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Trinity RPG: Stepping from the Light - The Cast Steps Out


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Name: John "Whiskey" Walker

Background: Born in the British Luna sector - Camelot and spent most of his time between there and Kenya where his parents did astronomical work for the UAN. Not surprisingly he also picked up UAN citizenship, and indeed membership of one of the tribes, which lead to him picking up scarification in the form of small beads inserted under the skin of his face in a traditional pattern when he reached adulthood. Major skills are as a pilot and scientist/astrophysicist, although he has picked up some Engineering to work on whatever he is flying.

Role: He is one of a number of covert Upeo, ones that don't appear on any list and whose job it is to both support the order and to keep an eye out on the other orders, Aeon, countries and metacorps that may have agendas that impinge on the welfare of the Upeo and/or humanity. His cover, and how some of the party may know him, is as a pilot with one of the large number of transport and courier companies that the Upeo use regularly for jobs that don't require a 'port, or that need a Transportal to be most efficient.

Powers: Those that do know of his triggering, (Nick was one of his mentors after triggering, having to act as liason to the company where he works for a couple of months in order to help train him) quickly become aware that he is one of those rare few who are a Natural with an aspect of their Aptitude. In the case of Whiskey he is a Natural at Transmassion, at which he is also highly skilled despite only having been with the order for about a year. In the other Modes he has barely started, but he has made a point of picking up enough of the Alternate powers to be able to quickly familiarise himself with locations, objects and people.

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Name: Nikolos "Nick" Lekkas

Background: Nick has been a Long Rider with the Upeo for about five years now. He originally hails from Greece, but moved to South Africa nearly a decade ago. His father owns a fairly large import/export business, of which Nick often coordinates the extrasolar activities.

Role: The majority of his duties fall in line with the usual Long Rider bailiwick; he couriers information and goods out to the far colonies, usually in a way that lets him conduct business while he's there.

Powers: Nick is well-distinguished within both the Translocation and Transmassion modes.

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Name: Lijuan [lee-wan] Xiao

Background: Lijuan Xiao was born in Beijing to a wealthy family in the summer of 2089. She was provided a rich and opportunistic life by her parents and loved ones. Her parents also indoctrinated her with a standard of national and civic duty to their home country. Lijuan grew up respecting China and was honored to be one of her citizens. Her parents were proud of the Ultimatum and China's actions to stop the Aberrants and save the entire planet. They made sure Lijuan and their other sibling, Lijuan's brother were well aware of the deeds of past heroes. Lijuan believed in this honor of protecting the world, even though it carried the threat of violence and destruction.

Lijuan's brother was a believer of the same doctrine as well. So much so that he joined the Chinese military. Lijuan wanted to do the same, but since her brother was six years her senior she had to wait to join. Unfortunately events transpired that did not allow Lijuan to follow in her brothers footsteps. A few months after the Sydney spaceport attack, Lijuan's brother was assigned to investigate a disturbance at a rural farming village in northern China. Though details were kept vague by the government, Lijuan's family was told that her brother died along with many others fighting an Aberrant cult uprising. Her family was honored that the military operation was a susscess and that Lijuan's brother did not die in vain. At that point in her life, Lijuan vowed to carry on her brother's cause by aiding the world against the revived Aberrant threat in any way she could. A few years later Lijuan was given a great opportunity to engage in her new purpose.

ISRA at the time was still a fledgling organization and resorted to more direct methods when seeking recruits. In 2109 a Mashriq from ISRA approached Lijuan's family and revealed their daughters latency. They offered Lijuan the chance to join ISRA if she wanted. Lijuan initially protested, wanting to use her unlocked talents for her home country. She asked why she could not just go to the Ministry and become a telepath. The Mashriq making the offer explained that Lijuan did have a choice and encouraged her to join the Order that she felt best suited her. He then went on to explain ISRA and its purpose. After hearing what the Mashriq had to say, Lijuan was convinced. She somehow knew that the predestination he spoke of was something that she had felt within herself for many years. What he had offered intrigued her enough to go with him to Luna.

After being dunked and trained in her new abilities, Lijuan became very eager to learn all that she could. Her goal was to help humanity in the long fight against the Aberrants ahead. The more skills she acquired the more she would be able to help. This method did not work out to well for Lijuan over the next several years. Lijuan bounced from one part of the school to another. She only stayed long enough to pick up rudimentary knowledge before feeling the need to move on to something else. Her instructors encouraged her eagerness even though they felt she was wasting her talent. They all seemed to see the noetic flow directing her as many clears do.

Lijuan began by training with the Joyceans, picking up the basics of meditation very easily. Feeling that the group didn't have much to offer she quickly sought different instruction. This lead her to the Ductrans. Their attitude of action over caution appealed to her sense of urgency, but she found very soon that she was still too young and ignorant to really prove her worth. Fighting off her discouragement, she transferred to a pilot school and trained with the Hajj. Even though she didn't excel in her training as a pilot, she was lucky enough to tag along with a group jumping to Khantze Lu Ge and reminisce in her pride for China a bit. After learning about the delicacy of maintaining order within a fledgling society, Lijuan began to recognize the importance of her powers inclination towards the gathering of information, however cryptic it may be. Upon her return to Earth space, she found her way to the Qadiyya and began specializing in reconnaissance. Her enthusiasm was noticed by her new mentors and they recommended her to tour along side some Legionnaires. Lijuan jumped at the chance. The thought of actually fighting with the enemy excited her so much that she found it somewhat unnerving. Even though she was uncomfortable with the idea, she felt driven to go to Australia. The time spent training with actual soldiers and scouring landscapes for a hidden enemy was not fruitless. In addition to learning combat techniques and survival skills, Lijuan was actually present when her squad helped take down an Aberrant. Though not directly in the fight, the action was close enough to spark something in her. She realized the full potential of Earth's enemy. More needed to be done. The places she had been and skills she had acquired were only stepping stones. It was time to go where she could be anywhere humanity needed her whenever they needed her. It was time to join the Upeo Wa Macho.

Role: She has found a niche in the area of reconnaissance. Her time spent with the Legionnaires helped hone the skills necessary for her to be effective enough to be useful. Other than that, she has a smattering of rudimentary abilities to make her a somewhat competent pilot. If things get rough, she would be more than happy to turn the controls over to a co-pilot though!

Powers: She has managed to maintain a close balance between all three modes of Clairsentience. She doesn't excel at any single mode as a result. However, she has spent more time using psi powers that enhance her combat prowess.

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