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Found 5 results

  1. This thread is where I will post various house rules as well as additional information about official rules which need clarification for the PbP game .
  2. Table talk for the Numenera game soon to begin. We're not recruiting at the moment, but if that changes I will update here.
  3. Seshar. Nestled at the feet of the southernmost tip of the Black Riage and extending out into the beyond Seshar is a dry, arid, and barren land. Its one notable feature alone redeems the land and makes it habitable to any save the most hardy nomads and abhumans. Deep wide canals cut unnaturally into the earth of the region by some long forgotten people in an age now past stretch the breadth of the land. Fed from the Welbyway River descending from the Riage, and traveling eastward all the way to the Sere Marica, the canals provided the land with a reliable source of water where none would otherwise exist. Scattered along their improbably precise structure small aldeias clustered around claves of unaligned Aeon Priests, and occasional lone villages or small settlements clung to the canal’s edges. The town of Tirrum was one such aldeia. Constructed on the edge of the canals around a cabal of Aeon priests, the town lived off the canal using its water to ensure that it could grow crops in the local soil, trawling fish from it, and using the waterway itself for transport and trade. Tirrum was larger than many settlements, with eight Aeon priests in its clave, and a population of nearly seven hundred. The town grew a number of crops, but aside from the food crops that kept the village alive it was the small shrubs that grew bright yellow berries that ensured that Tirrum would stand the test of time. Jili berries were known throughout the region, and even into the Steadfast, as a curative that was crucial in the preparation of a variety of elixirs and salves. As a result of the berry, the town turned good business with merchants coming across the wastes and by the canals. The town prospered, and the people were happy and healthy. The town’s docks bustled with midday activity as ships loaded and unloaded ware and captains haggled with local jili berry farmers over prices. The smell of fish tinged the air as well, and the sounds of water lapping against the hulls of boats and the creaking of ropes that tied the vessels to the piers. On one such pier a man named Deymish tied his ship, the Swift, to the moorings and then disembarked, making his way toward the Aeon priest’s clave. Through the town market he wound, his eyes searching shops and people alike, he would need to spend time here later to resupply and find crew, but his mission was such that he could not delay in his trip to the clave first. Within the half hour he was at the clave, and waiting patiently in the courtyard for one of the Aeon priests. The stone-paved garden had a handful of other people within. A pair of young women, one of whom seemed to be talking to bit of numenera, a gaudily dressed woman showing signs that Deymish believed marked her as a member, past or present, of the Redfleets, a young man with a quiver on his back but oddly no bow by his side, and a smattering of others. After a while one of the younger Aeon priests came to meet Deymish, he and the captain spoke in hushed tones and Deymish passed a note to the man, before the priest nodded and hurried inside. Shortly thereafter the young priest returned with Elder Vannon, one of the senior members of the clave. Approaching Deymish he spoke, his words loud enough for those nearby to hear, in the quiet of the garden courtyard. “Mister Deymish, this news is most grave, and we thank you for bringing it to us from Redstone. Are you willing to travel back, at greatest haste, to bring the medicinals that our brothers have requested?” Deymish nodded, “Indeed, I have already agreed to do just that to your brothers and the mayor of Redstone himself. I came straightaway from the docks, and am prepared to leave as soon as I have crew, cargo, and supply. Unfortunately my current crew refuses to return to Redstone, given the current situation there.” The elder priest nodded, “I’m sure I can find someone to bring them down to you at the docks, if you would like the time to resupply and hire on crew. We shall prepare the medicines immediately and they will be ready for you to load in two hours.” Deymish nodded, offered a respectful bow to the two priests, and prepared to leave.
  4. OK guys, please post up here with your current Pool totals and your experience. We'll use this thread to track as characters spend pool, take damage, and gain further experience.
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