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Trinity RPG - New Biotech


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I'm sure everyone who has played Trinity or even just reads/watches scifi has either come up with some new piece of biotech or something they would like to see in the game. So lets have them...

I'll start with a recent idea -

Telepathy Communication Console

Used to boost the range, number of particpants, and duration of a telepathic Network. This is a full immersion helmet (looks like a RL fighter pilot helmet but with a blanked out visor), linked to enough bioware/electronics to fill a van.

System. Gives +2 to Psi, 100km x Psi range, and a duratiom of Psi hours to a telepath using this device with Network

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No-one else going to contribute? ::brick

Here are a couple more based on Teleporter powers/modes I posted on the Alternate Teleportation Modes topic/thread here in General Discussions.

Jump Beacon.

This is actually a misnomer since it enhances Relay/Transmit Object rather than having anything to do with Jump. It consists of a biotech mass the size of a childs fist but reminiscent of a crab or lobster shell except for it’s dark green colour. It must be formatted to operate. The psion places it on an object they wish to move with Relay or Transmit Object in the future and spends a Psi point. At this point the Jump Beacon glues itself to the object and otherwise acts as though the psion has used a permanant ‘Beacon’ on the object. The psion who is formatted to the jump beacon can detach it at will. This was a popular item with Transmassion specialists and lots of them were created before the Disapora, since then they are one of the few Teleportation devices that the Qin have been able to duplicate/replicate. As a side effect of its main properties the Jump Beacon it self is always considered to be under a permanent ‘Beacon’ to any formatted psion, so they are difficult to lose for long.

Tech: BIO Mass: 0.25 kg Tolerance: 1 Cost: Resources 3

Target Zone

These came in two common types depending on the preference and powers of the psion. The first is a 50cm dia. circle of biotech material similar to tough rubbery skinned octopus with a 2cm thick rim when laid out flat, but able to clinch itself up into a 15cm dia. ball on the command of the psion it is formatted to. The other common form is a 30cm dia. sphere with a pink and white striped/whorled lobster shell type covering. Both have the same function(s), they act as a permanent ‘Anchorhead’ – ‘Very Familiar’ location for their formatted psion, as well as being permanently ‘Beaconed’ to him as well. The collapsible circle form is a favourite of Monitors, Long Riders and other ground pounders, while the sphere form was used almost exclusively by Kupita and ferrymen for transporting objects/ships to locations in orbit or deep space. The ‘Beacon’ effect allowed for easy recovery of the Target Zone at a later stage.

Tech: BIO Mass (circle): 2kg, (sphere): 10kg Tolerance: 1 Cost: Resources 4

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No problem Alex, I can get lost in the details of some of your discussions about Aberrant ::huh [note to self, remember to get hold of the APG!], especially as these items are based on my modified versions of fan generated Alternate Modes for the Teleporters, so it's not like you could recognise any of it from the Core book.

Here's a couple that might be more familiar.

In the Core book in describing the Locust 'C' biofighter it mentions about some PK pilots having customised ones that tie in with their powers better. This led me to think that it must be some form of removeable system or package since customising suggests it is done after the standard fighter is built. In which case there could be versions for most of the Aptitudes, I'll post them as I think of them... ::wink

PK Enhancer Pack

This pack enhances some of a PK's modes that are suitable for use with a ship/fighter. For those that it does effect the pilot/formatted PK is considered to have +2 Psi, +2 Mode, and -1 Psi cost to a minimum of 1 Psi pt. The modes that are boosted by this device (from the Core book at least) are Flame immunity (increased Soak against Lasers/Plasma/Fusion weapons), Plasma Control (gives either +1 Acc or +1 Damage with Plasma weapons), Tow (gives +1 Diff to be hit by missiles per 2 extra success on Psi roll), Force Screen (extra soak vs Coil guns and Missiles) and finally Flight (+1 Handling). The down side is that the Enhancer pack increases the Formatted Tolerance of ship by 2, although this only counts while aboard the ship.

Clear/Scout Enhancer Pack

As above it gives +2 Psi, +2 Mode, and -1 Psi cost to a minimum of 1 Psi pt, and increases the formatted Tolerance of the ship by 2. This mainly boosts the Psychonavigation Mode of a Clairsentient by the values given, but in addition it converts those abilities like Orientation, Dowsing, Farsensing etc into a format that can not only be displayed on the ships systems, but recorded on a standard data disc/chip and/or transmitted to other ships. Psi cloak now cloaks the entire ship from appearing on Attunement and other Psi senses.

An example of it's use would be for a scout/clear to fly carefully into sensor range of an enemy craft and once it is identified activate the Dowsing ability which should detect all similar (enemy) ships within the Dowsing range (likely to be several hundreds of km at least). This information can then be immediately sent back to the scouts fleet, and/or recorded for later analysis.

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Something I thought up today, for no particular reason.

This a Biosystem custom design originally but a number of duplicates have been sold since, so they may do a limited production run.

Clear Scout/Intrusion Suit

This bodysuit provides +2 Stealth whem moving and +3 when stationary. However, it only acts as 1/2 armour. What makes it key for Clears is the +1 Psi/Mode and -1 Psi pt cost for the first 3 dots of both Psychonavigation and Telesthesia.

Cost Res 5 mass 5kg Tol 3

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