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Found 5 results

  1. I really miss Dead Rising, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring again. We’re not doing zombies this time, but another form of cataclysmic world ending. I’m starting the game just before the badness starts, and we’ll play through the fall of the world. Game System: M&M 3e Game Name: Shadows Rising Rating: R+ Theme: Modern Apocalypse House Rules: None yet. Number of PCs Desired: Eh? I dunno, min 3, max 20? Something like that. ST Posting Frequency: 1/week, maybe more if I keep my upward trend Player Posting Frequency: 1/week during plot posts, 1/3 days during combats Starting PC Power Level: PL 7 standard Open to New Players: Sure Setting Description: Life is normal. The world keeps spinning, but changes are coming, and the PCs better be ready. What to Expect: Create a PC who is an expert or professional with survivability. They can be military or a survivalist, a scholar, mechanic, or any skilled individual. Even someone active in the SCA would be a good choice. The apocalypse will start during the first post of the game, and we’ll eventually get to Dead Rising levels of world ruination. Plan accordingly. (No, no one may have a nuke, not even a little one.)
  2. Date: Olarune the 6th, 998YK Location: Off the coast of Sharn Dawn broke over the bow of the good ship Springtime Belladonna, and Isstia knew this by the faint tingle of irritation that the sunlight gave her, even down in the cargo hold. She had completed her exercise and training for the moment and was resting, keeping her breathing quiet enough that nothing short of a hound would hear it – and the Springtime Belladonna kept a ship’s cat instead, to deal with rats. The cat never hissed at her, but it never stuck around long enough for Isstia to get to know it well either. It, and Soluzek, were the only two faces she’d seen on her journey. The secret knock at the wooden panels was given, and Soluzek herself made her way into the small stretch of the cargo hold that Isstia had carved out. The female elf wasn’t like her – Soluzek’s skin was pale and a little freckled, and her hair was red with black streaks. She had strange gods – something called the Undying Court – but she had recognized in Isstia a kindred spirit, and had kept her hidden and helped her on her quest. Soluzek sat crosslegged on the floor. She pulled out a small package of jerky. “Here. It’s your favorite. I was saving it for today; it’s the big day. We’re going to be docking at Sharn by the end of the day.” Isstia knew little of Sharn; she knew that it fed ships to and from Stormreach, the city of the pale strangers, and she knew that it was where her quarry had travelled. But what Soluzek had told her still seemed fantastical – buildings the size of small mountains, flying skiffs, people of all races pressed together. All roads led to Sharn, the saying went. Including the roads travelled by the killers of her tribe, and the thieves of the holy totem of Vulkoor.
  3. Time: Early Therendor, 998 YK (the month following Olarune) Places: Karrnath, Breland Steel Falcon "Thanks for meeting me on such short notice... 'Steel Falcon.'" Ezi smiled a bit at the name. "No, no, I'm not making fun! I like it." He hung up his coat at the rack that Lysa kept at the door to her quarters, then took off his hat. "So I have a lead. It's in Karrnath, and I understand if you don't want to leave the country with your legal status all - " He tilted his hand back and forth, then he took a deep breath. "It's about your father. I went off the descriptions of the other people you said were meeting with him and I may have something. One of them fits the description of one Benjamin Droth, a functionary who was caught with his pants down and that blunted his political fortunes, which is how the paper's Karrnath office found him. He is confirmed to still be alive as of the Day of Mourning, so I don't think he was in Cyre. "The thing is, ever since that incident he was rumored - nothing printable, but he was rumored to be mixed up with some more radical elements. He might have a connection to the Order of the Emerald Claw, the disgraced shock troopers and knights of the nation - since they were disowned and went into hiding they've become radicalized too. They're dangerous news, even for someone who fought Xander Troy's prototype warsuit and won. But it's the best lead to finding more about your father that I've found." Tobias Tobias told himself that nothing good was ever easy, and it helped as he and the priests and priestesses worked to establish the Silver Hearth. Korth was an ideal place to start, close to the border as it was and the capital of the nation. But it had taken extensive negotiation to even get a foothold, and even then, it was the Low District. Tobias didn't mind - the Low District was where help was needed most - but it did rankle some of the others. Currently he was using his powers to cure several particularly nasty cases of maggot fever, a disease that often affected the sick of Karrnath - the infestation taking root in the stomach and making it impossible for victims to keep any food down, letting them slowly starve in anticipation of the maggots' next meal. But the maggots were cleansed by the Silver Flame, and they were day in and day out the mightiest army Tobias had faced. As he tended to the victims of each in turn, one of the priests entered - a young half-elf man named Melv, who was steadfastly faithful but who tended to drink too much. He surveyed those Tobias was tending too, and shook his head. "Horrible. It's spread by bread that's been on the shelf too long. I wish they didn't eat it - no, I wish they didn't have to eat it. But I can't blame them." Faz Faz stepped off the platform of the lightning rail, the air still thick with the lightning elemental's discharge. He watched as other passengers fought to keep themselves from being stung by static lightning. Dr. K stepped out behind him, muttering as he adjusted his collar. "I swear that the damn elementals do that on purpose. Yes, I'm aware that they're little more than roaring bundles of instinct when bound to these things, let a man be mad at something. All right, let's see..." The doctor toted his bags further away from the platform. "Faz, do keep an eye out for pickpockets? I would rather not lose my identification papers while stranded in a strange land where they probably still collect corpses for the army. Now, ah yes, here we go." Dr. K unfolded a piece of paper that had a carefully illustrated picture of a halfling, dressed in leaves and bark, with a seed replacing one eye and an expression that spoke of the lack of mirth one found on a halfling's face only when House Jorasco informed you your coin purse was empty. "Well, he won't be hard to find. Where to?"
