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Found 6 results

  1. aishwaary anant


    From the album: Character Design [Gaming Project]

    Digital Character Design... *Nagraj* photoshop cs5. work for client...

    © aishwaary anant

  2. aishwaary anant


    From the album: Character Design [Gaming Project]

    Digital Character Design... *Nagraj* photoshop cs5. work for client...

    © aishwaary anant

  3. The 737 bumped up and down as it passed through some turbulence most of the passengers didn't even notice, but the four passengers , two men and two woman sitting In coach rows 17 and 18 did. They had been in quiet discussion since take off two hours before and each was hyper-alert. Today begun like any other day at the estate campus in Seattle. Total Chaos. Cell phones went off and Agents were summoned and sent off to god knows where. And then there were these four. Agent Shane Curtis, Agent Percival Hutchinson, newly promoted Agent Alexandra Scire, and an unknown factor Ms. Juno Reyes who was handed her badge by Lead Investigator Keaton as she entered the briefing room. Called in By Senior Agent Katherine Manners, one of the founding members of the Estate, each of the young agents had arrived ready to go anywhere and do anything called upon because they are Estate agents and they have the badges to prove it. The Estate is a secret organization that monitors activity on Earth that originates in alternate recursions and, generally speaking, puts a stop to it for Earth’s safety. Each of these Special Agents have been touched by the Strange and have abilities regular people wouldn’t understand. Those abilities are what make them the perfect agents for the Estate. Manners had made a fast Mission briefing passed out gear and cyphers handed them coach-class tickets from Seattle, Washington, to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The mission: to investigate a man called Father Foss of the All Souls Church of Deliverance (located in Sioux Falls). Father Foss had began counting down to the “End of Days” a few weeks ago. Of course, crackpot evangelists do that all the time, but in this case, local televised news reports showed Father Foss pulling off several tricks that bamboozled the local media. A few reporters went so far as to call the tricks actual miracles. Three Hours earlier at the Estate Kate Manners let the three agents and Keaton's new “protege” settle in for the brief. She wasn't happy not in the least. Of the four only Curtis and Hutchinson had any real field experience and this could prove dangerous. She looked at Alexandra and it took all her effort not to dismiss her from the mission immediately, but she thought to herself, no this is what she wants and who am I kidding she risen to every challenge so far, its time I let her grow up. Then she looked at the newest member of the Estate. Juno Reyes a cop who had an encounter and now Keaton wants to make her his deputy. On paper she looked good excellent record, good recommendations, but she had no Estate Training, We dont even know if shes really touched or if her encounter with Cumberland was just pure luck, she had only been here today because of Keaton trying to recruit her. If Keaton hadn't of had to go to Palo Alto for the damned emergency there I would never have signed off on this. She stepped up to the wall and Flipped the light swich allowing the Presentation to begin. On the screen was the image of a man. The picture shows a thin, tall, older man with blond hair, smiling into the camera. The caption under the picture reads Father Nick Foss. “This is Father Nick Foss, leader of the All Souls Church Of Deliverance in Sioux Falls. We Think he has a quantum Computer...” As she continues new images flip onto the screen. “As you are all aware we destroy quantum computers and discourage further research whenever we find some scientist trying to make one, because using the computer can strip the Earth of its anonymity and summon a planetovore from the Strange” Manners looks at Reyes to see if she's following, then continues. . “ We recently learned that the group calling itself the September Project utilized next-generation quantum computing to create what they are calling the War Code program. The Project promised specially fabricated war glasses that would supposedly give wearers the abilities of supersoldiers. They began shopping the War Code program around to various military contractors as soon as the program was complete. To little success.” Kate turns the lights back on and faces her team while leaning against the nearby table “ They have been Unable to locate buyers in the military-industrial complex and they seem to have changed tactics. We dont know the connection yet