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Trinity RPG - Big O Outlet


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I created this for an alt-timeline Trinity game I was in last year, if I get time/bored I will post some more about it, I have transcripts somewhere...not that there are many mind you.


Big O Outlet is a specialty retailer that is internationally renowned as a leading source of new, innovative, high-quality products that make life better and more enjoyable. Big O Outlet is the world’s most experienced and trusted consumer biotech & electronics specialty retailer. Orgotek has a presence through almost 10,000 company-operated stores on Earth, and more than 150 Big O Outlet locations off world.

Big O Outlet’s dedicated force of knowledgeable and helpful sales associates have been consistently recognized by several independent groups as providing the best customer service in the consumer biotech and electronics industries.

Operating from convenient and comfortable neighborhood and mall locations, Big O Outlet stores deliver personalized product and service solutions within a few short minutes of where most people either live or work.

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So, they wholesale giant robots? *cough*

You know...we never actually went there, so I don't know what the ST had in mind for inventory, but I don't see why there wouldn't be some 'mini-VARG' sans the weaponry available to the public. Basically an Agent with a skeleton type thing maybe? ::confused

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Here is the Device 5's write-up I had in that game. Other characters in the game sort of got grumpy when I told them I had this, but then I said, "Well, I could take the Sentient, Teleporting bioVARG that is the example instead." They shutup after that.

It should be said that in the alternate timeline the Upeo went no-holds-barred crazy (think Event Horizon crazy) and disappeared which led to a mini-technology 'wall'. I will post more of his stuff when I find it.

FYI, the Upeo leaving incident is referred to as the 'Divergence'


Armadillo X5.9.2 with P.E.R.S.I.P.H.O.N.E.E. Agent

Brief History of Project Ambrosia

With the ‘Wall’ being hit in the late 22nd century, technology corporations turned towards the advancement of current technology to a sleeker, more compact form. The result of this also created a field of ‘amalgam’ technologies where basically they just tried to shove as much stuff into one piece of equipment that they could.

Shortly after the creation of the Tortoise Biocomp, the armor technology was adapted to the EES, or ‘sparkle suits’ as they were more causally known, and from this was born the Armadillo X1. An enhanced version of that first model is the only rendition that is still available on the market and is considered the staple of most Electrokinesis users.

Orgotek continued trying to cram as many bioapps into the suit as possible, and went through various renditions of the Armadillo. The X2 was a VES, the X3 never made it out of the lab, but was said to incorporate some bioapp implants from Huang-Marr, the X4 ended up being the proto-type for the bioVARG class, ‘Badger’.

Finally, came the culmination of the research under the name of Project Ambrosia. Three units were created before the project plug was pulled for reasons of production costs. Each was built with an Agent for the archetype that they were to represent; ADDONESS (Accentuating Discerning Diplomatic Outfit with Noetic Enhancer and Sentiment Sensor) was geared toward diplomatic relations, but was unfortunately lost along with its user in the Divergence. HERCULEESS (Hardened Exceptional Resuscitating Centurion with Unlimited Liquification and Enhanced Elementary Shielding and Sensors) was the battle unit, and went missing in a pirate attack on an Orgotek transport ship bound for Mars in 2315. PERSIPHONEE was the research model and is the only model still known to be in operation.

PERSIPHONEE, (Psi Enhancing Regenerative Significant Intelligence with Protective Habitat, Obfuscation of Noetics and Enhanced Education) or Siph, was upgraded repeatedly by her current owner, Marcel Lessac upon his receiving the unit in 2339. Siph has stated recently, quite bluntly, that she would rather wipe her memory than work with some ape in a lab coat other than the one she has already tamed.

Armadillo X5 PERSIPHONEE Suit Specifications

The unit itself has the appearance of armadillo hide bioweave armor laced with Olaminium when its disguise function is not in use. Using the chameleon applications of the suit, a previously loaded design can be projected on the suit, enabling it to look like any other form-fitting jumpsuit the creator can come up with. The unit is rough in texture and solid to the touch, but is flexible enough to not hinder movement.

