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Trinity RPG - nWoD Trinity Rules


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I'm thinking of running Trinity sometime in the next few months (after I finish my current Star Trek campaign), and I'll be running it using the nWoD system. Here are my conversion notes.

• Use the nWoD system, except change Computer to Engineering (reflecting both the skills in Trinity and the fact that in the 22nd century, computers have ceased to be as arcane and mysterious as they are considered today.

• All Psi rolls for Modes are made using Psi + Mode

• All Psi costs are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0 for • & •• dot Modes, 1 for ••• & •••• dot Modes and 2 for ••••• dot Modes). Quantakinesis is an exception to this rule, add +1 Psi point to the cost of using all Quantakinesis modes.

• Learning a Mode (including the basic technique) gives the character both the standard and the alternative techniques (from the Order book), and all characters learning a particular Aptitude learn both basic techniques. For example, an Electrokinetic with one dot in Technokinesis would automatically know both Power Surge & Initialize without any additional cost.

• Use the Spell Factors charts in Mage: The Awakening pp. 117-119 for Target, Area, and Duration. Also, add a table for range (see below).

• Spending 1 additional point of Psi reduces the "spell factor" penalties by 2.

• Use the rules listed below that do not contradict any of the above points.

• Additional points of Psi are purchased as Gnosis in Mage (3 dot Merit in chargen, Current Rating x 8 with XP, Modes are purchased as New dots x 5, Auxiliary Modes cost 8 XP.

• Drop Virtue, Vice, and Morality. All Willpower is recovered upon waking from at least 4 hours of sleep (as well as recovering all Willpower at the end of a Story or 1 point of Willpower after achieving a significant goal).

• Investing the Psi spend on a power that only affects or enhances the psion allows that power that to be used indefinitely. In addition, when Biokinetics invest psi, they recover this psi after one full day.

Range Table (short range)

Range Dice Penalty

Touch None

1 meter -2

2 meters -4

5 meters -6

10 meters -8

Range Table (long range)*

Range Dice Penalty

Listed Range None

2 x Range -2

5 x Range -4

10 x Range -6

20 x Range -8

* In all cases, Attunement Range is the maximum possible range for any Mode that lacks a Familiarity-based range. Ranges based on Familiarity (like those for Translocation or Transmassion) cannot be increased.

Character Generation


Attributes: 6/5/4, Skills 12/10/8, Merits 13, 5 dots for Aptitude Modes, Starting Psi = (Sta + Wits + Pre)/2, 15 Experience Points.

Nihonjin Superiors

Attributes: 8**/6/4, Skills 12/10/8, Merits 13, 20 Experience Points.

** This includes the Exceptional Potential Merit for each of the three Primary Attributes.

Superiors also automatically also gain the Quick Healer, Toxin Resistance, and Disease Resistance Merits, as well as 1 dot in Subterfuge and 3 dots in any single skill associated with their Primary Attributes. All of these additions are free.

Superiors who still work for the Nihonjin government also gain 3 dots in Status (Nihonjin government) and 2 dots in Resources. If they go rogue, they lose all three dots in Status and one dot in Resources.

Rule Modifications

Combat: Do not count the weapon's damage bonuse when determining if the attack hits or not. Add in bonuses from burst fire, special sights, or formatted biotech to the Stat + Skill and roll, then add in any additional success from the damage bonus if this roll succeeds in hitting the target.

Defense: Defense becomes the higher of Dexterity or Wits, rather than the lower.

Experience Point Costs: Current Rating x 5 for Aptitude Modes and 7 XP for Auxilary Modes

Willpower: Characters regain all Willpower points after a full nights sleep.

Altered Merit Costs

Revised Merit Costs

Ambidextrous ••

Disease Resistance • (-1 level on diseases)

Giant •••

Iron Stomach

Quick Healer ••

Strong Lungs ••

Toxin Resistance • (-1 level on toxins)

Implanted Merits

Medical Nanotech •••

4x healing and ½ rate aging, includes Natural Immunity Merit

Gills •••

Enhanced Sight ••

Gain the advantages of vidspecs in your eyes.

Noetic Merits

Enhanced Attunement (• or ••)

Your psionic sensitivity is substantially greater than the norm for someone with your Psi rating. For every dot spent on this Merit, your Psi is considered one point higher for purposes of Attunement rolls and range.

