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Blue Thunder

Aberrant: Theomachy - Character Sheet

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Just copy and paste this for your character sheet. Eventually we'll have new threads for every character, where we will post our stats and update them as we go.

Just a bit of explaining:

Portfolio covers the concepts your nova symbolizes. Like love, eternity, healing, the family, horses, merchants, sailing ships, autumn, etc.

Symbols are the objects, animals, etc. that your cult uses to symbolize you.


Name -

Aliases -

Natures -

Pantheon -

Inspirations -

Portfolio -

Symbols -














Permanent Taint -

Temporary Taint -

Aberrations -


Merits and Flaws






Quantum Powers




Family Tree






Other Relatives:



Initiative -




Other Soak:

Health Levels -








Quantum Notes

Quantum Pool -

Quantum limit per turn -

Quantum recovery rate -





Character Sheet History


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Name - Coraline

Aliases - She Who Forges the Future

Natures - Expert, Perfectionist

Pantheon - Darmathia

Inspirations - the Norns/Fates, Hephaestus

Portfolio - Machinery, Forge

Symbols - Gear cog


Strength 5

Dexterity 5

-Athletics 1

-Firearms 2

-Heavy Weapons 1

-Legerdemain 1

-Melee 2

-Stealth 1

Stamina 5

-Endurance 1

-Resistance 1

-Forging 5

Perception 4

-Awareness 1

-Investigation 1

Intelligence 5

-Academics 1

-Engineering 5 (Mechanics)

-Linguistics 1 (saving languages until things are set, but one will be for Darmathian)

-Occult 3

-Science 1

-Steamwork 5 (Vehicles)

Wits 4

-Arts 1

-Rapport 1

Appearance 4

-Intimidation 1

Manipulation 4

-Diplomacy 1

-Subterfuge 1

Charisma 3


Willpower 6

Quantum 5

Permanent Taint - 2

Temporary Taint - 0

Aberrations - Eyes (low level; molten silver)


Merits and Flaws

Lucky (3pt M)

Curiosity (2pt F)

Ambidextrous (1pt M)

Acute Touch (1pt M)



Beast 5 (clockwork creation)

Pantheon 2

Resources 3

Sanctum 3 (Resources and Sanctum reflect a well-stocked forge and machinery workshop hidden underneath the palace in Silgaea; see end of sheet)



Strength 1 (Precision)

Stamina 1 (Regeneration)

Perception 1 (Holographic Awareness)

Intelligence 4 (Engineering Prodigy)

Wits 1 (Multitasking)


Quantum Powers

Elemental Mastery (Earth) 3 (Shaping, Storm, Shield)

Temporal Manipulation 1 (Dilate Time)

Pretercognition 1 (clockwork/mechanical focus for visions)

Boost (Dex) 2

Intuition 2

Psychic Shield 4

Sensory Shield 2


Possessions (the normally carried/worn stuff)

Chain mail hauberk, coif, and greaves

Light crossbow w/ quiver

Iron-tipped long staff

Magnifying lens

Small writing kit


Family Tree

Mother: Skuld, Norn of the Future

Father: Benjamin, the Gryphon Rider

Siblings: Erwin, warrior in training

Spouse: None

Offspring: None

Other Relatives: Urd, Norn of the Past; Verdandi, Norn of the Present

Hefneros, God of the Forge, former master and trainer



Initiative: 9

Bashing: 11

Lethal: 8

Aggravated: 5

Other Soak: 6B/6L with Elemental Shield

Health Levels:

Bruised -0 | | |

Hurt -0 | | |

Injured -0 | | |

Wounded -1 | | |

Maimed -2 | | | | |

Crippled -3 | | |

Incapacitated | | |

Dead | |



Walk: 7

Run: 17

Sprint: 35

Other: assuming max Boost, Run: 22 Sprint: 50


Quantum Notes

Quantum Pool - 30

Quantum limit per turn - 20

Quantum recovery rate - 7/9




Weight: 160 lbs

Height: 5'6"