The unit binds to the wearer’s skin, providing physical defense and camouflage. It protects against parasites as well as weapons while remaining comfortably porous. Built-in chromophores automatically change color and pattern to blend the wearer’s body contours with the surrounding landscape when activated. The unit sustains itself by absorbing moisture and carbon dioxide from the surroundings as well as excess heat and fluids from the host.

The unit must be removed one hour for every six hours it’s worn, (Max of 120 hours) during this time it curls into ball similar to that of an armadillo and rests. The duration increases by one hour for every two health levels the host has suffered in recent combat, (assuming the unit also took damage and must repair itself). If the unit is not removed, it grows brittle. Every three hours that follow, the unit’s lethal soak drops by one and its bulk goes up one. Once its lethal soak drops to zero, the unit crumbles apart.

The unit adds three dice to the host’s Stealth rolls when remaining still, and one die to Stealth rolls when moving, (this applies to IR and normal vision).

Additionally, the Armadillo boosts a psion’s Electrokinesis Aptitude. It draws on ambient electromagnetic energy and on the unit’s own bioelectric aura to fuel the host’s psionic abilities. The unit adds 5 dots to the host’s Psi for purposes of determining effect ranges and durations for all Electrokinesis effects. The Armadillo also reduces Psi costs by one (to a minimum of one point).

The unit incorporates biocomputer circuitry so that the host can transfer the entire contents of his computer into it. While wearing the unit, the host can Interface at will. The psion can think his commands to the computer simply by focusing (+1 diff to all other actions while doing so). A distraction may break the host’s concentration, but it doesn’t negate the connection.

When the agent is given the appropriate command the unit encloses the host’s head and becomes a VES. The host sees through holo-projection of the surrounding environs on the inside of the ‘helmet’. The unit can support the host within a hostile environment as a VES for 30 hours on a full rest (25% current energy level), longer at reduced function if necessary. However, it should be noted that the emergency support status was never measured in lab, so the extended time limit is unknown.

Unique to this particular unit is the Habitat mode. Upon triggering of the command, or when the host becomes unconscious, the unit will enclose the host in a capsulated shell [8/8,0] and trigger a Noetic Dampener. The Dampener effectively disrupts psi use within a ten meter diameter, absorbing any directed noetic energy into itself. Psions spend as normal for powers that require Psi point expenditure, but the dampener sucks them up. The effect is dispersed before it can be completed. (Techniques that for any reason do not require Psi points function normally.) The unit then ‘bleeds off’ the subquantum energy.

The host, if conscious, can observe the outside conditions through holo-displays emitted internally. If necessary, it is possible to squeeze a second person or material item within the shell, however it will be extremely uncomfortable and the secondary item must be in full contact with the host at command trigger and be roughly equal or smaller in size to the formatted host. This mode is also considered to be a VES and counts towards energy levels. If a second person is within the shell, energy levels are consumed at 2.5 times normal rate due to the draw on the unit.

Within the left arm of the unit are a Doppelganger, a Membrane and a Shroud. Obviously the unit must be formatted to utilize any of the suits abilities.

[4/5,0] Tech: Y Mass: 3 Tolerance: 4 Cost: N/A Failsafe: 8


All default communication with the agent is done mentally. The host may choose to communicate verbally, however there is no holo programming or speaker to enable the Agent to communicate verbally or to appear as an avatar. Siph was originally designed as a research assistant Agent modeled after the Archimedes Agent with some significant upgrades. Marcel Lessac has since upgraded her programming significantly and modeled her interaction after the personalities of his now deceased ex-wives.

