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Found 1 result

  1. So, I've been working on an Abbyhack that has become an Aberrant-Inspired new superhero game system. I've been doing this for a bunch of reasons, insanity being somewhat high on the list. I'm not done yet, but I'm close enough that I wanted to start the discussion on one of the two projects I've built this for: a collaborative writing setting (with very occasional, not promised at all, ST run plot) that is modern and superheros. I want people's input, but I also have two parameters that are already set: 1) Modern setting. The idea is somewhat like 200X, only with the idea that time will "bungie". This means we'll have a few weeks of "start all the threads!", then a period after that that is "okay, things are going on now, try not start up new threads", then I'll post an end date i.e. "wrap this bunch up, people!". After the end date, there would be probably around a week of "okay guys, really wrap up those social threads" while I compile a "how the world reacted" to everything in the that batch of threads. Then I'd post up news articles and such to show those reactions (and PMs to anyone on more clandestine/specific occurances). The next day in real life would be the "start" date of the new batch of threads. So, we'd have periods of high activity followed by a lull in everything as the world adjusted, then back into the high activity. I figured this would be a way to run a "real time" game without as many crazy timeline issues (there would also be a calender, because good god, that's an amazing help), and also some set points where the rest of the world gets to react and change according to what the players have been doing. Want to invent a cure for all diseases? Okay, you can do that and send it out into the world. That will have consequences that show up in the setting. Starting a new tech company because you're an uber-mind gadgetteer? Again, new inventions and solutions and problems from all of the will actually show up in the "living world." 2) Superpowers are new. There will be a concrete thing that causes them, whether an event or a new drug or whatnot. I'm open to ideas/suggestions from people, and the first IC post will be whatever I decide on happening. So, you all are going to be playing some of the first supers. There is no precedence for this in the game world. Your actions (and some from NPCs) will set the starting tone for how the supers are viewed by the world at large. So, what do you guys think? Questions? Suggestions? Oh, another note. I don't care if the Aberrant lexicon is what comes about in the game. It's easy shorthand for all of us that know the game. I'm also fine if you guys use different language. This is meant to be fun!
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