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Found 3 results

  1. http://theonyxpath.com/now-available-trinity-continuum-and-trinity-continuum-aeon/ The new Trinity Continuum core rulebook and Trinity Continuum: Æon, using Onyx Path's in-house Storypath System, are now available to the public in PDF and print-on-demand. It's also available via the traditional distribution chain, so if you'd like to see it at your local game store, please ask them to order it!
  2. Important news from the Onyx Path folks, eveyone! They've started a "What do the fans want" topic over at RPGNet.com: http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?713234-What-do-you-want-to-see-from-the-new-Trinity-Continuum ,, As I've only ever lurked there (I've learned much more from reading other's posts there than I would have from posting), I though I should let you lot know about it ASAP if you didn't already. There's a lot of the usual really good & some not-so-good suggestions being made. Apart from my already-stated ideas (no nerfing the novas, no fixed metaplot & provide alternate methods of dealing w/ Taint than Teras/Chrysalis), two I can really get behind is keeping the books at digest/graphic novel size and forbidding the use of all handwriting (and other simliarly hard-to-read styles) fonts.
  3. Azure (relaunch) System: Aeon Universe Setting: Modern Earth just after the disappearance of 99.9% of the human population. Special Note: All characters must have their own log-in with the character name and avatar. ,, The Set Up: Characters will begin play just before the disappearance and play through the aftermath. All characters are normal humans, made on "baseline" Aberrant mechanics. You are allowed to play an avatar character (a version of yourself) in the game, but do note that this is a game and that conflict and setbacks are integral to compelling narratives. In other words, don't get upset when bad things happen. The character is not you. Characters will begin in Kansas City, Kansas; I don't care if your a resident or just passing through the international airport, just that your character is in the city at the start of game. ,, The disappearance will occur on April 4, 2013, a 3:04 PM. ,, Mechanics Notes: While I'll be running this primarily out of the Aberrant books, I like aspects of Adventure and Trinity, so I'm allowing those as source books as well. I'll update here with any alterations or disallowances from the books as I go over things and as you guys bring me stuff that makes my head hurt . XP costs in Azure will be done as desired rating instead of current rating. I'll be giving out xp monthly and by complete threads. Supernatural Merits, Flaws, Skills, and Backgrounds are not allowed at this point, if that wasn't clear. Vanilla on the stats, please. Channel, Kenning, Modulate, and Weave are supernatural skills. Please note skills as Skill Rank (Total Dice Pool) for each skill. This will help me be able to glance over character sheets quickly for any rolls I may need to make for you. As the characters are 'baselines', they do not start with the 3 points in Endurance and Resistance, and they also follow the baseline rules for healing. Backgrounds, at least, may be taken above 5, though not at character creation. I may extend this rule to skills and attributes as well. There is no 'power stat' being used to govern such things in the game, so we'll negotiated between ST and players as situations come up. I will always have a more favorable response to requests to go above five when there is solid role-playing and story reasons to allow such, and it does still represent higher than (at least thought) humanly possible skill or potential. If you have a four in an Attribute, it should be a major point about your character - say a model with Appearance 4, a lawyer with Manipulation 4, or an bodybuilder with Strength 4. A 5, and I'll likely not allow a character with more than one, represents that you are one of a handful of people in the world with that level of realized potential - a world-recognized genius at Intelligence 5, a world-renowned ballerina at Dexterity (and possibly Stamina) 5, a world-class spy with any of Wits, Perception, or Charisma at 5. I don't mind impressive characters, just make sure that the backstory and the mechanics line up and are interesting. Skills work the same way as Attributes. A 4 in a skill means that you are a leading professional in the field, while a 5 means that you are one of the handful of people currently defining the field. They're allowed, but they better be well-supported by your character's backstory. Public vs. Private character sheets. Character sheets in the Signature are incredibly convenient, however I do want to have a PM sheet as well, as there may be parts of your sheet you or I don't want to be public knowledge. While I'm allowing people to hang onto background points at the start of game, they must be spent by or at the end of the first plot thread (the opening story). ,, Backgrounds in Azure: Backgrounds in Azure will work somewhat like they do in all Aeon games, with the alterations listed below and the general rule that backgrounds that do not provide an immediate mechanical benefit (like Ally or Followers do) will provide advantages such as bonus dice or reduced difficulties in situations where the background applies. These situations are varied and subject to my discretion, so I'm not going to make a big laundry list of examples. The bolded words are the actual ones I'd like to see on character sheets. Ally/Mentor: Want to make sure someone