Performance: 6



Dump: *

Lock: **

Reroute: ***

Track: ***


Analysis: ****

Quick Search: ****

Research: ****


Anthropology: **

Business: **

Culture: **

Geography: **

History: ****

Law: **

Organization: *

Philosophy: *

Politics: **

Religion: **


Interplanetary Navigation: ***

Jump Calculation: ***

Orbital Mechanics: ***

Stellar Cartography: ****

Vacuum Chemistry: ****


Administration: **

Procedures: **

Regulations: **

Requisition: **


Application Programming: **

Data Manipulation: ***

Encryption: ***

Hacking: ***

Security: ***


Bioapps: ****

Computers: ****

Electronics: ***

Telecommunications: ***


Countermeasures: ***

Electronic Infiltration: ***

Security Procedures: ***


First Aid: **

Pharmacy: *


Aberrants & Taint: **

Bioware: ***

Psion Biology: ***

Subquantum Physics: ****


Biology: ***

Chemistry: ***

Physics: ***


Discern Truth: **

Intent: ****


Diplomacy: ***

Tact: ****

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The ST was fond of 'homework' this assignment was to create an alien breed that was part of a caste system. same game obviously.

Harvester Caste

The Harvester averages between seven and ten feet tall when standing erect, but due to leg and arm length, can easily reach objects 15 feet in the air. If this is not enough, it can also jump up to four times its own height, the landing cushioned by large footpads and extremely springy leg muscles and cartilage. Its shaggy, coarse, body hair is for coloration only and provides little protection against heavy cold or UV rays. However, the skin of the Harvester is a thick, tough hide, which has prevailed from its parent species that dwelled upon a volcanically active moon. They can emit a highly concentrated pheromone that incapacitates animal life that comes within skin contact, putting the victim into a comatose state.

The Harvester completely lacks vocal cords, and yet, it has a very complex language. The structure is similar to computational binary, but rather than 1s and 0s, it is comprised of whistles and tongue-clicks. Their ears are highly sensitive, being able to tell the difference between "click-click click" and "click click-click" even with multiple conversations going on around it. When angry or annoyed, they will pop their lips. However, the most unusual thing is their laughter: it is a series of short exhalations, much like human laughter without the sound. It also has a simpler signed language, which can be used to express ideas or emotions. For this reason, the palms of the hands are lightened so that they stand out against the darker body. The green eyes also change their tint with mood, darkening when angry and lightening when sad.

Interestingly enough, they have a deep sense of modesty. Mates will jealously guard one another as well as wear the same color of clothing. As many as seven mated pairs with young may live together forming a community, but rarely any more than that.

The Harvester caste has been bred for assault, and while primitive in look, advanced tactics are not beyond its means. A community will attack together, leaping into combat whilst emitting pheromones and communicating among each other to form a seamless attack unit.

This is a typical male specimen of the Harvester caste sans clothing.


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Another homework was to describe a shop in the town of Lighthouse (on Titania where game was based). I of course went all out and created a whole shopping center, which the Big O Outlet was part, here is what was finished. Many of the names come from inside jokes or my past characters, (there are many, I worked at a RPG store when I was in college) Obviously I spent more time on some logos than others, and some are random internet grabs.



Uptown Lighthouse is located minutes away from the Mercer Shuttle and the quaint and picturesque downtown district. It integrates a flourishing community with a mix of local and intrastellar upscale retailers and restaurants. Uptown Lighthouse is Titania’s unique destination for meeting and relaxing with friends and family; shopping for popular fashions, home-furnishings and unique gift ideas; intimate dining and gourmet eateries; and entertainment including a theater. It is a rhythm of experiences in an inviting, open-air, lifestyle shopping center, situated around the friendly community of Lighthouse.



1. Idlewild Theater – Idlewild blends entertainment with technology, contemporary design, fashion and eclectic food and drink...promising an unparalleled experience for all.

Our most premium seating halls known as "Director's Halls" feature extra-wide Biosynth Leather seats and assigned seating. As with all Idlewild exhibition halls, the Director's Halls are equipped with state-of-the-art wall-to-wall screens, Dolby Tru-Sound and stadium seating. By purchasing a Director's Hall ticket, you are automatically reserving a specific seat in the theater allowing for more convenience and more time to experience everything else Idlewild has to offer. No more waiting in line or sending your companions into the hall to find "good seats" while you purchase concessions. Enjoy the music, take in the atmosphere, and an usher will show you to your personal seats when you are ready.

