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Found 31 results

  1. Yeah, it's coming, discuss ... Thoughts? WotC sees 4e sales not being where they want them to be, and Pathfinder doing extremely well. 5e is a desperate attempt to reclaim the "throne" of fantasy gaming.
  2. Hello All, Please support the kickstarter for the second adventure in the Slayers of the Great Serpent series. Project Page "Beyond the Forest of Night" is the second installment of a classic fantasy adventure series called Slayers of the Great Serpent. This series of adventure modules draws inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories, the fairy tales of Oscar Wilde, the works of Romantic poets like Coleridge and Byron, and the myths and folktales of cultures the world over. The vision behind the Slayers of the Great Serpent series is about creating a story about heroes and their great deeds, but also about making a world that is majestic and awe-inspiring. What I envisioned was a quest that requires the party to travel far beyond the lands known to them and cross half the world, witnessing many bizarre and spectacular sights and facing many dangers. This adventure module is intended to take characters from 5th level to 8th level.It has a projected page count of 90-100 pages, and will be published in softcover and PDF format. Available for Pathfinder and 4th Edition.
  3. Chaos Trip Studios is proud to present our first two setting books for Altered Earth. Cities of Altered Earth: Octagon and Cities of Altered Earth: Consortium are on sale now. Built deep in the Western Mountains, the mega-city called Octagon is a paradise for the idle rich and a living hell for the sweating masses. A chaotic mass of skyscrapers and mega-pyramids looms above the ruins of the old city, and terrible secrets lurk in the subterranean depths below. Octagon is the place where elections and trials are run like reality shows, and corporate executives settle disputes through gladiatorial combat. Octagon is a city full of both opportunity and danger. From the lawless streets of lowtown to the deceptively beautiful gardens of the penthouse level, adventure awaits those who are desperate or foolish enough to chase after it. This PDF contains: -History and general layout of the city -Encounter groups for different areas -Information on the most prominent factions in Octagon Located near the Inland Sea, Consortium is the largest city in the world. Nearly a quarter of a billion people struggle to survive in this vast maze of concrete and steel. The impoverished hordes are crammed into enormous habitation complexes while the political elite look down on their empire from above. Consortium is a city of fear, where order is kept through automated gun turrets and even thinking the wrong way could attract the attention of the secret police. Consortium is not a place for the faint of heart. Those who have the right combination of cunning and bravery will find that opportunities for adventure abound, those who falter are destined for reeducation or worse. This PDF contains: -History and general layout of the city -Encounter groups for the police and military -Information on criminal organizations and outlawed religious sects
  4. You can now order a dead-tree version of Slayers of the Great Serpent I for Pathfinder/d20. ,, Check it out here.
  5. Chaos Trip Studios is proud to announce the first installment of our adventure series, Slayers of the Great Serpent -A Tale of Terrible Danger -A Monster From Prehistoric Times -An Impossible Quest “To the Ede of the Map” is the first installment of a classic fantasy adventure series called Slayers of the Great Serpent. The story begins when a messenger arrives at the royal court with a warning of apocalyptic magnitude. A terrible menace that is about to awaken; heroes are needed to cross the ocean and travel to the distant East in order to search for the lair of a gargantuan snake known as The Destroyer and The Eater of Worlds. These heroes must travel far from their homes, and try to find the country where the Great Serpent lives. Very little is known about this land, save for rumors that it lies to the east of distant Xi, a strange and romantic kingdom on the other side of the ocean. Nothing will be certain on this journey, not the final destination of our heroes, or the incredible dangers that they are sure to face. If no one can find this monster and lay it low before it rises from its torpor then the world will fall into an age of darkness and become transformed into a nightmarish hellscape of misery and death. An adventure for Pathfinder that takes the characters from 1st to 4th level using the fast XP chart. This adventure is available in PDF at all of your favorite RPG download sites. Take a look here.
  6. Chaos Trip Studios is proud to announce the release of the first installment of our fantasy adventure series, Slayers of the Great Serpent. ,, -A Tale of Terrible Danger -A Monster From Prehistoric Times -An Impossible Quest ,, “To the Ede of the Map” is the first installment of a classic fantasy adventure series called Slayers of the Great Serpent. The story begins when a messenger arrives at the royal court with a warning of apocalyptic magnitude. A terrible menace that is about to awaken; heroes are needed to cross the ocean and travel to the distant East in order to search for the lair of a gargantuan snake known as The Destroyer and The Eater of Worlds. These heroes must travel far from their homes, and try to find the country where the Great Serpent lives. Very little is known about this land, save for rumors that it lies to the east of distant Xi, a strange and romantic kingdom on the other side of the ocean. Nothing will be certain on this journey, not the final destination of our heroes, or the incredible dangers that they are sure to face. If no one can find this monster and lay it low before it rises from its torpor then the world will fall into an age of darkness and become transformed into a nightmarish hellscape of misery and death. ,, The majority of this adventure takes place while the adventurers are traveling; they must contend with both the everyday hazards of life on the road as well as cowardly plots initiated by an agent of the Church of the Destroyer. Before they can think about crossing the ocean, the adventurers must first find and reach the coast of their own continent. The first task they will need to accomplish is to leave the borders of The Kingdom by the Sea and then cross the dangerous Iron Ridge Mountains. On the other side of these mountains the adventurers will encounter a violent and lawless region known as The Outlaw Kingdoms. Should they make it across this land and yet live, they must still face the unknown dangers of the enchanted Forest of Night. It is here that the adventurers will brave a final showdown with the mysterious agent that has impaired their progress from the start. During the confrontation, the cultist summons a horrific Nightmare Snake, a living fragment of one of the Great Serpent’s dreams. ,, An adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition that takes the characters from 1st to 4th level. ,, Pathfinder version coming soon! ,, The book is available in softcover ,, and PDF ,, -David Caffee ,,
  7. Project Page ,, The fundraising effort for the entire Slayers campaign was not succesful. Now I'm trying again by raising money for the first adventure as a stand alone product. Please visit the project page and check it out. ,, To the Edge of the Map is the first installment of a classic fantasy adventure series called Slayers of the Great Serpent. This series of adventure modules draws inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories, the fairy tales of Oscar Wilde, the works of Romantic poets like Coleridge and Byron, and the myths and folktales of cultures the world over. ,, The vision behind the Slayers of the Great Serpent series is about creating a story about heroes and their great deeds, but also about making a world that is majestic and awe-inspiring. What I envisioned was a quest that requires the party to travel far beyond the lands known to them and cross half the world, witnessing many bizarre and spectacular sights and facing many dangers. ,, This adventure module is intended for characters of 1st-4th level. It has a projected page count of 90-100 pages, and will be published in softcover and PDF format.