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Molten silver

Skin color: White

Ethnicity: pseudo-Norse

Handedness: Whatever ::tongue

General Appearance: Normally dressed in either well-tailored merchant-style dress, or decked out in blacksmithing leathers


Clockwork Warrior Stats:

Str 5 Per 3 App 3

Dex 5 Int 1 Man 1

Sta 5 Wits 1 Cha 1

Melee 3

Martial Arts 3

Intimidation 3

Might 3

Mega-Stamina 1 (Resiliency)

Transmit 4 (Earth; to/from Coraline or her workshop only)

Claws 1 (takes the form of blades similar to punch-daggers)

Luck 3

Soak: 7B/4L

Pool: 7qp



Coraline owns a space of three connected storerooms in the warrens underneath the Silgaean palace. There is only one entrance, through a thick door with an advanced (for the era) lock. Virtually all of Coraline's wealth has been put into her tools and supplies.

The center room is Coraline's main workspace. Several work benches line the right wall, with tools of all kinds scattered across their surfaces or hung on spare nails driven into the brick walls. The left wall is mainly taken up by the forge and its implements, with a sizeable coal bin in the back corner. The forge chimney connects to other chimney outvents higher up in the mountain. Ingots of copper, iron, brass, tin, and steel, are stacked carefully in racks against the back wall, for when Coraline will need them. Between these racks is the normal resting place of the Omega armor, and a blank space for the Alpha gun once it is completed.

The room to the left, through a small door next to the coal bin, contains spare clothing, a folding cot, and food and drink sufficient to last Coraline through a fortnight of constant labor. Hidden in this room in a few hiding places are smaller ingots of silver and gold, sized for the making of jewelry or adding decoration to more showy pieces.

The room to the right, through an archway between the workbenches, contains stacks of various kinds of woods and some small pieces of ivory, as well as sorted bins of clockwork gears, springs, valves, tubing, and gauges for constructing clockwork or steamwork machinery.


Character Sheet History

Of all the new gods, the three most reclusive are said to be the three Norns, the goddesses who weave the tapestry of time, selecting the time of death for all mortals. (And, it is rumored, the new gods as well.) But even in their isolation, one of these goddesses desired some form of companionship. Skuld, the Norn of the future, took to her divinations to find for herself a companion. To her surprise, the results of her entrail reading and casting the rune-bones led her to a foggy northern coast, where a young mortal boy was practicing his spear casting. Looking at the boy, she read his future, seeing the great warrior he would become. When the boy slept, she sent him a dream, of the great deeds he would accomplish, and the goddess whose body - if not heart - he would win.

Twenty years later, she re-appeared to the man, and wrapping him in the yarn of fate, she took him to the small corner of the upper realms where the Norns weave the tapestry. In due time, she bore a pair of twins to her mortal lover. The girl she named Coraline, and knew that one day, the girl would forge the very future of the mortal realm. The boy she named Erwin, and sent him back to the mortal realm with his father, the Gryphon Rider.

Coraline grew up to be a lithe, willowy girl, her pale countenance framed by her mother's jet black hair. Eyes of molten silver judge the world around her, reducing things to numbers and equations. When she reached her age of womanhood, Skuld saw her apprenticed to Hephaestus, the greatest of the craftsmen of the new gods, and she learned her trade well. As her mastery project, she forged a great clockwork warrior, pulling the metals for it from the very stones. With the grudging acceptance of the forger, she returned to her mother and aunts, studying the tapestry wordlessly for seventy days and seventy nights. Her study complete, she left the upper realms, prepared to start the forging of her new destiny, starting with a visit to her father, the legendary Gryphon Rider, warrior of the foggy north.


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(List of skills...)