Lights! Camera! Action! Center Stage is a live entertainment program located in Hall #11 at Idlewild. Center Stage is 5-7 minutes of fun and games prior to your movie where live skits and audience interaction lead to fun prizes and giveaways. Center Stage includes special lighting, music and sound and is led by a professional entertainer. Show off your acting skills, vote on someone else's or just sit back and laugh -- Center Stage is sure to entertain you. Center Stage appears on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at select showtimes.

Idlewild offers a specially designed interior providing every viewer the "best seat in the house", with a panoramic full view of the screen. Complete with a twelve channel, high fidelity speaker system, the theatres at Idlewild provide an amazing sense of involvement that puts the audience in the center of the action and delivers an experience that is second-to-none.

Imagine starting your evening by sipping a martini at Idlewild before catching the latest new release. Or maybe you prefer to recount your favorite movie moments in a relaxing atmosphere right after the film. Idlewild offers a full range of appetizers, pizzas, sandwiches, salads, wraps and a complete service bar. In addition, Idlewild features The Coffee Bar with cappuccino, espresso, or other specialty drinks. Classic concessions that patrons have come to consider essential for a trip to the movies including popcorn packaged sweets and soda products are also available.

Elite Services provides patrons with concierge-style premium services. Need to make last minute dinner reservations, call for a taxi, reserve seats, or just looking for directions… Our Elite Services team is ready to serve and indulge all your special requests.




5. Project Thaco – Locally owned, Young adult clothing, ‘alternative’, cutting-edge fashion. Owner Rip Keeper


6. 20 Lounge – [Lighthouse Review] There is something very magical about visiting a neighborhood business when it first opens. The wait staff is not only friendly but also downright lovable, each dish is prepared with care, each drink poured with love, and everyone (guests and staff) is relaxed, happy and full of optimism. I hope that 20 Lounge continues to have all of these qualities because tonight it was truly charming.

Although it's possible that there's a wine bar somewhere that feels like it belongs in the Adirondacks (and I'm not just saying that because of the chairs), I certainly haven't been. Yes, it's refreshing to see a different spin on the wine bar concept and, as the name implies, enjoy a bar that feels more like a house than a slicked-up bar.

There's a country store feel about the place, with its wooden and mismatched tables and inviting fireplace, and wines are unpretentiously pulled from the bookcase lining one wall. A small wine bar--five seats--is a great vantage point for talking shop. I, however, was mesmerized by the slow but careful oyster shucking and the selection of cheeses at the food station. We sampled a white bean crostini that for once felt worth its price (I always find crostini to be overpriced and undertasty, but I keep ordering it!). This one was layered with amazing heirloom tomatoes, a generous topping of white beans with an accompanying "gravy" and then served with a small crock of warm ricotta cheese. We asked for more bread so as not to miss the last of the ricotta. Oh, and it's not just wine, there's a nice beer list too!


7. St. Barnabas Care Center – A state-of-the-art urgent care clinic that provides timely treatment of minor injuries and illnesses every day of the week, is now open in Lighthouse. The new clinic, which is part of the Aesculapian Medical Group, is conveniently located in Uptown Lighthouse. The clinic is open at all hours to accommodate the eclectic work shifts of Titania. No appointment is necessary.

“While there’s never a right time to fall off a bike, cut a finger or run a fever, there is now a new choice for urgent care in Lighthouse when people need to see a rex without an appointment,” said Rip Studwell, MD, regional medical director of the Aesculapian clinics in the Outer Reaches.

“We use the newest biotech and most advanced medical procedures to ensure that our patients receive exceptional care whenever they need it – mornings, afternoons, evenings or weekends,” he added.

The staff at St. Barnabas Care Center provide expert treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, such as bruises, bumps, colds, cuts, flu, migraines, rashes, simple fractures, sinus infections, sprains, stomach pains and strains. In addition to a receiving high quality medical care, Care Center patients will feel welcomed by the new clinic’s healing environment that features a blown-glass aquarium, warm colors, flooring that suggests an Earth-like beach or river bed, soft lighting and comfortable seating. There’s even covered outdoors seating in a park-like setting.




11. Blueberries & Lemonade – Café, very much similar to today’s corner bistro. Locally owned by Avner Halwood (Hal), one of the founding engineers of the ‘Lighthouse’ station, now retired.