Detached ••

You have the rare ability to view your psionic abilities as separate from your physical existence, and can maintain this distance even under adverse conditions. Any wound penalties don’t affect your Psi rolls until you reach Incapacitated. If you are Incapacitated, you may spend a Willpower point to attempt a Psi roll at half your normal dice pool (rounded down). This action may only be performed once per scene, after which you fall unconscious, so choose your last ditch efforts carefully.

Exceptional Potential ••••

Something in the Prometheus Effect altered your genetic structure for the better, giving you the potential to reach preternatural levels of development in some aspect of basic human nature. You gain an extra dot in one Attribute, raising its base value from • to ••. You may raise this enhanced Attribute to a maximum value of ••••• • with initial points or XP. Exceptional Potential may be purchased for more than one Attribute. This Merit is only available to psion characters and can only be purchased at character generation.

lncreased Tolerance ••

Your biological template is strong enough to maintain a surprisingly high degree of bioware. Normals gains a tolerance equal to their Stamina + 1 and can even have devices formatted to them. Psions simply add their Stamina to their Psi for purposes of determining tolerance. Neutrals still cannot use any biotech that increases psionic powers (since they have none) and also cannot use any biotech that requires the expenditure of Psi points. Advanced Biotech therapies can give this Merit to both neutrals and psions.

Mode Natural •• or ••••

You are particularly strong in one of your Aptitude's Modes, though you haven't necessarily trained heavily in that Mode yet. Designate one of your primary Modes when you purchase this Merit. This mode costs New Rating x 4 XP if it is part of your Aptitude or 6 XP as an Auxiliary Mode. In addition, if you take the 2 dot version of this Merit, you may add one die to all Psi rolls for that Mode. If you take the 4 dot variation, you also reduce all Psi costs for use of that Mode by one (to a minimum of zero). In both versions, you can purchase 5 dots during character generation using your 5 initial Mode dot. You may not purchase this Merit more than once.

Psi •••

Each time you purchase this Merit, you gain one additional point of Psi. This Merit can only be purchased before play starts, with the character's starting Merits. A character's initial Psi score cannot be higher than 7.

Psi Sink ••••

You are as close to noetically neutral as is possible without having Taint and being considered an Aberrant. Psions (the subquantum energy packets, not the human beings) seem to flow into you at an accelerated rate, an effect that is vaguely disconcerting for psionically sensitive individuals in your immediate vicinity. You gain an additional die to resist any Psi powers used against you and any Psi power used to affect or perceive you costs one additional Psi point. This Merit may not be purchased by psions or latent psions — only neutrals.

Strong Template •••

For some reason, your subquantum pattern is very strongly bonded. You are very difficult to alter with Psi or Taint powers — any such effect that has a direct, physical effect on you or an item with your psi print is rolled at -2 dice. Note that this does not include powers that affect your environment, such as Plasma Manipulation, nor does it include those that affect your mind or emotions, such as Mind Bomb. Additionally, you stand out like a beacon to clairsentients and other sensitives — any Attunement roll or other means of subquantum perception gains an automatic success for the purposes of detecting your presence.

Other Merits

• Internal Compass

You always know which way is north, even indoors, and you can retrace your steps of any path you've traveled (with penalties if your senses were impeded) on a successful Wits + Composure or Wits + Survival roll (your choice).

•• Lightining Calculator

You can do advanced calculations in your head, gaining +1 dice on all appropriate Science and Engineering rolls and +2 dice when gambling in any game where knowledge of probability can help.

••• Lingustic Prodigy

Halve the cost of the Languages Merit. Also, with a successessful extended Intelligence + Academics roll (one roll per day) the character can communicate very basic information in the new language if the character is immersed in a setting where this is the most common language. The difficulty depends on how close the new language is to one the character already knows:

Knows a related language (Spanish & French) 5

Knows a vaugely related language (Spanish & English) 10

Knows an unrelated language (Spanish & Chinese) 15

Alien Language 20

(continued in next post)

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Aptitude Specific Merits & Skills

In all cases, the cost of the listed Merit's are halved (round cost up) for characters possessing the listed Aptitude.