Strength 5 [Quality]


Dexterity 5 [Quality]




Heavy Weapons


Martial Arts




Stamina 5 [Quality]




Perception 5 [Quality] Mega-Perception





Intelligence 5 [Quality] Mega-Intelligence








Military Science




Wits 5 [Quality]






Appearance 5 [Quality]




Manipulation 5 [Quality]






Charisma 5 [Quality]

Animal Handling



Elemental Affinity















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I haven't finished yet, but might as well post my current results.


Name - Tiwoz

Aliases – Wolfbrother, the Even-Handed

Natures – Judge, Survivor

Pantheon - Darmathian

Inspirations - Tyr

Portfolio – Justice, Wolves, Honesty, Righteous Retribution

Symbols - Crossed Fang and Sword ( the symbol of his old kingdom )


Strength *****

Might ***

Dexterity *****

Archery **

Athletics ***


Martial Arts ****

Melee ****

Stealth **

Stamina *****

Endurance ***

Forging ***

Resistance ***

Perception *****

Awareness ****

Investigation ****

Navigation **

Intelligence *****

Academics *** ( Law )

Bureaucracy **

Engineering *


Linguistics **

Medicine *

Military Science **

Science *

Survival ****

'Occult' **

Wits *****


Biz *

Rapport ****

Tactics ***

Appearance **


Intimidation **** ( Scaring the Guilty )


Manipulation **

Diplomacy ***

Interrogation ****



Subterfuge *

Charisma *****

Animal Handling ***

Carousing **

Command ****

Etiquette **


Perform **


Willpower 10

Quantum 2

Permanent Taint - 1

Temporary Taint - 0

Aberrations – Mutation ( left hand is a wolf paw, physical, minor ), Anima Banner ( auditory and visual, howling pack of wolves, minor )


Merits and Flaws

Natural Leader ( 1 ), Devotion ( his surviving people, 2 )


Backgrounds ( Approximate )

Armor: Tiwoz has access to a limited number of armor suits of divine forging, used by himself and his most important followers. They resemble chain mail in protection

generally, but are lighter and do not hinder movement. They also can stand up to divine scale combat without being sundered immediately.

Champion: Tiwoz currently has two champions, his steward and second in rulership, and his troop commander ( Tiwoz has too few soldiers to really call him a "general" ). Both are Iron Men who survived the fight with Woten, and the latter is one of his few surviving relatives ( a mortal grandchild ). Tiwoz desires to raise another champion, one of the region's native people, but has yet to find a suitable candidate. All champions receive a smattering of enhanced attributes. ( names TBD )

Legend: Tiwoz is well known in the Grunmond and surrounding parts of Taralogan, for obvious reasons, but is otherwise still a newcomer in Darmathia. His name is known more in the distant north even now. However, tales of the scrupulously fair newcomer deity will surely spread further with time.

Pantheon: Tiwoz is a member of the Darmathian Pantheon, in good standing. He holds the rank of Patrician, and is Praetor over the realm of Grunmond in Taralogan. However, his rank and position is new, and granted at least partially out of desire to clear out a mess. His domain is also fairly small, and relatively undeveloped. As such, his political influence is comparatively low for his title.

Resources: When Tiwoz and his people arrived in Darmathia, they had little beyond the clothes on their back. Even as a Patrician and Praetor, Tiwoz has relatively little wealth available, such resources as either he or his realm generates, going back into the realm. As such, he is comfortable by his standards but little beyond. . . and his standards are rougher than for many gods. Of course, the advantage to such thriftiness is more resources available for when you *really* need to spend them.

Sanctum: TBD ( I don't think there are any rules or guidelines yet, but basically,

Servants *

Worshippers ***

Weapon ***** ( enhancement: Deadly Weapon )



Mega Strength ** ( Precision )

Mega Dexterity ** ( Athletic Prodigy )

Mega Stamina ** ( Regeneration )

Mega Perception ** ( Bloodhound )

Mega Intelligence ** ( Linguistic Prodigy )

Mega Wits ** ( Lie Detector )

Mega Charisma ** ( Commanding Presence )


Quantum Powers

Claws **

Armor **

Animal Mastery *

Telepathy *

Psychic Shield **

Psychic Link **



A certain sword; Divine forged weapons and armor of more mundane calibre. Various periphernalia appropriate to a king.