12. Kiki Nass – Kiki Nass’s rich heritage dates to 2312, when founder Sigmund Libiskin, opened his first shop. Back then; “Kiki Nass” represented a best-selling dress style that had been gifted to the storeowner by his father. The “Kiki Nass” design embodied the well-dressed woman, and the Kiki Nass legacy was born. By 2384, Kiki Nass had grown from a regional, primarily UAN brand, to an international brand with 147 stores across the globe. Today, 569 stores throughout the system represent the Kiki Nass brand.

The mission at Kiki Nass is to provide women with updated classics that are feminine, stylish, versatile and polished and that wardrobe her across all aspects of her evolving lifestyle. Kiki Nass offers sophisticated and refined style for the woman who always wants to look appropriate in classic, updated fashion. From a young professional wanting to start on the right foot as she enters the workforce to the mother of three wanting to look best for her family function, Kiki Nass clients place a premium on how they are perceived. Kiki Nass caters to the successful, relatively affluent career woman, who needs appropriate, fashion conscious attire for her professional life, and prefers stylish, coordinated looks for her leisure activities. We strive to serve as a trusted advisor to help women with their entire wardrobe needs.



14. Tripoli - Spanning more than three decades and defined by an unparalleled reputation of elegance and craftsmanship, Tripoli’s classically designed menswear and leather accessories can be found in finer stores the world over. From the legendary line of Limited Edition woven silk braces to refined belts and leather goods, the Tripoli name ensures the wearer the absolute standard of excellence. Our mission has been and always will be to provide the highest quality products while maintaining a keen sensitivity to the constantly evolving lifestyles of our customers. Be it a higher level of formality and elegance, or a more casual, comfortable approach, Tripoli's ability to consistently predict, set, and attend to trends enables us to meet the various needs of our customers.


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18. Metpawpolis – Metpawpolis was founded in the summer of 2412 when Lindsay and David, a young couple from New York purchased their first small dog; an eight-week-old Boston Terrier female named Sissy. At a whooping 5 pounds, Sissy became a well-spoiled, pampered pooch. Her wardrobe began to grow and because her new mommy had so much fun with it, she decided to leave her corporate job and open up her own business. "I knew I wasn't the only doting mother to a furbaby who liked dressing up their dog." states Lindsay. "It was actually two weeks of having Sissy in our home that I knew the purpose of her coming into our lives. Actually, I have been pondering for years to open up a business but didn't know what type. It just hit me like a ton of bricks when I was out with Sissy one day. I just knew what I finally wanted to do."

After some long hours on Opnet, Metpawpolis debuted soon thereafter. Within two months of opening up one the of the largest digital pet boutiques, Metpawpolis began receiving media requests, this is when Metpawpolis started to become nationally known, as well as Sissy's modeling career.

Within a year of opening on the Opnet, owners Lindsay and David opened the doors to Metpawpolis’ first retail location in August of 2413 in Manhattan. "I had a vision and a dream a year ago." States Lindsay. "I knew how I wanted it to look and where I wanted it to be. It was just waiting for the right time and place to become available."

Metpawpolis has grown into one of the nicest and exquisite pet boutiques in the system. Chrome racks filled with the newest, seasonal styles and more clothing all color coordinated along the walls, make you feel that you are in a human clothing boutique. With the extensive collection of clothes, Metpawpolis also features the largest selection of collars and leads, plush designer toys, luxury pet carriers, beds and furniture, holistic foods and supplements, pet jewelry and even a pet bakery.

19. Big O Outlet – already posted. :)


20. Waddle & Toddle – Waddle & Toddle is a locally run exquisite maternity & children's boutique in Uptown Lighthouse. With passion for mom’s-to-be, children and clothing, Connie and Jenny are now fortunate to have the opportunity to bring name brand and custom designed maternity, infant and children's clothing, furniture, room decor, and unique gifts to families around the moon.