  4. Date: Olarunne the 14th Place: Korth, capital of Karrnath Dawn broke, with some reluctance, over the city of Korth. Ana had settled here, in a small dwelling with a draft that didn't bother her as much as it would others, in the hopes of getting to see the Twelve and figuring out what had happened to her dragonmark. However, the Twelve had started out by giving her the runaround, and then something had happened that had made them close their doors. While she waited for them to open, she walked the city. She found herself at the station for the lightning rail, feeling the crackle in the air and the smell of ozone, and the elemental bound within her dragonmark stirred, sensing the departed presence of one of its kind. It didn't communicate in words, so much as in feelings shaped like concepts - difficult to describe to an outsider. Ana felt she'd have to invent a language just to get the basics down. She was about to pass through when she caught a familiar sight: two of the crew of the Harmony, the ship she used to serve on. The captain, Dev, was enjoying some ale and bread with one of the lower decks crewmates, a dreamtouched shifter named Rox who had stark white head hair and fur. Both of them seemed in good spirits... for now. Ana thought back to the circumstances of their parting and wondered if that could last...
  5. Hey folks, I know I haven't been around for a while but I'm considering a comeback for an idea I've been working on which I'd love to see come to live on this site. I always liked to create settings which are inspired by the usual genre majors like Marvel's X-Men and mix it with cyberpunk which is my one true roleplaying love. So what am I proposing? I'm looking for a group of interested players to try an original setting (created by me) using M&M 3e as the game's rules. What's going to be the style? I'd like to call it an evolution of my Future Imperfect Setting which started as an Aberrant Alternate Universe and was revived later using M&M3E. Some of you might remember that game and I still remember it very fondly myself. It created some awesome characters and exceptional stories which I connect to the best times I had around here. Nostalgia is of course a strong aphrodisiac and motivator and I am certainly prone to the "good-old-times" haze that can influence your judgement. I suppose that's why we're humans and we all make mistakes some time sometimes. Back to the topic - I prefer strong personal style over flashy combats and heavy rules induced sequences (usually combat). Flashy combat can be awesome, though - but also time consuming and I hate rules-discussions because I generally try to avoid scenes which require "ruling". This may also be considered one of my weaknesses. What's the setting going to be? Ghost in the Shell, meets Deus Ex: Human revolution vs. Total Recall spiced with some X-Men Ultimates - in a nutshell. The not too distant future on Earth. The Moon has been colonized and Earth is struggling with the consequences of climate change and political turmoil. Most countries are run by Megacorporations or Megacorporations act as countries, giving their employees a liftetime citizenship. There have also been wars which changed the face of the political maps and the once united European and American states are a shadow of their former selves, scattered and broken. China has emerged as a strong but also merciless power which isolated itself even more than before and is slowly growing on the asian continent swallowing everything around them. Technology has advanced beyond your wildest dreams, cyberware is a common sight, augmentations both biological and mechanical are no longer science fiction. For a while progress was doing more good than destroying (except for the environment). But now a new 'power' has entered the stage. Science has found a way to manipulate memories which quickly spawned many byproducts like sleep-inducers which can be programmed for lucid dreaming but also illegal applications which let people literally hack someone's mind and not only cause severe cerebral damage, but also alter someone's personality up to completely wiping their memories. The latter has never officially been accomplished but the rumors are abundant. Shortly after this genetic mutations have surfaced. First on the Moon-colonies but later also on Earth. Mutations of a very scary and unusual kind giving those mutants unique abilities which let them control and manipulate technology, the Net or other phenomenon. The most feared though remain - the Erasers. Brainhackers who can wipe your memories. What are the limits? While this is not strictly a superheroes game it has a strong (wanted) influence of supernatural powers but the list is going to be restricted for balancing reasons. Travelpowers such as Teleport and Portals do not exist. Superspeed will be limited, also other superphysical traits. Think of Captain America or Spiderman and less of Thor or Superman in terms of what is possible. Being a mutant is optional (talking about character creation here) - you can achieve the same by going fully cyber (up to so called full body conversions, turning you basically into something like Robocop) or relying on advanced technology/gadgets or a combination of those. I'd like to stick to my tradtional Powerthemes which means if you decide to play a mutant focus on one powerset which defines your character. I prefer characters who have weaknesses and not an answer to every conceivable situation they encounter. Let your team-mates shine, too. What's the Powerlevel? I'm currently looking at PL7 game with enemies ranging between PL 5 and 10 depending on the encounter. While the setting will be rather dark and gritty with mature content (not exclusively what most people might think now) focussing on the PCs struggle for survival this is also their story making them the "Heroes" of the game (wanted or unwanted). So do you think you want to be part of this?
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