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  1. A Dread Names, Red List Update Kindred Most Wanted was one of those cool, but a little strange, original Vampire supplements that everyone liked, but didn’t actually get a lot of use at the table. It had these terrifying “bad guys” that made for dangerous villains so bad the entire Camarilla wanted them dead. Admittedly they had pretty good reason because murderers, diablerists, infernalists, and other monsters populated the List. It was an excellent way to show some of the bigger setting elements of the World of Darkness, showing that there were ancient foes creeping around and that the eternal war between Kindred went on beyond the borders of a neonate’s local city. A number of the Anathema predated the Camarilla (and the Sabbat), plus they had agendas that didn’t have anything to do with local sect politics. Still, most of them were not the type of NPCs you just drop into a standard Chronicle. The majority of them were very powerful and well outside the scope of your average 13th Generation Kindred’s night-to-night experiences. I’ve been running Vampire in both tabletop and LARP for 20 years now and I’ve only used a couple of the Anathema in my games. I’d also seen them used in very cool and very ham-fisted ways in other games at conventions a few times. Over the years, a few of the Anathema made appearances in different Vampire books. Some of them had interesting stories, offering ideas on how they might still be relevant to the ongoing story of Vampire. Others were written out. Maybe they didn’t offer much beyond the “boss battle” write-up they originally had or perhaps even powerful monsters have something to fear… I’ve played around with the idea of updating the Red List in my own game for several years. I’ve even posted about on the White Wolf forums a couple of times, tossing ideas back and forth with other Storytellers about who may (or may not) qualify for the List in the Final Nights or who might piss off the Justicars/Inner Circle enough to get placed on the List regardless of their crimes. They were great discussions and definitely helped me while working on this book. When the Children of the Revolution Kickstarter came along I pitched the idea of an updated Red List to Rich and it was added to the Kickstarter. The original plan was that this would be a small PDF with an updated Red List to highlight the thirteen Most Wanted vampires. The list would incorporate updated backgrounds/stats to match V20 and add a few new outlaws to replace those, like Genina, who had met Final Death, in a prior supplement Children of the Night, for example). I was filled with ambition and crazy dreams that I’d be able to roll through the 13 very quickly. Of course, this all happened right before Gen Con and, in addition to con planning, we were in the middle of a big push to get a lot of World of Darkness out of print titles added to the print program at DriveThruRPG (my “day job”) and a million other things. At the time, Justin was the Vampire developer and he was bogged down with working on Hunters Hunted II and Anarchs Unbound. Plus, he was very busy in his own “day job” so it took a while before he could really dive in and give me some developer notes and redlines on my first draft. I needed it. I feel my first draft was pretty terrible… It was full of lots of tell, not show, half-baked ideas of twists and lots of easter eggs from other Vampire books without any context. That first draft needed some rewrites and a good hard look at the overall concept of what this project was about. Talking to Justin and Rich, a little at Gen Con and a lot at Atlanta by Night, we fleshed this supplement out into something much more than a short PDF of 13 characters. Instead of just a batch of NPCs, we’re taking a look at the Red List, its history in the Camarilla, how it functions and what it looks like in action. We’re going to have the current 13 Most Wanted, but also toss in ideas how to make the List fit your chronicle… For example, think that 13 is too few? Here are some ideas on expanding the List. In this supplement, we’re also looking at the Alastors, those Kindred tasked with hunting down the Anathema. Alastors got a little bit of mention in a couple of Vampire supplements, but never really went into detail about what it’s like to play one. So, we’re including material on how to play in, and run, an Alastor chronicle. Think of this like an Archon chronicle, but most of your suspects make the average Sabbat Pack look like kittens… I’ve brought on Monica Valentinelli to help expand these sections of the book. Monica has worked on Vampire: the Requiem and World of Darkness, plus a number of other RPGs like Eclipse Phase, Aletheia, and the upcoming Firefly RPG. Currently, we’re deep into second and, in some cases, third draft rewrites of the Anathema and expanding the Storytelling chapter. So, how ‘bout that list? Anyone want a peek at the 13 Anathema? No? Ok, thanks for reading… Just kidding… Please don’t stake me… Here are the 13 Most Wanted on the Camarilla’s current Red List. Next to each name, I’ve included the Trophy Clan that’s currently offering the prize to anyone who captures or kills the Anathema. A few names, like Keminitiri, are familiar and have been on the Red List for some time. Others, like Raymond Narcisse, have been a thorn in the side of the Camarilla for a while, but only recently been added to the List as vacancies appeared. There are also a couple of new names… 1. Keminitiri – Trophy Clan: Ventrue 2. Petaniqua – Trophy Clan: Malkavians 3. Rabbat – Trophy Clan: Nosferatu 4. Germaine – Trophy Clan: Toreador 5. Aiysha Jocastian – Trophy Clan: Ventrue 6. Marisa Santos – Trophy Clan: Brujah 7. Karen Anotos – Trophy Clan: Nosferatu 8. Valerius Maior – Trophy Clan: Tremere 9. Alex Swift – Trophy Clan: Gangrel 10. Dylan – Trophy Clan: Tremere 11. Christopher Barrow – Trophy Clan: Gangrel 12. Kyoko Shinsegawa – Trophy Clan: Toreador 13. Raymond Narcisse – Trophy Clan: Brujah We’ll post more developer notes and a few excerpts from the book as it progresses on a semi-regular basis. Next time, I’m going to ask Monica to do the update. If you have a suggestion about what you’d like to see her write about — let us know! View the full article
  2. I did some pluggin' over there, so it seems fair to reciprocate here. ,, Some folks over here (http://twelfthnight.suikodev.net/) are putting together a pretty sweet looking Vampire: the Requiem game that's still recruiting, in case anyone's interested. They have plans to venture into Mage and perhaps others as well in different chapters. This is a cast assembled from a previous Song of Ice and Fire game I participated in, and I was really impressed at the level of roleplaying and maturity among the players. This game's being put together with a lot of work going into the setting and organization of it all too. ,, If you do apply, be sure to mention Salmon Max sent you.