Their aim has been to bring together in one site, the most beautiful maternity & children's clothing and accessories we could find. We have seen the busy lives of the parents; we are determined to continue to bring the most beautiful clothing and accessories we could find into one place. With the convenience of the store, we hope that the busy moms and dads out there will get more "me time". As such, we also provide gift-wrapping. Your gift will be wrapped in signature tissue, placed in a beautiful box and tied carefully with a satin ribbon. We will ship directly to the recipient at your request.

We know that without our fantastic client base and their loyalty and commitment, we would never have made it this far. Please accept our grateful thanks and know we have a continued commitment to excellence in customer service, high quality and competitively priced clothing, gifts, furniture and accessories.

We would love to know how we could make Waddle & Toddle your favorite maternity & children's boutique! If you have any suggestions or feedback we would love to hear from you! We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping at Waddle & Toddle!

'The years are precious and the clothing should be too...'



22. The Bean – A revolutionary evolution in its own right, the conglomerate of surviving retailers from Prevergence, The Bean has set an example of stamina and survival.

There are many forms of enjoyment in life: there’s spontaneous pleasure, anticipated pleasure…there is long-term happiness and there are spur-of-the-moment joys. For people everywhere, ice cream and coffee has probably generated each of those types of pleasure.

The Bean has long been dedicated to making the experiences of ice cream & coffee an enjoyable one. “Sol’s Favorite Treatery” is a philosophy at The Bean shared by everyone. Each employee, store owner and corporate team member is proud of our heritage, and they are dedicated to upholding the flavor, the fun, and the local, neighborhood feel that make the experience unique to The Bean. There is nothing quite as thrilling as the face of a child enjoying his favorite ice cream flavor, or the delight of a mother surprised with an ice cream cake on Mother’s Day in a store you call “my Bean.”

From the ages of one to ninety-nine, people visit The Bean anticipating the pleasure of enjoying their favorite ice cream & coffees served any way they want. Because of our dedication to being “Sol’s Favorite Treatery,” over 600 million happy customers visit The Bean’s stores year after year, a number that continues to grow as The Bean spreads throughout the system.

23. SMF - Travel Agency, vacations, tourism, etc…Locally owned by Ethan Thompson (E.T.)

24. Artrageous! – Gallery & Evening Lounge – Locally owned.


25. El Ateneo - The bookstore to end all bookstores is the majestic and stunning El Ateneo. Where else can you sit in a Leisure Lounger and slowly read a volume of Shakespeare, or sip a cappuccino while Torr O’ Neill performs. This bookstore is an enchanting and beautiful building to visit, and a great place to stock up on novels and music.

The underground has a collection of local and intrastellar music as well as a juniors’ section with novels and toys for the youngest generation. The second floor houses science novels of all varieties as well as textbooks and more secluded reading corners. The third floor has more music and a selection of holos. There are a few comfy chairs scattered throughout the four floors as well as in the Lounges on either side of the stage, and you are welcome to sit and peruse through your potential purchases in style.

An elegant café serves up the finest coffees, set lunches, and rich pastries in the back of the store. Heavy burgundy curtains hang from the ceiling, and elevated booth tables are arranged off stage left. It is a well-lit and quiet location, perfect for reading your new Alex Cassel biography or meeting with friends to discuss current Lunarian literature.

El Ateneo serves up coffee and Copernicus in sleek antique surroundings. Whether you drop in for a quick peak or for a daylong literary study session, prepare to be amazed by this grand and splendid store.


26. Vannini’s - With the single goal of making great bread broadly available to consumers across Sol, Vannini’s freshly bakes more bread each day than any other bakery-cafe concept in the system. Every day, at every location, trained bakers handcraft and bake each loaf from scratch, using the best ingredients to ensure the highest quality breads.

Vannini’s bakery-cafes showcase the art and craft of bread making, helping customers truly appreciate and enjoy a great loaf of bread by studying its crust, crumb and craft. Vannini’s understands that great bread makes great meals, from made-to-order sandwiches to tossed-to-order salads and soup served in bread bowls.

