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Aberrant: Prometheans Unbound - A Web of Lies

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Prometheans Unbound, Chapter 2 -

Branch 2 - A Web of Lies

Player Characters - Kyle, Loki, Anansi

Deep within Club Zmei at midnight
. Natalya Dornova, better known as the Swarm Queen, has come across information that may help the movement discover whoever kidnapped Firefly. Erik, Kyle, and Anansi are contacted by Orzaiz and sent to the Russian Confederation. They are to meet up with Loki (an associate of the Swarm Queen who recently joined the Prometheans) and the Hare (A Casablanca already on the case), who will join the trio as they navigate
a web of lies
surrounding the missing Utopian.
Firefly's disappearance causes damage to the movement every day she is gone. Utopia has stepped up it's anti-Teragen campaign. Most recently a minor Primacy enclave in Egypt was raided. No Terats were captured, but the enclave was lost and the Primacy's contacts in Egypt are under suspicion. It is perhaps this raid that convinced the Swarm Queen to assist Orzaiz in his investigation. The Primacy is eager to learn who is responsible for revealing their Egypt enclave to Utopia, and supports the investigating team's mission to find Firefly.

- Firefly's disappearance must be solved. Not only that, but the blame must be deflected somewhere outside of the movement. The Teragen cannot handle any outside interference while undergoing the Night of Long Knives.
If Terats within the movement are to blame, then they must be discovered and possibly exposed. Popular Terat suspects include the Apostle, Count Orzaiz, the Swarm Queen, Envy, Jack, Flare, Leviathan, and Divis Mal himself. It's also possible that the hidden faction within Utopia has secretly taken Flare away to further the goals of Utopia in the public arena. Another theory is that the Directive has taken her away so that Utopia and the Teragen go to war with each other. Whatever the case, such revelations needs to be brought to the movement's attention.

- Kyle, and Erik arrive at Club Zmei. They are led to an underground room after passing through several locked hallways by guards with rifles. They pass numerous baselines, none of whom seem scared of the fact that Terats walk among them (or whom supress their fear well), but still take time to stop and watch. They range from guards to partiers, servants to prostitutes. Each of them is, to some degree, under the sway and command of the Swarm Queen. None would dare sell out Club Zmei. The consequences of such an act are too frightening to even think of.
Anansi is already inside the room, waiting. Kyle and Erik enter, and are soon joined by Loki and the Hare. There are two armed baseline guards outside of the room to prohibit visitors. Swarm Queen has yet to arrive, but the group is told that she is on her way. They are free to sample the wine in the room while they wait.


((At this point, Loki is a Promethean. He is still close with Swarm Queen, however, which is why he is involved. He has only barely met with the other Proms, but they are all aware of his new affiliation. Anansi's affiliation is harder to describe, since he's still technically working for Orzaiz/Caulder, but he's still loyal to the Prom's objectives.))

((For some reason, as I type this Branch, I imagine everything in black and white like it's Sin City or something...))

The room itself resembled almost every other room in Club Zmei that the team had seen so far; it looked like it was built a hundred years ago. The walls were rocky, the furniture was made in classic wood designs, and there wasn't a single piece of contemporary art to be found anywhere. The Swarm Queen preferred it that way; the club wad been updated with full OpNet access, advanced surveillance technology, enhanced security systems, remote door locks, temperature control, modern ventilation, sound-barrier inner walls -- but the rooms themselves were not to be altered.

Several chairs sat facing an empty fireplace. There was a sliding door to one side of the room that led to a small wine rack, and there was a chess table on the other side. A stuffed and mounted wolf showed it's fangs menacingly in a corner.


Erik took his jacket off, folded it nicely, and set it across the arm of his chair. He adjusted his gloves and contemplated challenging Kyle to a quick game of chess, but realized he didn't stand a chance. He gently sat down, put his hands on his knees, and eyed the other Terats in the room without speaking.