  3. Well, white wolf has finally done it, alternate settings for their exalted game line.. 4 completely different settings in fact.. to give it a quick cover, for those of you interested Gunstar Autochthonia - a cosmos rather then a single world.. the exalted lost the war, and yet escaped on the world-jouten of Autochonia.. eternally preparing to return and finish the ancient war, and yet also pursued by agents of the primordials. Heaven's Reach - an vast intergalactic society of millions of words, complete a tyranical empire, ancient bloodlines, alien races, stellar intelligence's (Slain ones begain the tomb-stars, leaving black holes in normal space their intelligence continuing beyond, as they could not fully die) Burn Legend - ultra simplified exalted, where one exalts by learning and perfecting martial arts.. Modern Age - the modern world, of sorts.. Heaven's Reach and Modern Age have both limited essence to 5, and burn legend has changed the game enough that it doesn't even include the same charms, or really need all that many charms.
  4. As a collective of geeks and gamers I'm assuming most of us here have seen the Advent Children movie or played one of the several Final Fantasy games that have been released over the years. The magitech armors and vehicles, the gunblades and magic spells, the summons and total WTF value of a universe that incorporates just about every action/sci-fi angle anyone could possible imagine. About two years ago Vivi and started work on a Final Fantasy-esque game universe and decided that the Exalted game mechanic worked best for outlandish anime-ish magitech world we were going for. We've played several test games and they turn out very well the only thing so far that is stumping me are the charm trees. See, we've set the Essence system set up to where everyone is just plain human and thus equal. The unique abilities that the PCs possess are simply possible due to extensive training and honestly don't require much explanation beyond 'it's a game, we say so'. There are no Solars, Abyssals, Lunars, etc. Essence pools are calculated as a purchased background, starting at 'Awakened Mortal' (28 essence max) and ending at 'God' (150 essence max). The enhanced and awesome combat would be a direct result of using charms and thus spending essence to increase your fighting abilities. Awesome parries, multiple attacks, firey swords etc, would all be the character spending those points and more powerful characters have a larger pool to draw from. Now, the part that's really chapped my ass, is that all the charms across all the seperate Exalted types are useful in some way but all the charms vary in power considerably. Dragon Blooded charms are considerably weaker than Solar Charms in several ways, but can be incredibly useful in groups. The power levels are skewed considerably. In the past we've tried games where we just made an 'aligned' character. I made a character 'aligned' to Darkness so he was an emo little Kadaj-like PC who's powers called on the element of shadow. Vivi made an PC 'aligned' with Water so her powers all focused around the water element. Typical and text book FF right? The problem came in where Abyssal Charms were considerable more powerful than Dragon-Blooded charms and the Shadow PC quickly over powered the Water PC. What I'm looking for are suggestions on how to make the charms trees more 'universal' in certain respects and still remain unique to each individual character. Just saying "You buy any charm at anytime from any book." is the easiest way to do it, but that quickly got out of hand too... Oh, if you have questions about how we designed the other stuff about the world, just ask.
  5. So, I was looking over at the White Wolf wiki site, and I decided to read all about Divis and his fantastical escapades. At the end of the artical, it says that there are a group of people out there who think that when Divis leaves Earth, he uses the "Create Universe" power, and creates World of Darkness with himself as Caine. There is also Exalted, which places Mal as The Unconquered Sun. The best one is where people think that Exalted is the precurser to WoD, and Divis placed himself as the most powerful character in both. I got a kick out of this, and decided that other people needed to hate me more. Because, really. If bringing this up doesn't make you hate me, than nothing short of Professer X jumping up out of his wheelchair, clad in camo and a AK-47, while yelling "The time for talk is over! Now is the time for action!" will inspire such feelings of hate.
