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Found 6 results

  1. Several miles north of Phoenix-Vegas Arcology, there were a small group of humanoids, looking to be a mix of human and elf, trying to make their way toward the arcology following the river, presently numbering about a eighteen, plus about a 3 children, they were in old van being pulled by a pair of animals that looked like horses, except for a pair of rams horns an a group of guards on all sides. They were fighting off what appeared to be a swarm of giant spiders, huge massive ogres with clubs, and armed lizard men. Fighting the attackers were several individuals with clear cybernetic parts, guns and the mark so the Legion of the Dead on them, and another who was clearly a Faery Knight of the Dawn Court with enchanted weapons and armor. Meanwhile while several inside the van would fire at the swarm moving around them, and someone at the head of the van was calling on some sort of communicator. “This is rescue unit 5 calling arcology command, we are under attack by multiple hostile, requesting support from any unit."
  2. Faery Queens Only Even as the light of the Gem takes the divine beings and infused them with power and knowledge, those who were Fae Queens who choose to embrace Apothesis found themselves clothed in nothing but the warm air, nothing made by mortal hands remaining with them, only themselves for these trials, and standing in a beautiful garden filled with flowers and fruit trees, but not natural trees and flowers, some of them were made of flame or ice, or had fruit and leaves of glowing moonlight, and a altar of shimmering silver and gold before them. Words in Fire were written in the air, floating above the Altar, leaving a clue as to what needs to be done next Where there is a Will, there is a Way Choose the Path for Heart and Soul Faery, Queen, Goddess, which Heart to Obey? Or Forge three into a single Whole? Your first Trial, to the Altar of Heart be True. Find the Fruit or Flower that Most expresses You.
  3. Two weeks ago the Silver Storm blasted the Yellow Brick Row and transformed some of Emerald City's citizens into super powered individuals. In two week's time the City's crime rate has increased tenfold, if not more. Heroes have stepped from the shadows to oppose the new batch of super power neer-do-wells. Emerald City's calm has been shattered... The midday sun shone down on the city, glinting off glass and steel, casting deep dark shadows that contrasted the brightness of the direct light. The bright sunlight glinted off of something outside the bank; something flying towards the doors. The doors to the First Bank of Emerald City blew inward as a cannonball-like form flew through them. Glass shattered out of the twisted frames and tinkled on the tiles floors as it fanned out from the breach. Behind the teller counter multiple hands immediately went for the hidden alarm buttons sending notice to the police of a robbery attempt. The cannonball skidded to a stop and stood up revealing itself to be a tiny man. His skin gleamed and shone like burnished steel and his bright red clothing and bandanna contrasted sharply with the grey tone of his apparent "flesh". "Makin' an entrance! Yeah baby!," he cried as he charged the nearest security guard. The man already had his weapon out and was firing at the tiny metal man but the bullets bounced off, having no apparent effect. The midget slammed into the man with bone crunching force and kept right on going heading for the next closest guard. Their weapons had no effect, and they couldn't withstand the impressive impacts, and powerful punches, that the man dealt out in return. In moments all the guards were down, most unconscious, possibly dying. "Anvil in da' house! Oh Yeah!" Anvil took a running start and charged the heavy steel door that lead behind the teller area. The door crumpled and flew off its hinges as Anvil blasted into the back area. "Bowling Ball Charge, Baby! Oh, yeah!" He pointed at two of the closest tellers, "Start putting money into bags ladies, an' nobody get's hurt. Yeah!" OOC: At this point its been a few weeks since the Silver Storm, I'm going to assume that all the characters have police scanners of some kind by now to facilitate easier group gathering during these games. Of course you could also be nearby enough to see the commotion, or even in the bank in your civilian guise doing business...
  4. Blake Island UltraMax Now Open April 20, 2011 - By: Edward Pollard The former government SuperMax Penitentiary at Blake Island re-opened today as an UltraMax grade facility outfitted with thew newest in anti-super-human technology. Blake Island currently has capacity for fifty superhumans with work continuing to upgrade the remaining facility for a total population of two hundred super-criminals. The prison upgrades are being carried out by ATI Incorporated under the supervision of AEGIS. The facility will be run by the Emerald City Police Department in cooperation with AEGIS and will staff over five hundred guards and employ the most advanced power neutralizing technology available.