He had not encountered any of them before today. The presumably Russian man calling himself Loki looked like he could be an easy opponent at chess, but Erik knew that appearances could be misleading. Loki spent a lot of time at Club Zmei, so may have been a good chess player. The man with the rabbit ears and fur was probably his safest choice; the Hare constantly looked sad and distracted, like he was bothered by something. Such distractions could work in Erik's favor, if the Terat accepted his challenge. Yet his eyes kept creeping towards the mysterious and quiet Anansi. Looking at the twisted Terat, Erik couldn't help but be reminded of himself...

***The Hare***

Guilherme Abreu kept his hat and long black coat on. He let his long ears free from under his jacket collar though, and they sprung to life, almost knocking his hat off. He repositioned it on his head, and sat down with a sigh. He made sure most of his body was covered, and that his hat drooped low in front of his face.

Looking at no one in particular, he asked "I've never been to Club Zmei before...is it normal for there to be so many zips here? I heard Swarm Queen liked having them around, but there must be two dozen here at least. They walk around freely, with guns. And they stare. Puts me on edge..."

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Loki paces the room, his hands behind his back. His steel toed boots clack ominously against hard floor. Army surplus pants are stuffed into the top of the boots with leather patches providing additional protection at the knees and rear. His shirt is a black sweater with similar padding at the elbows. The entire effect of his outfit is that of the “radical chic” trend of the late nineties, although he wears it in such a manner that it doesn’t appear to have any affectations towards fashion or other such vanities. His scruffy profile is topped by a genuine, vintage Red Army cap with a Teragen symbol pin in place of the usual red star.

At the Hare’s comment Loki stops his pacing in front of the chessboard. He seems unaware that, as he speaks, the chess pieces begin to float a foot above the board and orbit each other in a complex pattern behind his back. When he speaks it is in an incredibly thick Ukrainian accent, although it is unlikely that any of the characters will be able to pinpoint it as such unless they too are from post-soviet origin or incredibly well traveled.

“How do the Americans say about their wildlife….’they are more afraid of you then you are of them’? Yes, and they more afraid of their masters in the megasyndicate than any Nova. I assure you Natalya has things well in hand.

He continues his pacing, barely sparing a glance towards the chess set at the pieces clatter to the board and spill onto the floor.

“Gentlemen, I assure you Club Zmei is as secure as any Terat enclave. We do things a bit differently here in the old country, so I’m afraid you will have to trust us as far as these things go.”

He pauses again, this time by the wolf, right hand idly resting on its head. He flashes the group what is perhaps the most untrustworthy grin they have ever seen.

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Kyle would move into the room to first look around, and then give a nod of greeting to each person there. At present, he was wearing his Eufiber suit as he usualy did, but at the moment it was shaped to look like an ordinary business suit. He figured the occation was important enough to look more 'formal'.

Whatever the case, Kyle wouldnt say anything for the time being, even after Hare and Loki speak up. He would just head over to one of the walls of the room to lean back against it and quietly observe everything that went on in the room, and otherwise simply do what he did best, think.

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Anansi continued to stand motionless in the same spot he'd been standing in since entering the room. Only his mandibles and his antennae twitched from time to time. His patience was that of a predator, and like the spiders he resembled he was capable of waiting motionlessly for hours on end.

As the newcomers had entered Anansi had taken stock of them, looking them over with his shiny, lidless black eyes. The tall scarred nova was known to him only as one of the Prometheans, and who apparently had some association with the Mathematician. His younger companion was a new face entirely. The Hare was known to Anansi, if only by reputation, as a fellow Casablancan and Anansi had heard that he was a former DeVries elite as well. He'd never seen the scruffy European before, but he'd heard there was a new Promethean who might be joining them on this op.

He was moderately uncomfortable with all the new faces around him, what with all the trouble brewing within the Teragen lately. But, whoever these new people were, he knew this was no lightweight mission they were being sent on and the fact that they were here said much about them.

When the European began to speak Anansi identified him immediately as Ukrainian, or at least as having a very Ukrainian sounding accent. He also identified him immediately as someone who would have to earn Anansi's trust before he would be given any. As Loki was finishing his speech a strange clacking noise emerged from Anansi's general vicinity. It sounded like it might have come from some part of his "mouth" (if that's what you were supposed to call it), but it was hard to tell. The noise was relatively quiet, but highly disturbing because it was completely unlike any noise a human mouth could make, and their was no change in Anansi's posture and the immovable carapace of his face gave no indication of emotion.

