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Aberrant RPG - Project Overwatch


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Ive been knocking around the following setting for awhile now, and though I would see what you folks think. I use the Nihonjin Nova concept from Asia Ascended, but Have it taking place earlier, having been invented by an unknown inventor (Mysterious Benefactor) in roughly the modern era.

I wanted a more mysterious and darker setting than either Aberrant or Trinity, with most super powered beings as rather nasty/insane beings. Rather than any quantum engine being responsible for eruptions, I am leaning more towards a "Temporal Rift" into alternate realities. All remeniscent of Captain Britains experiences with the Otherworlds. Very weird aliens and cross-time beings are possible in this setting.

Project Overwatch

Alternate Game Setting for Aberrant

Since the early 1920's the costumed vigilante has appeared in history. First came the classic masked avenger of pulp comic fame, armed with only determination, wits and skill. Then later came heroes with strange mutant powers, aiding humanity in its struggles both noble and vile. With the use of the first atomic weapons during WW 2 and continued testing, mutant powers took a turn for the worse, transforming many of them into Taint riddled monsters. US scientists flatly deny any and all relationship between nuclear weapons and taint syndrome.

Naturally erupting mutants are more on the model of the Trinity-era aberrants, being almost wholly wrapped around their powers with extreme mutation. Several truly nasty mutant groups or individuals that want to obliterate/enslave mankind are around, as well as mutant cultists and the like.

Project Overwatch

Overwatch is a secretive international organization concerned with the research and defense against mutant and other paranatural threats. The forces of “The Agency” (as it is referred to by its operatives) seek to locate, neutralize and safeguard against all such creatures. Even its agents rarely know just how extensive the agencies resources really are. Think of a FI6/Utopia/Directive crossbreed, with a dash of BPRD for style (a secret society that everyone knows about).

The UN and US governments see the agency as a “think tank” of specialists in the bizarre nature of mutants and related problems. These governmental groups all funnel resources to the Agency concerning research into these areas as well as the “super” research that has produced some 20 super’s. The agency’s “supers” are recognized by most people as “heroes” and a potent help against the “mutant threat”, both by themselves and the world at large.

Though supers are activated by agency labs, individual supers can work for any non-criminal organization or country, governments not allied with the UN superpower control council (SCC) cannot legally have a super in their employ. Most such countries instead use black market performance enhancing technology.

Most people will only see certain instances of the war that is waging, with most folks only knowing of a few super-powered conflicts, not realizing how intense it can get at times. Most people have no idea that the agency’s heroes are mutants (including most of the heroes themselves), and if they knew, would panic.

Supers (Artificially “Triggered” Mutants)

Unknown to everyone other than a select few (including the super’s themselves), super’s are actually latent mutants (those who’s descendants would develop powers, or might have erupted naturally) whose powers have been caused to become active through artificial techniques. Use the rules in Aberrant with the following modifications:

· Maximum permanent Quantum is 4, and maximum Mega-Attribute rating is 4. These are permanent maximums, and super’s can never exceed them, either during character creation or later with experience points.

· 20 nova points.

· Initial Taint is 0.

· Initial Node rating is 0, and can never exceed 2. Eufiber does not exist as a background.

· Artificially triggered mutants cannot purchase tainted Quantum, powers, or Mega-Attributes.

· Automatic rating of 3 in Dormancy, 2 in Attunement and the merit Taint Resistant.

· All agency supers have a attuned skintight “Mega Mesh” suit that grant the wearer the equivalent of GPS and has a broadband military radio with Microwave, AM and FM frequency with secure encryption, and an armor rating of (2/2,0). These suits can be worn under street clothing much like long underwear, and are quite comfortable. The color scheme and overall look is up to the player.


Taint is seen as a far more malevolent force in this setting. Believed to be an indicator of a literal breakdown of reality, a malign warping that can threaten the very fabric of the universe. Super agents are made painfully aware of these fears, and stress the terrible need for discretion concerning their powers.

Sample Supers

Justicar (Real American/Team Leader)

A down home, patriotic black man raised in an affluent black family. Good-natured but stern in a military mans way. Prizes honor and loyalty above all other traits in men, and will happily die for his beliefs. Justicar’s main weakness (or strength) is that he can be bit too old fashioned in regards to chivalry and justice, and willing to turn his back if justice might better be served.