Biokinesis: Ambidextrous, Iron Stomach, Natural Immunity, Quick Healer, Toxin Resistance, Strong Lungs, Striking Looks

Clarisentience: Danger Sense, Internal Compass, Stunt Driver.

Electrokinesis: Lightning Calculator, Engineering and all Engineering and Larceny skill specialties for electrical and electronics devices including computers, electronic locks and security systems all cost 1 XP.

Psychokinesis: Fast Reflexes, Gunslinger, Quick Draw, Combat Marksmanship

Telepathy: Language, Lingustic Prodigy Inspiring, Sweet-Voiced Fiend (from Skinchangers)

Vitakinesis: Holistic Awareness, Iron Stamina, Natural Immunity, Quick Healer, & Toxin Resistance.

Teleportation: Internal Compass

Psion Population

The total human population is 6 billion & one in 20,000 has the potential to become a Psion. Approximately half of all people with this potential have been found.

Clairsentients: 10,000

Biokinetics: 4,000

Elektrokinetics: 20,000

Psychokinetics: 40,000

Quantakinetics: 300 (100 surviving)

Telepaths: 12,000

Teleporters: 800

Vitakinetics: 34,000


Subtact 2 from the cost of any items in Trinity. Formatting a piece of biotech provides both +1 dice and grants the item the 8-again quality.

Weapon Damage

1D = +0

2D = +1

3-4D = +2

5-6D = +3 (+4 for shotguns)

7-8D = +4

9-11D = +5


When used together, the ARES/MARS combination also multiplies the Clear's range in lightyears by 10, giving the Clear using this device a minimum range of 100 light years.

Revised Modes

These revisions replace or add to the listed modes.



• Metabolic Efficiency

This power also works on all diseases, from viruses to fungi. For both poison and disease, reduce the level of the agent by the character's level in Adaptation. For nWoD, subtract the Psions numbers of dots in Adaptation from the Toxicity rating. Also, this allows the Psion to shed dirt, toxins, and sweat from her body and hair by making a Psi roll – effectively taking a psionic shower in 1 turn.

•• Basic Adaptation (replaces Oxygen Absorption)

In addition to providing all the benefits of Oxygen Absorption, the Psion can also comfortably survive in almost any environment found on Earth. By using this ability, the character remains comfortable in a temperature range from -45 to 65 C and at air pressure from 0.2 atm to 10 atm.

••• Sensory Adaptation (Replaces Social Chameleon)

The character's senses adapt to his environment. This ability can enhance, reduce, or filter a given sense, but it cannot grant the character any senses that human's don't innately possess. A character can see in almost complete darkness, but cannot see in the infrared spectrum or hear in the ultrasonic range.

System: Spend 2 Psi and roll Psi, for the rest of the scene the character's senses adapt to the environment, and to a more limited extent, her wishes. In total darkness, the character's hearing becomes directional and almost sonar-like and is supplemented by his sense of smell and touch. In low light conditions, his eyes become light a cats. Subtract the successes on the Psi roll from any environmental penalties, regardless of whether they are from noise, bright lights, total darkness, or even irritants like tear gas.

•••• Biosync

The character can endure pressures from 0 to 100 atm and temperatures from -150 to 150 C, as well as being able to survive in almost any atmosphere.

••••• Autonomic Shunt

In addition to allowing hibernation and additional health levels, the character can endure temperatures from -200 to 250 C and can survive immersion in acid or almost any other environment. Heat and cold used as attacks only affect the character if they are more extreme than the character's temperature limits.


•• Bioshift

The psion can also perform minor modifications on her body to enhance its resiliance, speed, and other capabilities. The character can duplicate a number of dots in physical Merits equal to her level in Psychomorphing. At Psychomorphing 2, she can only duplicate Physical Merits, at Psychomorphing 3+, she can also duplicate Mental Merits & Social Merits. Fighting Styles, Giant, Encyclopedic Knowledge, Languages, and other knowledge-based Merits cannot be duplicated, nor can Merits based on social connections, like Mentor or Ally. All Merits last for one scene per success. The character can only have a number of dots of Merits active at one time equal to her dots in Psychomorphing.

••• Self-Healing (in addition to the existing two abilities)

The Psion can also heal herself, but not as effectively as a Vitakinetic. With this ability, the Psion is able to accelerate the rate at which he heals, healing wounds that would usually take months to heal in days or even hours.