Vannini’s is widely recognized for driving the systemwide trend for specialty breads. Vannini’s scored the highest level of customer loyalty among quick-casual restaurants. Furthermore, for the fourth consecutive year, Vannini’s was rated among the best of 121 competitors in the annual intrasteller customer satisfaction survey of more than 1.3 million consumers.

27. Cyprian – ‘Companions’ & Contracted slaves/servants. Old time slavery…not colonial America.

28. Herschwin, Herschwin, & Gerschal – ‘Professional’ Services…CPA, lawyer, & broker respectively.


29. Dax (pronounced ‘day’) – Dax is a luxury day spa for elite clientele seeking privacy. This day spa is tucked away in Uptown Lighthouse. There is a quiet sense of calm in this soothing spa, accented by sage green decor and dimmed lighting. Spa specialists are trained to meet your needs as you relax in this exclusive spa. Anti-aging treatments at Dax cleanse and exfoliate, while massages and other body treatments invigorate and heal. Men and women alike enjoy reaping the benefits of reflexology, aromatherapy, and spa specialties.

Dax includes a true day spa atmosphere with full shower facilities, dry sauna and a tea lounge area. Dax has a full-service salon as well. Further, there is nail care in the form of manicures, pedicures, and the Indulgent Chocolate mani-pedi. Dax really sets itself apart through its incredible herbal baths. Relax and purify in one of many options, including the Tea Rose Thermae, Lavender Sachet Spa, and Dosha Bath.

Truly Lunarian, this day spa uses seaweed and algae from the Tranquility Coast; these organic ingredients are the base of facials and body treatments. The vital nutrients aid balance, immunity, and metabolism. Body exfoliants and scrubs include the Vele Pumice Body Polish and the Surf & Sand Body Scrub, along with several other choices. Of many facials, the Nylotai Facial and Diamond Microdermabrasion are particularly popular. There is really something for everyone at Dax.

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the timeline as modified by the ST

Trinity Era

· 2102: Zweidler reports psionic manifestations, Atwan takes med leave from Sokoto police; World Enterprises, Inc. established, later to form core of Orgotek; Del Fuego disappears for a year to return as Biokinetic Proxy

· 2103: Eight Proxies given powers; Nihonjin re-opens it's borders and resumes commerce and trade

· 2104:

· 2104-2109: Zweidler and Bhurano establish noetic theory

· 2105: Norca secretly helps victims of an earthquake that struck the Mayan League to recover and resettle; Pearl City is established, reviving Venezuela, after Norca stole the Nihonjin plans

· 2106: Sydney spaceport defense, world learns of Psions

· 2106-2120: Psi-Orders integrate with society

· 2107: Discovery of the Crab Nebula; first assassination attempt against Larssen

· 2108: Second assassination attempt on Larssen; Ecuador hit by horrid earthquake, collapsing Guayaquil arcology, Norca join with Sudamerica in a show of solidarity to deal with the crisis

· 2109: Chitra Bhanu are accused of being tainted and are wiped out; Karoo Mining Colony is constructed and regular relay between Khantze Lu Ge and China is begun; Orgotek (with Qin assistance) begins using microorganisms to terraform Mars, which will have the planet liveable within 75 years; Korean Revolt, Second Legion formed; Luis Trenton elected Aussie P. Min; several Chitra Bhanu are captured by the Norca and remain hidden from outside knowledge; Del Fuego begins copying himself to control different parts of his order personally

· 2110: Hampsah Cisse leads a sizeable expedition of Upeo to Chromatic capture, and Ruan Curwin discovers moon for Upeo transfer point; Tahuantinsuyo is constructed for the F.A.C. administration

· 2111: The DDSR is formed in southeastern Germany, the country is based on Der Welkende Staat; Renewed fighting between China and U.A.N. settlers on Mars

. 2241: Warpers begin complaining of a Divergence in reality; Later that year, Warpers go mad collectively and disappear.

. 2412: Dr. Emmett Jackson develops Infinite Reflex Theory; Aeon Trinity adopts the project and pours it's vast resources into it.

. 2413: Infinity Labs on Titania established; Aeon Trinity begins hiring extra staff at an accelerated rate.