21 Attribute Points (7 Nova Points)

Max all Attributes.

18 Ability Points (4 Nova Points)

Max Athletics, Awareness, Academia, Firearms, Martial Arts, Science, Investigation.

Mega Strength 1 (3 Nova Points)


Mega Appearance 1 (3 Nova Points)

Almost Live.

Mega Intelligence 1 (3 Nova Points)

Strategic Prodigy.

Merits/Flaws: Concentration (1pt Merit), Photographic Memory (3pt Merit).

Metamind (Team Psychic/Dirty Old Man)

Metamind is a brilliant tactician and observer of human nature. Though an older man, he is in astoundingly good condition, and even could be argued to be “hornier than ten younger men”. A fact that has gotten the dirty old man into trouble more than once.

Quantum 3 (14 Bonus Points)

Mental Blast 2 (6 Nova Points)

Psychic Link 5 (5 Nova Points)

Psychic Shield 4 (4 Nova Points)

6 Attribute Points (2 Nova Points)

High Mental and Social.

18 Ability Points (3 Nova Points)

High Investigation, Awareness, Law, Rapport, and Security.

Merits/Flaws: Age (1pt Flaw), Lusty (1 pt Flaw), Evokes Sympathy (2 pt Merit).


A powerful, hand-to-hand character, interested in showing off his prowess both on and off the battlefield. Almost unnaturally clean and very handsome, with flowing blond hair and a cherubic face. Not terribly imaginative person, but well meaning. Has a hard time lying or deceiving others, hates letting others down..

Quantum 2 (7 Bonus Points)

Mega Strength 3 (9 Nova Points)

Quantum Leap

Mega Dexterity 1 (3 Nova Points)

Physical Prodigy

Mega Stamina 2 (6 Nova Points)


3 Attribute Points (1 Nova Point)

High Physical and Appearance.

6 Ability Points (1 Nova Point)

High Athletics, Martial Arts, Might, Endurance, Style.

Merits/Flaws: People Person (2 point Merit), Honest to a Fault (2 point Flaw).

Karnak (Scalp Hunter)

A tattooed warrior type that hurls “sunbolts” of pure quantum fire, and claims to be an incarnation of the hunter’s ideal. Strange and a little melodramatic, and dressing like am anachronistic native melting pot on legs (every native hunter stereotype). Quiet and brooding to strangers, but very fun-loving with friends.

Quantum 3 (14 Bonus Points)

Mega Stamina 1 (6 Nova Points)

Adaptation, Regeneration.

Quantum Bolt 1 (Aggravated) (5 Nova Points)

Quantum Inversion (Sunlight) 1 (3 Nova Points)

Intuition 2.

9 Attribute Points (3 Nova Points)

High Mental and Physical.

6 Ability Points (1 Nova Points)

High Survival, Stealth, and Athletics.

Merits and Flaws: Vengeful (2 pt Flaw), Lusty (1 pt Flaw), Intolerance (1 point Merit)

Dragon (Kung-fu Badass)

A Half Japanese/American ex-cop that was recruited by Overwatch after he single handedly pursued and defeated a mutant terrorist named “Burning Rain”. Fong was terribly wounded in the battle but the agencies efforts and his new super powers have brought a more than complete recovery. Dragon (born: Adam Tyler) greatly enjoys his role as a “supercop” and the groups martial arts badass, and will seek to cultivate this image whenever possible. Though his descent is obvious, The Dragon is very American in character and dress, though he loves Asian folklore and kung fu movies to an obsessive degree.

Mega Dexterity 2 (9 Nova Points)

Physical Prodigy, Catfooted.

Mega Stamina 1 (3 Nova Points)


9 pts in Attributes (3 NP)

Max Physical, High Mental.

12pts in Abilities (2 NP)

Max Athletics, Martial Arts, and Stealth, High Investigation, Law, Awareness, and Savvy.

Absorption 1 (3 Nova Points)

Merits/Flaws: Gambling Addict (2 pt Flaw)

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