  8. Hello, I am posting today in order to promote the kickstarter fundraising campaign for my project, Slayers of the Great Serpent, a classic fantasy campaign for Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. Click here to view the project page. This fantasy roleplaying campaign is inspired by the Dreamlands stories of H.P. Lovecraft, the fairy tales of Oscar Wilde, the works of Romantic poets like Coleridge and Byron, and the folktales of cultures the world over. These influences combine to create adventures that recapture the language of fantasy and myth. The vision behind Slayers of the Great Serpent was about making something that truly fits the definition of the word epic. It was about creating a story of great heroes versus a terrifying monster, but also about making a world that was majestic and awe-inspiring. What I envisioned was a quest that required the adventurers to undertake a lengthy and harrowing journey through unknown lands, knowing only that their destination lies to the distant east, beyond the borders of the legendary kingdom of Xi. I appreciate any and all suport that you can give. Thanks, David Caffee Chaos Trip Studios
  9. I am curious is there an pathfinder or D and D game going to happen anytime soon?
  10. Chaos Trip Studios and Avalon Games are proud to present the newest addition to the Altered Earth line of 4th Edition compatible games. This book has threats from Android to Warbot and Chemical Booster to Techno-Zombie. Need a genetically engineered gorilla or a cyber tooth tiger? Want to challenge your players with an armored trooper sky hunter or a sewer mutant mastermind? Get Altered Earth: Heroic Tier Threats at http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=98174&filters=0_0_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=645 You should also check out the original Altered Earth book http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=93516&filters=0_0_44281_0_0 AE is also available in softcover http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/chaos_trip_studiosatyahoodotcom
  11. These are just the greatest. D&D for Kids: Found on James Stowe's blog. He's taking commissions. I'm getting some.
  12. Chaos Trip Studios is thrilled to announce the first release of our 4E science fiction project, Altered Earth. Altered Earth is a role-playing game of high energy battles and thrilling adventures set against an epic science fiction background. The action takes place in a futuristic world filled with endless possibilities. Any kind of adventure that you can imagine is waiting for you in a setting that is filled with dangerous wastelands, high tech cities, awesome war machines, and unexplored ruins. Your character might be a gritty mercenary, a cold blooded assassin, an intrepid explorer, or a loyal soldier to the cause. You might be motivated to seek out adventure for the sake of greed, for thrills, or simply to escape your previous life. Or perhaps you have your own personal quest that you are pursuing. Adventures There are many types of adventures that can be had in the world of Altered Earth. It all depends upon the type of role-playing campaign you enjoy. There is something for everyone in this setting, from in depth social role-playing to military combat to high tech dungeon crawls. The player characters may find themselves… …exploring ancient ruins in search of lost technological relics. …infiltrating the fortress of a super powered warlord. …crawling through the mutant-inhabited sewers and tunnels beneath a sprawling mega-city. …crossing a desolate wasteland populated by strange creatures and insane robots. …battling against (or becoming) criminals in a dystopian urban nightmare. Download the Free Preview: http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=93179 Altered Earth Promo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bmr67XHqFfM The PDF version of the Altered Earth core book is available from these fine websites: www.rpgnow.com www.drivethrurpg.com www.paizo.com Order Altered Earth in softcover: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/chaos_trip_studiosatyahoodotcom
  13. So, I got bored while Vivi stole my television and X-Box to play Dragon Age 2 so I came up with a few stats for the races of Thedas for Pathfinder. Let me know what you think of the Qunari below... QunariQunari are a large humanoid race hailing from the island nations of Par Vollen and Seheron in northern Thedas. They have bronze-hued skin, white hair, pointed ears, and vivid eyes with colors like violet, red, or yellow. Qunari are considered physically more robust than humans. Qunari don’t use names to identify themselves, but their titles. Their “names” are strings of genealogical information used by the Tamassrans for record-keeping. Qunari are rarely seen in Ferelden with the exception of some high-class mercenaries. History The qunari are recent arrivals to the area surrounding Ferelden, having arrived by warships four centuries ago from unknown eastern lands. While in the past they threatened to conquer all of Thedas, they are currently involved in a war for dominance of the north against the Tevinter Imperium. The qunari are apparently more technologically advanced than the native Thedosian cultures, possessing cannons and an impressive navy. The Beresaad is the name of the qunari military division Sten belongs to. According to Sten, the Beresaad division serves as “the vanguard of the qunari people”. The qunari lack mages in anything near the numbers that Ferelden has, however, and should they ever be seen to perform forbidden magic, qunari mages would have their tongues cut out. Several Exalted Marches have been waged against them and they’ve lost much land in Thedas. The qunari still hold Kont-aar in northern Rivain, but that is the only permanent non-island holding the qunari currently retain. When the qunari invade an area and capture the current citizens, they offer them the opportunity to convert to their philosophy, or be sent to work in prison camps. Any who resists either one are slain without pity, but Thedosian converts to the Qun claim to feel pity towards those who choose not to convert. When the qunari were pushed back by the Exalted Marches, the Chantry was disturbed to discover that a surprisingly large number of members of their faith had quite happily converted to the foreign religion. Physical Description: While technically medium creatures, most Qunari straddle the line at around 8 feet tall. Like dwarves, Qunari are stocky creatures for their size. From a distance, a Qunari can pass as a large human, until one gets a look at their horns. Up close, the penetrating stare and corded, muscular appearance, in addition to his larger height, unmistakably mark one as Qunari. Although incredibly rare, some Qunare are born without horns. In accordance with the edicts of the Qun, the physical body is only a shell, it is the deeds of the Qunari, not their appearance that accord them honor, thus they do not differentiate between ‘horned’ or ‘hornless’ Qunari. Society: Qunari don't have "family units". They don't marry or choose partners. Qunari do not even know to whom they are related. A Qunari's "family" is his or her coworkers. A qunari's personal name isn't what we think of as a name. It's more like a social security number. It's information that the Tamassrans use to keep track of breeding. It's not something they ever call one another. What a qunari thinks of as their name is their job title. The job titles are differentiated by rank and task. The Tamassrans raise all the children, give them their general education, and evaluate them. Qunari are officially assigned their roles when they are twelve years old. The Tamassrans have some tests, but nothing requiring a #2 pencil. They also have something of a head start on the process, since they are the ones who control the Qunari selective breeding program. The Tamassrans wield a huge amount of influence. It's also a female gender role (as all administrative tasks are) which might lead an outsider to conclude that female qunari rule their