Completely ingoring any stares he might have drawn, Anansi continued to stand motionless in one corner of the room.

((In case you're wondering Hyper-Focus, Anansi joined the Teragen shortly after encountering them while on a mission in the Ukraine (during the events of Dominion from WW Phase 2) and he's probably one of the more well traveled novas in the Teragen. That's why he knows a Ukrainian accent when he hears one.))

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Loki regards the Anansi doubtfully, raising a frustrated eyebrow. "And they us call stoic."

He crosses his arms across his chest and regards each Terat in turn."How about you, American? Not many Prometheans here in Russia, under the thumb of the Directive. He spits on the ground after uttering 'Directive' by name."Whats so important about this Utopian moorzilka to bring you all the way out to the provinces?"

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The clacking sound came from Anansi's direction and this time it was obvious that he was indeed the source of the noise, only this time the clacking was loud and sharp and cut off abruptly. Anansi turned towards Loki with the eerie abruptness of a spider turning towards potential prey. He had remained so utterly still for so long that his sudden motion seemed all the more shocking. He was wearing a sort of long, black, and obviously eufiber, sarong that draped over his abdomen and extended almost to the floor. When he had turned there had been entirely too much movement under the concealing cloth, it just looked... inhuman.

However, as disturbing as his appearance and the strange clacking noises had been, it was his voice when he answered Loki that was perhaps the most startling. It sounded completely normal: deep, calm, smooth, and unmistakeably human. It was completely out of place coming from Anansi.

"The Utopian herself is of secondary importance. Of primary concern is the Teragen movement itself. The Utopian's disappearance draws more attention and scrutiny than we are currently capable of dealing with at this time. It falls to us to solve this problem."

When Anansi finished speaking he did not move an inch from the position he had shifted to before answering Loki, making it appear (perhaps correctly, perhaps not) that he was staring with unblinking intensity at the Ukrainian nova.

((BTW guys, please don't feel pressured to react fearfully, or even nervously to Anansi. He does have mega-Ugliness and so is quite literally hideous to behold, but I'm just describing him as dramatically as I can, according to how his actions would appear to an "average" observer. You guys know your characters better than I do, so if you think they'd be indifferent to his appearance go ahead and play them that way. I won't be offended.))

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Kyle would glance at Loki with an expression of disbelief for a few moments after he asks his question. He was then just about to say something himself when Asansi speaks up instead, and Kyle would simply listen and when Asansi finishes, Kyle nods.

"I thought the answer to that question was fairly obvious myself."

Of course, sometimes Kyle forgets that his mental process was typically about 50+ times more clear than most others, including most Novas.

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While the others made idle chat, Erik stared forward, his eyes fixed on nothingness. He eventually came to attention and turned his head towards the door, then stood from his seat and straightened his clothes. Moments later the door opened.

Natalya Dornova, also known as the Swarm Queen, entered. She turned to the guards and waved a dismissive hand, and they shut and locked the door behind her. She then turned to face the group.

As soon as she set foot inside of the room, an air of authority came with her. Natalya was known for her dominating presence and occasional wrath, but thankfully for the Prometheans she rarely felt the need to extend this treatment to novas, especially allies. And as far as Natalya was concerned...for now...the novas in the room were all allies.

((Just so you guys are aware, Swarm Queen has high Mega-Socials. She has incredible Mega-Manipulation, but she also has Mega-Appearance and Mega-Charisma. The Face of Terror enhancement is something she is well known for, since it helps her keep her baseline flock in line. She also has Commanding Presence, The Voice, and Seductive Looks, among others. Though she won't be using these enhancements on you guys...uh, unless she has a reason to...they still have a general passive effect, meaning that you guys at least sense these enhancements over time.))

Natalya immediately approached Kyle, though as she did she gave Erik a curious glance. "Kyle Dighton, we finally meet. Your reputation precedes you. We're privelaged to have the protege of the Mathematician himself at Club Zmei. Actually, we're privelaged to have all of you here..."

