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Found 10 results

  1. Name: Kaitlin Vandussen Personal Information: Public Identity: Kaitlin Vandussen Nicknames: Kat Real Name: Same Occupation: Working on that... Legal Status: United States Citizen, living in Los Angeles Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Reynolds Vandussen (Father), Felicienne Devereaux (Mother) Deceased Relatives: - Physical Traits: Weight: 143 lbs Height: 5' 7'' Apparent age: Late teens Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: Gold-Flecked Green Hair Color: Honey Blond with pale highlights Handedness: Left Age: 17 Appearance: A very cute and attractive young woman, with a lean and trim figure, toned curves, and a pair of firm and perky breasts. She's particularly fond of her long and strong legs. Her hair falls short of her shoulders and is worn loose and windblown, and her eyes are large and green, flecked with gold. She moves with a remarkably fluid and easy grace and favours casual clothing and sportswear, worn loose or tight to aid movement. She has several piercings through each ear and one through an eyebrow, and wears a friendship bracelet around her right wrist. Personality: Energetic and vivacious, almost always moving, with a never say die attitude - when Kaitlin gets knocked down, she gets up again, an almost necessary trait in a freerunner and skater. She alternates between enjoying company and preferring solitude. She's sort of uncomfortable with her rising bisexual, but like most everything else, she'll take her lumps and deal with that too. However, the revelation that there really are things that go bump in the night has severely knocked her off kilter. Background All her life, she's been running... But was it towards something or away from something, something she couldn't even define, that was the question. Kaitlin was born and grew up in Las Vegas, raised only by her father, since her mother ran out on them when she was just a baby. With no mother figure in her life and Reynolds Vandussen working long hours as a security guard, Kaitlin often had to fend for herself and was a tomboy and wild child growing up. She learned to cook and be handy around the house from an early age, it was just her and her dad, after all. But the energetic wildness in her heart called to her and as much as she loved her father, he wasn't enough to keep her content. Almost running before she learned to walk, Kaitlin spent most of her time outdoors, active and enthralled with extreme sports, competing with the boys of the gang of street kids she ran with. And she was treated just like one of the boys... until she entered her teens and started to develop more woman curves. At first she was annoyed, thought it was stupid they were treating her as if she were delicate porcelain just because she had boobs, but she quickly she was every bit as tough as they were. And when they started showing interest in her, as a girl, Kaitlin learned the fun in a whole different sort of extreme sport. Kaitlin and her father didn't have much money, so she was mostly self taught in her athletic endeavors, even sneaking in to watch the Cirque de Soleil performers train when she could - the friendlier ones showed the cute and enthralled girl a some moves, to her delight. Her father found enough cash to enroll her in kick-boxing and martial art classes - if she was spending so much time on the streets, he wanted his to know how to defend herself - but he couldn't enroll her in acrobatic or gymnastic classes, despite her pleading. With hard won skills, Kaitlin considered some of the street kids she ran with, wondering how they could afford such sick boards and skates, or to attend competitions in other cities, other countries, even. Some of them even lived in the Underground - which in some places, wasn't nearly as bad sounding as you'd think. And then one night, when she was twelve or thirteen, she found out. She was running with a gang of amateur freerunners through the landscaped yards of the high-class residences surrounding the Las Vegas Country Club, when passing through a yard that was dark - the security lights not flashing on, she was pressed into climbing into an open second story window, being the only one small enough to fit... Excited and scared, she did it, only finding out later that the guys had cased the place and knew the owners were out of town. Her take from the easily fenced swag, mostly jewelry, watches, and personal electronics, was more cash then she had ever held in her hands. It was a lot more than she ever got from shoplifting or dining-and-dashing. This was how they could afford all their things and how she could afford it too. Besides, it was only from people who had more money than they needed anyway, right? They could afford a few small loses, so she could afford to attend professional competitions with professional equipment. And maybe a few other things... Besides, it was a thrill and a rush. To her father's consternation, his daughter was as likely to spend the night out on the streets as she was in her bed, and though he never said anything or had firm evidence, he suspected what she was up too. He tried grounding her, but then had to deal with her morose sulking or the fact she'd just as likely ignore him, so he relented. Still, he worried, feared that like her mother, she would disappear without a word, but Kaitlin always came back. Nighttime was her favourite time in Las Vegas. The heat of the sun was cut down and if anything, the city seemed even more alive. She loved the blending of shadows and neon lights, and even knowing there were bad sorts out there, she never feared the night. It just added a spice of danger and possibility. Running through the shadows and across rooftops, it felt like you could find anything and nothing could find you. It was awesome... Until one night, after graduating high school, she saw something she never expected to see, and suddenly, the night was irrevocably changed in her eyes. Kaitlin and her first and only girlfriend Madison Madsen were partaking of the liquor cabinet and seeing what small items they could find in a conveniently empty house. How she had ended up with a girlfriend still surprised her - Madison had pursued her all year and had finally gotten her drunk at a party they had invited themselves to and to Kaitlin's chagrin, she found out she liked girls as much as she liked guys - maybe it was growing up mostly with guy friends and having many of the same interests. Her street friends were certainly jealous that she ended up with a girlfriend hotter than theirs, the ones that even had girlfriends. There was something... odd about the house. Though of modern design, the furnishings all seemed old, Victorian, if in good condition, with few modern electronics. There was even a turn-table with records! And the place was eerily clean, as if it was a showroom. There wasn't a single thing in the fridge or freezer and the blinds were heavy and black, blocking out all traces of starlight. But the bar in the den was fully stocked and the antique jewelry chest was just left out in the open on the vanity in the master bedroom. Kaitlin and Madison where in the master bedroom, handing a bottle of Jack back and forth, giggling as they tried on some of the jewelry by the moonlight filtering in through a window they had opened, when they heard the front door crash open, followed by a muffled scream. The girls barely had time to hide in the closet before a tall, pale-skinned woman strode in, holding a boy about their age by his neck, a hand over his mouth. At first, Kaitlin thought she was stunning, then the woman turned, moonlight falling across her cheek, revealing the savage claws marring her face and damaging an eye. And then the 'woman' smiled, revealing lengthening canines and bent over, biting the boy on the neck! Clutching each other, Kaitlin and Madison watched in horrified fascination through the slatted door as the woman drank the boy's blood, a thin line of crimson, looking black under the moonlight, trailing down the line of his throat, and they could see her terrible wounds closing right before their eyes, as if they never were. They couldn't say it, but both of them were thinking it: Vampire! And this one didn't seem like the sparkly kind. Their hearts pounding, not daring to look away for fear that if they did, the vampire would be on them, they started as the blood-drinking woman's head snapped around, looking back and down as if her gaze could pierce the floor, blood-stained lips peeled back in a snarl. Then the woman dove for her bed, reaching for something under it. A second later, a large man burst into the room saying something that the girls, in their fright, didn't understand, just as the woman flowed back to her feet, a pair of silver knives in her hands. The terrible strangeness was just beginning. As the woman darted forward, the man howled, tensing as he grew, flesh and bone contorting with a sickening crackle, grey-black fur sprouting from his skin, face extending into a muzzle, fingers lengthening into claws. He met the vampire's attack head on. Werewolf! And not the hot Taylor Lautner kind! The girls screamed, clawing open the closet door and making a run for the window and escape. Kaitlin made it. Madison didn't. The sudden movement had attracted the attention of both predators. A silver dagger found Madison's bowels while a casual sweep of a huge, clawed hand ripped away half of her head. Tears flowing, Kaitlin didn't stop. She leapt through the window and fled while the vampire and werewolf turned on each other. She couldn't stay here. The night used to be her friend, but now it was full of monsters. Full of terrified desperation, she began packing her old, beat-up stationwagon with all her belongings. The commotion woke up her father, who demanded to know what was going on. She wanted to tell him, she really did, but either he'd think she was insane or worse, believe her and then the dark would be full of monsters for him too. And what if the survivor in that fight tracked her down to him? She couldn't do that to him, so she mumbled something, saying she just wanted to leave early to attend the X-games in LA, praying he would buy her excuse and almost begged him to come with her. She almost cried when she saw the look on his face. He thought she was abandoning him too, just like her mother, and he had no intention of leaving his home. He thought her larcenous activities had led her into something dark and heavy, but he had no idea how bad it was and she couldn't explain it too him. She gave him a fierce hug, promising she would be back, praying he would believe it, though not sure if she believed it herself. She had lost her girlfriend, her home, her love of the night, and maybe even her father in Las Vegas, she wasn't sure if she could ever come back. So with a heavy heart, she finished backing in a frenzy, and as the sun began to dawn, Kaitlin fled Las Vegas, heading to LA as the only other place she sort of knew, having competed there several times during the Summer X-games, and planning on competing again. She was running again, away from an old life and into a new one... one full of things that went bump in the night. Name: Kaitlin Vandussen Concept: Freerunner-Thief who saw too much Breed: Bastet Species: Pumonca (Were-cougar) Accord: Sun-Chaser Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Gluttony Attributes Mental: Intelligence - 2, Wits - 3, Resolve – 2 Physical: Strength - 3, Dexterity - 4, Stamina – 3 Social: Presence - 3, Manipulation - 2, Composure – 2 Skills Mental Skills (-3): Academics 1; Crafts 2 ; Investigation 1; Physical (-1): Athletics 4 (Climbing, Jumping); Brawl 2; Larceny 3; Stealth 3 (Moving in Darkness) Social (-1): Expression 1; Persuasion 2; Socialize 1; Streetwise 1 (Black