Family Tree




Spouse: Grunhild ( extraordinary mortal Champion, deceased )

Offspring: Morn the Hammerer ( god, deceased ), Belara Star-Eyed ( goddess, deceased ), various mortal children ( deceased )

Other Relatives: Fenris the Wolf King ( blood brother, deceased ), Garm the Greywind ( god, grandson )



Initiative - 14

Bashing: 15 ( 18 /w armor )

Lethal: 11 ( 14 /w armor )

Aggravated: 2

Other Soak: 4 /w Psychic Shield

Health Levels: Bruised -0 x3, Hurt -0 x2, Injured -0 x2, Wounded -0 x2, Maimed -1 x2, Crippled -2 x2, Incap



Walk: 7m

Run: 19m

Sprint: 41m

Other: Jumping 5m vertical, 20m horizontal, without rolling


Quantum Notes

Quantum Pool - 24

Quantum limit per turn - 10

Quantum recovery rate - 4/6





Character Sheet History

"Tiwoz was once a great king of the north. Born to relatively humble parents ( or so it seemed at the time ) amongst a tough people living in harsh, mountainous lands, Tiwoz' greatness shone from a young age. Both strong and just, his exploits gained him honor and support until he was acclaimed ruler of all the Men of Iron. His rule was a time of growth and success for his people, as they built a growing kingdom in a cold land, fought off some hostile neighbors and beasts while befriending others. His greatest feat: when the Children of the Wolf came to his land seeking vengeance, he fought them off, and then traveled forth to meet with their king, Fenris. Finding that Fenris' brood had been kidnapped by one of his people, Tiwoz swore to return them, safe. Tracking down the cruel sorcerer who kidnapped them to steal their power, he slew the offender. . . but not until after all save one had been sacrificed. Returning with one live cub and the bodies of the slain, Tiwoz offered his left hand as recompense, for his oath was only half fulfilled. Fenris accepted this, biting it off at the wrist, but then offered in turn a wolf's hand to replace it, in honor of his courage and compassion. So did Fenris and Tiwoz become blood brothers, and their two peoples become close; closer still when their children wed years later. Tiwoz taught Fenris the ways of Men, and Fenris taught Tiwoz the ways of the Wolf, and in turn did their peoples' learn from each other. This was the golden age of the people of the Iron Mountain and Black Wood of the north."

"And then came the Reavers. An army of bloodthirsty berserkers, lead by monstrous champions, a storm of bloodshed with a single figure at its center: Woten, a god whose gaze was colder than the bloody socket of his missing eye. They swept over the land, burning and killing, and all the work of over a century of building was cast down in weeks. By the time this senseless, unforeseen destruction was through, almost everyone was slain, men and gods alike. Only a few hundred men and a few dozen wolves still lived, and of their gods and champions, only Tiwoz and his grandson Garm the Greywind still drew breath."

"Tiwoz knew his people could not survive the coming winter. So, after organizing funeral rites for the countless slain, including a pyre to be seen by the heavens for the slain Fenris, Tiwoz led his people south, into the lands of Darmathia. He had some contact with them over the years, and hoped to negotiate for a place for his people to live. In this he succeeded, being offered a spot of wooded territory in the mountains of Tarologan. . . if he were willing to take it from bandit king who had been causing trouble for the neighbors. In this, Tiwoz and his people, apt warriors all, succeeded, and so Tiwoz now rules over the territory he calls Grunmond, populated by both his old people and new ones, the residents of the place freed from the thumb of bandit rule. All in the name of Darmathia. . . as he watches and waits, and fulfills his nature. . . and searches for signs of his peoples' murderer. . ."


0/60 nova points remaining

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