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Aberrant RPG - Backgrounds question


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Excuse me, I am experiencing some confusion regarding the location of Background rules for the Aberrant line.

So far, I'm aware that the basic ones (Allies, Attunement, Backing, Cipher, Contacts, Dormancy, Eufiber, Followers, Influence, Mentor, Node, Resources) are in the corebook, with additional coverage and rules in APG, some extra ones (Equipment, Favor, Rank) are in the Directive sourcebook, and Adversarial ones (Fan Club/Cult, Rival, Media Exposure, Suitors, Flunky, Coercion, Skeleton in the Closet, Wanted) with their Background Enhancements are in the FP sourcebook. So far, all good.

But then I find references to the Devices Background, which doesn't seem a different name for Equipment, rather the possession of mundane ultratech or nova super-science gadgets, and I expect the Background Ehnancements for normal Backgrounds to exist somewhere, but for the life of me I can't tell where the heck both of these rules have been published or fan-created for Aberrant.

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