System: Spend 1 Psi, roll Psi + Psychomorphing, each success halves healing time. With 5 Successes, one level of the most serious type of damage is also immediately healed. One roll per wound.



Revised the order in which the Clairvoyant gains the following Modes.

• Combine Psionic Echo and Insight

•• Static Memory

••• Flashback

•••• Envision

Other changes:

• Psionic Echo

This Mode can conclusively prove that a knife was a murder weapon, that a murderer used a specific gun, or if a bullet came from a specific gun, but not if a laser had been used to kill someone, since there is no physical connection between the laser and the target.

••• Flashback

In addition to the other uses of this Mode, it also allows the Psion to determine the typical configuration of any object (including living and once living beings). In addition to allowing the character use open combination and keypad locks and reassemble jigsaw puzzles with ease, she can also use each success on this roll to gain one additional die on any Engineering, Medicine, or Science roll involving repairing devices, setting bones, reassembling ancient potshards, or similar endeavors.

Some especially complex devices may require two or more successes to activate. Also, additional successes will reveal alternate methods of activation and roughly how common each was. However, the Psion does not know what a device will do when activated. At Psychometry ••••, if rolling one or more successes than needed, the Psion also has visions of what occurs when the device is operated or activated in a specific manner.

•••• Dream Sight

This works like Oak in the Acorn, but only reveals information about the past. The character must either state a question or open himself up for general information about the site or person who is the target. The duration ranges from a minute to an hour, depending upon the complexity of the question and the number of successes rolled.

••••• Oak in the Acorn

This power covers likely futures as well as the past. It can be used to gain a general sense of the future of a plan, a person, or object, or it can be used to gain a general picture of the entire past of the target, revealing information that might not be uncovered with any question the Psion knows to ask.


• Orientation

Maintaining Orientation does not increase the difficulty of other actions. Even with one success, the location is relatively precise.

••• Find the Compliment

This ability also allows the Psion to solve puzzle boxes, interactive fiction games, mazes  most especially mazes  and even crosswords with exceptional speed. (This power will not tell her what words to write in a crossword, but it will tell her which clue to tackle next.) Successes add dice to relevant Intelligence, Wits and Perception pools.

•••• Farsensing

In addition to spatial navigation, this Mode also allows the character to find the various ways out of the maze (including which one is fastest), to a specific known office in a large building complex, or the fastest way (including both known and unknown obstacles) to drive across town to a specific location.


• Active Defense

Use your sense to monitor the locations of up to Psi individuals near you that you can see. This gives a bonus to Awareness rolls to notice their activities and improves your Initiative if one suddenly charges and increases the psion's Defense by +1. This Mode provides no warning of surprise attacks.

••• Heightened Senses (was Microvision)

At this level of mastery the Psion may enhance his senses to super human proportions seeing farther and more clearly, hearing a wider spectrum of sounds, feeling even the most subtle textures, tasting well enough to pick out the chemical composition of a substance (science roll may be required), and smelling precisely to track by sent.

System: Spend 1 Psi and roll Psi, the Psion may add a number of dice equal to successes to all sensory based checks (ST discretion) for the remainder of the scene. In addition too seeing into the infrared and ultraviolet or tracking by scent, the Psion can also focus her perceptions into a microscopic level, shrinking her field of vision to cover as little as an area 5 cm in diameter, which can be moved at will. This specifically use adds successes to appropriate Engineering, Science and Investigation rolls. NOTE: While the Psion’s senses are heightened he is more susceptible to poisons, loud sounds (Add the Psion’s number of successes to incoming Screamer damage pools), and pheromone effects.

(continued in next post)

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••• Higher Consciousness

In addition to the listed affects, instead of increasing the difficulty of affecting her mind, the electrokinetic can also use each success to temporarily increase any one Mental Attribute for the same duration, with an increase equal to one dot per success. The character can also temporarily add in Mental Merits, with a number of dots equal to the number of successes rolled.

••• Static Shield

Instead of protection, the Psion can instead set up a shield that damages targets by charging himself with electricity, in a manner like an electric eel. Each success provides one die of electrical damage. The duration is the same as Static Shield. Successes from one roll can be used for either use.