but we believe that the Project has delivered the quantum computer and the war glasses to Father Foss, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.” She folds her arms under her breasts and gives a heavy sigh. “However the quantum computer and the associated war glasses accomplish their “magic,” it’s bending the law of Standard Physics here on Earth—so much that everything is on the line. Active war glasses could destabilize Earth, leaving the planet wide open to the creatures that live in the Strange.” She gives each of the young agents that serious look. “ The mission is to locate and destroy the computer and all war glasses that you can find. You know who we are dealing with on this so be careful I want all of you coming back.” She spies the questioning look on Juno's face “Ms. ... Agent Reyes, the others will explain about Project September on the way to the airport.” She straightens up and steps to the side gesturing to the table. “Curtis you will be lead agent on this. Here is your gear and cyphers, your flight leaves at 10:30,” She hands Curtis the tickets,” and the car to the airport in fifteen minutes. Any questions?” GAME INFORMATION This Adventure is based on a published adventure. If you have read the published version rest assured there will be deviations. Gear- Credentials for Federal Marshals, A small (tablet sized) scanner which will allow the detection of Quantum wave forms in a short range area (20yrds). Firearms if you need them. Cyphers. Following cyphers are available each of you may take up to Three even if you already have cyphers on your sheet (these cyphers are treated with a field which cause them to resist interaction for up to 48 hrs). Each character may only take one of each type though. Strength Enhancer level 6 Armor reenforcer lvl 5 Temp Shield lvl5 Stim lvl 5 electrical Grenade lvl 6 Curative lvl6 Sniper Module lvl 6 DarkSight lvl5 Force Screen Projector lvl6 Meditation Aid lvl5 Phase Changer Lvl6 Corrosive Grenade lvl 6 Disguise Module lvl 6 Lift lvl 5 Information on Project September known to your agents SEPTEMBER PROJECT A standard Internet search describes the September Project as a research group developing the next generation of quantum computers. A lot of glitzy web marketing makes a convincing case for the benefits such machines would provide. The group’s desire to create a true quantum computer is real—not because they want to solve anyone’s problems, but because the group’s secret founder—a man named Jason Cole (known as the Betrayer in Ardeyn)—wants to claim both Ardeyn and Earth for himself. The ultimate narcissist, Cole has attained planetovore-style aspirations. Only a few elite September Project agents know Cole’s ultimate goals, and even they believe that they’ll be spared when Cole finally succeeds. The September Project has a research facility in Palo Alto, California, a city known for its computer talent. Thanks to the efforts of the Estate (efforts that consist of bribes, hiring away talent, destruction of prototypes, arson, and so on), the research never really got off the ground, and the September Project eventually earned the reputation as something of a joke in the computer industry. Agent Hutchinson has been undercover within this organization until recently. This is not known to other agents. Any other information you may have read about the September Project that is not listed here is not know to your characters of course. PLANETOVORES Creatures live in the Chaosphere. The worst of these are called planetovores. They thrive on the fact that no rules bind them within the Strange. We call these creatures planetovores because a) the Estate has good evidence that one tried to consume our planet when Earth first discovered the Chaosphere; Planetovores can’t normally reach areas where natural laws restrict the environment, such as on Earth. But bridges up to Earth can be made, either accidentally or purposefully. Finding or constructing such a bridge seems to be the main goal of all planetovores and their intermediaries. Preventing that from happening, by whatever means necessary, is the Estate’s primary mission. If there arer any questions for me as ST post in OOC thread your first in character posts should be from the Briefing setting.
  4. aishwaary anant

    Fantasy Tiger

    From the album: Tiger Character Design [Gaming Project]

    Tiger Character Design [Gaming Project]
  5. aishwaary anant

    Fantasy Tiger

    From the album: Tiger Character Design [Gaming Project]

    Tiger Character Design [Gaming Project]
  6. From the album: Character Design [Gaming Project]

    Character Design for game work photoshop cs5 2D Digital.

    © aliengames

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