Market); Subterfuge 2 Merits: Sleepwalker **** (Free); Parkour ****; Fleet of Foot ***; Iron Stamina ** Striking Looks **; Contacts * (Fences); Fame * (X-Games Champ: Girls' Skateboard Street & Climbing), Fighting Style: Evasive Striking (JKD) ** Parkour Merit New Merit: Parkour (• to •••••) Prerequisites: Dexterity •••, Athletics •• The sport of parkour began in France, and has quickly spread to other parts of the world. Parkour demands a level of athleticism from its practitioners that few other sports do. The purpose of parkour, which is also called "free running" or "urban running," is to move as quickly as possible through an environment with a variety of obstacles, sprinting through the terrain and using a variety of climbing techniques, leaps, rolls and other athletic movements to navigate. Watching an expert traceur (one of the terms for someone who practices parkour) at work is awe-inspiring, like something out of an action film. Though the technique comes from well-disciplined training, imbedding a certain body of movements and techniques into the parkour's instinctive reactions, the goal is a flawless, seamless flow of movement from one obstacle to the next, with hardly any pause in speed or movement. This "flow" is the goal of traceurs — it is the highest achievement of a practitioner of parkour to achieve a Zen-like state of lack of thought, where purest instinct and reaction drives the movement. Skilled traceurs speak of sometimes being aware that they've accomplished a tremendously difficult feat heartbeats after they've accomplished it. Through intensive training to drive home certain actions when confronted with certain obstacles, the traceur can depend on his instincts, rather than his thoughts — which are vulnerable to fears and doubts — when moving through the urban environment. Traceurs gather in clubs. Though the sport has begun to catch on, and some of these clubs are receiving corporate sponsorship, the clubs tend to be quite informal, with members gathering in a given place on a given day of the week to work on their techniques. Dots purchased in this Merit allow access to special athletic maneuvers. Each maneuver is a prerequisite for the next. So, your character can't have "Cat Leap" until he has "Flow." The maneuvers and their effects are described below, most of which are based on the Athletics Skill. Flow (•): Your character has some basic training in the techniques of parkour, allowing him to act instinctively to obstacles and jumps. When using running or using the Foot Chase rules (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 65), your character may negate hazardous terrain penalties equal to his Rating in the Parkour Merit. Additionally, the roll to gauge a jump distance (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 67) is a reflexive action. Cat Leap (••): Your character has mastered some of the twisting leaps, landing rolls and wall taps used by traceurs. When using a Dexterity + Athletics roll to mitigate damage from falling (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 179), your character gains one automatic success. Additionally, add one per dot in this Merit to the threshold of damage that can be removed through this roll. Thus, if the Storyteller decrees that only three successes may be garnered to reduce falling damage, the traceur with three dots in this Merit may actually use six successes (assuming the player accumulates that many, including his automatic success). Wall Run (•••): Your character has mastered the quick wall-run and leaping climb techniques of parkour. When using Athletics to climb (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 64), your character is capable of scaling heights of 10 feet + 5 feet per dot in Athletics as an instant action (rather than the normal 10 feet), though every full 10 feet beyond the first imposes a –1 die penalty. Expert Traceur (••••): Your character has trained so extensively in this athletic discipline that its maneuvers are normal and instinctive for him. Your character may designate any Athletics roll that involves running, jumping and climbing as being a Rote Action (see the World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 134). However, when doing so, he is less able to react to events that don't have to do with navigating the environment, causing him to lose his Defense for that turn. Freeflow (•••••): Your character has achieved the freeflow that is the holy grail of traceurs everywhere — he acts without thinking, his movements flowing, graceful and quick when he enters "the zone." He can perform any Athletics action that involves running, jumping or climbing as a reflexive action, rather than an instant action. Doing so requires that the character has been running for at least a full minute previously; any use of this ability before that minute mark requires the expenditure of one point of Willpower, however. Feral Heart: 1 Willpower: 4 Harmony: 5 Respect: -Ferocity 1 -Passion 2 Health: 8/13 Initiative: 6 Defense: 5 Speed: 15/26 Size: 5/7 Perception: 5 Perception Roll Bonuses: +2/+4 ,, Favors & Aspects Fang & Claw 2 (L) Keen Senses (All) Catwalk 1 ,, Darksight 1 Extraordinary Specimen 1 Leap 3 Righting Reflex 3 Tell -1 (rib tattoo appears in animal form as dark fur on the flank in the same design) ,, War-Beast: None Dire Beast (Including Extraordinary Specimen): Strength +4, Dexterity +4, Stamina +3, Size 7, Health +5, Speed +11 (species factor 8), +2 Perception Rolls Primal Beast (Including Extraordinary Specimen): Strength +3, Dexterity +3, Stamina +2, Size 6, Health +3, Speed +9 (species factor 8), +2 Perception Rolls Experience Log Trait/XP Type Rank Gain/Spent Current Total Creation - +50 50 50 XP From -2 Morality - +10 60 60 Strength 2 -10 50 60 Composure 2 -10 40 60 Strength 3 -15 25 60 Striking Looks 2 -4 21 60 Contacts 1 -2 19 60 Iron Stamina 1 -2 17 60 Iron Stamina 2 -4 13 60 Brawl 2 -6 7 60 Fame 1 -2 5 60 WoDA Restart Bonus - +5 10 65 XP Earned for August - +3 12 68 XP Earned for September - +3 15 71 Escape From Las Vegas - +1 16 72 Evasive Striking (JKD) 1 -2 14 72 Evasive Striking (JKD) 2 -4 10 72 October - +3 12 74 November to February - +12 24 86 March - +3 27 89 Boot-Scooting Boogie - +3 30 92
  2. Concept: A seeking of mysteries and magic, of deeper enlightenment and understanding of the essence and nature of magic, a professor of history, literature and mythology. Personality & Beliefs: Thomas is perhaps, one of the most intelligent minds of his generation, perhaps not the absolute most intelligent, but very nearly so, and he has a good measure of pride in that fact. He is also one of the most calm and self-controlled individuals, and his resolve has been increased by his awakening to being above the norm, but he lacks somewhat in charm and charisma due to being so cerebral, but makes up for it with considerable empathy and persuasive capability, and even now often attempts to find ways to get folks to work together when they are unwilling. He believes strongly that everything in the universe has a place and a purpose, that there is a powerful divine will behind everything, and his experience with awakening has only strengthened this believe, though he now believes he sees the building blocks, the essence of the divine will, in the arcana, that within the essence of the arcana is the very mind of god. History Thomas was born approximately 28 years ago, in the city of LA, and he grew up in a fairly normal home, his parents were both teachers, at the elementary school level, and he learned to love knowledge while growing up in that house. As a child he learned quickly, and was well behaved, and he was their first child, but the arrival of a sister, and later another brother changed his life in some interesting ways. His childhood was fairly normal, though his intelligence and such actually had him skipping a grade or two, and by the time he was 12 he was actually a sophomore in high school, by the time he was 15, he had enrolled in collage and begun to study literature as his major. It was about at this time, the disappearance of his sister and brother was to change his life significantly, though they tried to find her, they couldn’t, and after a time they were sure she was dead. It broke his parent’s heart, and within the next few years his family dissolved, but even so, he managed to complete his major and begin studying for his doctorate by the time he was 18.. Continuing to aggressively focus on his studies, he kept coming back to his sibling’s disappearance, and began to study the nature of occult and science to see if there wasn’t anything more he could find out, with a steady and direct manner that was actually to serve him well in the years to come.. It was when he was 25 when he managed to confirm one thing in his own mind, if not find actual proof, the world was filled with dark supernatural creatures, and that meant he’d only found the tip of the iceberg, and Thomas slow and direct investigation at last, he found his way to the watchtowers.. It was while at a anthropological during heavy rains when he saw something outside in the lightning from his tent, and curiosity, and need to know compelled him to investigate.. Heavy winds and storms blew in his face, and he felt as though he was fighting against the world itself, but he found his way to a golden tower, and going inside, was almost compelled to write his name on the pages of the golden book he found there… when he woke, he had awakened and found that he was drenched and in an old building that they had uncovered in the dig, one with nothing all that remarkable about it, except it overlooked the rest of the dig. [This was a little more then year ago] A thirst for knowledge and understanding of the mysteries lead him to the mysterium, and he began to take the first step in the deeper mysteries of his order in this last year, and he has spent a measure of resources on building a private sanctum near a personal hallow he found, that has allowed him a place to carry out some of his more private researches and begin building his knowledge base. He also took the first steps onto the legacy, The Eyes of Ain Soph, the seekers, seeking to know more of the nature of magic itself Today, Thomas has entered the LA university as a teacher of Anthropology, Literature and History, though he’s only begun teaching there this year. Goals: Among Thomas’ many goals in life are the following - Find/Join/Start a Cable of Mages in his area, Oppose the Sears and Banishers, Deepen his understanding of the Mysteries (deeper status with the Mysterium & Mystery Initiation), Build an Athenaeum, Master the Prime Arcana (before others), Further his steps along the Seeker’s path (Expand Legacy), Find out what really happened to his Brother and Sister (he's certain it was something supernatural, he's simply unsure what) Capabilities: Thomas has degrees of anthropology and mythology, not to mention history and literature, he's also a capable scientist, and as a student of human nature, he knows the basis of persuasion and empathy, and due in part to the years spending time on different digs in many parts of the world knows a bit about survival. On the arcane front, however, his first steps along the path's of his legacy have allowed him to gain the ability to see and interpret magical phenomenon without much trouble, and look across the gauntlet into the spirit world.. as natural capabilities. His considerable ability with the prime sphere allows him considerable control over what sort of magic he allows to affect him, and should he need to, one of his more powerful rotes even allows him some offensive capability when necessary. He often has the rotes of magic shield and aura perception up, with the vision his legacy attainment gives him, and sometimes includes second sight when dealing with spirit beings.
