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Adventure! RPG: Adventures of the Mystical and Mundane - Pandora Case file#2: Mad Scientist

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  • 1 month later...

The rain thundered down all around Officer Dannon as he tucked in tight between two garbage dumpsters in a wide alley way. His vision blurred a bit by the water running from his hat across his vision, his hearing numbed out by the rain storm, and the noise of they city on either end of the alley. TWO DOWN, TWO TO GO, Dannon's thought's moved to his attackers, local thugs for Al Capone. Chicago was a nasty enough town these days, being hunted by Capone and his thugs was enough to make you think you were cursed by God.

Dannon peaks around a can as quickly as possible, a quick scan gives him no new whereabouts on his attackers, he presses his back tight against the brick again and begins to empty his revolver and check for good slugs. His wet shaking hands manage to do the job, and he picks through the engaged bullets, putting them into the pocket of his soaking trench coat. He places the three good rounds into the revolver and quietly clicks it back into place. Dannon was an excellent marksman, but as he did the math, he knew this was nearly impossible. TWO KILL SHOTS WITH THREE BULLETS...IN THIS WEATHER. FIGURES. He focussed his brain back on point, back to the task at hand.

With a quick check into the alley he moves out from the safety of cover to track down the last two and end it

for tonight. He didn't hear the splashing of feet on wet concrete, he DID feel the slam against him as one of the Button Men tackled him into a garbage can and onto the ground. SHIT. Dannon struggled with his assailant on the ground, with both hands free, his gun knocked away in the collision. He knew that this scums back up was nearby, he knew this had to end fast, or he was over with. Wiggling his right hand free he stuck a thumb right into the mobsters left eye. The scream was first, the grip loosening was next, and the cunning cop was able to wriggle away enough to lay hand to the cold wet handle of his revolver. Bringing the weapon down hard on the mobsters brow, his attacker slacked to the ground probably dead. Dannon moved to his feet quickly and leveled his weapon at the man on the ground, just to be sure.

" You bastards need to learn who you're messin' with before ye make a beef with em'."

Dannon's finger began to squeeze the trigger, when a few shots of a Tommy gun snapped his attention further down the alley. Three men stood, where none had moments ago. SHIT.

"Funny Officer Dannon. I was thinking the same thing." The mobster, Juny the lotus needed no introduction.

Dannon's arm came down slowly, his pistol no longer trained on its target. The men to Juny's left however...he also recognized. They wore the same suits as earlier, even the holes remained...bloody shirt visible. WHAT THE FUCK. I KILLED THEM. I SHOT THEM BOTH.

The three men moved towards him, weapons in hand. Dannon did the math, three bullets, three men. SHIT. It was then that he heard the fouth mobster stand up.

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