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Aberrant RPG - Interstellar Warp/Teleport

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Warp + Mastery needed to get to Eden - Correct?
I'd like to think that Mastery helps.
Power max:

Each success on max roll doubles the effect. Q3 = 1.2 sux = x2 distance, Q6 = 2.4 sux = x4 distance?

Every succ counts as a normal succ for the power, so it increases the distance by 10x, 20x, or 100x depending on what option we're using.
Mastery options for Warp

1. Double number of Successes?

2. Change 2x10^Sux to 2x20^Sux?

3. change m to km, effectovely just adds 3 sux to original formula?

I don't like option 3 since m to km is a range thing, and Warp's distance is an effect.
Which to choose that fits the RAW and allows best chance of Interstellar Warps? Probably option 1?
Interstellar means between 14 and 18 succ, 14 for close by star, 18 for galaxy range.

With Option #1 you can do it. You'd need between 7 and 9 succ, and Q gives you 6 auto and Perception gives you 2 more. So you're an interstellar warper right out of the box and you hit high end with a die or two of mega-perception.

Option #2 means you have to work at it a lot harder. You'd need between 10 and 14 succ.

With Q giving you 6 and Perception giving you 2, that implies you need Mega-Perception 2 just to function at all, and if you want high end (i.e. anywhere in the Galaxy) you need Mega-Perc 5 and maybe a power max.

IMHO the Trinity Setting implies that we either go with Option #1, -or- we go with Option #2 AND we create a home brew enhancement which gives three auto-sux (Accuracy or some such).

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This is, btw, why I say "Mastery applies before defense." Otherwise, you end up in the weird world where 'phenomenal cosmic power' only really means you can screw the defenseless pointlessly more than before, nothing else.

Something else, with the soak-able attacks, we apply Mastery *before* soak, not *afterwards*.

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1) Obviously. I'm for not changing the rules. Not only do I think that the distance covered is good enough, but it takes away any reason to gain Warp past a certain point. I know it's just a travel power, but I don't see any reason it shouldn't be developed just as any offensive or defensive power should be.

It doesn't help that I'm finding it interesting that you have all of these other novas that are supposed to be getting to ridiculous power levels, but those with Teleport or Warp are supposed to have stopped progressing when they hit Q5...

2) I definitely think that some of the powers, such as Telepathy, need to be reworked. Although I'm a big fan of the defense being cheaper than the offense (after all, the defense is usually more specific than the offense), I think that there is definitely a problem when just a dot or two in the applicable defense can make you effectively immune to the attack in question.

Telepathy, however, is a weird case because it just needs to be rewritten. Unlike other powers, just a few successes gives you some serious control over the person in question. When you apply Mastery, it gets even more interesting. I'll take a serious look at it later....after the game tonight...


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