  3. Quote: "It's your choice: we can do this the easy way, and that's best all round except for your pride. So tuck tail, chump, or we'll go the hard way." Background: Different. Always different. Dreams of blood, dreams of freedom and the clean scent of sharp winter air. Declan grew up in the Montana wilderness, raised by his uncle and taught to hunt, shoot and forage in the woods and mountains that were the world for him. A world he took to almost too well. His childhood was punctuated by episodes of him running off into the forests at night, only to wake up with no memory of the long chases his uncle would have to endure in order to bring the child back home, regardless of the weather. When he was twelve, however, the old man died of pneumonia doubtless brought on by over-exposure to the elements during a particularly arduous chase through a winter blizzard, and left Declan to the tender mercies of the foster system. It was not a success. Always home-schooled before, Declan did not adapt well to the hurly-burly of public education, and his peers did not adapt well to the taciturn, strange-eyed kid who didn't care about music or cars or video games, who stared out the window and dreamed of running through the woods, drawing idle pencil-sketches on his books. He still sleep-walked, but the episodes got milder and milder as the forests grew more distant to him and the city drowned out the wilderness's call. At the age of 16, going nowhere, having nothing, and lacking any direction to his life he joined the Army. He found a direction there, a focus. He found the hard life of a light infantryman to his tastes, and re-enlisted as soon as his first term was up, volunteering for Ranger School and passing with flying colours. Promotion to sergeant, then First Sergeant came readily. Then came Afghanistan. Despite all the training, something in Declan came apart in the mountains of the Middle East. He started to hallucinate and worse, sleepwalk at night time, causing his platoon leader to worry. The subtle sense of wrongness, of not belonging, crept back into Declan's mind, making him erratic and prone to fits of anger. Finally, the Storm that was hanging over the young soldier broke during a night-time ambush. None of the survivors of Dec's unit can clearly recount what happened that night. Most agreed behind closed doors that they had seen a huge dog or wolf rip into the enemy, shrugging off bullets and rending the Taliban fighters limb from limb in a gruesome display of savage bloodlust. The insurgents broke and ran, the beast following them. The U.S. troops, unclear as to what was really going on, kept their heads down, holding position until dawn and listening to the deep throated howls that echoed over the desert and chilled the blood. Dec woke up before dawn the next morning back at the company's forward base, asleep next to the oasis there and stark naked, covered in blood. He remembered everything of the previous night. The bloodlust, how good it had felt to tear into the prey even while his human mind had been revolting at the sensation of flesh and blood on his tongue. How the Beast and he had talked once the hunt was done, looking into the still clear pool of the oasis and coming to know one another, to complete the bond that had been predestined at birth. Sneaking back into the firebase and donning a dirty, bloodstained uniform was easy for the young Vargr. Pretending over the next two weeks that he had snapped and lost his mind along with his will to fight was harder. Being treated with pity and even contempt by some of his previous fellows was the hardest of all. The dissembling didn't come easily to him at all. Fortunately, the violent outbursts of irrational anger helped convince his commanding officer that the best place for Declan was the V.A Psychiatric hospital. Three months of imprisonment was the hardest burden yet. Dec barely made it through a week, and would not have if it hadn't been for a visit from a woman claiming to be his cousin. It was then that Dec discovered that lycanthropy was not necessarily a lonely condition: he had family. His mother's family, who'd been watching him for awhile now, waiting for his gift to manifest. "Endure", the woman told him. Endure and this would pass, and then his new life would begin anew. She was proven right. The V.A. were pleased to monitor his improvement, and quickly processed him into the outpatients department, finding him a home and a job to rebuild his life with. They continued to watch him and call him in to therapy sessions for another nine months, but have finally seen fit to grant Declan his full honorable discharge. A job as a groundskeeper at U.C.L.A now assists his pension in paying his various bills, and the werewolf has come to regard the campus as his territory, already having dealt with a few 'local issues' and completing his education into his new life. For now, his extended and spread-out family are content to let the young Vargr find his own footing. Like all things, however, that state of affairs is not likely to last forever. Dec acts predominantly as a vigilante in his predations to date. The beast needs to hunt, and the worst of L.A's drug-dealers, pimps, and gang-bangers are his self-justified prey of choice as he seeks to remove the rot from the Herd around him. A frat-boy with a penchant for slipping Rohypnol into girl's drinks has also been on the receiving end of his tender mercies. Dec's not reckless about it: he makes sure that the prey are truly deserving (in his mind, admittedly) of their fate - his boss, Eugene Farquad, despite being an asshole with poor personal hygiene, falls below the demarcation line, no matter how often Dec fantasizes about ripping his throat out. Just being an asshole doesn't mean a guy deserves to be killed and eaten - and he's cautious about leaving signs that a wolf the size of a small horse is killing people in L.A. Some of the time, this means eating the evidence and dropping the cracked-open bones down the nearest sewer or into the UCLA incinerator. At first, he had no compunctions about eating his kills - after all, wasn't it natural to eat what you killed? But as the first flush of freedom and power faded he rethought his position. After all, he was a wolf AND a man, not one or the other, and he wasn't eating out of necessity, he was eating to make a statement. Since then he has confined himself to only a few impromptu meals, usually just tearing his victims apart and dumping the bodies in the incinerator. The local police don't trust him - he sets off their 'troublemaker' vibe even when he's being cooperative, such as in the pusher incident last year. The campus cops resent him - he makes them uneasy and they imagine they can feel his contempt for them in his silver stare. His boss is too scared to fire him - not that he has grounds to - but finds every excuse NOT to be the one that deals with him face to face. Being a Vargr is tough on interpersonal relationships, too. One-night stands and professional association aside, Declan doesn't have much to do with others. The huge wolf-shaped elephant in the room is somewhat of an obstacle to genuine friendship. Yes, he's a monster. But there's worse out there than him. Image: Six feet-and-change of lean, hard muscle topped by shaggy dark brown hair, Declan's looks reflect the harsh truth of a wild thing in human shape. His most noticeable feature is his eyes: a grey so pale as to be silver, with dark circles ringing the outside of the irises. When he focuses those eyes on a person, they often cannot help but feel the urge to step back. Even the most drunken and boisterous frat boys steer clear of "Crazy Perault" when seeking targets for their pranks. Some subconscious signal or vibe the large man sends out sets off most folks survival instincts. In women, however, he tends to set off different instincts altogether. There is something primally compelling about the groundskeeper that is more scary/exciting than scary/terrifying for females (and males) of the right gender-orientation. His wolfen shape is no less imposing. An exceptional example of a Vargr, Owns-The-Night stands nearly six feet high at the front shoulders and weighs in at over 400lbs of long-limbed, deep-chested lupine, with jaws capable of engulfing a human head. His thick, shaggy coat is dark grey with black and brown markings, and even when calm the near-totemic aura of all things Wolf about him is awe-inspiring. When he's angry, Owns-The-Night is nothing short of terrifying to behold. Psychology: An alpha predator, pure and simple. Declan was somewhat dehumanised by the action he's seen, and turning into a large mythical carnivore hasn't exactly made him any softer. Owns-The-Night isn't stupid, and he's been warned that there are other predators out there in the Night he lays claim to. He's met some, too. They didn't taste great, but they died easily enough once he figured out that his massive jaws could readily sever a neck. He's still finding his feet with the whole 'werewolf' deal, but so far he loves being one. He has his territory, his range, and he's the boss wolf in those parts, adopting a 'live and let live' approach to any predators that are merely passing through. Those that seek to stick around without acknowledging his primacy, however, may be in for a rude shock. Name: Declan Perault Concept: Big, Bad, and a Wolf. 'nuff said. Breed: Canid Species: Vargr Accord: Heart-Ripper Virtue: Fortitude (Uncompromising) Vice: Wrath Height: 6'4" Weight: 220lbs Hair: Dark brown, thick and shoulder-length. Eyes: Silver. Age: 25 Attributes Mental: Intelligence - 2, Wits - 3, Resolve – 3 Physical: Strength - 4/7, Dexterity - 3/5, Stamina – 3/5 Social: Presence - 3, Manipulation - 1, Composure – 2 Skills Mental Skills (-3): Crafts - 2; Investigation - 1; Medicine - 1 Physical (-1): Athletics(Long-distance running) - 2; Brawl Bite - 3; Firearms - 1; Stealth - 3; Survival(Hunting) - 2; Social (-1): Animal Ken - 1; Empathy - 1; Expression - 1; Intimidation(Non-verbal) - 3; Subterfuge - 1 Other Traits Merits: True Breed - 2; Fighting Style: Tooth & Claw - 3 (Hunter's Eye, Slip Through, Pounce); Fighting Style: Bareknuckle (Aggressive Striking) - 3 (Body Blow, Iron Skin, Combination Blows); Fighting Style: Grappling - 2 (Sprawl, Takedown); Predator's Bearing - 2; Iron Stamina - 2; Striking Looks - 2; Fast Reflexes - 1; Resources - 1; Danger Sense - 2; Heavy Hands - 3 (+1 damage on unarmed strikes); Two Legs or Four - 2 (x3: Fang & Claw, Grappling, Aggressive Striking); Ground and Pound -2; Feral Heart: 1 Willpower: 5 Harmony: 5 Respect: -Ferocity 3 Health: 8/12 Initiative: +6/+8 Defense: 3 Armor: 1 vs Bashing only (Iron Skin) Speed: 12/25 Size: 5/7 Perception Roll Bonuses: +2 / +6 Favors & Aspects: Fang & Claw: (Bite 2, Claws 1) Keen Senses: (Sight, Hearing and Smell) (+2 on Perception rolls in all shapes) Speed +8 Darksight (1) [Can see in the dark and gains +2 to stealth in the dark] Extraordinary Specimen (1) [+1 Str and Size in Dire Wolf Form] Leap 2 [Triple leaping distance. In human shape can leap half the beast form's distance] Unsettling Eye (1) [Double intimidation dice pool once per scene] Warrior's Restoration (2) [Heals as an Uratha] Alarming Alacrity 1 [Can double running speed for 1 turn per dot] Catwalk 1 [+1 stealth and balance dice pools. Hard soles to the feet in human shape.] Magnificence (2) [+4 dice on Social rolls when making an impression in Dire Wolf shape] Hound's Honor 1 [+1 dice on scent-based tracking, identification or perception rolls] Tell -1: Silver eyes the same in either shape. Date Trait / XP Source Ranks XP Gained/Lost XP Remaining ,, 04 Mar 2010 Creation Points - +50 50 04 Mar 2010 Bonus XP from -2 Harmony - +10 60 04 Mar 2010 Merit: Predator’s Bearing 2 -4 56 04 Mar 2010 Merit: Iron Stamina 1 -2 54 04 Mar 2010 Dexterity from 2 to 3 1 -15 39 04 Mar 2010 Intelligence from 1 to 2 1 -10 29 04 Mar 2010 Aspect: Alarming Alacrity 1 -5 24 04 Mar 2010 Aspect: Unsettling Eye 1 -5 19 04 Mar 2010 Merit: Striking Looks 1 - -4 15 04 Mar 2010 Aspect: Catwalk 1 -5 10 04 Mar 2010 Aspect: Hounds Honor 1 -5 5 01 Aug 2011 Merit: Danger Sense 2 -4 1 01 Sep 2011 XP for August - +12 13 06 Sep 2011 Merit: Heavy Hands 3 -6 7 06 Sep 2011 Fighting Style: Aggressive Striking 1, 2 -6 1 01 Oct 2011 XP for September - +5 6 13 Oct 2011 Fighting Style: Grappling 1, 2 -6 0 01 Feb 2012 XP for Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan - +12 12 01 Mar 2012 XP for Feb - +8 20 03 Mar 2012 Strength 3 to 4 - -20 0 01 May 2013 XP for March, April and Revival - 26 26 01 May 2013 Merit: Two Legs or Four: Striking 2 4 22 01 May 2013 Merit: Two Legs or Four: Grappling 2 4 18 01 May 2013 Merit: Two Legs or Four: Fang & Claw 2 4 14 01 May 2013 Fighting Style: Aggressive Striking 3 6 8 01 May 2013 Merit: Ground and Pound 2 4 4 01 May 2013 Iron Stamina 2 4 0