Natalya sat near Loki and addressed the entire group that had gathered. She crossed her legs and leaned back comfortably. "I suppose I should get to the point though. Time isn't something we can afford to waste right now. Firefly's abduction has put us all in danger. Caestus Pax and the rest of Team Tomorrow Central raided our Egyptian enclave, and who knows where they'll strike next? This has to be dealt with swiftly."

"According to The Hare's investigation, novas are likely involved. Guilherme's senses are strong enough to pick up even the faintest of smells, and he detected a strange unidentifiable scent at the point where Firefly vanished, in addition to the scents of Flare and Jack. A warper or teleporter could have been involved, or even a nova that can move at incredible speeds or pass through solid objects. Whoever abducted her might be capable of masking their odor through some other method."

"Well, I squeezed my contacts over the last week and came up with something that should be looked into. It seems an elite that sometimes works for the Camparelli-Zhukov megasyndicate through DeVries may have been involved. His name is Death Wave, of all things, and he's a warper of little moral conscience. His DeVries profile shows that he regularly takes minor jobs transporting materials and people for quick cash, though any dealings with the C-Z wouldn't go through DeVries' public channels, and he also does jobs for the C-Z in secret. He's currently the megasyndicate's primary target for recruitment."

"I've confirmed for myself that the C-Z itself isn't connected in her abduction, so it looks like Death Wave was hired out by a seperate entity. He's suspected because at the time Firefly was abducted, the C-Z had requested his services over a secure cell phone line. They needed him to ship some personnel into Ibiza, but he claimed he was preoccupied with another job. Synapse traced the calls...seems our friend Death Wave was in Cuba at the time."

((Anansi notices the name Death Wave. He's isn't a prominent elite, never cracking the top 100, and he's only been around for a few years. His warping ability means he can make cash without fighting, and he's one of their highest placed transporters because he never asks questions or cares about what he's warping, as long as he gets paid. besides that, there really isn't anything else to know about him.))

Natalya continued. "I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to question Death Wave personally. That would not look good to my C-Z allies, and it would raise a lot of questions about my relationship with the C-Z. But of the novas in this room, the C-Z isn't aware of any of you...as far as they're concerned, none of you exist."

"I have manipulated things so that Death Wave arrives in St. Petersburg tomorrow. He's been invited to a party we're holding. That will be your chance to question him. Use whatever method you feel is most effective, but please be discreet. And make sure that Club Zmei isn't held responsible for anything..."

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Kyle would straighten himself when the Swarm Queen arrived, and then when she approaches him and gives her greeting, Kyle would bow his head slightly in respect.

"Miss Dornova, the pleasure is mine."

Then as she moves to sit down, Kyle would leans himself back against the wall behind him again and listen to all the Swarm Queen had to say. However when she finished, Kyle shrugs slightly.

"Well, if you wish for us to be subtle, I suppose that would be easy enough. I could always simply attempt to mind scan him. Unless of course he has a 'Psychic shield', given enough time I should be able to pull all he knows from his mind directly. Chances are without his even knowing it and without any of us having to face him directly."

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Natalya sat near Loki and addressed the entire group that had gathered. She crossed her legs and leaned back comfortably.

Loki telekineticly shifts a comfortable, well worn leather chair with an imposingly tall and ornate backing forward for Natalya to sit in. The Swarm Queen's regal bearing settles into the thronelike seat easily. This creates in interesting tableaux the assembled Terats. The scenes construction subtly reinforced her formidable social talents. Loki remains at her side and to the rear, leaning casually against the wall. Occasionally he reaches out to stroke the wolf which snarls over her left shoulder. Grinning like a madman all the while he assumes the place of the Natalya's own Vizir, or perhaps her grim enforcer.

"Perhaps," Loki intones slowly, as if seeming to consider Kyle's proposal. "if you wanted to take all the fun out of it. What if he notices someone poking through his gray parts. You only have one chance with a warper, then they are gone. Or in case he does have this 'psychic shield' you speak of, we should have a back up plan, neh?"