  5. The rain fell down on Emerald City blanketing the metropolis in the gloom of filtered daylight. The streets were slick with water, rivulets ran over the sidewalks, roofs dripped. For five days since the Silver Storm the season's rains had washed over the city. The rain did little to cleanse the stain of that day however; crime rates were up. The city's new superheroes, barely forged, were already beset with mutants and costumed freaks. Reports from the day of the Silver Storm made it clear; whatever the Storm was, it had given a great many people powers, and most of them seemed to be on the wrong side of the fight. The Thursday afternoon evening commute was a mess. Traffic was slow because of the weather, and slower still for an accident on the Malory Bay Bridge. Though sunset was still a couple of hours off the dark storm clouds in the west had brought a premature gloom to the city during this commute, causing thousands of headlamps to lance out into the dimness, illuminating the falling rain like millions of tiny prisms. High above the premature darkness was broken by a sudden booming noise, the sound of the sky breaking. Some did not hear it. Some ignored it, dismissing the sound as little more than thunder. Some looked up. Beyond the clouds a steak of something cast a line of orange light through the clouds. From the north and west it came growing brighter as it did. A second explosive cacophony blew a hole in the cloud cover through which a flaming object fell, streaking toward the feet of Mount Stanley. The flaming object slammed into the mountain and billowed a great cloud of flame and fire illuminating the forest despite the rain. OOC: I'm giving you guys a bit of freedom here. Post what your PC is doing when all this happens (mundane or heroic) and then what they do in reaction to the crash and how they get there to investigate. The session will pick up with the arrival of the heroes to the crash site.
  6. Emerald City. From high above the city glitters like a jewel in the spring sunlight. To the east the snow capped peak of Mount Stanley sits atop a blanket of verdant green forest that stretches toward the city slowly diffusing into the steel, concrete, and glass of the city itself. Rising above it all the Emerald Tower, its green glass exterior shining like the jewel it is named after, marks the heart of the city. Beyond lies Malory Bay, and beyond that the Pacific itself, deep blue and twinkling in the sun. Fishing and shipping vessels dot the waters. Below in the city itself the unseasonably warm weather has brought out the populace in droves. Every downtown street is lined with people out roller-blading, walking their dogs, people watching at sidewalk cafes, or doing a little shopping. Bargain-hunters are drawn to the open air mall known as Yellow Brick Row, where local merchants have set up sidewalk sales to greet them. Food and beverage carts are plentiful, and visitors to the Row’s restaurants find cuisine with an Asian flair. Pad Thai, Teriyaki, and other Eastern delicacies vie for the taste buds of locals and tourists alike along side pizza, burgers, and barbecue. Elsewhere in the city less normal citizens go about less routine activities, and a plan is set in motion that will change the city... Just outside of Yellow Brick Row a young man attempts to hawk paintings. The style is modern, or so he claims, but there are few buyers. The painter's stained clothing speaks of his devotion to his trade, or perhaps a low income; either way he does not know that soon his life will change. A block away a rough looking man walks with a woman; they seem happy as they head toward the Row. Lunch is on their minds, and the smells that float towards them on the breeze remind them of the variety of culinary delights to be had within the market. Likewise they are unaware of the coming storm that no forecaster could have predicted. Elsewhere in the city a young woman, barely more than a girl, exits the shelter where she has been living since running away from the only family she has ever known. She inhales the fresh air deeply and despite having just eaten within her stomach rumbles. Her metabolism has already made short work of the meal, and she knows that something else will be in order soon. Her search for something to eat will take her life in a direction she would never have anticipated when she awoke this morning. Down by the water a man walks alone, his cane clacking on the cobblestones that line the waterfront sidewalks. In his head he is working on his lecture notes for a class on Monday, while simultaneously working on a puzzle. Always a puzzle, or case notes slipped to him by his former coworkers, or notes on his own work, for the University, or for his "side project." Though deep in thought he was fully aware and moved around pedestrians and obstacles with ease, without breaking his reverie. Soon that reverie would be shattered, and a new puzzle would present itself. Half a mile from Yellow Brick Row the section of Emerald City known as "Jadetown" started, and sprawled on for a mile. Though not truly a "Chinatown", Jadetown is an admixture of Eastern cultures; Chinese and Japanese are most evident, but Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean influences are all evident as well. A young woman possessed of great power, her spirit melded with that of an ancient god, walks the street. This place is her domain; she protects it from the unjust, and acts as the guardian of its people. Soon however this young woman will find it necessary to extend her protection beyond the borders of Jadetown. Elsewhere still, in a brownstone mansion on a cul-de-sac, a woman who looks younger than her true age sits in meditation. Her body sits in a lotus position, but her mind and her senses are elsewhere, cast across the gulf of space and time; searching. She seeks a man she once called Master, and who has now gone missing. Unhinged from time and space her perception could have allowed her to see the coming storm, but she was instead unaware, her four year search continuing in vain for another afternoon. In the bay a tiny boat bobs. Its improbably large passenger holds a tiny fishing pole and looks into the water. With him in the boat are a large cooler that is being filled with fish, and a small cooler that is being emptied of bait. No thoughts cross that man's mind, no cares crease his brow. He is, for a time, at peace; free of the prejudice that defines his life. That same treatment that drives him to solitude and food, also drives him to help others, and, with hope, seek their acceptance. He has no way to know that soon he will have what he seeks, but like many before him he will learn to be careful what he wished for. OOC: If you wish you may feel free to make one short post each to introduce your character and expand upon what they are doing at the moment. Don't get carried away or "do" anything beyond what I have already set up. Remember K.I.S.S. - Keep It Simple Stupid
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