  4. Personal Information: Public Identity: Wakiki Izumi Shadow Name: Imriel Nicknames: Wakki Real Name: same a public Identity Occupation: Adamantine Arrow, Programmer and rap artist Legal Status: Japanese Citizen, currently on a work VISA, living in Los Angeles Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Izumi Nashi (mother), Izumi Seiko (sister), Livy Jenings (half-sister) Deceased Relatives: Izumi Saito (paternal aunt), Izumi Harou (father) Physical Traits: Weight: 155 lbs Height: 5’ 10”” Apparent age: mid-twenties Gender: Male Ethnic Background: Japanese Eye Color: brown Hair Color: black Handedness: Left Age: 25 History: In Japan, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. But for a household of mages, even life in Tokyo was a little more freeform. Wakiki grew up a Sleepwalker in a family of mages. He and later his sister, Seiko, were groomed for service to mages, particularly by their mother, Nashi. She was a Mastigos of the Silver Ladder while his father was an Obrimos Arrow and both were members of a Aoi Sagi Cabal and Tokyo’s consilium, the Shin-en Yakei Consilium. Wakiki and his sister’s childhood were full of secrets and wonder – and some pain, as well. They were the children of a woman who could read minds with ease, and hiding things from her became a fine art. Their mother was actually pleased when they could trick her – those times she found out about it at all. Both children were taught different things by their parents. Harou tried to instill a belief in higher powers with the children, taught them to work hard and be spiritually upright, but Nashi instructed them in less honorable things. She taught them, from an early age, how to dissemble and lie, how to talk people into doing things for them and how to socialize with others. Seiko was skilled, but Wakiki surpassed her at those talents. It was easy for the young man to charm people into giving him what he wanted. Wakiki was a focused child; he had no need to daydream about his life and future. He knew what it would be; he’d get a useful degree and go to work for the consilium. He had no other thoughts; the mission of his parents overshadowed everything in his life – in their lives, as well. Deep inside, he wanted more, though. He couldn’t have named that desire, until the day he heard Public Enemy’s Fight the Power. Something about the song called to him, and the young man listened to more and more anti-establishment music. That gradually morphed into minor rebellions against authority – talking back at school and silently questioning his life. It wasn’t full-on rebellion yet. As a teen, he was vaguely aware that something was wrong with his parents’ relationship. They fought a lot, particularly for two people who could wield the power of the cosmos. He caught hints of an affair, which he tried to ignore. It was their business, and they would work it out. It was a very Japanese response to a problem: ignore it until it went away. He was more preoccupied with his life; doing well in school so that he could go to the college of his choice. He was also starting to dabble in making music – writing lyrics and starting to practice with mixing songs. Despite having parents who were Awakened, Wakiki wasn’t sure if he would ever Awaken himself. It did happen, but not always. His parents always emphasized that there was a hope that it could happen but not to plan on it. Because of that uncertainty, he went to college, getting a degree in computer programming. A streak of his individuality surfaced in his minor in music and his continued work on his music. His life seemed bound for normalcy – as normal as it got for a man bound to be a Sleepwalker retainer for friends of his parents – until the night he won a rap contest. It was a minor affair; far from the down-and-dirty rap battles common in the US where audiences were the judges, this was an open mic in a club with a Japanese celebrity as a judge. Still, it gave him the thought that he might actually be good at this. At that point, his focus shifted from making a safe life for himself and whatever family he might build to making a career with this music. He continued to work as a programmer, to make a living and please his parents, but it was no longer his goal. He hadn’t told anyone about it yet, but he knew that there would come a time when it would be obvious and he’d have to openly rebel. He was figuring out how to do that when his parents’ drama spilled over into his life. Harou and Nashi had met while battling a monster from the Abyss, fallen in love and married. The rumors of an affair were correct, but what Wakiki had never known was that there had been a child born of the affair. He’d also not known that his mother had found out by picking it out of his father’s head. The dual shattering of marital trust had quickly poisoned the relationship. The obvious option was divorce, but his parents refused that due to the public shame it would cause the family. They remained together in bitter silence, never letting their cabal or the local Consilium see their issues. Only Wakiki and his sister Seiko were aware of the silent cold war. By the time Wakiki was twenty-two, they were still in that status quo. The status quo was disrupted violently. Wakiki and Seiko had, at their mother’s insistence, gone to a music festival in Okinawa. It was a good weekend; Wakiki made some friends while there, including an Amercian couple, David and Rebecca. They worked for a record label, a folk song label, but they had friends in the industry. Wakiki felt that this was the closest he’d come to getting signed, so he was happy to make friends. Seiko liked them too. It was the last happy time the two would share. The siblings returned to Tokyo to find their father and most of the Consilium dead, and the Seers in control. As they prepared to flee, their mother found them. Nashi revealed her years of lies to the two, explaining that she was and always had been a Seer of the Throne. As her children, there was a place for them in the new magical landscape of Tokyo. Wakiki immediately rejected his mother’s proposal, but Seiko was laden with guilt and fear. She took their mother’s offer. For being her son, Wakiki was given seven hours to flee the city. Wakiki went, got on the train to Nigata. He had friends from college living there. Lying on their couch, racked by grief and rage, he started down the path of being a Seeker. Torn by the fevered dreams of Awakening, Wakiki walked the Path of Nightmares, and returned in the morning a Mastigos. Wakiki knew no one who could help him in Nigata; the local consilium, if one existed, had no ties to the Tokyo one. He gathered his few belongings and moved on again, to Oita, where a Consilium dwelt, eager to find friends and allies. His welcome there wasn’t warm. By now, the story of his mother’s betrayal was known to mages around the world. The only surviving member of the Shin-en Yakei Consilium had given damning witness, including the news that Seiko had been seen at her mother’s side, serving the Seers. It was immediately suspected that Wakiki was in collusion with Seers and playing a long game of betrayal. Though they weren’t going to condemn him out of hand, their doubts meant that he’d have no aid here. Wakiki contacted Dave and Rebecca, reaching out to his last friends. Arrangements were made for him to come visit them in the US. They lived in Seattle and Wakiki was able to visit for two weeks. He found a job; his fresh computer degree made him attractive to a small start-up company that was creating anti-virus software. Wakiki settled in and worked for a time, living comfortably enough that he began to DJ on the side. He was serious enough about it to buy his own equipment, starting a small side-business and working on his music. At the same time, he was making overtures to the local consilium. The well had already been poisoned here, too – Kenpachi Okami, a Thyrsus Arrow, was a resident and he made sure that everyone knew about the betrayer’s son. There were a few people willing to give him a chance, including Whisker, a Thyrsus Arrow. Whisker was petite with big blue eyes, a shapeshifter who liked to transform into cats. There was a definite sexual chemistry between the two, but they resisted doing anything because Whisker was grooming him for the Arrows. Although unsure at first, Wakiki quickly warmed to the idea of stepping into his father’s shoes. The shadow of his mother loomed over him and few in the Arrow trusted him. It took all of Whiskers’s influence to get Wakiki the right to call himself an Arrow. To gain the order’s trust further (ooc: to gain status in the order), he needed to prove himself. Meanwhile, Wakiki had been searching for a shadow name. He’d been using about Mentok for now; it hadn’t earned him much respect, but he’d had the importance of shadow names drilled into him from the beginning of his life. He’d been very circumspect about calling his parents by their shadow names around other mages. So he wanted to choose his final name with care. The name he finally settled on was Imriel, taken from a book series about a young man. Wakiki had felt a connection to the protagonist; he also had a mother who had betrayed her people. And like Imriel, Wakiki struggled with the urgings to manipulate and control people. Wakiki undertook another project during his last year in Seattle. Twisting the strands of Fate, in which he had limited skill, he dug up the information on his father’s lover. It took him quite a bit of time, but he persisted and in the Fall of 2010, he took a trip to San Francisco, intent on meeting his half-sister. He was a few weeks too late. Livy had disappeared at the start of the semester from UCLA; her mother was frantic. Wakiki left with a new mission: to find Olivia. He started hunting for a job in LA. Given the economy, it was spring before he got one, but he managed to land one as a programmer for a web-based property management software provider. His move was completed by the end of April. His search hasn’t gone well but he has remained hopeful. Someone or something knows what happened to his half-sister. He’ll find them and make them talk; he’ll find his sister or her ending, and make sure she’s safe or at peace.
