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Found 3 results

  1. The chained groups milled together below the platform until soldiers motioned for them to move past it. Moving in awkward clusters, they were guided to a set of wagons by the train and stopped there. As the new hostages watched -- and were watched by armed guards -- people in pale yellow shirts and pants emerged from behind the train station and offloaded the supplies from all six of the cattle cars. The supplies were a wide variety of items, and the people doing the work were just as varied, though they mostly had the common theme of not-white. They quietly piled the supplies in large, wheeled carts. Though their clothing matched, they each had a large triangle on their back in various colors, mostly green. Once the carts were full, the soldiers pushed the chain gangs into motion. In short time, both ends of their chains were connected to the front of the cart. “I think we’re mules now,” Carl muttered to the others as he eyed their wagon loads. “I think mules would be treated better,” Graham growled, taking a grip on his chains. Jenny and Jeannie looked down at their high heels and then at each other, their expressions scared. “What happens if we can’t pull?” Jenny whispered to her sister. “We’ll help,” Sean said. “We’ll cover for you.” The future wives were left in a bunch on the platform with the other soldiers hovering nearby them. The four men who had traveled with them looked as lost as they did, although they were also clearly excited and eager for whatever came next. Siobhán spent a long time looking for the producers, or their assistant, or even a visible camera so that the operator could get her someone in charge. No one materialized however, and on one sweep around the area, her eyes fell on a familiar face. Even as she registered Juno’s presence, a loudspeaker clicked on and a voice spoke in rapid German. “What’s going on?” Sarah asked, her voice warbling with fear and tears. “What are they saying?” The blond Nazi cleared his throat and said, “It’s the Major in charge of this station, and he’s telling us to stay close to the soldiers. Um, he’s telling the ones pulling the wagons to focus on hauling and they’ll be fine. And of course, to be strong and courageous.” A final order was barked out, and all the soldiers snapped off a Nazi salute. Their translator finished as he lowered his arm, “And you can guess what that is.” “Shitheads on parade?” Sarah asked, then clapped a hand over her mouth and turned scared eyes to the soldier. “Oh, god, are you going to put me in a concentration camp for saying that?” “Me, personally?” The blond man shook his head. “Don’t worry, the Major made it clear you’re allowed to speak your minds.” He smirked a little. “Some might even find it sexy.”
  2. Current Combat: Spider fight! Roll Inits below, please.
  3. Captives Jenny and Jeanie Shang New York natives and daughters of Chinese immigrants, the two sisters share an apartment in Queens. Jenny works as a paraprofessional at the Queens High School for the Sciences. Jeanie has a culinary degree, and works at an upscale French/Asian fusion restaurant. They are still close, but both have boyfriends and are starting to talk about splitting up their households. Jenny is the quiet twin, generally following Jeanie's lead in stressful situations. Jenny's skills: Science (Chemistry), Athletics (Running); Jeanie's skills: Crafting (cooking, preserving food) Carl Smith Carl is from Atlanta, where he works in construction as a drywall hanger. He has a girlfriend who came with two kids that he treats like his own. He was visiting a friend in New York for the holidays. Carl is pretty easy-going and light-hearted, but will fight for himself if he believes it necessary. Skills: Crafting (Construction), Brawl Graham West Native to the Rockies, Graham has always loved the outdoors and physical activity. He joined the Army out of high school and saw combat in Afghanistan. He didn't integrate back into civilian life very well, ending up homeless in New York. Gruff and surly, Graham is a pessimist, quick to see the worst in a situation and in people. Skills: Firearms, Survival Lana and Shawn Lana and her brother have been struggling to care for their mother, who is suffers from advanced Lupus. She works multiple jobs and he even has a part-time job at a greenhouse after school. Their night out on Times Square was supposed to be a break from the constant care required for their mother. Lana is protective and vivacious. Shawn is just as outgoing as his sister, though he's a little more nerdy than her. Lana's Skills: Medicine, Bureaucracy; Shawn's skills: Science (Botany) Sarah Harrison Montana born, Sarah grew up on her parents' ranch. They raise show horses, cattle, and bison. Sarah's got a knack for dealing with animals, and her family was in upstate New York at a Paint Horse show. After Sarah's Paint won Best of Show, she took the train into the city to see the ball drop. Sarah is an all-American Midwest girl. She is friendly with everyone, though she can become quite catty if people don't fit her preconceived notions. Sarah's skills: Riding, Animal Handling
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