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Found 1 result

  1. I really miss Dead Rising, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring again. We’re not doing zombies this time, but another form of cataclysmic world ending. I’m starting the game just before the badness starts, and we’ll play through the fall of the world. Game System: M&M 3e Game Name: Shadows Rising Rating: R+ Theme: Modern Apocalypse House Rules: None yet. Number of PCs Desired: Eh? I dunno, min 3, max 20? Something like that. ST Posting Frequency: 1/week, maybe more if I keep my upward trend Player Posting Frequency: 1/week during plot posts, 1/3 days during combats Starting PC Power Level: PL 7 standard Open to New Players: Sure Setting Description: Life is normal. The world keeps spinning, but changes are coming, and the PCs better be ready. What to Expect: Create a PC who is an expert or professional with survivability. They can be military or a survivalist, a scholar, mechanic, or any skilled individual. Even someone active in the SCA would be a good choice. The apocalypse will start during the first post of the game, and we’ll eventually get to Dead Rising levels of world ruination. Plan accordingly. (No, no one may have a nuke, not even a little one.)
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