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Shade Sentinel

Adventure! RPG: Adventures of the Mystical and Mundane - Pandora Case file #1: Bigfoot

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November 11th, 1924

-Milledgeville, Ga. United States

She ran as if she were being chased by the devil himself; maybe she was! She had been taking some laundry down to the creek when she heard curious noises by the barn. She put down her clothes by the river and moved towards the invasive sounds. She only saw it for a second, but that was enough. It had fur like a beast, but stood upright like a man. As if it new when she came around the bend, it turned to face her with eyes that glowed yellow and surreal. She didn't think, she ran.

Never looking back to check for the pursuit until now, the young womans pace began to slow. She had been running for what seemed like hours, no chance it kept up the pursuit. I should never have gone looking for it. IT IT...what was IT? Her memory of the moment crept back into her head as she peeked around trees into the approaching dark of dusk. Back the way she came was clear, no animals, certainly no monsters. She decided perhaps her eyes were playing tricks on her, she headed home.

She took four steps before she realized that she was on her side in the mud and the air was gone from her lungs. What happened? Panicked she tried to cry out but she couldn't...hear heart began to beat so fast it tryed to burst from her chest. Then she saw it again.

It loomed over her as she had remembered. Tall, hairy, yellow eyes that betrayed a strange intellect.

Please. Please I have a baby. These thoughts were lost on the way to her mouth. Nothing came out. She had time enough for a single tear to fall from her left eye, before the creature moved in and grabbed her stunned body...carrying it off into the night.

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