  5. So I hinted that we should do this, but I've decided to do it myself. Mods, if this is a problem, please let me know. The idea for this thread to submit random plot ideas that you have. People then use them to create stories. I've included some notes from the OOC thread about this specific part of the discussion. Now, here are my offerings: I took Dave's list and tried to come up with something for each. It was hard at first, and I think I got better as I went. Regardless, they are all here for everyone to enjoy. Were-Critters – Someone of the shifting bent has an eye on your territory, but who? They’re being cunning and careful and it’s more than one feral or Uratha pack can handle. Vampires – There is a man who is rising to prominence in the city. He seems to have uncannily good luck, until he crosses one of the PCs. Now, inquiries into his background are turning up supernatural backers – of the fanged variety. Mages – An underground, secret hollow has been found on the UCLA campus. A small shadow cold-war has broken out between two cabals, vying for power over the spot. Demons – Someone close to one of the PCs has started to hear odd things when alone in their house. The group shows up prepared to deal with a malicious ghost – only to learn it’s something more. Hunters – Someone has been targeted by a group of hunters – only problem is that they’re not supernatural at all. A friend to the PCs is going to get hurt if something is done. And why are the hunters making such a gross error? Spirits – Spirit activity is on the rise, and they are overflowing even in the Twilight. It is as if Los Angeles were a locus, allowing every spirit in the area to cross the Gauntlet. Who and what is responsible for this, and why are they doing it? Mortal Crazies – A group of survivalist nuts has holed up in the hills around Los Angeles have gotten their hands on a small arsenal. When one or more of the PCs are captured by this group while hiking, escape without revealing their true natures becomes a fight. Cults – The cultists need material components (read: some part of their body that they can’t live without) from a specific type of creature – and they’ve targeted a PC for it. Evil Artifacts – It is the weapon of ultimate power, a vehicle of pure destruction. The problem is that it can only be operated by the members of a specific bloodline. The bigger problem is that a member of that line has it – and has been given reason to use it by one of the supernatural powers. Bizarre Rituals – The ocean contains a tremendous amount of energy. Not only the life within, but the fury of her storms and the kinetic relentlessness of her waves are all exceptionally powerful. Now someone is going to leash that massive power to restored their beloved child back to life. The consequences to nature, the world and even the realms of the dead are unimaginable. Ghosts – The ghosts are all gone. After one particularly terrible storm, the mediums and Sin-Eaters of the city woke up to an eerie, supernatural silence. The geists of the Bound are still there, but there are no answers. While some beleaguered mediums are happy, most of those who deal with the dead know this to be a Problem.
  6. Quote: "I'd rather be surfing..." Background: Alexander Hoya grew up in the small town of Skidegate, one of only a few on the Haida Gwaii islands (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte islands). His father, Jack Hoya, was a craftsman by trade and his mother had died giving birth to him. As he grew, Alex learned from his father how to shape and build canoes, kayaks, and pretty much anything else that was made out of wood and designed to float. Alex took to the art quickly and enjoyed it, but his real passion was always the open ocean and the wild outdoors – and there was plenty of both in and around the Haida Gwaii. And so Alex's childhood was spent running through the wilds of the woods that dominated the island he called home, or paddling across the bays and inlets that surrounded his island, but always in his heart was an urge to paddle further and farther out, onto the open ocean. For some reason, for as long as he could remember, Alex felt that he belonged out there, out in the water. The land beneath his feet seemed solid enough, but he only ever felt really real – really at peace – when he was in the water. As he grew older, Alex began to range further into the wild terrain of the Haida Gwaii, and even further out into the wild waters that led, eventually, to the open ocean of the Pacific. It was during these later trips that he first began to have close encounters with the sgaana – killer whales – and from the first such meeting the connection between the young boy and the giant predators in the waters underneath him was immediate and readily apparent. Also, as he grew older, he began to more and more frequently witness strange and difficult (sometimes impossible) to explain creatures and events as he wandered in the wilds away from the homes of men. In the forests he would often see strange and often frightening forms watching him from afar, and once he encountered a strange old crone living along a deserted beach; she seemed to mean him no harm and even read his fortune, but she also seemed to know more about him than she should have and told Alex that she had more to tell him 'when he was ready' and would be waiting for him there on that beach when the day came. Out on the water he loved, Alex's encounters with the mysterious were even stranger, and he often worried that he was hallucinating, so strange and, at times, terrifying were the things he saw down in the waters beneath his canoe or kayak. At times the things he saw were enough to frighten him away from the ocean for a time, but always the longing in his heart would eventually draw him back. When Alex was sixteen his drive to explore the ocean's vastness finally outreached itself and he found himself caught in a severe storm with nothing but his canoe to keep him from the churning, and now very ominous-seeming waters below. During the two or three years leading up to this, Alex had become more and more difficult to control, and would sometimes disappear for days at a time. His father and the other villagers began to warn in increasingly strong terms against going so far afield and venturing so far out into the open waters in just a small boat, but the headstrong youth would not heed them, and indeed, at times he seemed absolutely uncontrollable – wild even. But now Alex was caught in a storm that was bigger and stronger and more heedless than he would ever be, and it seemed that he would finally pay the price for his hubris. Of course he lost of control of his boat and was hurled into waves and the water, but what happened to him after that is not something that Alex can adequately describe even now. What he remembers is being found and rescued by killer whales, but instead of taking him back to the surface they took him further down into the ocean depths, eventually reaching what seemed to be a village – like those his people used to live in before the Europeans came – that sat at the bottom of the ocean. There the sgaana treated him like a guest of honor, introducing him to their chief and holding an old-fashioned potlatch festival in his honor, along with dancing and feasting and the telling of old stories. Finally, they asked him if he was ready to join them and become one of The People, to which the young man emphatically answered 'YES!'. And so they awarded him with his very own dorsal fin to wear and, putting it on, he became like one of the sgaana, a killer whale. Then he and all the killer whales swam out of the village to begin their hunt; they tracked down and killed a great whale and feasted on it, and it was good, and Alex felt more alive and more free than he had ever felt in his entire life… That's what Alex Hoya remembers, when he tries to think back on that night. All he can really say for certain, though, was that he woke up naked and alone, floating in the tide of a far beach the day after the storm sank his boat, with blood and whale blubber still clinging in bits and gobbets to his face and hands. After a brief (and very traumatic) period of discovering what he now was, Alex began to slowly make his way back towards civilization. If there ever was a 'magical village beneath the waves', where a tribe of killer whales go to feast and dance and entertain foolish boys who paddle out into storms, Alex has never found it or seen any sign or hint of it since then. What Alex did find when he finally made his way back to Skidegate, was that his father had ventured out into the storm after him in his own, larger fishing boat and had drowned after the storm capsized it the same way it had capsized Alex's boat. Alex was still struggling to come to terms with what had happened to him, so learning what had happened to his father nearly sent him over the edge. Reeling with guilt at having caused his own father's death (even if unintentionally) and overcome with remorse at his loss, Alex found himself cast adrift. He hung on and stuck around long enough to attend his father's funeral, but as soon as that was over he ran away before the civil workers could come and haul him off to some orphanage or place him in foster care. Alex wandered from port to port and truck stop to truck stop, introducing himself only as "Finn" (after the fin that the orcas in his vision had given him to make him one of them). Eventually the teenager managed to make it all the way out to Hawaii. Hawaii was, in many ways, ideal for a young Oceanborn Feral struggling to figure things out without any parents or mentors to turn to for help. Civilization was always ready to hand on any of the islands, but so was the wide open ocean, and it was easy for 'Finn' to slip away and give in to his 'wild side' for a time, learning how to be what he now was out among the waves; swimming, playing, hunting and killing – often alongside other, mundane orcas with whom he now found he had a greater connection than he'd ever had before. Back on land, amongst 'regular' humanity, Finn had little trouble finding work. He was surprised and very pleased to discover that the 'alaia' – the original wooden surf boards that ancient Hawaiians used before European or American colonists ever showed up – was making a comeback amongst the surfing community, and that his skills in wood water crafting were perfectly suited towards the wooden boards. Soon, building the boards turned into using them as Finn took up surfing himself, and after a while the young man was almost always either near, on, or in the water. For the next few years Finn managed to find a measure of happiness and, even more importantly, peace in the life that he'd built for himself on the islands of Hawaii, but he'd known in his heart almost from the moment he'd arrived there that he couldn't stay forever. And so, with a certain amount of regret, Finn left the Hawaiian Islands. For a time he traveled through Indonesia, hitting some of the best surf spots in the world, but he could only ignore the urging in his heart for so long, and eventually he gave in and followed that urging, which took him back home. The other villagers in Skidegate were both surprised and happy to see Alex 'back from the dead', but the young man had changed so much that he found he no longer had much of a connection to the town he'd grown up in. He was the only son of an only son, his mother was long since dead, and after travelling through so much of the world, the tiny harbor town really didn't seem to have much to offer or people that he could connect with. The villagers, meanwhile, found that 'little Alex' had quite grown up, and that he had become a strange and imposing figure who was, if anything, even wilder than he'd been as a child – there was just something disturbingly other about him now. Finn wound up spending the majority of his time in his primal form as a killer whale, swimming the bays and inlets surrounding the Haida Gwaii. It took more than two months before he finally stumbled across that lonely stretch of sand he'd found as a boy so many years before where the strange old crone had been waiting for him and had read his future. A part of him wasn't even surprised to find that she was there waiting for him still, all these years later. This time the old woman introduced herself to him as 'Grandmother', claiming that this was because Finn was actually her grandson. 'Grandmother' went on to explain to him that she was the mother of his own mother, whom he'd never gotten a chance to know. Far more amazingly, she revealed to him that, while his own mother had been as 'normal' as everyone else Finn had ever known, Grandmother was like him. It seemed that the Changing Gift had skipped a generation, she said, adding that it sometimes did so. For more than three years Grandmother taught her grandson a great deal – things about the history of their people (or at least what she claimed was their history – it wasn't like there was anyone else around to dispute or correct her if she were wrong or not telling the truth), amazing things about his own nature that he would never have guessed otherwise, and perhaps most importantly, about the mysterious Spirit Realms that border our own. Grandmother had explained to Finn about how it had always been the duty of the Xa'aidlatha* (as she called 'their people') to watch over and protect the border between the realms of flesh and spirit, just as they watched over the border between the ocean depths and the surface world that abutted them, and so it was vitally important that he embraced that portion of his heritage and learn to interact with that strange and ominous world. Finn will never forget the first time his Grandmother helped him cross the Gauntlet – he still has nightmares about it sometimes, actually. Through his training he learned much about maintaining a balance between the Spirit Realm and the physical world he'd grown up in – and about maintaining a balance within himself as well. His Grandmother also taught him the importance of cultivating the environment – in both worlds – rather than simply 'managing' problems as and when they arose. He learned more than he really wanted to about the word 'chiminage'. And, finally, Finn also learned about the uratha – or at least, he learned how much they disapproved of 'interlopers' like he and his Grandmother 'interfering' in their business. Fortunately, the wolf-blooded did not have much of a presence on the Haida Gwaii and knew that they couldn't adequately watch over the entirety of the islands themselves, and Grandmother had been living and operating in the area for longer than most of them had been alive, so she and Finn were