He speaks to Natalya. "Do we know where he is staying? Perhaps our mandibled friend or myself can access his effects while he the party engages his attention, in case we require some more physical evidence."

((Requisite spending of Q point and roll for TK at your liesure BT....Note that Loki himself has mega app1, mega cha 3 mega manip 2, so he's no slouch in the social department himself. Furthermore, he knows Kyle at least is smart enough to notice the intent of the overt symbolism in the scene he creates along with his explicit intent in reinforcing Loki's dominance here in what he considers his turf...with maybe just a hint of implied threat toward any yank eggheads who think they are in control of the situation))

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As was apparently his way, Anansi listened to the Swarm Queen, and the following exchange, without moving once from his position. Only the various parts of his groteque mouth moved from time to time. Then he spoke, addressing everyone present.


"We must establish priorities first, then review pertinent information, then establish a plan. Because no plan survives first contact intact. We need to know what our limitations are, and what our contingencies are, if any."

Anansi swiveled his head slightly and addressed the Swarm Queen, "Ma'am, is this 'Death Wave' considered expendable for the purposes of this operation? If not, then what level of sanction are we allowed? Is there a place already set aside for us to 'question' him if need be, or are we expected to find our own?"

Turning his head again, he continued, this time addressing his companions, "Who, beside the Hare and Mr. Dighton, has enhanced perceptive capabilities? Do any of us have any rapid transportation of our own in case we need to quickly remove our target from the area, or should we plan on 'persuading' him to provide us with transport? Do we even know where he's going to be staying after he arrives here tomorrow? And if we don't, do we know where or how he's arriving? Do we know if he's coming alone? More importantly, do we know what other abilities he might have besides the ability to open warps?"

Anansi paused in his rapid fire questioning for just a moment and considered. Despite his inhuman appearance and complete lack of facial expression, his tone and cadence had a very military-like air about it, and it expressed long and intimate familiarity with exactly this sort of operation. After a brief pause he continued, "We need to answer as many of these questions as possible, and possibly a few more that I may have missed. Then we need to determine our objectives. Once that's accomplished, we need to determine precisely who will be responsible for those objectives."

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Natalya quietly listened to the Terats speak. When Anansi finished, she lit a cigarrete, handed the lighter to Loki, then crossed her legs in the other direction. "From what I gather, Death Wave isn't necessarily a bright nova, he's just one of many elites that are attracted by the promise of money and fame. Some drugs and attractive women should be enough to distract him, and Club Zmei's parties are abundant in both. Death Wave's DeVries profile mentions nothing about mental defenses, though the possibility still exists. I'm confident in Mr. Dighton's mental skills however..."

The Hare turned to look at Anansi briefly, then back to the Swarm Queen. "Anansi and I shouldn't have any problems finding information and clues. It's what we do best, after all."

Natalya slowly stood. "Well, I suggest everyone get comfortable for the night. Death Wave will be coming in tomorrow for the party. Spend tomorrow getting used to the club, or even the city itself. If you have any questions, just ask Mikhail, my servant. He's doesn't know what your mission is, but he knows that you're all working for me, and he knows not to ask questions."

Natalya Dornova took a long drag of her cigarette as she walked to the doorway. She made another quick glance in Erik's direction; this new Terat interested her. Doesn't look like the talkative type, she thought to herself. He's been staring at the wall this whole time.

She turned to face the group one last time. "I have other matters to attend to, so if you'll excuse me. Your rooms are located in the underground levels. If you find any new information, just leave a message with Mikhail. I'm not sure if I'll be here to talk with you tomorrow, since I have other affairs, so he'll relay anything important."

And with that the Swarm Queen gave Loki a light kiss on the cheek and left the room, a thin trail of smoke following her.


Erik sat still in his chair, his gaze fixated on an empty wall. He hadn't paid any attention to the conversation and hadn't noticed that Natalya left. None of it mattered much to him; as soon as they began discussing the details of the operation, his attention shifted. He had other things to wonder about. His mind was elsewhere...literally.

Who was this little girl that possessed the glow?