society. Qunari don't, however, look on rulership quite the same way. The brain could be said to rule the body, but so does the heart, the lungs, the stomach. They are part of the whole. Qunari believe the genders are inherently better at certain tasks: No matter how much aptitude a male shows for management, he'd never be as good at it as a female, therefore; it would never be considered efficient to put him into a role where a woman would serve better. The Tamassrans would find something else he showed aptitude for, and have him do that instead. Qunari have been bred for specific roles for a very long time. Parentage isn't really the issue anymore: It's more like pedigree. But breeding doesn't determine the assigned task. If a qunari was bred to be a soldier, but turns out to be more intellectual -- the Tamassrans may stick them in the priesthood, researching weapons technology or the Ben-Hassrath, policing the populace, or who knows what, depending on what roles need filled by someone with their specific traits. All qunari have a tool that signifies their role in qunari society. For soldiers, those tools are always weapons. In the case of soldiers at least, losing this weapon brands the owner soulless and they would be executed on sight by the Antaam. They have their own mages. The saarebas (from the word bas or thing/object) are considered defective tools-- but the qunari don't waste those, either. The qunari mages are literally kept on leashes, held by an arvaarad (their "handler"). Should they ever be seen to perform forbidden magic, their tongues get cut out to prevent a mage who has been possessed by a demon from communicating and possibly corrupting someone else. Qunari do not have currency. "Merchants" in qunari cities have the job of making sure goods are distributed appropriately. Qunari don't buy and sell things amongst one another. Qunari don't generally associate mating with love. They feel love. They have friends. They form emotional bonds with one another. They just don't sleep with each other to express it. And if they do, they get re-educated by the Ben-Hassrath. If such a thing occurred and produced a child, the same thing would happen to the offspring as happens to all other Qunari offspring: It would be raised by the Tamassrans, evaluated, and assigned a job. Qunari don't waste people unnecessarily. Qunari society is based upon learning as well as military might. Few speak the common tongue that is used among Theodesians, and fewer speak it well. In a culture that strives for perfection and mastery, to possess only a passable degree of skill is humiliating indeed, and so they often keep quiet amongst foreigners, out of shame. Duty is paramount in Qunari culture, and their society is seen as a living entity, whose wellbeing is the responsibility of all. Each person is a drop of blood in the veins of the being, and they must do not what is best for them, but what is best for the creature. The Qunari army is the eyes, ears, legs arms and hands of the creature, everything that one needs to interact with the world, and so most Qunari encountered by Theodesians belong to the military. One cannot understand somebody by simply studying their hand or foot, and so to truly comprehend Qunari society, one must vist their cities, where the heart and soul dwell. The primary symbol used to represent the Qunari as a people is a triangle, which symbolizes Qunari triumvirate of body, mind and soul. The "body" is represented by the "Arishok" {the military), the "mind" is represented by Arigena (the craftsmen) and the "soul" is represented by Ariqun (the priests). It is this Triumvirate that govern all of qunari society by acting as the three pillars, or their three primary leaders in all matters. The Arishok who leads the armies, The Arigena who leads the craftsmen, and the Ariqun who leads the priesthood. All three are the head of their respective "paths", and work in unison to complete the whole of qunari society. Relations: Qunari do not get along well with the other races of Thedas. The Qunari are a very militant people who believe that all peoples should be united into the Qun. Although not unreasonable, they are an uncompromising people and this makes all other races in Thedas wary, if not outright fearful of them. Alignment and Religion: The qunari follow the philosophy of the Qun (kyoon), a sort of religion based on the writings of the ashkaari Koslun. The Qun defines the role of everyone and everything in the society of the qunari, regardless of whether it is spiritual or mundane. For example, some qunari are raised as soldiers from a very young age. They are expected to be strong, disciplined, and stoic, adhering without fail to the tenets of honor and duty as defined in the Qun. Fanatical in this devotion, the qunari are prepared to wage war throughout their entire lives as part of their attempts to "enlighten" all other races in regards to their philosophy. The qunari live after the rules in the Qun unquestioningly, and see it as their duty to convert the unbelieving, giving them their rightful place in the Qun. Even qunari attempts at trade with other races and nations are done primarily to size up potential opponents, rather than to amass resources or wealth. The qunari do not believe in gods and find the concept of invisible all-knowing beings that are interested in judging you after you die laughable. They tolerate deism in the converted populations in Rivain and Seheron, however, as they view their inhabitants as just beginning the path to enlightened self-knowledge, and that they will discard that sort of superstition eventually. Qunari who have abandoned the Qun are called Tal'Vashoth and live away from the qunari homelands, often working as mercenaries, some of whom the Warden will meet in places. Qunari value their weapons highly and consider them part of their worthiness. A qunari soldier must never be separated from his sword; such individuals will likely be shamed and/or executed upon returning to the homeland. Qunari who follow the Qun are always Lawful Neutral. Tal’Vashoth, despite abandoning the Qun, almost always cling tightly to their honor and thus are usually Lawful in alignment but free to choose any moral code beyond that.. Adventurers: For the obvious reasons, qunari are generally not the ‘adventuring’ type, and generally only Tal’Vashoth are permitted the freedom to adventure at their leisure. Qunari gravitate towards militant classes such as Fighters. Qunari Traits +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: The Qunari are immensely strong and hardy, but their single minded fanaticism and lack of empathy for others make it difficult for them to relate other cultures. Medium: Qunari are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size. Normal Speed: Qunari have a base speed of 30 feet. Imposing Figure: Qunari are intimidating without trying. They may add their strength modifier to their charisma modifier when making intimidation checks. Random Starting Age: (15 years) +2d6 Aging Effects: Middle Age 50 Old 75 Venerable 100 Max 100+5d20 Height and Weight: Male Height 7’6” Weight 250 Modifier 2d6 Weight Multiplier x7, Female Height 6’10” Weight 180 Modifier 2d6 Weight Multiplier x7
  14. Illithid Brain Juice anyone? http://www.myjones.com/limited/wizards
  15. I have no idea when I could ever run this, or who I would run it for, but I have been thinking about dong a game of Dungeons & Dragons based with the PCs being in an army. Most games are based around a small adventuring group and I think it could be fun to experience the similar situations in a new dynamic. I have a visual of 300 people fighting a dragon, with groups trying to achieve separate goals in order to slay the beast. Or in another instance seeing 100 people enter a dungeon. Not all situations are better with an army, and that would be part of the fun. The PCs will have to work on teamwork from the beginning of the game. As they advance in level they would advance in rank, gaining more control over what goes on in the missions. Has anyone played in or ran a game like this?
