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My new job!!!


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"Good news, everyone!" (I love Prof. Farnsworth)

Starting Monday, October 27th I will be at a new job which I think will make my life a whole lot better. The pay is actually a little less than I'm making now, but that is more than offset by the fact that my 30 mile commute is going to be cut down to maybe 5 tops. Right now it takes an hour to get to work and a gallon of gas each way, so the savings in time and money are going to be huge.

"But how does this good fortune affect me, the average EON poster on the street?" Well you might well ask! This means I will have a ton more time and creative energy at the end of the day, time I normally spends staring blankly at the wall or listlessly playing Unreal Tournement for the 1000th time. Time and energy that can be better used right here!

It's a new day! ::biggrin

"Let the sunshine! Let the sunshine in! The sun shine in!"


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