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Sooooooo, game on?

Cranky Dog

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I think so.

Honestly, I've learned a lesson here: I can't GM pbp. The pace kills my ability to maintain creative focus.

The pace can be controlled. This, or a variant of this, always happens eventually...usually at a scene change, or a pivotal decision point.

The players aren't sure what comes next, or who should go first...or no one wants to be the first to choose...or whatever.

When that happens, it's up to the GM to get the ball rolling. Sometimes a quick 'fast forward' past the trouble spot works. Sometimes an OOC "Hey, what's the holdup?" Sometimes you just need to pick someone to go next...or skip past someone.

I'd like to continue, and I think it'll still work. But if you don't want to, for whatever reason, well that happens. No hard feelings.

But this PBP isn't dead until you decide it is...since the PC's seem to be more or less around.

I admit, I got out of the habit of checking the board...but I'd come back in a heartbeat if we started again.

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I'm still around here checking in daily just so you know.

PbP games *are* slow in pace, but in exchange, you can have the best roleplaying story ever. I've seen games go on for years with the characters barely gaining any levels, but oh the stories they had to tell. Players have the time to think through their every answers instead of coming up with spur of the moment half-baked replies that may or may not be in character.

I'm still very willing and wanting to play this game! ::smile

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