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Aberrant RPG - A Matter for Discussion: Mastery and Enhancements

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Extras should not apply to Mega Attributes. Ever. Simple enough idea.

However, as a way to deal with the relative weakness of mega att focused characters at Q6 and above, an idea: Enhancement Mastery.

The basic premise: with sufficiently high attribute rating, individual enhancements can be granted the benefits equivalent to a Mastery level, with regard to that enhancement only.

Mechanics: First, you need at least 6, 8, or 10 dots in the applicable mega attribute for mastery equivalent level 1, 2, and 3. If you meet this requirement, you can purchase mastery for an enhancement, with a cost equal to a second enhancement purchase ( 5 XP per enhancement per level ). The enhancement from then on gets the Mastery effects applied to its cost, scope, effect, and duration.


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I think what would be more appropriate is an "Mega-Attribute" Mastery. Now, before people scream that it would be too powerful. You would need to come up with a new way of doing mastery for mega-attributes.

Here is a basic idea.

Mega- Attribute Mastery

Requisite: Quantum 6, at least level 3 in the Attribute.

- 7,8, and 9s count as 3 successes

- 10's count as 4 successes

- Enhancements tied to this mega-attribute have their durations and effect doubled.

- The Mega-attribute with this Mastery has an experience point cost of [current rating] x7.

So on and so froth for Mastery 2 and 3.

It's an idea.

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The one Mega-Stat that really suffers in a Q6 game is Strength, because Q-Bolt and FF can have Mastery but it can't.

I'm not sure I see the need for the others, they are pretty much already just fuel for powers. Domination with Mastery is already bad enough without also pumping up the underlying Mega-Stat.

The one problem I see in the game with Megas is except for Strength the mechanics don't match the flavor text or the power definition.

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The idea of Mega-Attribute Mastery appeals to me simply as a way to counterbalance the quantum powers at the Q6+ range. With the Mastery Extra, quantum powers have too much of the spotlight at this power level AFAICT.

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Well that certainly would have been a better deal!

I wanted the perceptual changes to represent a fundamental and ongoing shift in consciousness. The ST was loathe at first to allow it until I point out the part in the APG about permanent powers being more of an extra. In the spirit of the rules a compromise was created.

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