••• Image Generation

The Psion can also create precise static 2-D images, including altering retinal patterns, forging signatures, recoloring eyes or hair, or creating patterns that can be read by optical scanners of various sorts. Images no larger than Psi x 10 cm across can be made exceptionally precise and are obviously artificial. These images can be made as large as Psi x meters across, but are less precise. These images last for one scene or until the Psion dismisses them. These images can be static or they will move with the object they are attached to, if the Psion has a Psi Print of that object. They can be used to create tattoos or similar designs on the Psion. At four dots in Photokinesis, the character can create static 3-D images and mobile 2-D images.


••••• Microwave Burst/EMP

In addition to the other capabilities of this power, the Psion can also create an EMP that destroys electrical devices and data.

System: One success is sufficient to ruin every electrical device within the power's radius (destroying the Structures of all electronic components). Certain military devices specifically made to resist EMP are immune. A simple success affects a Psi-yard radius. Excess successes spread the pulse over a larger area.

Successes Radius Affected

1 success Psi yards

2 successes 2 x Psi yards

3 successes 4 x Psi yards

4 successes 6 x Psi yards

5 successes 10 x Psi yards

••••• Subquantum Interface

In addition to the listed features, whenever the character is interacting with the linked system, she is aware of all other attempts to use it and can block or otherwise modify them if desired. Also, the character can state up to three specific conditions that he wishes to be aware of when they happen and can also specific responses to them, such as causing any email to someone or between two people to fail. The character must make a successful Wits + Engineering roll to notice this event.



• Tow

The character can automatically levitate herself with this ability, but can only do at a rate of up to 7 m/turn. This ability also allows the character to slow falls. To levitate or slow falls on others, the Telekinetic must have the strength to move them. At Telekinesis 4, the character's Tow strength equals her full Psi.

•• Remote Manipulation

Also includes the ability to deliver unarmed and melee attacks at the same range. At Telekinesis 4, the character can use as her base Strength, her Psi score, with additional successes adding to it. At Telekinesis 5, the character can create a number of telekinetic hands and arms up to his Psi score, and each pair can function independently, allowing multiple attacks at once. Subtract one pair of arms if the character also wishes to act physically.

••• Pressure Control

A single success is all that is needed to maintain local air pressure against intrusions of vacuum or higher pressure up to 4 additional atm. 2 Successes protect against pressures between 5 and 10 atm, 3 successes protects against up to 25 atm.

••• Force Barrier

This force construct can also be used to make bridges, shelters, or other simple shapes, including supporting a building. It can also be curved in a hemisphere or half circle, the only limit is that the total area cannot exceed Psi squared x Pi square meters, and no thinner than a meter wide in either dimension. It can support a weight with a Strength of Psi + Mode + Successes. When used in this fashion it is fully solid but provides an armor of only Psi/2 (round up)

•••• Force Armor

The Psion can now create form-fitting armor that provides the same protections as a Force Barrier. This shield is more demanding to maintain and so only lasts for Psi turns. However, the character can attack normally while using it.

•••• Flight

The character's speed in flight is 10 x Psi km/hour, with each success addiing another 10 km/hour.

••••• Pre-Programmed Movement

The character can program and combination of lower level abilities in advance, setting them to occur at a certain time, or when some obvious trigger occurs. Up to Psi/2 events (round up) can be scripted together. The character can only pre-porgram a single event at a time.



Switch Brainjack and Network. Network is now Mindshare •••• and Brainjack is Mindshare •••••.

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As part of this conversion, I looked over the options for Quantakinesis in both the wonderful India Underground book and Jackson Creed's freeform Quantakinesis rules, and decided that both were somewhat too high powered for my taste, and so I have created revised rules (based largely on Jackson Creed's freeform QK rules, but adapted for a non-freeform system, since I find the Trinity freeform Psi rules to be far too rules-heavy for my taste.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Taint Register:

Quantakinesis does not hinder the normal operations of Psi in the same way that Taint does (see Chapter Five: Psi in the Trinity Players Guide). However, it does register similarly to Attunement. A psion using Attunement may sense Quantakinesis as a weak taint-based effect.

