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Found 1 result

  1. The Hollow Earth is a place of adventure and legend, mystery and danger. Long before the characters in this legend descended into the crust of their home, they were at a party, trying to enjoy the end of one year and the start of another. This was their first step. This writing prompt is to encourage you to write up the story of your capture by the Nazis. I thought about that being the Session 0, but if the dice interjected too much randomness, then I might end up with a character who is left behind, or I have to contort to make it happen. Instead, I thought I would offer a chance for you guys to show of their character’s personality and personal style. Write up how the Nazis grabbed you from Times Square. Feel free to use whatever method you’d like for your capture: trickery, drugging, beatdown, whatever. You can work cooperatively or alone on a story. There are a few limits: The men grabbing you are all white, mostly blond, and all in street clothing. They speak English to you, and German amongst themselves. They’ll avoid police involvement as much as possible. The story ends with your character being rendered unconscious in some way. I’ll award 1 or 2 XP for completed stories. The more you show who your character is, facets of their life, and hints of their personality, the higher the reward. Feel free to use Resources that you plan to buy later when you return to the Surface World, or Resources that you would have access to now but will lose after an extended stay in the Hollow Earth. Post the story to this thread to keep them in one place. This writing prompt will remain open, and players are free to do it or not. Happy Writing!
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