grudgingly accepted. Also, as Grandmother was keen to remind him (and the werewolves, when they would listen), the Xa'aidlatha had been operating amongst the Haida Gwaii for at least as long as the Uratha had been, and their domain was the waves and the sea where the wolves couldn't go anyway, so there was no reason for disagreements between them. Though the Spirit Realm was strange enough, stranger still – and more disturbing – were his occasional brushes with the dead. Finn has always seemed to be a magnet for the otherworldly and the unnatural, but even for him ghosts are something out of the ordinary. Even so, he's had a few encounters with them and one of them has left its mark on him, literally. The ghost of a young woman from Skidegate who had recently disappeared began to appear to Finn whenever he was in town, and though he at first tried to ignore her (he's no more comfortable around ghosts than most 'normal' people), the woman would not leave him be. When he finally gave in and started paying heed to her gestures and attempts at communication it led to him discovering where her body had been left. He got the local police involved at that point and they quickly determined that she'd been raped and then murdered, but there were no further leads forthcoming and the woman's spirit wasn't showing any signs of leaving Finn alone. More problematically for Finn, he was now under suspicion after mysteriously finding the woman's body "by chance" (he couldn't exactly tell the police that her ghost had showed him where to find the body). As it was, the townspeople of Skidegate had found him to be increasingly strange and disturbing since his return, so he honestly seemed like the likeliest candidate for the murderer to most anyway. Now just as eager to clear his name as he was to be rid of the disconcerting presence of the ghost, Finn continued to investigate the killing on his own and, with the spirit's help, managed to track down her killer, who turned out to be one of the town's most respected members. Though Finn had no doubts that this man was the killer, he had no proof. Hoping to provoke the man into a confession, he lured him out to the ravine where he'd found the young woman's body and there confronted him about what he had done. Far from confessing, the man instead became angry, and then violent. The two men fought briefly before the ghost appeared, manifesting not only to Finn but also to the man who had raped and murdered her as well. She rushed at him with a horrifying expression on her ghastly face as a blood-curdling and otherworldly scream poured out of her. In his terror as he scrambled to get away from the ghost of the woman he'd murdered, the man stumbled and fell into the same ravine that he'd dumped her body in, breaking his neck on the way down. Seeing her killer's unmoving body lying at the bottom of the ravine that she herself had been left to die in seemed to satisfy the woman's vengeful spirit, and she began to discorporate as Finn watched. Before she vanished for good, however, the ghost silently reached out and placed her ephemeral hand against Finn's chest, just over the heart. After she'd vanished, Finn found that a handprint remained where she had touched him, almost like a tattoo, and it remains there to this day and shows no signs of fading. While Finn was glad that the woman had found some measure of peace (or at least had her vengeance) and wasn't all that heart-broken over the death of her rapist-killer, he knew immediately that he was now even worse off than he had been before. The police already suspected him in the woman's death and now there was a second body tied to him. Wasting no time, he stopped briefly by his place in town to gather up what few possessions he still had (and would actually need on the road), and then made his way back out to the remote beach where his Grandmother lived. He explained the situation to her there and, though she would be sad to see him go, she agreed that her grandson would need to leave immediately, and so Finn once again left home for the open road (or ocean, as the case might be). Though he misses his Grandmother – and even his hometown of Skidegate, filled as it was with people who never quite understood him – at the same time he is privately pleased to be wandering again, as it seems that being continually on the move is in his blood. Since leaving the Haida Gwaii Finn has slowly worked his way down through British Columbia, into Washington and Oregon, and finally into California. He stopped for a time in Seattle, building back up his meager savings and supplies, before once again going on the road. He's recently arrived in Los Angeles, and his funds and supplies are once again running low, meaning he'll probably need to hunker down for a bit, find a job, and save up some more cash before he moves on. How long he'll hang around the City of Angels remains to be seen – maybe just a few weeks, maybe much longer. Who knows? Maybe he'll like it here. *- "Xa'aidlatha: This is a made-up (by me) First Tongue word that's supposed to mean "The People of the Boundary of the World". It's based off of a word from the Native American Haida language, "Xhaaydla", which means something along the lines of either "worlds" or "place between worlds" (I'm not entirely clear on this point). Anyway, it's understood in the original language that "worlds" here refers to the sea and sky, specifically the "border" where the two meet – or in other words, the horizon. I thought it was a fitting name for Feral orcas who, as aquatic mammals, are creatures that are neither entirely of the sea nor of the land, and who are only really at home at that place where sea and sky meet. Appearance: At 6'6" and 264 lbs., Finn is a very big man and certainly qualifies for the description, "tall, dark, and handsome" (or just 'hawt', as all the girlz like to call it these days), if not quite in the old-fashioned sense that was perhaps once intended, what with both of his arms, all the way up to the shoulders, being covered in thick, bold tattoo sleeves made up of various tribal designs. Finn also has what appears to be a tattoo of a hand print done in unusually black and glossy ink on his left pectoral, right over the heart. He avoids discussing the meaning behind this tattoo if at all possible (and will resort to "lies of omission" if it can't be avoided). Even as good-looking as he is, what really stands out about Finn isn't his height or his looks, but the sheer intensity of his presence that is, at times, simply overwhelming for many people. The man gives off a notable sense of wildness and the 'other', and there is a literal, if subtle scent as well as a 'feel' (for lack of a better word) about him that reminds most of the open ocean. Meanwhile, his expressive brown eyes seem to stare right through a person with a gaze that virtually defines the word 'piercing', making many on whom that gaze falls feel that he can see more about them than they might like. And then there's the fact that while he has one of the most open and friendly grins most people ever get to see, there's something that's just unmistakably predatorial about it. Finn's primal form is that of an enormous killer whale over 35 feet in length and weighing more than 11 tons, with a dorsal fin that stands as tall as he does in human form. Aside from being enormous even for an orca, his eyes also radiate a sense of calculating intelligence that goes beyond even the not-inconsiderable intelligence that most mundane orcas display. Very unusually – and somewhat unfortunately for Finn – his 'tattoo' of a handprint (actually a ghostly mark left behind where the spirit of a dead woman touched him as she went to her final rest – or perhaps judgment) does not fade as normal tattoos do when he undergoes the Change. The print remains even when in his animal or throwback form, and can be clearly seen against the white underbelly of his orca body. In his 'Throwback' form, Finn transforms into enormous man-like creature with the gleaming black skin and patches of brilliant white that his killer whale kin are so famous for. In this guise he stands almost ten feet in height and weighs over one thousand pounds. His face becomes broad and round, with an equally broad (and most often smiling or grinning) mouth, and a broad nose with wide-flared nostrils. His lips, nostrils, and eyebrows take on a brilliant blood-red hue while the bridge of his nose and his forehead turns a deep dark blue color. The result closely resembles the killer whale masks used by Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest in their ritual dances and ceremonies. Though his smile is usually friendly enough, it's also filled with the sharp teeth of the ocean's deadliest predator and this, combined with his enormous size and an appearance that seems like something out of a shamanistic vision, is enough to provoke the Delusion in almost any mortal. Personality: Finn has the intense personality and dangerous aura that one might expect from a Feral whose Breed happens to be the world's largest and most successful apex predator of the past 10,000 years or so - and it can be positively room-filling when he needs it to be – but he is also surprisingly laid back and lacks the often domineering and hyper-aggressive demeanor possessed by most other Feral predators. This is absolutely due more to his Breed than to his personality though, as Finn is actually somewhat unusual amongst his kind (or what's left of them at any rate), being more aggressive and more of a loner than is typical for one of the whale-kin – though this isn't surprising given his calling as a Wind-Dancer. Unusually aggressive or not, Finn can't escape what he is, and killer whales – despite their fearsome name – are not known for their aggressiveness, even if they are known for being arguably the most sophisticated, efficient, and effective pack hunters on the planet. Orcas have a matriarchal society and, moreover, it is always a given that the oldest female present is in charge of her pod and that there are never any challenges from younger females, and certainly never any challenges from any adult males. So, needless to say, as an orca-blooded Feral male, Finn generally lacks the desire to – as he would put it – posture, strut, and generally behave like a bully, all in an effort to prove to everyone watching that he somehow deserves to be the asshole in charge. If at all possible, he'd rather let some other asshole take the job, support the guy in that role if he can, and try not to laugh out loud – or too hard at least – at all of his no-doubt-very-impressive posturing. True to his Breed, Finn is also highly social and unfailingly supportive and trusting of anyone he calls a friend, to the extent that some would call it naivety or foolishness. He will readily share anything he has to give with those who seem to be in need, even when he has little enough to give, and will do so without a second thought (and he has been taken advantage of because of this on more than one occasion). On the other hand, those who do betray that trust leave him feeling deeply hurt, and the ability of a killer whale to enact its vengeance upon those who've wronged it is the stuff of myth and legend – literally. As vengeful as he can be towards those who wrong him, those who are stupid enough to wrong his friends are the ones who truly experience his full wrath. Such unfortunates would have done well to remember that one of the lesser-known names for a killer whale is 'the smiling assassin', and still another is 'the grinning killer'. Name: Finn ("just Finn") Real Name: Alexander Hoya Concept: Shape-shifting Surfer Species: Orca Accord: Wind-dancer Virtue: Charity (compassion) Vice: Pride (ego) Height: 6'6" Weight: 264 lbs. Hair: black Eyes: dark brown Age: 24 Attributes Mental: Intelligence: 2, Wits: 3, Resolve: 2 Physical: Strength: 4/8/11, Dexterity: 2, Stamina: 3/7/8 Social: Presence: 3, Manipulation: 2/1/1, Composure: 3 Skills Mental: Crafts (wood water crafts): 2, Investigation: 1, Occult: 1 Physical: Athletics: 3, Brawl: 3, Drive: 1, Stealth (moving through water): 2, Survival (hunting): 2 Social: Animal Ken: 1, Empathy: 2, Expression (singing): 1, Intimidation: 1, Persuasion: 1, Streetwise: 1 Merits Direction Sense - 1 Feral Heart – 6 (+2 dots) Language (First Tongue) - 1 Pleasing Aura - 3 Quick Healer - 4 Striking Presence - 2 Nahual: Oceanborn Feral Heart: 3 Harmony: 7 Respect: 3 -Insight 3 Willpower: 5 Health: 8/15/24 Initiative: 5 Defense: 2 Speed: 11/15/21 Size: 5/8/16 Favors & Aspects Favors: Aquatic Echolocation Fang & Claw (Bite) 3 (L) Size 15 Limbless (-1) Aspects: Darksight (1) [Can see in the dark, reduced penalties in poor visibility conditions, and gains +2 to Stealth rolls in the dark] Extraordinary Specimen (1) [+1 Str and Size in Primal Form] Keen Sense (hearing; 2) [+2 on Perception rolls and distance-related penalties reduced by up to 3 in all forms] Shadow Bond (3) [Can Sidestep and cross the Gauntlet] Weather Skin (1) [immune to extreme weather conditions] Tell (-1) [What appears to be a tattoo of a handprint is visible on his chest in all forms] CREATION LOG ATTRIBUTES Mental: Intelligence: 0, Wits: 2, Resolve: 1 Physical: Strength: 3, Dexterity: 0, Stamina: 2 Social: Presence: 2, Manipulation: 0, Composure: 2 SKILLS Mental: Crafts: 2, Investigation: 1, Occult: 1 Physical: Athletics: 3, Brawl: 3, Drive: 1, Stealth: 2, Survival: 2 Social: Animal Ken: 1, Empathy: 2, Expression: 1, Intimidation: 1, Persuasion: 1, Streetwise: 1 SPECIALTIES: Crafts (wood water crafts), Stealth (moving through water), Expression (singing), Bonus from Accord: Survival (hunting) MERITS Direction Sense – 1, Feral Heart – 6 BEGINNING FAVORS Aquatic Echolocation Fang & Claw (Bite) 3 (L) Size 15 Limbless (-1) ASPECTS Darksight (1) Extraordinary Specimen (1) Keen Sense (hearing; 2) Shadow Bond (3) Tell (-1) Weather Skin (1) Experience: 50/50: 10 points spent on Dexterity 2. 10 points spent on Intelligence 2. 10 points spent on Manipulation 2. 6 points spent on Pleasing Aura merit. 8 points spent on Quick Healer merit. 4 points spent on Striking Presence merit (2 dots). 2 points spent on Language merit. Xa'aidlatha: Wolves of the sea Breed Favors: Aquatic, Echolocation, Fang and Claw (Bite) 3 (L), Limbless (-1), Size (15) Breed Bonus: Orcas, like dolphins, can ram opponents, inflicting an additional three bashing damage (this is, in fact, one of their favored hunting techniques). Throwback: Strength + 4, Stamina + 4, Manipulation -3, Size + 3, Health + 7, Speed + 4 (species factor 5), + 1 to perception rolls, Fang & Claw Favor (Bite) Primal Beast: Strength + 6, Stamina + 5, Manipulation -4, Size +10, Health + 15, Speed + 9 (species factor 8), + 3 to perception rolls.