Basic Techniques

Quantum Sensitivity:

This ability is part of a quantakinetics connection to the quantum flow. Using this ability, the psion may use the Long Range column to sense taint, quantum energy and most forms of radioactivity. Extra successes enable the psion to determine the exact nature of this energy and how it is being used.

Taint Resistance:

A quantakinetic reflexively protects herself against Taint in the same way she applies psi to it to control it for her own use. On a successful Psi roll, the psion can add a rating equal to her highest Quantakinesis mode as soak against any taint-based affect.


At its most rudimentary level, Enhancement involves infusing the psion's body with quantum energy. She may use Enhancement to boost any of her body's physical or mental capacities. At higher levels, a quantakinetic can enhance almost any aspect of her body and mind, expanding her natural traits and abilities into the realm of near-superhuman and enabling her to perform actions that are normally the bailiwick of other Aptitudes (although not necessarily at the same level of finesse). Unfortunately, due the way in which Quantakinesis works, Psi and Mode ratings may not be enhanced by the powers of this Aptitude.

O Basic Enhancement: A psion uses this power to boost any of her Physical, Mental or Social attributes At this level of ability, she may only enhance one trait at a time, and it may only be increased by a single dot. The psion may invest Psi to boost the trait for greater periods of time, however.

System: Spend 1 Psi and rolls Psi; if the roll is successful the Psion may enhance one attribute by one dot. Also, at Level 3 she gains a bonus to the Attribute equal to the total number of dots equal to her current Enhancement rating. At Level 4 she can boost multiple Attributes at once, but the limit of a total number of dots equal to her current Enhancement rating remains.

OO Heightened Awareness: The psion may now increase the range and sensitivity of her natural physical senses. The character's senses adapt to his environment. This ability can enhance, reduce, or filter a given sense, but it cannot grant the character any senses that human's don't innately possess. A character can see in almost complete darkness, but cannot see in the infrared spectrum or hear in the ultrasonic range.

System: Spend 1 Psi and roll Psi, for the rest of the scene the character gains a single enhance sense. The character can gain the ability to see in the dark, gain a sense of smell like a bloodhound, etc… Add the successes to on the Psi roll to all Perception rolls using that sense.

OOO Physical Enhancement: This ability enables the psion to enhance her body's physical capacities. The Psion can cause Broken bones fuse, wounds close and tissue regenerates. This power can even heal Lethal damage, but can only close wounds that would have healed naturally (which means that re-growing destroyed organs and lost limbs is not possible). The psion can also perform minor modifications on her body to temporarily enhance its resiliance, speed, and other capabilities.

System: Spend 2 Psi and roll Psi, 1 Psi, roll Psi + Enhancement, each success halves healing time. With 5 Successes, one level of the most serious type of damage is also immediately healed. One roll per wound. Alternately, the character can roll to temporarily gain physical Merits with a cost in dots equal to the number of successes rolled. Giant, as well as Fighting Styles and other knowledge-based Merits cannot be duplicated. For 2 dots, the character can gain armor equal to 1/0, for 4 dots the character can gain armor equal to 2/1.

OOOO Advanced Enhancement: At this level, the psion is now able to increase multiple attributes at the same time. As many attributes may be enhanced as the psion wishes, but only up to a total number of dots equal to her current Enhancement rating. As with the basic ability, enhanced traits can be made to last longer by investing Psi, but this ability cannot be used multiple times. The psion can also enhance all types of mental abilities.

System: Spend 2 Psi and roll Psi, 1 Psi, roll Psi + Enhancement. The character can roll to temporarily gain Mental & Social Merits with a cost in dots equal to the number of successes rolled. Knowledge & contact-based Merits like Encyclopedic Knowledge or Mentor cannot be duplicated. Also, the character can gain a Speciality in any Ability that the character knows at the cost of a single success and a new dot in any ability the character already has at least one dot in for two successes.

OOOOO Enhance Others: The psion is now able to enhance other people's traits. Using this ability on a neutral is fairly difficult and thus adds a +1 difficulty modifier to the Psi roll. However, due to the natural opposition between Quanta and Psi, enhancing other psion is even more challenging and adds a +2 difficulty modifier and requiring the expenditure of a Willpower point.

