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Found 6 results

  1. Legend of the Five Rings System: L5R 1st Ed Genre: Samurai Fantasy ST: Noir (Persephone) Setting L5R takes place in Th Empire of Rokugan (based largely on feudal Japan). it is a samurai fantasy setting with Oni, Ogres, Ghosts, spell-casting Shugenja and skilled samurai bushi. The Empire is ruled by an Emperor. Below the Emperor and the handful of Imperial families are the Great Clans (Lion, Crane, Scorpion, Dragon, Crab, Phoenix, Unicorn). Below them are the Minor Clans (Fox, Hare, Wasp, Mantis, Dragonfly, Badger, Sparrow, Turtle to name a few). The Clans fight among themselves but there is always the outside threat of the corrupted Shadowlands and the minions of darkness. Character Types PCs will be of the samurai caste and can either all be from one clan if it can be agreed on (there is still a wide variety within a single Clan) or more likely a mix of Clans. The PCs will all be young (mid-late teens) and on their way to their gempukku (coming of age) ceremony after graduation from their school. There is no restriction on gender when it comes to classes in L5R. Virtually all classes are acceptable (with very minor exception). I have the core book (and most of the clan books) as PDFs I can share and I can walk people through character generation. It is really quite easy. I have very, very familiar with the system and setting and happy to help and explain rules, setting, background.
  2. Note: I am not going to list very single justification for every skill and advantage each PC could have possibly earned. If you want to buy a skill or advantage, buy off a disadvantage, raise a skill, raise an advantage or whatever not listed, just run it by me. ~Noir Everybody gets the following: +0.7 Glory (Participating in Topaz Championship, defending Prince Satorii and being appointed Jade Magistrates) +0.2 Honor (Risking your own life in defense of the Prince without hesitation) 10 xp to spend as you wish (pending justification) 1 xp towards Law (Tutoring) 1 xp towards Heraldry (Tutoring) 1 xp towards Maho-tsukai Lore (Tutoring) 1 xp towards Shugenja Lore (Tutoring) 1 xp towards Spellcraft (Tutoring) 1 xp towards Horsemanship (Tutoring. May be used to buy off Never Sat On A Horse disadvantage) Advantages Darling of the Court (Emperor's thanks for saving Prince Satorii's life) Standing Invitation (Emperor's thanks for saving Prince Satorii's life) 3 Ranks of Favors (Emperor's thanks for saving Prince Satorii's life.) (See Favor Table advantage. Favors can be in any combination. So three Rank 1 favors, a Rank 1 and a Rank 2 favor, or one Rank 3 favor.) Multiple Schools: Special You may take the Multiple Schools advantage, but the school must be related to your duty as a Jade Magistrate (such as Kuni Witch-Hunter or Kitsu Investigator and others. Just run the school by me) This costs nothing and you do NOT need to leave your previous school permanently. Instead you are permitted, due to your job, to study at another school and return when you like. (For being Jade Magistrates) Disadvantages Minor Obligation: Lord & Lady Bayushi (For getting you all appointed as Jade Magistrates) Justifications Minor Ally: Lord and Lady Bayushi - 2 points (They are greater influence, but would be limited dedication at the moment) Individual Awards: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Akiri - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 xp toward a Lore of your choice 1 xp toward an Innate Ability - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Rin - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - + 0.2 Glory (Kenjutsu prodigy) 1 xp towards Great Potential: Kenjutsu 1 xp towards Higher Purpose: Master the Blade (or Protect Hantei Satorii) Advantages True Friend: Prince Satorii (5 Influence/ 1 Devotion) Disadvantages Minor Obligation: Lord & Lady Bayushi (For helping convince the Emperor to let Prince Satorii hunt) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Shun - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - + 0.1 Glory (Won Day 2 of Topaz Championship) 1 xp toward an Advantage 1 xp toward Luck - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Taka - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - + 0.1 Glory (Won Day 1 of Topaz Championship) 1 xp toward an Innate Ability Disadvantages Minor Obligation: Lord & Lady Bayushi (For helping convince the Emperor to let Prince Satorii hunt) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Toshi - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - + 0.1 Glory (Won Day 2 of Topaz Championship) 1 xp toward a non-combat skill Advantages Minor Ally: Lord and Lady Bayushi (They are greater influence, but are limited dedication at the moment) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Zoyu - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - +0.7 Glory (Topaz Champion) +0.1 Honor (for passing Fear test using Honor) Advantages 2 Ranks of Favors (From the Crane for being Topaz Champion.) (See Favor Table advantage. Favors can be in any combination. So two Rank 1 favors, or one Rank 2 favor.) (Cannot be combined with the other favors awarded to make a higher rank favor) Disadvantages Minor Obligation: Lord & Lady Bayushi (For helping convince the Emperor to let Prince Satorii hunt) Justifications Sensei: Kakita Toshimoko (5 points)