  7. Shane O'Neally Tribe: Ghostwolf Auspice: Rahu Age: 27 Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 3, Resolve 3 Physical Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 2, Stamina 3 Social Attributes: Presence 2, Manipulation 2, Composure 2 Mental Skills: Academics 1, Crafts (Automobiles) 3 Physical Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 3 (Boxing), Drive (Off-Road) 2, Firearms 1, Stealth 1, Survival (Foraging) 3, Weaponry 1 Social Skills: Animal Ken 1, Intimidation 2, Streetwise 2, Subterfuge 2, Empathy 1 Merits: Fighting Style (Boxing) 1 Willpower: 4 Harmony: 5 Primal Urge:3 Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Wrath Health: 8 Initiative: 4 Defense: 2 Speed: 10 Size: 5 Weapons/Attacks: 5B - Unarmed Strike Armor: -none- Gifts Partial Change, Crushing Blow, Clarity, Wolf Blood's Lure Renown Purity 2, Honor 1 Totem: 6 XP spent CREATION LOG ATTRIBUTES (5/4/3) Primary Physical: 2 Strength, 1 Dexterity, 2 Stamina Secondary Mental: 1 Intelligence, 2 Wits, 1 Resolve Tertiary Social: 1 Presence, 1 Manipulation, 1 Composure SKILLS (11/7/4) Primary Physical: 2 Athletics, 2 Brawl, 2 Drive, 1 Firearms, 1 Stealth, 2 Survival, 1 Weaponry Secondary Social: 1 Animal Ken, 2 Intimidation, 2 Streetwise, 2 Subterfuge Tertiary Mental: 1 Academics, 3 Crafts SPECIALIZATIONS (3) Crafts (Automobiles), Drive (Off-Road), Survival (Foraging) MERITS (7) 2 Primal Urge (cost 6), 1 Fighting Style: Boxing RENOWN (2) BONUS SPECIALIZATION (1) GIFTS (3) XP LOG Date Trait/Exp. Type Rank Gain/Cost Balance 01 Apr 2010 Creation Points: 50 / 50 01 Apr 2010 reduced Harmony 2: +10 / 60 01 Apr 2010 Attribute Resolve 3: -15 / 45 01 Apr 2010 Skill Survival 3: -9 / 36 01 Apr 2010 Skill Empathy 1: -3 / 33 WoDA Reboot 16 Aug 2011 Skill Brawl 3: -9 / 24 16 Aug 2011 Renown Purity 2: -12 / 12 16 Aug 2011 Lvl 1 Gift 1: -5 / 7 16 Aug 2011 Totem Merit 2x 2: -6 / 1 01 Sep 2011 XP-Gains: +8 / 9 Background Shane's entire life was dominated by the importance of his birth. He was the twin brother of Sarah O'Neally who, unlike him, was denied her genetic heritage and would never go through the change. After the disappointment Sarah turned out to be the tribe put all it's focus and attention on the young boy who struggled with emotional outbursts throughout his early childhood. The Elders took those as signs of an unusual early change and some even thought of him as being exceptionally gifted. At the age of 8 he was separated from his sister who had been the only constant factor in his life. She was the only one who could soothe his rage and without her he felt lost and disoriented. The following years were a constant fight and struggle to keep the boy under control. Shane's condition got worse and worse but the Elders kept persisting that those were signs of his change which should come soon. Shane learned the rules and history of the tribe and got some basic school education but unlike other kids he never went to school since it was too dangerous. As he got older his resentment grew and built up to a hot gleaming hatred for his heritage. Everyone expected him to be someone he didn't feel he was, for some goddess in the sky he had no understanding of. All he knew was a life of denial and pain and lots of rage. One fateful day he managed to break free from the tribe seeking his fortune. He was alone and always on the run, never really knowing peace or safety. His rage a constant companion. Shane felt it under his skin. The change was imminent but it didn't come. He prayed that it would give him some kind of release or that it would grant him freedom but instead it only increased his desperation. For a few months he found a way to live: helping out at a interstate gas-station as a mechanic in Tennessee His life was slowly taking a shape that resembled 'normal' and as long as he kept to himself his rage-issues wouldn't surface. Almost a year into his 'freedom' he fell in love with a beautiful young woman who managed to catch his attention in a way that soothed his inner demons. In her presence he almost felt normal and he quickly proposed in an overjoyed moment. She accepted, which seemed like a miracle to him. For once in his life he thought that he was doing the right thing and he was at peace. The terrible tensions which had racked him his entire life were eased. They decided to get married immediately, and to wait to have sex until the wedding. The wedding was small but the happiest day of his life. They didn't have much money, so they went to Vegas. Afterwards, they were planning to drive up to Washington State and camp. They had a wonderful day together, driving north. That night, everyone went wrong. When they consummated the marriage in a tent at their campsite in Colorado, Shane went through his First Change and killed her. But Shane doesn't remember that; he only remembers waking up, the tent soaked in blood, and Lilly dead. In his unending rage he destroyed everything that reminded him of her and ran away like he never ran before. Now his quest was finding his sister Sarah, the only human being he had left in his life.
