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Aberrant: Theomachy - Prologue: Trigon

Blue Thunder

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Location: The Green Shore, Lycetrian

Waves gently roll upon the green shores of Lycetrian. The green sands run deep into the ocean making the shoreline waters glisten like a giant emerald. Crabs and other sealife dart around the waters, and a heron stands still watching for fish. Off the shoreline the sands give way to soil and forest. In the distance the smoking peak of Mount Kakus can be seen.

A figure emerges from the waters. Trigon stands at the shore, nude. In one hand he holds a trident.

((This is Trigon's first time back to Darmathia since he fell overboard. It has been around a year. What he does or where he goes from this point is up to him.))

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Trigon stepped out of the water and looked around. Trident came with me. No wharf. No boats. Am I still lost? Green water is right. Ah... that's Mount Kakus. I'm about a mile from where I wanted to be, should have expected that given how far I've come.

Trigon snorted, that last phrase was a vast understatement. A year ago he'd been a young man. His power had been growing but he'd long accepted that as a demi-god he was a powerful mortal and not a weak god. Then the sea had claimed him and showed him his true power.

Trigon shifted the massive chest he carried. It wasn't heavy by god standards, but it was bulky, the handles were slimy, and it was awkward to carry, especially one handed. I could teleport again... nah. Bad idea. Chest is exactly at my weight limit and I'm closer but still don't really know where I'm at. I'd rather have my triumphant walking along the beach rather than on my hands and knees looking for spilled gold. Besides, it might work better this way. The first rule of great drama is 'start small and then build'.

Trigon started walking towards what he hoped was the central docs and such. Walk to the docs, then through the city to Dad's house. Sooner or later I'll run into some people... speaking of which...

{Activate Awe Inspiring}

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((I have no detailed information for Iarte, I'm just making it up as I go. Since this is your home city feel free to add some things to it.))

((Awe-Inspiring is on.))

As Trigon approaches the docks he walks by villagers, fishermen, traders, and others on the city's outskirts. As he passes by most stare in awe. Some recognize the boy that fell overboard and was thought lost forever; others just see a handsome naked nova carrying a Trident. A group of baselines begins to form and follow him as he makes his way past the docks and into to the city, whispering to themselves the entire time.

As Trigon approaches, his father steps outside to see what all of the commotion is about...

((And now is about a good time to decide who Trigon's father is. We should do that in the gameplay discussion thread, or through PMs.))

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