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Trinity RPG - Drive/Pilot using Wits on Expanded Abilities sheet?

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I'm new to Trinity (we played our first session saturday!), as is my group - only two others have even played rpgs before, including the GM.

I seem to have defaulted to 'rules guy' since the DM is busy with the story ::smile , and hence my question.

What is the reason Drive/Pilot is listed under Wits, and not Dexterity, on the expanded abilities sheet in the downloads section? Is it an official change, and if so, from where? Or is it a common house rule?

Thanks for any answers!

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A reason, if it helps, is that Dex is merely physical reaction, whereas Drive/Pilot requires not only the ability to react quickly, but also react appropriately, and to anticipate what the other person will do, while considering the situation of the vehicle in the environment. That makes it more of a Wits thing than a Dex thing...


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Thanks for the answers!

I can definetly agree that Drive/Pilot could be using Wits, and actually I think it might help game balance too (depending on the style of story, Dexterity is overloaded with useful skills, while Wits only has 3 total, which might or might not be useful).

But if it´s only a house rules of whomever made the sheet, I guess we´ll stick with the basics until we know the system better.

My character has three dots in both dex and wits anyway ::cool

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