  8. Mage Profile: Astra Quote: "Huh. What're the odds?" Background: Morgan's life seems to have been ill-starred from the very beginning. She was conceived in a corner booth of "The Luck-E-Star," following the dive's weekly Tuesday night poker game. Whoever the winner was, he didn't stick around to spend his money in Santa Monica, and by the time the pretty bartender realized she was pregnant, it was too late to do anything about it legally, and too expensive to handle it any other way. Once the baby was born, though, Morgan's biological mother got rid of her as quickly as she could. It was easy to rationalize things so that she didn't feel like a horrible person: she couldn't possibly support a bastard child on a single income, and giving the baby up was really just giving both of them a chance at a better life. It wasn't selfish at all, and she wasn't terrified of the responsibility parenthood would entail, and the sacrifices she'd have to make. It was, really, the best thing to do, in her mind. Luckily, infants are almost always adopted quickly, and Morgan was a beautiful baby with dark hair and huge, curious eyes. The couple who took her in, the Westbrooks, were absolutely ideal parents, and doted on the little girl until she was nearly four years old. They would probably have remained an adorable little family if Robert and Ellen had left the house a little earlier, or a little later, for a romantic anniversary dinner. In the aftermath of the accident, Morgan once again found herself "in the system," where she would remain for the next twelve years. Something always seemed to happen to the girl's foster families, and while many of them deserved it, the ones who didn't left their mark on her developing psyche as she was shuffled from one home to another. Bankruptcy. Illness. Debilitating injury. Infidelity. Fire. Psychotic breaks. Overdose. Blackmail. Divorce. Coma. A string of calamities followed wherever she went, indiscriminately laying both the wicked and the virtuous low until even the girl herself was convinced she was cursed. When her last foster mother was diagnosed with clinical depression after attempting suicide, Morgan decided she'd had enough. Instead of going back to the youth home, she bolted, disappearing in LA where she could be just another runaway in a city full of outcasts. For nearly two years, she lived on the streets, surviving in whatever fashion she could. Sometimes that meant picking pockets, shoplifting, or doing favors, and sometimes it meant finding a creative way to get inside a vacant motel room for a few hours before housekeeping came through. Every day was a new challenge, and it was difficult to do much more than scrape by. It wasn't easy, and she was alone, but to her, it was better than knowing people were suffering simply because she was there. There were times she almost joined up with one of the juvenile gangs roaming LA's streets, if only for the companionship, the sense of belonging, but her fear of the consequences of that bond prevented it. Just after her seventeenth birthday, Morgan began to fear she was going crazy. Strange people moved through the crowds wearing odd clothes and weird masks, and when they spoke to her, it was like a dream. She knew without a doubt that what they discussed was important, but afterward, she could never quite remember what it was- only that she should. Reflections in car windows didn't quite match the environment, she couldn't rid herself of a weirdly musical ringing in her ears, and the flow of time seemed maddeningly off somehow. Most disconcerting, however, was a growing tendency to find herself in places she couldn't remember going, with no idea how she'd arrived or how long she'd been there. She dropped everything, getting completely clean and sober almost overnight, but nothing helped. If anything, it was even more frightening, because she knew her perceptions should have been accurate. Even the awful reality of LA's underbelly no longer reassured her with its cruel, banal predictability. As it happened, a Thyrsus was waiting on a contact in the bar of the high rise Argo Navis hotel when Morgan reached the culmination of her Awakening. No one in the lobby noticed when, around 11pm, a dark-haired girl walked calmly into the elevator and took it all the way up. Ten minutes later, when a glowing star that was part of the illuminated constellation on the roof came crashing down into the middle of the street- that got their attention. That Thyrsus, a coffee-skinned beauty called Mayati, extricated the young woman from the scene and taught her what she needed to know in an immediate sense; despite the difference in their paths, Mayati eventually became her mentor. It was an unusual, and sometimes contentious relationship, but Morgan (now calling herself Astra, as it seemed appropriate), was fiercely devoted to her teacher. When Mayati was pronounced dead after a mission to deal with a group of Banishers that had begun seeping into LA, Astra ignored all the previous arguments they'd had about whether or not she could do what her mentor had and approached the order directly. Acanthus are rarely inspired to join the Arrow, but the order recognized that while skills can be learned, enthusiasm and drive cannot. Astra possessed both of the latter in abundance, if little of the former, and so she began her training in earnest. Recently, she has been placed in the University of California at Los Angeles, both to further her education and to monitor the campus from a perspective most in the Awakened orders cannot see. Shadow Name: Astra Aliases: Astra di Bonaventura Real Name: Morgan Ophelia Westbrook Path: Acanthus (Enchanters) Order: Adamantine Arrow Virtue: Fortitude Vice: Lust Attributes Mental: Intelligence - OO, Wits - OOO, Resolve – OO Physical: Strength - OO, Dexterity - OOO, Stamina – OO Social: Presence - OOO, Manipulation - OOO, Composure – OOO Skills Mental Skills (-3): Academics O, Crafts (Painting) OO, Medicine O, Occult (Symbols) OOO Physical Skills (-1): Athletics OOO (Fleeting the Scene. Or, if you prefer, just Running.), Brawl OO, Firearms O, Larceny OOO , Stealth OOO, Weaponry O Social Skills (-1): Empathy OO, Expression OO, Socialize OO, Streetwise OO, Subterfuge O Other Traits Merits: High Speech O, Resources OO, Status (Adamantine Arrow) O, Sanctum O (Size), Sanctum O (Security), Fighting Style: Kung Fu O Willpower: OOOOO Wisdom: OOOOO O Initiative: 6 Defense: 3 Speed: 10 Health: 7 Gnosis: OOO Arcana: Fate OOO, Life OO, Time O Rotes: Body Mind (Life OO), Fortune's Protection (Fate OO), Purge The Unbidden (Life O), Strike True (Time O), Sybil's Sight (Fate O) Mana/per Turn: 3 Armor: Magic Shield: Fortune's Protection Equipment: Cell phone, messenger bag (theoretically for school work), clove cigarettes, butane lighter, Glock 34 9mm. pistol, butterfly knife, small assortment of lockpicks. Dedicated Magical Tools: Deck of Tarot cards, small silver hand mirror Creation Log: Merit Points: Gnosis OO (3pts), Gnosis OOO (3pts), Resources O (1pt) (7pts total) Experience: Date Trait/Exp. Type Rank Gain/Cost Balance 29 Jul 2011 Creation Points - +50 50 29 Jul 2011 Wisdom Reduction - +5 55 29 Jul 2011 Wits Attribute 3 -15 40 29 Jul 2011 Academics Skill 1 -3 37 29 Jul 2011 Crafts Skill 2 -6 31 29 Jul 2011 Firearms Skill 1 -3 28 29 Jul 2011 Weaponry Skill 1 -3 25 29 Jul 2011 Streetwise Skill 1 -3 22 29 Jul 2011 Subterfuge Skill 1 -3 19 29 Jul 2011 Resources Merit 2 -4 15 29 Jul 2011 High Speech Merit - -0 15 29 Jul 2011 Status (Order) Merit 1 -2 13 29 Jul 2011 Sanctum (Size) Merit 1 -2 11 29 Jul 2011 Sanctum (Security) Merit 1 -2 9 29 Jul 2011 FS: Kung Fu Merit 1 -2 7 29 Jul 2011 Medicine Skill 1 -3 4 29 Jul 2011 Sybil's Sight (Fate 1) 1 -2 2 01 Mar 2012 Fiction XP - +3 5
  9. Name: August Turner Personal Information: Public Identity: August Turner Nicknames: Auggie Real Name: same Occupation: Cinematography student Legal Status: United States Citizen, living in Los Angeles Marital Status: Umarried Known Relatives: Margaret 'Molly' Sullivan (aunt), Elena Fiona Turner (mother), Riona Sullivan (grandmother), Tracy Davis (aunt), Jerome Davis (uncle), Michael Davis (cousin), Georgette Davis (cousin) Deceased Relatives: Walter Jacob Turner (father), Tyla April Turner (sister) Physical Traits: Weight: 145 lbs Height: 5'; 6" Apparent age: mid-twenties Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Eye Color: blue-green Hair Color: black Handedness: Right Age: 22 Clubs/Organizations: Film and Photography Society (UCLA), Graduate Cinematography Student Association (UCLA) Fictions: Pre-game 07/30/2011 - The Bone Monk's Vows Intra-game 07/28/2011 - Giving the Gift of Indigestion [C] 08/01/2011 - Feeding a Wolf [C] 08/03/2011 - She Who Interferes with a Raven [C] 08/05/2011 - Boot-Scooting Boogie ?? - Just Stopping By 08/13-15/2011 - Live Action 08/16/2011 - Surf n Turf 08/17/2011 - Lost to the Night - Part 1, Hired Help [C] 08/18/2011 - A Sanctuary, Safe and Strong 08/22/2011 - Big Bad Wolf 08/27/2011 - A New Way History: August - known then as Tilly Augusta Turner, thanks to a favorite aunt - was effectively orphaned at age ten with the death of her father, Walter Turner. Her father worked as a Site Manager for various studios. Publically, he was loved by his employers but hid a dark secret: he was an abusive bastard at home. His daughters and wife lived in fear of him, unable to break free. At first it was just beatings, but as time passed, the abuse passed into torture. Fiona took the worst of it, as her pain incorporated the sexual. Some part of Walter refused to cross that line with his twin girls, no matter how bad he got. What none of them knew was that Walter was being Ridden. For years, a spirit of pain had been clinging to him, warping his mind and personality to feed its growing hunger. Just as it was starting to get out of control, to move outside the family, fate intervened. In the late fall of 1995, Walter received an assignment from Paramount Studios to prep a site in Colorado for a survival thriller. Walter took his wife and daughters up with him, a common practice for him when he planned to be gone for extended amounts of time. All was going well until a freak snowstorm cut them off. Walter had prepared for this with provisions, and there were buildings on the site, so the family was fine. The studio promised to airlift them out as soon as possible. The rescuers arrived to find carnage. Walter was dead, found at the bottom of an icy ravine and picked at by scavengers. His wife, Elena, was bound to the bed in one of the buildings, injured, hysterical and nearly insensate. Tilly and her twin sister, Tyla, were found after two hours of looking. Tyla was found dead, beaten to death. Tilly was next to her sister, sobbing and half-frozen. The investigators never got the full story, but they pieced together the following assumption: Walter had snapped and tried to kill his daughters. They ran and he caught one, killing her. Elena tried to stop him, and he hurt her and tied her to the bed. While looking for his other daughter, he slipped and fell to his death. This is mostly true. What is omitted, unknown, or forgotten is that a solitary Uratha hunter caught wind of the Ridden. As a ghost led the girl into the woods and away from her father, the Uratha arrived. He saved Tilly, mauling the monster her father had become in near-wolf form. After dropping the body into a ravine, he led the girl back to the cabin, then went to get help. He led people back as a human and faded away into the background. While no one believed the girl's tale about a giant wolf saving her, wolves remained a fascination for the girl. Elena was admitted to a mental hospital, where she has remained since. The woman is broken after years of torture followed by the death of her youngest daughter. Tilly - who changed her name to August Tyla Turner at age eighteen - was raised by an aunt in Los Angeles. She is her father's daughter, and she pursued a career in Hollywood. August went to UCLA, going for her undergraduate in Film, Television and Media. Her first roommate was a slovenly nightmare, dirty beyond even the messy August's standards. Unable to get someone to trade with her, she looked off-campus for a new place to live and found Oneca. The girl seemed more interested in company than in a reliable renter, which was good since August didn't have much money. Plus Oneca was fun, if a little weird. After getting her undergrad, she started her Masters of Fine Arts in cinematography. Oneca's sister showed up for her freshman year of college and for a while, August thought she might get kicked out of the house. A compromise was reached: August moved into the hastily renovated attic and Oneca's parents didn't kick her out. In her first year, she scored a spot on the second unit of a documentary about wolves in a sanctuary in the mountains. It was being directed by a friend of her father's, and Paul took her on as an intern as a favor to his memory. During the production, August found herself surrounded by people who knew her father, in the mountains and with wolves around all the time. The walls she'd carefully constructed to contain her psyche and her gifts came crumbling down. She began to see 'things' again. August barely held herself together. She managed to finish the internship but right after she checked into a hospital. Medication helped her, mostly by drugging her into a zombie-like state where she couldn't see anything clearly. That didn't work for her, so she stopped taking them and tried to just ignore whatever was going on. For now, she keeps trying to keep her head above water. It's not easy; she keeps seeing things that aren't there, things that look like ghosts. For now, ignoring them is working, but she worries about her condition becoming worse.
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