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This mode enables the psion to produce, sense and direct all forms of energy. Many powers of this mode have many similarities to effects specific to other aptitudes. Although this gives the psion a great deal of flexibility and versatility, this is balanced by the quantakinetic's inability to manipulate such energies with the same degree of skill and finesse and also due to the energy demands of Quantakinesis.

O Energy Production:

At this power level, the psion can convert noetic energy into any other form of energy desired - light, sound or even kinetic energy. This energy emanates from the psion but it can be directed through any portion of her body. Energy Production cannot produce complex forms of energy like radio waves or lasers, only random bursts of energy.This energy can be released at (at Short Range) in damaging bursts to burn, deafen or blind a target, or it can be used at a lower level to provide warmth or illumination. The energy will not damage the psion.

System: Spend 1 Psi. Allows the Psion to generate random bursts of simple energy. This energy can be used in one of three ways: offensive burst (range in meters equal to Energetics rating) of said energy that does [Energetics] dice of Bashing Damage, or as an attack that does [Energetics/2 (round up)] L of damage (which can be combined with a melee attack, if used on the weapon, to cause fists to do lethal damage (of +1L at Energetics one); sensory overload, used against everyone within an area of [Energetics] meters from the Psion, this use causes the disruption of the victims’ senses (such as a blinding flash of light or a deafening sound), there is a resisted Psi and Endurance roll—if the Psion scores more successes than the victim, the victim suffers +2 difficulty on perception checks involving that sense for [Psi] rounds; finally, utility purposes, such as using Psi to generate electricity to power a minicomp or heat to cook a frozen dinner, light an area, etc. (the exact extent of these applications is up to the Storyteller).

OO Energy Sensing: The psion can extract data about various types of energy around her. She is able to sense through all of the electromagnetic spectrum (although Energetics 3 is required for the same level of detail Photokinesis allows), and she can sense the strength and direction of magnetic filed and radiation, even detecting the level of kinetic energy within objects and people. All this information can be confusing, but the quantakinetic can focus on a specific type of energy if she wishes. The Science ability helps when processing this raw data.

System: This ability works identically to Spectrum Sight (Trinity p. 211), except that the cost is increased by 1 (1 for nWoD rules), and the character can also tune in on gravity or other non-electromagnetic energies.

OOO Immunity: With this level of mastery, the psion can generate a shield that can safely absorb a wide variety of quantum energies.

System: This ability is identical to the Electrokinetic abilities Static Shield and Electromagnetic Shield (Trinity, p. 209 & pp. 211-212). Alternately, the character can protect himself from gravity. Gravity protection does not allow the character to fly, but does allow him to either operate normally in high gravity environments or to fall safely from any reasonable height. This ability can also be used to protect the character from high temperature environments. At level three, this shield lasts for a number of turns equal to the character's Psi Score when used against direct attacks, and a number of minutes equal to her Psi score when used against general environmental hazards. At four dots, this shield lasts for a number of minutes equal to the character's Psi Score when used against direct attacks, and 10 minutes x her Psi score when used against general environmental hazards. Also, the character may create a shield that can protect against two options at once. At five dots this shield lasts for 10 minutes x character's Psi Score when used against direct attacks, and one hour x her Psi score when used against general environmental hazards.

OOOO Energy Direction: The psion is now able to directly control and direct quantum forces, such as gravity, magnetism and variety of other types of energy. The psion can generate a blast of energy of variable type. If the psion just wants to stun a target she can use a blast of concentrated gravity of sound; if she wishes to use lethal force, she uses laser or gamma radiation, or alternatively she could use an electromagnetic pulse to damage hardtech electronics and software.

System: This ability is identical to the Photokinetic power Laser generation (Trinity, p. 212), except that the quantakinetic can create beams of any sort of energey, including sound, electricty, or even gravity. This attack can do lethal or bashing damage or it can create a stun attack like a taser or even temporarily increase gravity around the target (each point of "damage" temporarily subtracts one point from the target's Strength). Alternately, the character can use this ability to cause herself or some other target to fly – use the rules for the Telekinetic ability Flight (Trinity, p. 220).

OOOOO Noetic Conversion: The psion is now able to transform energy into Psi Points.

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With this power, the psion is able to sense and manipulate strong and weak nuclear forces to affect the ultimately alter a target's molecular structure. Like all Quantakinetic modes, Transmutation allows a great deal of versatility and can be useful for great many tasks.

