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Aberrant RPG - Homunculus + Growth


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I was thinking about this for a villain. Homunculus lets you separate off a chunk of your body, animated within the range of the power. Since the piece is normally smaller than a person, it has more limited Physical stats, though presumably it shares the powers like Armor, FField, Claws, etc.

So, if you have Sizemorph Grow, and double in size, you could (conceivably) separate off a piece of you that's human size, while the rest of you is still big (though not quite double size). Wouldn't that human-sized homunculus therefore have the 'normal' (ie, not benefiting from Growth) stats? This would end up with a bunch of mini-clones running around, while the "main" body would still benefit from the extra strength, health levels, etc.

I ask because I want to build a villain based on the comment from someone in the gaming group about "killing you with my brain" by going homunculus and pulling out his brain to beat them with. ::biggrin (Second Brain bodymorph, just to be careful, though.) I don't want to use Clone, because I've already got him at Q4 Taint 8 as a 35NP build, and I anticipate he's going to kick some major ass when the party catches up to him. Most of the PCs are 30NP and 20-24XP.

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...I *think* your severed parts still have your mega-stats. So basically yeah.
Your severed parts have half (or less) of your Physical Attributes, depending on size. Which is why I'm thinking, if you Grow, then drop off a normal-person-sized piece, they'd have your normal stats.

That's how I'm planning to run him, anyway.

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There is a big difference here over whether you are using a severed body part, which keeps most of your stats/powers (from memory) or the mini me type Homunculus which doesn't keep your powers etc.

Off the top of my head I'd have thought the best one to go for was the one that kept your powers, and then if you have Shapeshift, they can use that to get Stat boosts and change to be copies of your size/appearence as well.

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Personally I have always thought Homonculous to be very underpowered for a level 3 power.

I think if you are going to give powers to the limbs you need to give powers to the creatures...they are rediculously weak otherwise. I would be in favor of giving them better stats as well, or possibly reworking the entire thing. I know it needs to be distinct from Clone, but it should be on par with it in terms of power level.

I love the idea of the power but have never used it because the gain for the cost was far too small.

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I'll paste in here a post that Prof did some time ago, which I think I had reposted for someone else only a couple of months ago...

Homunculus is basically two (three at 4+ dots) powers in one - each sub-power has different rules.

Power #1: Detach body parts - each body part has the full Attributes & Traits (defined on p.106 as, "... Attributes, Abilities and quantum powers...") of the character, acts independently (no need for multiple actions), & is stunned / KO'd independently as well. Unlike 'small creatures', detached body parts can access the character's powers (the text stating that small creatures can't do so comes later & appears specific to that application of the power). Detach your arm & it can use your Flight & Quantum Bolt, & even remains to fight after you've been KO'd yourself! Not bad, but you also get to use...

Power #2: Small creatures - no quantum powers, half other Traits, & a free Lethal attack. Seems less powerful that #1 above, but has it's advantages. Firstly, if the small creature is wasted, you just loose a Lethal Health Level (as opposed to the body part in question - all characters with Homunculus really should take the Regeneration Enhancement for Mega-Stamina ). The big bonus is how customisable the little blighters are - you can shift all those Trait dots around (& place then in different things for each small creature you produce too). Need a medic? Give the lil' tyke five dots in Intelligence & Medicine & let him leap into your wounds to perform expert surgery with his scalpel-like claws. Need a spy? Boost his Dexterity, Stealth, Perception, & Investigation or Awareness. Who cares if his other Traits suffer - it's a disposable agent, right? With small creatures you basically have access to any agent for any task.

The range limit for #1 & #2 isn't as bad as people appear to think either - it's just the limit for direct control. Past that range they keep going until their tasks are completed - & there's no listed limit on how complicated those tasks can be (e.g. "Follow that guy, observe all he does, & return to report to me - all without being seen if possible. If cornered, attack those who have you trapped until you can get away. If unable to return to me, try to find a 'phone & call me, otherwise keep following & observing until you can 'phone or return to me." - a pretty simple 'task' for a small creature spy).

Power #3: Swarm-form - the ultimate in Homunculus power. This one also doesn't list an inability to use quantum powers or other Traits - so you're a swarm, but can also use all your other abilities at the same time! It's like super-charged Density Decrease - you can go pretty much anywhere, take a maximum of a single HL of damage from most attacks, & can even inflict automatic levels of Lethal damage against enemies (devastating if used against baselines - who lack a Lethal Soak at all).

Not only do you get all this, but Homunculus can be maintained indefinitely for no extra QP cost, & you can mix & match which features of the power you're using (e.g. detach a limb & create a creature - if you've got 2 dots or more).

The Detachable Organs extra from the APG offers even more bonuses - remove all your vital organs (which need very little instruction on their assigned 'tasks' - so range is no problem), place them in an impregnable vault, then laugh at your enemies' attempts to kill you! Sure they could find your stashed heart or lungs, but it's gonna' be one heck of an effort compared to just being able to Q-Bolt all those guys who didn't buy the Homunculus power...

Even without Detachable Organs you can be close to immortal - make sure you can Regenerate, & keep at least one Health Level worth of your body (e.g. part of your swarm-form) stashed somewhere at all times. Every time they think they've got all of you, you just Regenerate from the last bit left, & hunt down the guys who attacked you in the first place!

Homunculus-based power blocks are also a possibility (it'll take your entire action for a turn - but if you're aborting anyway, what the heck, right? ::sly ) - they blow you into little pieces, & you're fine - your bits now moving about independent of each other! You too can be the guy from Terminator 2, or any Vampire / Zombie / Mummy film you may care to name!

Homunculus is definitely worth it's Level 3 status. It's very cool.

The number of body parts you can detach is the same as the number of small creatures you could make - they both count as 'homunculi' in that part of the text:

"At two dots or higher, a character can create more than one homunculus. At two dots he can create two homunculi; at three dots, four homunculi; at four dots six homunculi; at five dots, 10 homunculi." (p.202)

Those totals are for detached body parts + small creatures. So with two dots you could remove both your arms, or create two small creatures, or remove one arm & create one small creature - you couldn't remove both your arms & create two small creatures, since that'd be 4 homunculi total, & your limit at two dots is two.

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