. 2414: Aeon Trinity purchases the second largest star ship construction facility in the asteroid belt from the Legion - the details of the deal are sketchy, but rumor persists it was not a deal to the Legion's liking

. 2415; A major accident on Titania almost halts the project, 14 casualties and dozens of injuries are mostly kept out of the press, but rumor leaks persist; Research halts for almost a month as new staff are brought online and up to speed.

. 2416: First successful lab test of the Reflex drive mechanics - Theory is now proven - Aeon Trinity turns the success into a media frenzy, and whips the populace up in support of the project - Humanity will reclaim it's destiny among the stars.

. 2417: Dr. Jackson dies of cardiac arrest; Dr. Ema Werner-Jackson, his widow, takes over the research of the project; The former director of the project retires a few weeks later quietly and is replaced by his successor equally quietly.

. 2418: Aeon stops what appears to be a pirate raid on the Inifnity Reflex Ship construction yard in the Asteroid Belt - it is later proven the 'pirates' were covert agents attempting to sabotage construction of the nearly complete hull of the Sun Runner. No group claims responsibility and no conclusions are ever publicly filed. Suspicion falls on the Legion, though Legion forces were among the defenders.

. 2419: A separate facility for the project is established on Titania, a headquarters for Out-system missions. Support staff at first is merely a skeleton crew consisting mainly of security forces.

. 2420: The Main Star Relay is completed and give it's own Orbit within Uranus' orbital path - many complain about it's distance from Earth, but it is explained the Psionic disturbance from a gate that - once operational, will have daily traffic, would be too great to place closer to population centers.

. 2421: Interview process for potential crew and support crew begins. Aeon's recruitment ranges from the quietly subtle private interviews, to mass market ads to recruit staff for the headquarters on Titania.

. 2422: First successful use of the Infinity Reflex Drive in a field test.

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I found something else from the game, we had a 'contest' to come up with the TV opening of our game, should it have been cast out, music, logo etc. Here is my entry. Sun Runner is the PC's ship.

Music this is done to...[attachmentid=462]...no worries, this is my hacked up musical capability, so no copyright stuff to contend with.

Open with Sol partially blocked by Earth, which is on center screen.

0-7 Seconds: Sun Runner flies up towards camera, at 7th second, blacks out screen.

7-17 Seconds: As Sun Runner leaves screen, we see Earth Prevergence. There are many more ships on screen. A general sense of accomplishment and satiety is conveyed. One warps out on screen.[attachmentid=452]

17-35 Seconds: Divergence – something is wrong…some ships start crashing into each other, one ship teleports into another, many are warping out, the warp fields…just don’t seem right.

We follow the FSS Ignition as it crashes into New York City.[attachmentid=453]

35-48 Seconds: We watch fade-in/fade-out shots of the Sun Runner being built through its various stages of development. A welder on space-walk in one shot, the engine being craned in on another.

48-55 Seconds: The Sun Runner opens up a warp field and finishes entry at 55th second.

Beat: Mason pulling a gun from his vest across his chest. Ben Browder[attachmentid=454]

Beat: Kenth standing up from Captain’s chair fast and shouting forward. James Van Der Beek[attachmentid=455]

Beat: Syn extending arms 3 & 4 out to grab Mason’s guns, wearing her black suit. Amy Adams[attachmentid=456]

Half-Beat & Beat: Show Marcel, then Sam dancing tango-style in 20 Lounge. Jason Winston George & Laura Harris[attachmentid=457]

Beat: Kara at her pilot station with a cut on her forehead bleeding down the side of her face and a half crazy look in her eye violently maneuvering the ship. Piper Perabo[attachmentid=459]

Beat: Midori looking up from performing an autopsy on ‘Pluto Creature’ in full medical garb, no lights are on except exam light. Lexa Doig[attachmentid=458]

Beat: Admiral Thorn sitting at a table, one arm resting on it in front of him, the other lifting a tumbler of scotch as if following a toast. Terry O’ Quinn[attachmentid=460]

Beat-End: Logo displayed[attachmentid=461]

yeah, my logo sucks, I spent too much time on the music and other stuff.

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