((Kyle notices that Erik is distracted during the meeting with Natalya. Though the others don't notice anything other than his obvious blank stare, Kyle knows that Erik is using 'the Sight'. Erik won't mention anything about it if asked, other than that he was "taking a stroll through the city". Also, Erik now keeps a pocketwatch with him, either in his pocket or around his neck like a necklace. Besides telling time, it also has a tracking beacon within it that is connected to Kyle's implant. It lets Kyle track down Erik's location so he can open a Warp to his vicinity.))

((We can basically fast-forward to the evening of the next day, with the party already begun. You can describe what you spend the night beforehand doing, what you spend the morning doing, what preparations you make, etc. The Hare will quickly enter his room after the meeting and inspect his various tools and go over several files on his laptop. Erik explores the upper floors of the club for an hour, observing the art made by some of the local artists. He will then accompany Kyle, though he goes to rest rather early. Swarm Queen isn't heard from again.))

((Mikhail, Swarm Queen's "manservant", is a nova and a Terat. He is loyal to Swarm Queen completely, but his Teragen affiliation is simply a matter of being loyal to his mistress. He will cater to any of the PC's needs as best he can, but he will be suspicious of any odd requests or behavior and isn't above sending someone to spy on the PCs should they act strange. Mikhail is familiar with Loki, so allows Loki much more freedom around the club.))

((The next morning, the Hare will stay out of sight and away from the party. He keeps his rabbit ears well hidden in his trenchcoat, though his fur still makes him easily visible as a nova if anyone sees his face. He stays either in his bedroom or on Club Zmei's computers. Zmei's computer room has access to the Directive network thanks to Synapse, though the Hare doesn't attempt to connect to their network. He spends his time going over recent Teragen-related media coverage.))

((Before the party begins, Erik tells Kyle that he is going to explore the city alone for the evening. Kyle, being familiar with Erik's behavior and abilities, knows that he's going to wander the city looking for latents using the Sight. Kyle can suggest that Erik take another member of the group along as a bodyguard, or he can secretly ask one of the others to follow him. Kyle will need to be at the club to scan Death Wave, unless another method is used to get information from the partying elite. Whatever the case, Erik will be out of the club and wandering the streets of St. Petersburg by the time the party has begun. If a PC accompanies/follows him, the scene will be split in two. If no one follows him, that is fine as well. He can take care of himself against baselines.))


***The Party***

The ground floor of Club Zmei was blanketed in near-darkness. Almost a hundred partiers, anarchists, starving artists, and drunken hedonists wandered throughout the darkness, using the flashing lights and low illumination to navigate. Vodka and loud music flowed in every direction.

((This imposes a +2 difficulty to hearing and vision rolls on the dancefloor itself, but this penalty doesn't apply at Mikhail's table or at the bar itself, which are both far away enough for casual speaking.))

Mikhail sat at a closed-off table to the dancefloor's side, which was visible to all of the partiers. He was accompanied by two female baseline "assistants" that wore a minimum of clothing, one blond and one brunette. Death Wave also sat at the table, downing vodka at the kind of pace only a nova could handle. He had his arm around the blond female, and randomly made attempts to grope her chest and kiss her.

Two other Terats attended the party. Veronica Solzhenitsyn, otherwise known as Artemis, sat at the bar talking with three of the local artists and doing her best to fend off horny drunks. Ether Girl appeared and then disappeared, never staying in a single spot long enough for anyone to carry on a conversation or dance with her.

((You are free to place your character wherever you wish. Mikhail will allow any of the PCs to sit at the table with him; the exception being Anansi, who would need to be dormed or heavily Shapeshifted.))

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Kyle would nod to Natalya as she leaves, waiting for her to do so before turning his attention back to Loki.

"Dont concern yourself. Trust me when I say there is little chance he will detect my scan. But just in case, I do have a backup plan. Whatever the case, if you have any other ideas then feel free to act on them, though I would ask that you leave Death Wave be at least until I have finished my part."