  16. Wizards is apparently releasing another version of Gamma World. Is this something that people are actually asking for? And if those people were asking for it, are they willing to pay $40 for a 160 page book? Don't get me wrong, I had fun playing the game back in the day and I know that RPG books aren't cheap, but that is just an insane amount of money for the game. Here is the info for the game: D&D Gamma World Roleplaying Game A D&D Roleplaying Game Richard Baker and Bruce R. Cordell A wacky, wily roleplaying game of post-apocalyptic peril. Earth. After the apocalypse. Never mind the radiation—you’re gonna like it here. The D&D Gamma World Roleplaying Game offers hours of rollicking entertainment in a savage land of adventure, where the survivors of some mythical future disaster must contend with radioactive wastes, ravaged cities, and rampant lawlessness. Against a nuclear backdrop, heroic scavengers search crumbled ruins for lost artifacts while battling mutants and other perils. This product is a complete, stand-alone roleplaying game that uses the 4th Edition D&D Roleplaying Game system as its foundation. It appeals to D&D players as well as gamers interested in fantasy science fiction set in a bizarre, post-apocalyptic world. 160-page book with rules for character creation, game rules, and an adventure 2 sheets of die-cut character and monster tokens 2 double-sided battle mapsCardstock character sheets and mutation power cardsMutation power card deckLoot power card deckItem Details Item Code: 254600000 Release Date: October 19, 2010 Format: Box Page Count: 160 Price: $39.99 C$47.99 ISBN: 978-0-7869-5508-4
  17. Well, I've finished reading through the PG, and I've definitely decided that my group won't be using it. The system definitely went with a WoW model; there are abilities that only help you in combat, with no real use outside of combat. You have several abilities that are usable at-will, with other abilities that you can use once per encounter and once per day. As you increase in level, you must decide on which abilities you want, and you have the ability to "retrain" every level, shifting out skills, feats, and abilities as needed. Neat concept, but it's good only for combat twinks. In fact, there is one rogue ability and a couple of ranger abilities that can be used outside of combat; most increase your ability in combat. Out of the various feats, only a few have any use outside of combat, and those few allow you to pick up skills and languages, as well as sort of multi-class. You have very few initial skills, and you are extremely limited when it comes to picking up skills later (you can only do this by using a feat). The good news is that there are fewer skills, but the emphasis is on what you can do with them in combat rather than non-combat uses (even the knowledge skills give bonuses to combat. Languages are even worse; you start with two or three languages, and need a feat to know more; high Intelligence no longer gives bonus languages. I really miss the 3.5E system, where you could either master a few skills, or know a little bit of everything. I'm definitely going to miss the Craft, Profession, and Knowledge skills. Because of this, and the way stats can easily be raised, INT, WIS, and CHA are ALL dump stats now, unless you have some specific trick you want on a talent tree; you don't really need more than INT 13 and CHA/WIS 15 for access to all the feats. You can no longer really multi-class; you can pick up feats that allow you to simulate it, but you are limited to the class you start with. And it's hard to develop new classes; you need to create them with their very own talent trees of over seventy abilities, as well as allow for different initial builds, as well as paragon levels; in essence, it's like developing a new magic-using class without being able to share spells. However; beyond the talent trees, there is no real difference between classes; the classes have all of the same saves and to hit numbers, even the classes do have different number of hit points and weapon/armor proficiencies. If you like wizards, you're going to get it in the shorts. The good news is that they can take damage without it affecting their casting ability, and armor is no longer an issue when casting spells. They can fight as well as fighters (same saves and to hit numbers, and access (through feats) to the same arms and armor), even though they don't have the same number of hit points. However, you don't have the same access to spells, and anyone can cast rituals. In short, if you're into role-playing, there really isn't any good reason to play the new system. If you like hack and slash, however, you'll really like it.... Any other thoughts...? FR
  18. Does anyone play 4e? If so, what do you think about it?
  19. As some of you may be aware, the Grandfather of Gaming died today aged 69. It is hard to quantify how much of influence Gary was on the early development of rpgs, but suffice to say that without him, the roleplaying of today would not be what it is. I remember the first rpg I ever played; D&D (the original D&D Basic, 1st edition). The game written primarily by Gary and the basis for so, so many more. So many memories, so much fun and the beginning of my long journey down the road of all things roleplay. Gary, you will be missed. Role a natural 20 for me... Jackson Creed
  20. Hey all, I've started a new D&D campaign and I was wondering a few of you out there might like to help me out with something. There are two ancient 'Orders', lost to the pages of history that I'll be using in this game: The Order of the Phoenix and The Order of the Dragon. The problem is I'm not very good at coming up with creative back-stories for sects, alliances, and societies in my games. The best I can do most of the time is a shoddy thieves guild. So I'm asking if any of you out there (with info supplied by me) would like to take a shot at helping to 'flesh out' these two lost orders. You will receive a small measure of fame (four players and myself will be grateful) and that’s about it.