  3. - - - Clothing - - - The Kimono is the standard attire of the Samurai caste. Kimono are T-shaped, straight-lined robes worn so that the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long, wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right (except when dressing the dead for burial) and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Men wear narrow obi and women wear broad obi and tie them with large elaborate bows in the back. Samurai-ko can choose to wear either form of obi. Kimono are generally worn with Tabi (split-toe socks) and Zori (flat sandals) or Geta (sandals elevated by wooden blocks to keep the feet out of water and mud). Some unmarried women, most often younger girls of the Crane Clan, choose to wear a type of kimono with almost floor-length sleeves (reaching the mid-calf roughly) called a Furisode. Beneath the kimono a simple kimono of white cotton called a nagajuban is worn to soak up sweat and stains from the body, protecting the kimono. Since silk kimono are delicate and difficult to clean, the nagajuban helps to keep the outer kimono clean by preventing contact with the wearer's skin. Only the collar edge of the nagajuban shows from beneath the outer kimono. This undergarment (as well as tabi) can be changed out several times on a warm day. There are additional garments that can be worn over the kimono. The most common of these is the Haori. A haori is, essentially, a thigh length kimono that is work open. Indeed many worn or damaged kimono are shortened and made into haori. In inclement weather, the haori is worn for warmth and to protect the kimono. Otherwise, it is won just to 'class up a bit'. A haori adds just a hint of formality to the outfit. It is the rough modern-day approximation of a really nice sweater or simple blazer. The sleeves of a haori can be tied/folded in such a way as to conceal them and make the garment sleeveless. in addition some haori are made sleeveless. A sleeveless haori (by design or folding) can also be worn over kataginu (see below). The next most common additional garment are Hakama. Hamaka are pleated, loose pants that are worn to add a hint of formality, but also allow ease of movement. They are almost always worn by bushi in the dojo while training (but are not exclusive to the dojo by any means) and some bushi prefer to wear hakama for that freedom of movement in case the need for combat arises. The Kataginu is another garment added to the kimono to formalize it. A kataginu is a vest with broad, exaggerated, pointed shoulders and is worn typically for formal occasions. When kataginu and hamaka are both added to a kimono, it becomes an outfit called a Kamishimo. The kamishimo is the most formal outfit samurai will typically wear and it is usually only worn on formal occasions. Courtiers and high-ranking samurai will often wear it on a daily basis though. The kamishimo is the rough modern equivalent of a tuxedo or very nice suit. a Jinbaori is similar to a sleeveless haori, but is designed to be worn over armor. Jinbaori are worn by daimyo and generals when they are armored and very ornate. Those of lower castes do not often wear or even own kimono. On the off chance that a peasant does own and wear a kimono, it is generally very plain, often a solid, dull color with little or no pattern or design. often made of cotton. Peasants wear clothing appropriate to their work. This often means short pants, shirts and vests with headbands being common for more physical labor intensive professions to simply keep the sweat from the eyes. Some samurai will wear peasant clothing, like pants, if needed. it is generally a matter of function due to a specific duty, but occasionally they are worn out of preference. The Unicorn often buck tradition by incorporating pieces of gaijin clothing into their attire, while the Scorpions often push the limit of what is acceptable with the cuts, collars and lengths of their kimono. Lady Kachiko is an example of this with her kimono often baring both shoulders and a part of her back while being slightly shorter and cut in such a way as to show her figure better and reveal more leg when she wishes.
  4. Kitsu Kageko Kitsu Kageko Lion Clan Sodan-Senzo Gender: Female Age: 15 Height: 5' Eyes: Hazel Hair: Fiery Orange/Yellow Appearance: Kageko is rather petite young lady with piercing hazel eyes and a fiery mane of hair that is usually tamed into a banded ponytails on either side of her face. She wears a hooded robe with the Kitsu family mon emblazoned on the bottom of each sleeve and the mon of the Lion Clan on her back. Try as it might, even the voluminous robe with its large hood cannot totally conceal the striking beauty of this young Lion. Her features so soft and elegant, almost feline. Beneath the robe, she often wears her favorite kimono decorated with scenes of the Spine of the World Mountains at dusk bearing her family mon on her left sleeve. Her scroll satchel rests on her right hip while her wakizashi rests on her left side, in her obi, occasionally accompanied by her han-kyu and quiver resting on the hip. Personality: Kageko has a quiet sadness about her. She is very polite, bowing graciously and talking softly though sometimes to people who are not there, which can be unsettling to people at first. Her gaze often drifts off into a forlorn nothingness only to be suddenly brought back by a question or comment directed at her. Strangely though, she does seem to be able to pay attention to conversations and the like in these moments. Those who spend extended time with her soon discover that she does not sleep well, apparently plagued by terrible nightmares, the source of which is unknown. As a result, she often rests by spending time meditation or playing haunting melodies on her shakuhachi (bamboo flute).
