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[OpNet] N! News Update

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New Nova News!!

Irish Nova Knighted by King of England

Irish nova, Gaedel Glas, is the most recent nova to be knighted by the English Crown. He joins such luminaries as Sir Randal "Excalibur' Richards and Sir Donald Harris. Gaedel's recent heroism is being credited for this great honor and public opinion seems fully in favor of the move.

Gaedel has been unavailable for comment but a close source states that he is quite surprised by the knighting.

Some international relations experts have expressed the hope that the knighting of an Irish Nova might assist relations between Ireland and Great Britain, which have been strained as of late. The fact that Gaedel has a reputation as a "good Irish boy' untainted by the normal problems of ego or fame so associated with being a nova.


NodeStone unleashed by DeVryes

In a press conference today, DeVryes has announced the most recent nova science development, NodeStone. A dull silver metal with a crystalline structure capable of storing energy, NodeStone is supposed to have dozens of industrial uses. DeVryes also acknowledged that like Euefibre, NodeStone is capable of storing those unique quantum energies that novas use to power their abilities. However, unlike Euefibre, NodeStone seems to lack the transformative properties of the fabric.

When asked about the record pace of the approval process, Utopian Technology Enforcement representative, Dr. Franz Gerhard, stated ,“DeVryes submitted an exceptional amount of detailed support and research for this substance and we here at Utopia saw that while it improved on already existing materials it could not be considered threatening to the economic or social balance of the world.

The inventors, DeVryes elites Denny "Citadel' Henderson, Lilyn Auerbach, Serge "Surge' Woolsey, and Andy "WhiteOut' Cohn are not known as scientific prodigies but as always, nova abilities can lead to the seemingly impossible.


Nova Mystery Breaker On a Roll!!

Famed nova "archeologist of the mysterious' Harold Huang has again wowed the public with his revelation of his most recent discovery; the answer of what happened to the passengers on the Marie Celeste. While we cannot reveal the answer here (for that information see N!'s exclusive special "Mysteries Revealed Nova-style'.) his proof is indisputable.

This most recent example of his unusual brand of pretercognitive understanding, brilliant deductive mind and ESP powers is merely another chapter in a brilliant history that has only spanned a few years. It is due to Harry Huang that we know the location of Jimmy Hoffa's body and the manner of his death, the fate of the Roanoke Colony, the location and nature of the lost City of Atlantis, the answers to the Beale Ciphers, and the identity of Jack the Ripper.

Despite his increasing popularity Huang does have some naysayers. Professer Josiah Grimley at Rutgers University has stated, "Novas have robbed us of our current pop culture and now they are robbing us of our mythology. I am a man of learning and I value all knowledge, however, myths have their value.'


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I distinctly recall using the term rat bastards. After that the recollection is a wee bit bogey but there was some mention of the habits o' politicians in general and a few words on the nature o' tan parliament specifically. I'm fair sure I managed to bring the bloody tan PM and his wife in ta it as well. I just know know 'twas the PM that put poor Harry up ta it. He's a good lad on his own.

'Tis a pretty piece of metal though.

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