  21. Hey all. Ok, this is very preliminary, but just wanted to get an idea if anyone would be interested in me running a D&D game? It obviously wouldn't be on this forum, but I figured there might be people here interested. Knowlege of rules would not be required, I can help out anyone who needs character creation help. If there's any interest, I'll post more info...
  22. Greetings, Not many of you know me and the ones that do probably don't care for me much :-P. I was thinking on the idea of attempting to run a 3.5ed D&D game here on Eon if were allowed by the admins. I have no idea of the interest levels from other players, nor the leniancy of the staff. The game will start at med-low levels 1-5 which I will leave up to the players to decide. I am one of the few the proud who enjoy a strand of randomness in my games both as player and storyteller. I see that this has been tried to unknown success here in the past, but would like to rekindle the idea. Will the owner / operator of the site let me know if this is a possibillity to run the game here on Eon, and please if any interest is here for old or new players, also deliver thine thoughts. Thank you, -SS
  23. http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/dd/20060401a My Little Pony!!
  24. Character #1 Poster Name: K Character Name: The Wish "I want you to stop Wishing." "Would you say that you Wish that I stop Wishing?" "No." Race/Class/Level: Human Warlock 12/Initiate of the Seven Veils 7/Mage of The Arcane Order 1. System: Forgotten Realms Short Description: This character manipulated several loopholes in the laws of magic to devestate his enemies and survive his brother's magical powers. By casting Wishes out of a custom Ring of Infinite wishes created by Spell-like Wishes from powerful Outsiders (which, as spell-like abilities, can create magic items at no XP or GP cost to the caster, and as Wishes, require no feats to create). Mostly, he just Wishes his problems away by emulating a vast array of potential spells with Wish. High-end effects are cast from Divinely Quickened Scrolls created by Wish. Ability Scores: Str: 8 (dependant on current templated "human" form gained with Polymorph Any Object) Dex: 8 (see above) Con: 8 (See above) Int: 18 (23 + items) Wis: 8 (13 + items) Cha: 18 (34) Character Sheet: Diety: None Alignment: Varies with the current casting of a Contingent Atonement, Hit Points: Average, but with bumper crops of temp HPs and Con-boosted HPs Saves: Fort 6/Ref 6/ Will 15(with +6 from a Cloak of Resistance and a Roving +6 for Devil's Own Luck) Quote: Progression: 1 Warlock 1 Magical Training(for spellcasting) Precocious Apprentice(for a 2nd level spell) 2 Warlock 2 3 Warlock 3 Supernatural Transformation(Eldritch Blast) 4 Warlock 4 5 Warlock 5 6 Warlock 6 Spell Focus(Abjuration) 7 Warlock 7 8 Warlock 8 9 Warlock 9 Skill Focus(Spellcraft) 10 Warlock 10 11 Warlock 11 12 Warlock 12 Greater Spell Focus(Abjuration) 13 Initiate of the Seven Veils 1/Warlock 12 [To get into IoSV, you need five Abjurations, with one at 4th level. Combined with the Warlock Invocations that are Abjuations effects like Devour Magic. Voracious Dispelling, and Entropic Warding and spell gained from (which count as spells for meeting PrC requirements per the Complete Arcane pg 70) and spells from Magical Training off the Wizard list for more abjurations, while Precocious Apprentice provides the needed ability to cast 2nd level spells] 14 Initiate of the Seven Veils 2/Warlock 12 15 Initiate of the Seven Veils 3/Warlock 12 Sudden widen 16 Initiate of the Seven Veils 4/Warlock 12 17 Initiate of the Seven Veils 5/Warlock 12 18 Initiate of the Seven Veils 6/Warlock 12 Cooperative Spell 19 Initiate of the Seven Veils 7/Warlock 12 20 Mage of the Arcane Order 1/Initiate of the Seven Veils 7/Warlock 12 Skills of note: Use Magic Device: 35 (and takes 10 with Warlock's 4th level power to boot) Spells of Note: --Eldritch Might(20th, as a Supernatural power, which punches through SR) --Full 20th level Warlock casting and Invocations with crazy-go-nuts powers to boot. Items of Note: --Ring Of Infinite Divinely Quickened Wishes (created by an Efreet or Pit Fiend or whatever's spell-like ability used at the behest of my cast Gate Scroll bought using my normal treasure). --Used Scrolls of Gate and Heroism and Quickened Guidance and that Bard +skill spell --Used Wishes for +5 Inherant Bonuses to all stats --+6 cloak of Charisma --Contingent spells(creatd with the Contingent spell feat tat I don't need with a Wish) created by the above Ring with crazy effects like Atonement spells that change my alignment to match the casting of the Word's spells. --Contingent Wishes to avert any ill event What Books are Needed for this Build? PHB DMG Complete Arcane Player's Guide to Faerun Savage Species Character #2 Poster Name: Frank Trollman (ftrollma@ucsc.edu) Character Name The Word "I'm sure you've sinned against something. That will be your downfall. Race/Class/Level: The Word is a Human Sorcerer 1/ Assassin 1/Wujen 1/ Warmage 1/Mage of the Arcane Order 9/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1. Yes, Really. System: These characters are from the Forgotten Realms, although with minimal alteration could be transferred to other settings. Short Description: The Word can throw Holy Words and Blasphemies at caster level 110, as supernatural abilities that automatically penetrate all SR. Both The Wish and The Word are immune to both spells, but anything else with less than 99 hit dice dies without recourse to a saving throw or spell resistance. Of course, he's also got full spellcasting in the traditional sense, so he's hardly powerless against creatures which are immune to his big trick. Ability Scores: Str: 10 (21) Dex:10 (21) Con: 12 (21) Int: 14 (19) Wis:14 (31) Cha: 14 (31) Character Sheet: The Word distains all deities equally and is Lawful Evil. He currently looks like a completely non-descript man somewhere between his twenties and thirties. His height, weight, and girth are all exactly average, because he's been transformed back into the platonic ideal of a “human”. His skin and eye color are the deep tan you get when you mix all possible human colorations together in a vat. Hit Points: 169, Saves: Fort: +16, Will: +39, Ref: +18 Progression: Quote: Using the magic of the Thought Bottle, the Word acually loses and regains levels three times, so levels are all shown in the order