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Aberrant RPG - Random Scenario: The Big Guys Conquer the World


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Through the intervention of some passing Q10 deity named 'Plaht Gawd', the major Q6 novas of the canon setting ( Caestus Pax, Jeremiah Scripture, Antaeus, Sophia Rousseau ) decide that they would rather abandon their existing purposes and goals, and instead cooperate for the purpose of taking over the world.

Said passing deity also yanks Divis Mal out, to watch from the bleachers this split timeline.

What happens?

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In 2008?

Those guys bring their organizations along for the ride and it's very likely the world loses.

There's a few novas that might make it interesting for them, namely Anna DeVries. But hopefully Sophia convinces everyone to stay in the shadows for a while and they deal with her then.

Also hopefully they take their time and convince the world that they *want* whatever they have in mind. Straight out violence probably wouldn't work.

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Three of those people you listed are all mega-int 5, mega-wits lots, mega-socials ludicrous.

The remainder is afaik mentally a baseline, except for some mega-charisma.

Caestus Pax's role in this - assuming that his uniquely charming personality doesn't just make him center stage in some hideous three-on-one beatdown - going to be summed up with one phrase - "Dance, puppet, dance!".

I mean, God, by the mental standards of his compatriots he not only can't participate in an intelligent conversation, he's barely even speaking language.

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Caestus Pax

Jeremiah Scripture


Sophia Rousseau

RE: Int

Hmm. Script has mega-int 6 or 7, I'd forgotten that. I'll buy that Sophia and Antaeus also have lots of Mega-Int, just from their ability to unravel the conspiracy.

RE: Wits

Antaeus doesn't seem that witty. I don't remember Pax's stats but I'd believe him having a dot of Quick before Antaeus. Sophia and Script seem pretty witty though.

RE: Socials

Sophia is assumed to have a huge amount of manip and probably others. Antaeus... looks like a turd. He *might* have some mega-chr to get people to buy into his dream early on, but he doesn't really need it. After 2008 he doesn't appear to have Mega-Manip. Scripture... unknown. He might have a little, he might have a lot. He *does* have a massive Diff dealing with baselines (ditto Antaeus).

If I had to rank them I'd put Sophia at the top, followed by Script (albeit with the Diff), then Pax, then Antaeus at the bottom.

RE: Puppet

If these four go public and start giving orders to the world, who do you think will be giving them? Sophia lurks in the background, Script and Antaeus can't really deal with baselines and *might* have problems dealing with other novas (depending on which version of the rules we're using).

Pax also has some rather massive things going for him. Namely, he's already in charge of the largest and strongest group. Antaeus isn't a people person. Script doesn't give orders. Sophia's group is weak and on the run.

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Actually, Scripture does give orders; he is Mal's voice in the Teragen after all....


Scripture is thought of as a weak sister (yes, I know), and finds it gives him more influence. The implication is he has Mega-Manip, possibly even Mega-Chr.

But given how much he stands in Mal's shadow it's hard to judge where he is.

I mean, assume you're a Terat and he makes a *suggestion* to you in the name of Mal. The worst thing that might happen if you go against this isn't just being kicked out of the Teragen, it's being turned into a small pile of ashes by Mal. And that's over and above the *world's smartest garbage man* problem, i.e. if you don't understand Mal, the fault is probably on your side, not his, and you're almost certainly the one who's wrong.

With *that* kind of advantage, he could have all socials at *two* and still push the Teragen around. Agreed, I *think* he's got some megas, but I made that ranking with the assumption that his megas don't totally counter his Difficulties dealing with Normals.

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