O Molecular Scanning: At the level, the psion can implement a molecular scan of all objects and devices. The quantakinetic must focus on the scan, but it is not literally looking at the target's molecular structure; rather it is an intuitive understanding of the physical, electrochemical and energetic properties. Using this effect, the psion can find physical weaknesses in objects, including worn armor, as well as gaining knowledge of the targets composition and structure. This ability cannot be used on living targets (including biotech), but it can be used on wood, bone, and other once-living materials.

System: Use the rules for Discern Composition (Mage: The Awakening, p. 195) or Find the Hidden Hoard (Mage: The Awakening, p. 195), as well as finding all weaknesses in the object. In this case, the target’s durability or armor is lowered by a number equal to the Quantakinetic’s Transmutation mode. For this lowered soak to take effect, the attack must be a called shot against the target’s “weak area.” At Transmutation 3 physical contact with the target is no longer needed, and the Psion may scan a target at a range of Psi x 5 meters.

OO Degrade & Enhance: Having mastered the ability to perceive molecular bonds, the psion is now able to weaken or even break them, alternately, the character can enhance molecular bonds, making objects tougher. Generally this power weakens a target i.e. making it brittle, porous and easier to damage. Use the Mass column of the Target table and the Lethal damage table to determine how much structural damage is done. This ability also allows the psion to simulate aging on an object and to perform minor repairs and make a worn object look new. However, it won't fix major damage or replace any portions of the item other than those lost to minor wear. Unfortunately, due to the interference generated by noetic fields, living beings and biotech cannot be affected at this level.

System: Use the rules for Alter Integrity (Mage: The Awakening, p. 198) or Destroy Object (Mage: The Awakening, p. 139), the Psion can choose which of these effects to use. In both cases, this ability costs 1 Psi to use.

OOO Reshaping: Able to break molecular bonds at will, the psion can now put them back together as well, even in a different shape. Solid matter becomes soft and malleable to the psion's mastery, returning to its original state when this effect ends. As before, this cannot be used on living beings or biotech. This power can also only be used on solids and liquids.

System: Use the rules for Reconfigure Object (Mage: The Awakening, p. 201), Platisicity (Mage: The Awakening, p. 199), or Shape Liquid (Mage: The Awakening, p. 196). This ability costs 2 Psi to use.

OOOO Complex Transformations: The Psion can now shape matter in exceedingly complex and precise ways, subtly altering the properties of matter and reshaping it in precise and complex ways.

System: Use the rules for Repair Object (Mage: The Awakening, p. 199-200), Alter Efficiency (Mage: The Awakening, p. 201), Alter Accuracy (except with either the 8-again quality or removing all rerolls) (Mage: The Awakening, p. 196), as well as Unseen Aegis (Mage: The Awakening, p. 201), Steel Windows (Mage: The Awakening, p. 197), or Alter Conductivity (Mage: The Awakening, p. 194). The psion can also reshape fire like they were using Plasma Control (Trinity, p. 218), but cannot cause fires to grow or shrink. This effect costs 2 Psi Points.

OOOOO The Philosophers Stone: The ultimate in matter control, subatomic particles are now the psion's to with as she pleases. Protons, neutrons and electrons et al can be removed from, added to, or rearranged within atoms to change one element into another. Such control is extremely difficult, so only very small amounts of matter can be transformed in this way (use the Mass column of the Target table but substitute kilograms with grams); but with this power, lead can truly be transmuted into gold - or diamond or anything else for that matter. High energy or density substances, such as uranium, plutonium or olaminium impose a +2 difficulty on the initial Psi roll. However, at this level the psion's control over subatomic and intermolecular bonds is such that almost no excess heat or radiation is released. This ability cannot be used on living beings or biotech.

System: Use the rules for Greater Transmogrification (Mage: The Awakening, p. 204). This effect costs 3 Psi points & 1 Willpower.

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I really don't think so - characters are more versatile, but are aren't any more powerful. At minimum, even if you use a low-power version of Aberrant like More Than Human, Novas still have far larger dice pools and more powerful abilities, and if you did an actual nWoD system conversion of Aberrant, they'd be far more powerful than Psions.

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