is still around after the event? Take them as an ally. Allies do begin with the standard 1 in all attributes, but are otherwise devoid of any points on their sheet. The first dot in allies grants 100 XP to spend on the ally, and each dot thereafter grants 50 additional XP. Ally dots for a single ally may go above 5, but do not ever grant more than 50 additional XP. (This will be monitored and may be altered during gameplay, as it is a new and untested mechanic.) Allies cannot purchase their own allies or followers. Attunement: Not applicable at start of game. Cipher: This represents multiple identities that you have created and maintained. Each point allows you to allocate a background point for that identity. All Ciphers must be bought separately and cannot share or "stack" points of Allies, Backing, Contacts, Influence, or Followers. Citizenship: Not applicable at start of game. Contacts: Each dot represents contacts in a general area, such as Hackers, Politicians, or Street Gangs. Don't worry about minor/major, it never really gets played and if you're wanting an individual, Ally is more appropriate. Dormancy: Not applicable at start of game. Favors: Not in use, because it's just too weird. Followers: This is another way to bring people along with you or to show your ability to gather people to your side during game. Followers are far more generic and less powerful than allies, but you get more actual bodies for each dot you buy. Followers are built as level 1 allies but never gain additional XP; instead, each dot grants the new rating in new Followers (so 1 at 1 dot, 2 additional at 2 dots for a total of 3, etc). Follows cannot purchase their own allies or followers. Devices/Gadget: Not applicable at start of game. Menagerie: This is allies for animals. A base cost will be assigned to any animal a player requests for their character and I approve. Dots above that base cost grant the animal an additional 50 XP. Animals may not possess Backgrounds. Nemesis: Not in use. You want to have pissed someone off, just write it into the story. Node: Not applicable at start of game. Reputation: Not in player control. Characters will be assigned reputation by me as appropriate through gameplay. Requests for reputation through background may be made at character creation, but must be supported by a strong background and are not guaranteed, nor must/may points be spent on Reputation. Equipment/Resources: These two are paired together because after the event this will represent not a cash flow, but a character generally having on hand what they need to trade for other items or how easily they find useful items when scavenging. Resources will function in three different ways; one, when scavenging in urban and suburban areas, this replaces the survival skill; two, when trading, every third dot reduces the target number to succeed by one; three, I may call for a Resources roll to have on hand a critical piece of equipment in a scene. Sanctum: Not applicable at start of game. Backing/Rank/Status: This represents things like security clearances, rank in a military, or other such circumstances that would grant access to restricted areas or encourage those in your organization to follow your lead. ,, Please submit characters as [Azure] Character Name to this ST account. ,, Blank Character Sheet Name: Concept: Nature: Allegiance: Theme: HT: cm / ' " WT: kg/ lbs Hair: Eyes: Age: STR: PER: APP: Brawl: Artillery: Disguise: Might: Awareness: Intimidation: Throwing: Investigation: Style: Navigation: Kenning: DEX: INT: MAN: Archery: Academics: Command: Athletics: Analysis: Interrogation: Drive: Bureaucracy: Seduction: Firearms: Computer: Streetwise: Gunnery: Demolitions: Subterfuge: Heavy Weapons: Engineering: Legerdemain: Intrusion: Martial Arts: Gambling: Melee: Linguistics: Pilot: Medicine: Ride: Science: Stealth: Survival: Tradeskill: STA: WIT: CHA: Channel: Arts: Animal Training: Endurance: Biz: Carousing: Resistance: Mediation: Command: Modulate: Etiquette: Shadowing: Instruction: Tactics: Perform: Rapport: Savvy: Weave: Backgrounds Ally: Cipher: Citizenship: Contacts: Dormancy: Followers: Gadget: Menagerie: Node: Reputation: Resources: Sanctum: Status: Willpower: Initiative: Merits & Flaws Known Languages Native: Others: Movements Walk: m, Run: m, Sprint: m Soaks Base Soak: Healing Rate: Health Levels: Unhurt Bruised Hurt Injured Wounded Maimed Crippled Incapacitated Dead ,, ,, Misc: I'm not starting the game for a couple of weeks, in part because Jasmyne is very excited about playing in the game and just went on vacation, so I'm giving her time to get back and get her character together. Having character ties before the Event is mildly encouraged, though not required. ,, I'm looking for between 5 and 8 characters, ideally. I won't run the game with less than five, but I am fine with going over eight, I might just split the players into two groups at that point. ,, My caveat/warning, just to be fair: I am bipolar. I'm doing better and I seem to have found a stable combination of meds, but I may hit patches where I'm not posting much. I'll try to give heads-up if I'm head into a depressive swing, but part of the reason of switching around the formatting is so that if/when I do have down swings, you all still have interactions with each other that you can pursue and aren't left waiting on a gaggle of NPCs that are the only people your PC has to interact with. ,, ,, ,, Please let me know if you're interested and any questions or concerns you have from the proposal. Thanks!
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