has 'Complete Privacy', 'Death Defiance', 'Forgettable', 'Indomitable Will', 'Perfect Poise' because these constantly exploit temporal flux. The character has their normal Psi template stretched over the entire time-stream, adding Psi to Inspiration but reducing Tolerance Limit to 0. The character has a 'resting state' that is neutral to the time-stream, entirely beside it, where only other 'Unstuck' can go. The character must devote a permanent Willpower to match velocity with the time-stream, which can be regained by returning to the resting state; Willpower no longer has a maximum. The character can spend a Willpower point to leave the time-stream; rejoining the time-stream requires a Willpower point and a permanent Willpower; without a destination time-travelers are drawn to the areas of greatest temporal flux; attempting to target a specific time requires a Willpower+Intuitive facet roll at +1 Difficulty, -1 Difficulty if the character has been there in person, +1 Difficulty for far past or far future, +1 automatic success if the target is the last point in linear memory, each additional success makes the specifics of the timing better, failure puts the character in the very strongest point of temporal flux, a Botch flings the character into an alternate timeline. The character may use time-related Quantum Powers subsituting Inspiration for Quantum and ignoring Quantum Minimums; 5 Nova points towards Temporal Manipulation.

Eximorphic Equivalence: Level 3 Psychomorphic Knack that allows a Psychomorph to take Eximorphic Knacks.

Psychomorphic Equivalence: Level 3 Eximorphic Knack that allows an Eximorph to take Psychomorphic Knacks.

Paramorphic Channeling: Paramorphic Knack that allows a Paramorph to take Eximorphic and Psychomorphic Knacks; however the character may not spend Inspiration points for Knacks' effects. Requires: Inspiration 5

Inspiration Balance: Paramorphic Knack that grants benefits from all Inspiration facets as if they are the primary and makes all facets effectively equal to total Inspiration. Requires: Inspiration 5, Willpower 8

Temporal Shield: Paramorphic Knack that grants Soak equal to Intuitive facet against all damage from Inspired Knacks and attacks modified by Inspired Knacks. Requires: Intuitive primary facet

Noetic Shield: Level 3 Psychomorphic Knack that grants Soak equal to Reflective facet against all damage from Psionic Powers and attacks modified by Psionic Powers.

Quantum Shield: Level 3 Eximorphic Knack that grants Soak equal to Destructive facet against all damage from Quantum Powers and attacks modified by Quantum Powers.

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