taken, with the appropriate levels he has at that point. Because a lot of levels are being taken, retaken, and reshuffled, we will always place the level which is presently being incremented as the first list level at each point (however transient that point may be). First Life: Human 1 Bard 1 Iron Will, Spell Focus: Evil 2 Ranger 1/ Bard 1 3 Ranger 2/ Bard 1 Still Spell, rapid shot 4 Ranger 3/ Bard 1 endurance 5 Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 Silent Spell 6 Ur Priest 1/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 cooperative spell 7 Ur Priest 2/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 8 Ur Priest 3/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 9 Ur Priest 4/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 extend spell 10 Ur Priest 5/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 11 Ur Priest 6/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 12 Ur Priest 7/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 persistent spell 13 Ur Priest 8/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 14 Ur Priest 9/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 15 Ur Priest 10/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 contingent spell 16 Fighter 1/Ur Priest 10/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 dodge 17 Fighter 2/Ur Priest 10/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 mobility 18 Swashbuckler 1/Fighter 2/Ur Priest 10/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 Weapon Finesse, divine persistent spell 19 Contemplative 1/Swashbuckler 1/Fighter 2/Ur Priest 10/ Wu Jen 1/Ranger 3/ Bard 1 Spell Focus: Enchantment (from the domination domain) Here's where the magic kicks in: The Word stores all of his copius XP in a Thought Bottle, and is killed by a Shadow. Based upon his long range plans and hatred of the gods, it is most probable that he voluntarily is killed by a Shadow. He uses his own Rebuke Undead ability to force a Shadow that he created with a Create Undead spell to kill him. This causes him to transform into a Shadow Spawn... exactly as he intended. Second Life: Shadow He is brought back as a Shadow Spawn. This means that his effective character level is reset to 10 as per Savage Species page 210. His stats are now Str -, Dex 14, Con -, Int 6, Wis 12, Cha 13. 10 3 Shadow Hit Dice, Point Blank Shot, Alertness 11 Bard +1 Cha 12 Bard 13 Bard 14 Bard 15 Emancipated Spawn, +1 Cha 16 Bard 17 Bard 18 Bard 19 Sublime Chord, +1 Cha Third Life: Rakshasa The Word does not actually die, but he does undergo a Ritual of Vitality (Savage Species, page 150), this sets him back 105,000 XP, leaving him barely enough XP to be 13th level. He can't drop the racial levels until the Ritual goes off, so instead he loses a bunch of Bard levels. As per the FAQ, the highest class levels (in this case the Bard levels) are lost first, reducing him to a Shadow 10/ Sublime Chord 1/ Emancipated Spawn 1/ Bard 1, and then replacing the Shadow levels with 14 levels of Rakshasa. This replaces his physical stats with Str 12, Dex 14, Con 16, it does not change his mental stats (although they do go up with the racial class features of the Rakshasa, as depicted on page 191 of the MM). For simplicity, Rakshasa abilities that don't stay after the Word changes his race again and do not affect Prestige Class entrance are being omitted. He loses all the feats and skills accumulated during those levels, so unfortunately he won't have Profession: Astrologer anymore. Dang! 1 Rakshasa 1 Combat Casting, All Martial Weapons 2 Rakshasa 2, +2 Int 3 Rakshasa 3 4 Rakshasa 4 5 Rakshasa 5 Alertness 6 Rakshasa 6 7 Rakshasa 7, +2 Wis 8 Rakshasa 8 9 Rakshasa 9, +2 Cha 10 Rakshasa10 11 Rakshasa 11 combat reflexes 12 Rakshasa 12 13 Rakshasa 13, +2 Cha 14 Rakshasa 14 Rakshasa levels hook us up with Tumble, Jump, and the Language of Ancient Suloise. 15 Sublime Chord 1/Rakshasa 14, +1 Wis 16 Emancipated Spawn 1/Sublime Chord 1/Rakshasa 14 17 Bard 1/Emancipated Spawn 1/Sublime Chord 1/Rakshasa 14 18 Emancipated Spawn 2/ Bard 1/Sublime Chord 1/Rakshasa 14 19 Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/ Bard 1/Sublime Chord 1/Rakshasa 14 elusive target, +1 Wis Fourth Life: Human Again The Word undergoes the Ritual of Vitality again, but this time becomes a lowly human. This removes all of the Rakshasa levels, so the accumulated feats of comnbat casting, alertness, and combat reflexes are lost. But then he picks up 14 new levels by touching the Thought Bottle again. 1 Emancipated Spawn 1 combat reflexes, sudden extend 2 Bard 1/ Emancipated Spawn 1 3 Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 elusive target Elusive Target is not presently legal, but it was legal when he got it, and the level he got it in has not gone away, so it sticks around and he can't use it until his BAB goes up past 6 – such as when he casts a Divine Persistent Divine Power. 4 Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1, +1 Wis 5 Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 6 Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 scribe scroll, Inate Spell: Blasphemy (that's the one from PGtF) 7 Mage of the Arcane Order 1/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 Mage of the Arcane Order, of course, adds to the Sublime Chord Caster Levels. 8 Mage of the Arcane Order 2/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 sudden empower, +1 Wis 9 Mage of the Arcane Order 3/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 Supernatural Transformation: Blasphemy 10 Mage of the Arcane Order 4/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 11 Mage of the Arcane Order 5/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 12 Mage of the Arcane Order 6/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 Improved Initiative, +1 Wis 13 Mage of the Arcane Order 7/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 14 Mage of the Arcane Order 8/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 15 Mage of the Arcane Order 9/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 Inate Spell: Holy Word, Supernatural Transformation: Holy Word 16 Warmage 1/Mage of the Arcane Order 9/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 , +1 Wis 17 Wujen 1/ Warmage 1/Mage of the Arcane Order 9/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 quicken spell 18 Assassin 1/Wujen 1/ Warmage 1/Mage of the Arcane Order 9/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 