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Aberrant RPG - Power Variants: "Feat" Powers

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Some comments on the "New Claws Extra" thread, along with stuff happening in my game, have lead me to think more about a different type of power, or rather, power SFX. Specifically, quantum powers that represent "extreme manifestations of mega-attribute level ability," albeit done mechanically as powers rather than enhancements. This being the kind of fodder for characters who overt 'powers' don't exactly fit, but may develop greater and broader capabilities ( especially if they hit Q6+ ).

Some examples:

1. A very easy one: Claws defined as "extreme martial skill". Your hands don't burn, you don't look like Wolverine, you just hit with enough force and precision to do lethal damage. Add the "kinetic transfer" Extra, and you are just as skilled with melee and ranged weapons.

2. Immolate, defined as "Essentially unavoidable battle kata done with mega-dex speeds." IOW, if you touch someone whose doing this, you get tagged, and if they attack you, you get tagged extra. Might require Weaknesses to represent requiring a weapon, or not, depending on if its Bashing or Lethal, and whether you have the afforementioned Claws power.

Any other thoughts/ideas?

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That works pretty well as a general theme broadeninger thing to do.

Intuition for someone with Mega-Perception, Mega-Dex, or even just a forcefield, so they can raise it.

Hypnosis for the Mega-Socials.

Q-Conversion for the Suite powers.

Biolum, Ditto.

Luck, Temporal Manip normally.

P-Shield, all sorts of things.

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Some other ideas:

-Teleport, defined as "Jumping *really* far." Would have several weaknesses, representing its delay time and the fact that you physically move from A to B ( requiring an unimpeded path, or a willingness and ability to smash through what obstructs you ). Downside is, it kinda trumps quantum leap's utility.

-Stretching the definition a bit, quite a few powers could be defined as "Pressure Point Strikes", along with being reduced to touch range where applicable: Stun Attack, Strobe, Immobilize, Poison, Disorient, even Disintegrate. . .

-Deflect/Reflect. "You shoot something at me, I bat it back at you with my hand/sword/etc."

-Density Decrease, with the right weaknesses, and five dots: "So, you shot me with a nuke? Well too bad, I dodged it anyway! Woohoo, perfect defenses baby. . . wait, wrong game."

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Some Mental.

Mega-Perception and various powers in the Entropic suite: The character is VERY good at figuring out weak spots and taking advantage of 'em. I played a character like this briefly in Prometheuns Unbound. He may not be able to read lips at half a mile away, but he could tell you when a bidge, say, was on the verge of catosrophic collapse or when a rally was going to become a protest, when a protest was going to become a mob and when a mob was going to become a riot. Of course, this character would often give things a little push...

CyberK as being a REALLY good hacker. You dont actually psychicly control machines, but with mega wits and intelligence (maybe even dexterity) coming out your nose. With a weakness of reducing powers to "touch" range as you've actually got to interface/rewire the thing.

It could be argued that Pedro "The Mathematician" Santiago has mega-mentals to the point where the difference between his abilities and other forms of precognition, mind-reading and intuition are merely semantic.

I like the idea of metaphysician. With range and other limits (cant do it though solid matter) and reduced quantum cost it works as Spidermans leaping or webslinging, eh?

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Some more ideas:

-Absorption ( Kinetic ), with the right set of limits, could become "super judo". Somebody tries to physically attack you, you throw their ass hella far. Would require either Quickness or a held action to work properly, though.

-Quantum Bolt, defined as "I throw something at you really well." Would be limited to require a handy object to throw.

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