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Aberrant RPG - Lance Stryker, the "Stone Badass"

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The only canon material I've ever seen for him is on p. 78 of the Aberrant Players Guide. It shows that he's fairly savvy with determining what he'll need to take down a nova that he knows about, & that he has absolutely no aversion to using tech to support his nova capabilities, whatever those might be.

IMHO, I suspect that he's a "fill in the blank" character for Storytellers to modify & fine-tune as needed for their Aberrant chronicles.

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My own thoughts tend toward "smart brick". That is, lots of physical buffness, but plenty of accompanying skill and mental ability too ( and probably decent mega socials given his popularity ). But, relatively lacking in overt powers, hence his heavy usage of high tech equipment.

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App 2.

Probably Mega-Chr.

I think he could use a BFG.

*Probably* very tough and very strong... potentially a XWF type although he did back down from joining them so maybe not.

I think he was a known soma abuser.

There was speculation that he was a M-Stam 5, M-Str 5 type but I don't know if that was fan speculation without a clue or something else.

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So much so that he refused to enter the ring and take their money. ::laugh

Now that *might* be because he has powers that are of the 'kill or be killed a few seconds' sort (Force Field comes to mine).

Oh, and if we assume actually entering the ring is a serious option then he doesn't have an Agg attack.

Further, if he's using a BFG then he probably doesn't have a Q-Bolt. I don't remember if he wanted some kind of transport too... if so then he probably doesn't have Flight.

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Well, my read on that scene was, Stryker *could* fight in the arena, he just doesn't want to. He's a warrior, not a performer, and fights like one. Which means he'd probably be a crappy fit for the XWF, anyway. People don't pay to see a fight end a minute in, with a sleeper hold leading to unconsciousness.

If he's in it for the money, he probably gets plenty from real Elite work, and his own extant marketing. If he's in it for the thrill of battle, he probably wouldn't get much thrill taking on somebody who isn't actually trying to kill him.

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That certainly was the impression that he wanted to give. And maybe he *really* thinks that wearing masks is for sissies and that has nothing to do with the fact that he lost his.

Menu Options:

1) Lance could go into the XWF and kick ass.

1a) It'd look impressive, but he really feels that it'd be a waste of time for him.

1b) He'd be too quick (or lethal) about it to be popular.

2) Given the rules the XWF operates under, he *couldn't* kick ass.

2a) I.e. without a BFG (and perhaps ambush) he's pretty sure Core would kick his ass.

2b) Or maybe worse, he'd have to compete in the Red or even Silver circles because Core is just too dangerous for Lance to even step into the ring with him.

We simply can't tell what the case is because Lance's likely response to *any* of them would be the same. The Stone Badass isn't going to explain to the newpapers that with his power set he'd have to fight in the Silver circle, or that he couldn't beat Core without a BFG and a ton of Mox.

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My own guestimate, which I'd use if I ever ran him. . .

2-4 dots in mega physicals

1-2 dots in mega mentals

1-3 dots in mega charisma

A double handful of minor powers, like intuition and psychic shield, plus enough armor appropriate for his level of brickiness

So, powerful enough to be a top ranking elite, weak and limited enough to require usage of equipment, but smart and skilled enough to gain notable benefit from said equipment.

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The "killer" app we're not mentioning is 'Soma'. I wouldn't be shocked if he were built to take advantage of it. Soma give a +1 to *all* Megas, powers, and even enhancements. With *that* as a back up he could be pretty weak (aka as BN and metaphysician put it)... and still *seriously* rock if he needed to.

Mega-Str 3

Mega-Stam 2 (Res, Regen)

Mega-Dex 2

Mega-Wits 1 (Quick, Enhanced Init)

Armor 3

(Mid level killing machine) becomes

Mega-Str 4

Mega-Stam 3 (Res x2, Regen)

Mega-Dex 3

Mega-Wits 2 (Quick x2, Enhanced Init x2)

Armor 4

(High level killing machine) Soak increases by 9/6, Init by 7, etc.

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I can verify that Stryker is both a Soma user *1 (there's no positive aspect to that stuff, so calling him an "abuser" is redundant) and uses DeVries Airbikes to get around in urban area combat *2.

*1: Aberrant: Underworld, Heaven Thunder Triad section, Nova-derived drugs listing.

*2: Aberrant Players Guide, p. 78.

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Personally, if I were running a game, I'd ignore that bit from Underworld. . . but then, I'd probably ignore Underworld in general. Very very much a rough first draft.

On this matter specifically, it has more to do with my specific vision for how I'd use the character, rather than any matter of canon. Basically, I'd slot him as the "amoral, but likable, merc." Sort of vaguely like Deadpool, in his 'nicer' phases. That role pretty much requires forgoing soma use, for much the same reason it would require forgoing eating babies.

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Airbike means no flight and probably no other movement power either.

That's a pretty serious flaw by the way.

Depends on his weaponry and Enhancements. As my last group discovered, Flight doesn't help you much when the person you're fighting can throw a tank a couple of kilometers and hit you with it.

But yeah, I hadn't been thinking about the soma. Stryker is definately not one of the 'white hats', so I can see him getting it on with the drugs. Probably ampheto-whatever (the PU drug that's the opposite of mox) as well as soma. If he's got 3-4 of the mega-physicals, and a dot or two in the rest of his megas, those bonuses could stack up quick.

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