Great Fortitude 19 Sorcerer 1/ Assassin 1/Wujen 1/ Warmage 1/Mage of the Arcane Order 9/ Wizard 1/Sublime Chord 1/ Suel Arcanamach 1/Emancipated Spawn 2/Bard 1 Final Ability Scores: Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 20, Cha 20, he also has 5 inherent bonuses to each stat, and +6 enhancements to each stat – so his final scores are: 21, 21, 21, 19, 31, 31. Not terribly impressive, but they don't need to be. feats: Iron Will, Spell Focus: Evil, Still Spell, rapid shot, endurance,Silent Spell, cooperative spell, extend spell, persistent spell, contingent spell, dodge, mobility, Weapon Finesse, divine persistent spell, Spell Focus: Enchantment, combat reflexes, sudden extend, elusive target, scribe scroll, Inate Spell: Blasphemy, sudden empower, Supernatural Transformation: Blasphemy, Improved Initiative, Inate Spell: Holy Word, Supernatural Transformation: Holy Word, quicken spell, Great Fortitude Skills of note: Search: 22 ranks Disable Device: 22 ranks Hide: 8+ ranks Disguise: 10 ranks Move Silently: 8+ ranks Knowledge: Arcana 13 ranks Knowledge: Religion 22 ranks Spellcraft: 22 ranks Note: I'm being purposefully vague about exactly how many skills he has, because he's used the Savage Species rituals several times – and exactly what happens to your skills when that happens is up for debate. It is entirely possible that he still has the Profession: Astrologer, the Tumble, the Jump, and all that crap left over from his old races. Spells of Note: The Word takes full advantage of the excentricities of the Ur Priest and the Sublime Chord. The Sublime Chord resets all of your arcane caster levels to the sum of all of your arcane caster levels. So in this case, since The Word has 8 separate Arcane Spellcasting classes with a caster level of 11. If he pulls an Orange Ioun Stone out of his pocket, all 8 classes increase by one, and all eight of them are set to the new sum – of 12. Repeat this with 17 more Stones, and we get a grant total of 28 for all his classes. The Ur Priest, which The Word can use as if he had all 10 levels of it thanks to his “Recall Class Features” ability of the Emancipated Spawn class, takes as its caster level half the sum of all other caster levels. In this case, that's half of eight times 28, which is 112, plus a base caster level of 10. So The Word casts all Arcane Spells at level 28, and all Divine spells at level one hundred and twenty-two. The most important spells that The Word has are Holy Word and Blasphemy – both of which can be cast as spell-like abilities or supernatural abilities 3 times/day. As supernatural abilities. The important part is the spellcaster levels that they can be cast at, which is one hundred and ten or higher. The other important part to keep in mind is that The Word is technically possessed of every single alignment, which means that when he casts Blasphemy he is not “not evil”, and when he casts Holy Word he is not “not good”. This means that is “evil” for the purposes of Holy Smite, but so what? The Word also amuses himself by periodically casting Clerical buffs on himself and his brother. Who would turn down an Extended Superior Resistance? It grants a +6 Resistance Bonus to all saves and lasts over nine days. Of more limited scope are the Sublime Chord spells. Most notable among them are Mordenkainen's Disjunction, Shapechange, Gate, Polymorph Any Object, Mind Blank, Greater Teleport, Otto's Irresistable Dance, Mass Charm, and Modify Memory. Of course, to an extent it doesn't really matter what spells he knows, because he's also got a spell pool for being a member of the Arcane Order. He can tax the spellpool out to half his caster level – which in this case means that he can suck out 155 spell levels. Items of Note: 18 Orange Ioun Stones for +caster level each (and more when added together) for 564,000. They aren't items, exactly, but The Word invested in several Rituals of Vitality. The Rakshasa transformation set our hero back 196,000 gp, paid in 14 stages of 14,000 gp. The human transformation was much cheaper – costing only 7,000 gp. He also underwent two Rituals of Alignment to gain the [Good] and [Chaotic] subtypes. The only truly necessary item is the Thought Bottle, that marvelous trinket from the Complete Arcane. What books are needed for this build? Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Savage Species, Complete Warrior, Complete Divine, Complete Arcane, Player's Guide to Feyrun. The Duo Are these characters the perfect duo? Yes. The Wish and The Word are the most powerful spellcasters. Ever. The Word has stolen the powers of the gods themselves, and The Wish has torn the rigid rules of arcane power asunder. The two of them flippantly disregard the guidelines of spells/day limits or caster level paradigms that so constrain lesser spellcasters. Having broken free of the self-imposed limitations of Arcane and Divne Magic, The Wish and The Word can adventure with confidence against Epic Challenges and gods. There has never been a published challenge which is a serious threat to the brothers. How would the Duo kick ass against the following? Aberrations/Magical Beasts etc: The Terrasque is slain in a one/two action of The Word reciting the Blasphemy of all Blasphemies that instantly kills it, and The Wish makes the plea that forbids its return. A single Blasphemy or Holy Word backed up by a Wish kills it in one round. Constructs: Some of those Epic Golems are a problem. Not so much the poor Colossus, whose Antimagic Field is absolutely no help at all against The Word's 100% chance of blowing it down with a Disjunction. But against creatures which are simply Magic Immune, The Wish pulls out all the stops with his unlimited Summon Monster VIIIs, as well as formiddable battlefield shaping prowess. An Adamantine Golem must deal with the fact that The Wish can wish for intervening Walls of Iron faster than the Adamant Golem can tear them down – and The Wish can pull in some teleporting and burrowing monsters besides. An Adamant Golem must deal with a bottomless supply of expendable monsters coming from the other end of an impassable barrier – which it simply cannot do. Remember: Admantine Golems are not immune to extraordinary Light Energy damage. They aren't even resistant to it. With enough Lantern Archons, you can kill one in a round. The Wish can get enough Lantern Archons. Failing that, of course, any Construct