Kyle would then gather Erik before heading out of the room and for the room Natalya mentioned was waiting for them. Once there he wouldnt bother asking Erik what he was doing, of course by this time knowing full well what that 'distant' look of his ment. Instead Kyle would just ask if he 'found anything'. However if Erik still didnt mention anything more Kyle wouldnt pursue the matter any further and instead turns his attention to thinking out the possibilities of the next day. That night he would open a gate back to his home to brew up some Mox, just in case. He would also gather some coms for himself, Erik, Anansi, and Loki, in the case that they did end up needing to seperate during the opperation and needed to contact one another.

The next day, after passing out the coms to everyone Kyle would head to the computer room himself to access the Directive network and see if they might have anything more on Death Waves abilities. However if he didnt find anything more of interest he would intend to carry out the plan he had already made. Otherwise Kyle would just spend the day reading and looking around himself until it was time for the party. When Erik says he was going to walk around Kyle would ask Asansi and Loki if either wanted to go with him, but he would make sure to express that while he would appreciate someone going with him, they were under no obligation to do so. Especially in Lokis case, as Kyle of course has noticed Loki didnt seem to like him very much. If neither did want to go with Erik however, Kyle would just tell Erik to make sure to call him or one of the others through the com should he encounter any problems.

Once the Party rolled around, Kyle would just try and find an out of the way spot to sit down and wait for Death Wave to arrive. He would notice Ether Girl, and makes a mental note to try and talk to her later, but for now he concentrates on the business at hand. So once Death Wave had arrived and Kyle was free of distractions, he would ready himself and begins to concentrate.

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Anansi would have disappeared almost as soon as the meeting ended. In his room he'll spend some time checking and cleaning his weapons and gear. Then he'll make a sweep of as much of Club Zmei as he can, fully stealthed (though he won't purposely intrude on an area that's obviously 'off limits' even if he thinks he could get in undetected), so that he has as complete a picture of its layout as possible. The next morning he'll make the rounds again, this time in the open and making no attempt to be sneaky. Assuming that doesn't take more than an hour or two he'll then leave the club and check out the city itself while fully dormed (though he'll only dorm after he's made sure no one will see him do so), making sure to be back in plenty of time for the night's main event.

However, when Kyle requests that Anansi or Loki accompany Eric while he goes on his walk then, if Anansi has reason to think that his presence is not required for the evening's plans, he'll agree to be Eric's bodyguard. Assuming that there isn't a good ((IC)) reason for Anansi to stay and attend the party, then he'll follow Eric fully stealthed (though he'll let Eric know that he's following) unless (for some reason) Eric requests that he stay visible (Anansi's not opposed to walking around in public in his nova form, but he's well aware of the reaction that tends to engender so he usually refrains from doing so).

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***The Meeting***

Loki swoons noticeably at the Swarm Queens kiss. It would seem not even he is immune to her charms, even after repeated exposure. He quickly regains his composure and catchers her attention before she can leave the room. "Natalya, one more thing..." he takes a deep breath, as if about to say something of vital importance to all those assembled. Instead he merely shoots her that infuriating grin of his "...Kings Bishop to G4. Checkmate in three moves. I win again". The Queen merely smiles at this and sweeps from the room without another word.

((Edited: Loki will still be shadowing Erik, weather he is asked to by Kyle or not. He reasons that the presence of two "brains" means a very deep game is being played here. Thus this mission will have (a) a high leathality quotiont and (B) great potential for mischief and a chance to destabalize established power structures. In any event, he decides he needs more information and shadows the more mysterious of the brains))

***The Party***

Loki can be found sitting with Artemis and her artists. He is smoking a marijuana cigar (a blunt) the size of a baseline child's arm. Currently his is in mid-rant, extolling the baseline artists to produce works critical of the weakened government. In the wake of the Ukrainian crisis and the destabilization of the Russian government now is the time to ferment discontent in the people. Every revolution must have its artists. Picasso and Guernica. In reality, Loki has a rather low opinion of their work. They are no Picasso's and they wont ever produce any work that will inspire a popular uprising. In his work to weaken the Russian government further following the Ukrainian crisis, however, every little bit helps.

(( Loki is making use of his natural agitator enhancement to ply the artists. He is purposefully making himself the center of attention. Those not otherwise engaged cant help but be drawn into his oratory. By keeping the crowd distracted he hopes to provide the others the chance they need to do their work))

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