  5. For all of you the day of your graduation was greeted by an invitation... You are most cordially invited to celebrate your gempukku by taking part in the prestigious Topaz Championship held annually in the City of Tsuma, Takuetsu province of the Crane. Please arrive before noon on the 15th day of the Serpent to formally enter. May the light of Amaterasu light your way. ~ Doji Noriaki And now weeks, and sometimes hundreds of miles later, you all find yourselves together on the final stretch of road to Tsuma. Usagi, Shosuro, Shinjo, Kitsu and Kakita having met on the road and travled for days together while Isawa, Mirumoto and Kuni having met near Otosan Uchi, the Imperial City, and shared each others company for the last leg of their journey only for all of you to meet at a way station not far from Tsuma, forced indoors by a spring shower. That night while eating, greeting and exchanging pleasantries you all discovered that each of you has been invited to the Topaz Championship by the same Doji benefactor. Invitations to the Topaz Championship were rare, no more than a handful most years and some years none at all, but eight in a single year was quite unusual indeed. Sharing the same destination and invitation you decide to travel the last few miles together. Company always makes a trip more enjoyable, especially when one of your number is from the area. As you roam down the road towards the City of Tsuma, it is a beautiful morning with the clouds and light rain of the previous night having given way to clear skies and warm caress of Amaterasu's rays. The river valley is green and lush with spring with the fields of crops filling out for harvest. The rain forced you to stay at the last way station and today your anxious feet carry you as swift as a pony down the road through the fields and orchards. You finally round a bend in the road, emerging from a large patch of bamboo flanking the road and catch your first view Tsuma. There is a greater than normal number of travelers on the road to Tsuma due to the time of the year. Some travelers are other young graduates aspiring to be the next Topaz Champion while others are merchants delivering tea, sake, cherries, streamers, fireworks and all manner of festival supplies or simply hoping to peddle their wares. Three Crane bushi guard the gate as you approach, checking travel papers, inspecting the occasional cart and nodding to local as they pass. Each of them is clad in light armor and helm, armed with yari in addition to their daisho. A group of your size and such mixed clans certainly draws their attention. One steps forward greet you.. "Good day, travelers. Your travel papers, please." he asks holding out his opened hand. As each of you present your invitations he looks them over, nodding. "Ah. You are Noriaki-sama's guests. Welcome to Tsuma. It would be my honor to guide you to Noriaki-sama's home. Please follow me." he says with a polite bow which you return before turning to lead you through the opened gates and into the city. Tsuma, Home of the Topaz Championship... Removed from the more heavily traveled highways and only a little larger and more active than most towns in Rokugan, City of Tsuma contains several dozen small homes, barns, storehouses and artisan shops. Despite its relatively small size, it boasts an unusual number of inns, sake houses, theaters, geisha houses, merchant houses and other services to comfort and supply weary travelers. Hosting the Topaz Championship has certainly served the once small village well. Tsuma and its one small wharf sits along the western bank of the Tangu River with the prestigious Kakita Dueling Academy Dojo resting on the eastern bank. The Tengu River has a slow to moderate current near Tsuma and measures anywhere from 50'-150' across. The city is surrounded by a moderate wall on all sides except for the riverbank which is spanned by two parallel, gated and guarded bridges, each measuring over 100' long and sitting roughly 100' apart from each other feeding into the middle of the city. Gates to the north, west and south allow access to the city as well. Just beyond the walls to the north rests the small eta village. Surrounding the city is fields of rice, tea, wul and cotton with patches of bamboo forest, occasionally flanking the roads from time to time. The most prominent feature of the city is the Temple to the Seven Fortunes. The temple is a large, square white stone building with slightly angled walls that rise up fifty feet into the air. Atop these walls, stacked like towers of a small pagoda, are two circular rooftops of brilliant blue-painted wood. Each is flanged eight times. Atop the entire structure is a large mirrored ball representing Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess, reflecting her blessing in all directions. A long white marble flight of stairs arched by seven Torii (prayer gates), leads to the mammoth arched twin iron doors of the temple, each thirty feet high. Beneath each Torii sits offering to the Fortunes and at any given time there are just over a dozen monks in attendance maintaining the temple and offering services from healing to spiritual guidance. Shiro sano Kakita (Castle of the Kakita) lies to the southwest, housing the Kakita Artisan Academy and the shrine to Kakita himself while Shiro no Yojin (Castle of Vigilance), controlled by the Matsu family of the Lion Clan, sits to the north at the border of the Lion provinces, ever watchful of their Crane neighbors. The streets of Tsuma are bustling with activity in the midday sun. Peasants are cleaning and hanging decorations while merchants set out their finest goods on display. After a sort trip through the abnormally busy streets of Tsuma you arrive at the home of Doji Noriaki's. It is a very nice, modestly sized home, though still one of the largest in the city. The home is walled and gated and a few moments after a knock the gate is opened by a middle-aged man in fine, commoner's clothes. He immediately kneels and bows low. "How may I assist you, Daidoji-sama?" the older man asks. "These are Noriaki-sama's invitees, here to see him." the guard answers. "I apologize, Daidoji-sama, but Noriaki-sama will be gone till tomorrow. I have been left instructions to welcome his invitees as guests of Noriaki-sama while he is away." the older man replies. "Very well." the guard says with a nod before turning to face all of you again. "May the Fortunes favor you." the guard says to you all before giving a polite bow which you return before he departs for his post once more. "Please. Welcome samurai-sama. I am Yedo, I oversee Noriaki-sama's household." he says, still kneeling and motioning with an arm for you to enter the gate.
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