that The Word can see is something he can turn himself into, with all of his buffs still applying (spells don't drop off just because you are no longer a legal target or Enlarge Person wouldn't work at all). With his Divine Persistent Divine Power going 24/7, he can punch out an Adamantine Golem with little fanfare. Dragons: The Wish can wish them a Slime Wave, which does pretty nasty things to any Dragon large enough to make these two care. Of course, even a Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon “only” has 78 hit dice – which is not enough to forstall an instant kill by a long shot. Elementals/Outsiders: Since the vast majority of outsiders are a snap, and since The Wish and The Word are very strongly in the Athar camp, we will deal with their plans to wipe out two appropriate challenges: Hextor and Heironius. These powerful gods hate our heroes, which would be very bad if they didn't constantly benefit from Mind Blank. So The Wish wishes them into the presence of Hextor, or uses a Gate out of the Ring of Spell Storing, and The Word has a readied action with a Supernatural Ability of Holy Word or a Holy Word as a contingent spell. In either case, Hextor's puny spell resistance is rendered moot (either because The Word has a spellcaster level that is over sixty points higher than Hextor's SR, or because Supernatural Abilities bypass all SR) and Hextor dies a horrible death because he's facing a Holy Word above the magic number of caster level 67. By a huge margin. If currently necessary, The Wish uses up one of his Contingency Atonements to survive. If they used a contingency Holy Word to slay Hextor, The Word can open up another Gate on his own round to Heironius and slay him with a contingency Blasphemy in the very same round. Undead: The Atropal only has 66 hit dice, so it can't survive a single Holy Word from The Word. Also, its Neagtive Energy Aura can't penetrate The Word's Death Ward, nor can any of its othe gimics. The most powerful Undead the world has seen is chaffe before the might of The Word by himself. To compound such greta fortune, The Wish can Wish up a pizza, that the brothers might enjoy a meal on the blasted hillock that stands where the power of detah itself showed the hubris to make itself manifest in the form of the malformed fetus of a would-be god. Traps: The Word has a substantial Search Skill, and The Wish loses nothing by replicating a Find Traps spell with one of his unlimited wishes. Political Intrigue: The Wish can replicate such fabulous Bardic Spells as Glibness with Wishing, and can crank his Bluff Checks into the low hundreds with little strain. A Bluff check that high acts as a suggestion, so basically he can tell people to knock off all the intrigue and start tearing down the churches – and they'll just go do that. Also he can read everyone's mind, detect all alignments, know truth from lies, and fact from fiction. Diplomatic Maneuvers: The Wish has access to a number of divinations. That number is “all of them”. Also they can Diplomacize the iron out of the ground. Actually, they have to use Polymorph Any Object for that – but that's really OK. With functionally limitless wealth in gold, gems, food, and magic, they can bribe everyone they don't feel like killing. They can have a truly “big tent” diplomatic program because The Wish can just wish up anything that anyone wants as a negotiating strategy carrot, and The Word can kill basically anyone as a negotiating tactic stick. A BBEG/ Mastermind/ Warlord: The Wish and The Word are themselves undetectable, and have no particular need for constant territory. It then becomes merely a question of whether The Wish and The Word can find the enemy Mastermind – since the Mastermind will never find them. On arival, The Word can dump a Disjunction, a truly Irressistable Dance, or a Holy Word as appropriate. The Wish can use any spell he feels like; I'm partial to Irrsessistable Dances alternated with summonings and attack Wishes, but you can have a grab bag here. The Wish and The Word can come up with Gather Information checks that will tell them the kind of toothpaste the Mastermind's parents used when he was a kid, and have access to an unlimited number of Communes and Discern Locations, so finding the guy shouldn't be much of a problem. Mobs: Hordes are of little problem when you can slap a room clearing spell that will clear the room of any group of Hecatoncheires, let alone mobs of weaker creatures. The Word has several such spells, and The Wish has all the rest. Overwhelming Odds: The Word gives his brother the solemn protection of all the gods, which manifests itself as Spell Resistance, Death Ward, Etc. at a caster level of 110 (or more, if he pulls out the other Orange Ioun Stones – they stack). This means that both of them have SR of 122, as well as a substantial number of immunities. They can slay any monster, man, or god ever printed in any sourcebook or compendium of horrors that I am aware of, often in less than a round. Nevertheless, should they encounter some horror from beyond the spheres so horrible, so unspeakable that it has as yet not been statted, The Wish still has recourse in that he can undo the very laws of causality themselves and remove all traces of such an ill-fated adventure. The Wish of “I wish we never went on this adventure” is still available. If all else fails, The Wish and the Word can flea beyond and before any possible pursuit can even have begun through the cosmic mulligan.
  25. Yes, I know that Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro is the 'evil empire' ::devil, but I just came back from GenCon where I got my first look at Eberron, the new campaign setting created by Keith Baker. It seems to incorperate elements of noir, pulp and fantastic technology in really cool ways; other fun things include non-fixed alignments for monsters (traditionally good monsters like silver dragons can now be evil, and the reverse is also true) a new interest in investigation, criminal secret socities and post-war diplomacy and intrigue. Maybe I'm a huge dork, but flipping through this book (which I'll admit is way too expensive, but I'm still gonna buy one ::rolleyes) has got me excited about D&D in a way I didn't think was still possible. Here's the link, so y'all can see it for yourselves - enjoy! (Or not, it's a mostly-free world ::tongue)
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