  6. So, when it comes to Scion, which you favorite Pantheon and why? Personally, I like the Greek, mostly because I'm familiar with about every Greek myth there is and the way Scion presents the opportunity to 'live' those myths is incredibly cool to me. One thing I don't like is the Arete purview. I think it's broken in a major way when compared (statistically) to the other purviews. I ran a few numbers and honestly Hercules or Ares can win in almost any fight against any other God or Titan as long as they have Athletics Arete at 10 and any Combat Arete at 10. (and I think Ares does)
  7. I need help with a pen & paper World of Darkness game. I'm massively jumping the gun, & I know that, but I'm trying to build a really rocking game for a special event that's coming in a few months and I'm having some real trouble. Every year, the highlight of our gaming calender is the Halloween game. This has become a tradition for our group. Last year's game was our best one yet, and I ran it. Thus the torch has been passed to me as the official Halloween DM. This is a big honor, and it has put me under a lot of pressure. I've got all of these really amazing, really cool events to happen in game, but I'm missing the most important, most vital element of the game... The plotline. I'm asking you guys to give me a hand, if you would be willing. I need two things in the plotline. #1. I need it to be seriously creepy--something decidedly Halloweeny. #2. It needs to be a plotline that can be solved in one night, one 5 to 6 hour game. Anything would help, even if it's nothing more than a random idea. Maybe it'll help spawn something in me. Thanks in advance. Sorry for cluttering up your message board.
  8. Here is a unique idea for a Pantheon, based on major internationally known figures from great literature. Hopefully I can get some chatter, and perhaps people would like to work this with me. ******* The Fictumis The newest and youngest entry to the realms of the Gods, the Fictumis were once fictional characters of great literature. But their presence and near-archetypal position in mortal lore has brought forth them to god-hood and a unique position to play. Their God-Realm is Imago, a land of several cities and many different lands in between. Each city is different, a Camelot, a Victorian London, a Verona, a dark castle, and so forth. Pantheon Boon Wordsmithery, the power to influence words, spoken and written, and information they carry. I haven't defined any boons with this yet. The Gods King Arthur The ruler of the Fictumis by common consent. Associated Boons and Attributes: Epic Charisma, Epic Stamina, War, Wordsmithery Favored Abilities: Melee, Integrity, Control, Command, Presence Guienvere Arthur's famous queen, and the queen of the Fictumis. Associated Boons and Attributes: Epic Charisma, Epic Appearance, Fertility, Wordsmithery Favored Abilities: Command, Presence, Empathy, Politics, Stealth Sherlock Holmes The famous detective of Baker Street. As one whose attitudes were shaped by the Victorian Age, he adopts Scions rather than breed them. Associated Boons and Attributes: Epic Intelligence, Epic Wits, Epic Perception, Justice, Mystery, Wordsmithery Favored Abilities: Awareness, Investigation, Stealth, Academics, Science Iago The bane of Othello is the secret dagger of the Fictumis, a counterpart to Loki in every way. Associated Boons and Attributes: Epic Wits, Epic Manipulation, Chaos, Wordsmithery Favored Abilities: Politics, Subterfuge, Empathy, Larceny, Stealth Romeo The young lover struggling against fate, he is a commander and a negotiator, using force of personality to over whelm his foes. Associated Boons and Attributes: Epic Charisma, Epic Dexterity, Magic, Wordsmithery Favored Abilities: Presence, Melee, Command, Control, Subterfuge Juliet The female half of the ill-fated couple doomed to die, she is a diplomat and caregiver. Associated Boons and Attributes: Epic Appearance, Fertility, Magic, Wordsmithery Favored Abilities: Empathy, Integrity, Stealth *** Going to add Frankenstein and Beowulf later. Comments?
  9. Not sure how long this deal lasts but drivethrurpg.net has the nWoD Core Rules PDF for free right now. http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=1124&it=1&SRC=Newsletter
  10. Hey all, I'm looking for help developing a new Pantheon and Pantheon Specific Purview for Scion. Specifically I am looking for to create a Native American Pantheon, either as a general Pantheon encompassing, in a general sense, the multitude of North American Native mythologies or more specifically the Puebloan Peoples (which includes among others the Hopi and Zuni). There is a Fan made Pantheon HERE, and likewise the start of a potential Purview HERE I don't pretend or claim any great amount of knowledge regarding to any of the Native American peoples so I'm reaching out in hope that I can get help in fleshing out the Pantheon and completing the Purview. I'm not opposed to starting from scratch in regards to either. I do intend to use the write up for Coyote/Br'er Rabbit from the Companion however (Pantheon purview not withstanding). Anyway, I would appreciate any help I can get, especially in regards to a purview. Thanks.
  11. Hi Folks, I was poking my head in over at rpg.drivethrustuff.com and they are having a sale on WW PDFs from now till the 12th. 10% off WW PDFs AND you can download Exalted 2nd Ed for free. Free Exalted
  12. It has been some time since I've been to the White Wolf site. I was checking to see what is new since my last visit and discovered the Storytelling Adventure System. Here is a description of the line: Quote:The SAS is designed to allow greater flexibility than more traditional methods of presenting pre-written game modules, and also to be equally useful in print or on screen. To this end, each SAS module is a "story kit", which provides NPCs and scenes with which to tell a story. The Storyteller is also given a "treatment", an overview of the intended plot, mood and theme of the module, and a "plot flow" diagram, shich suggests ways in which the scenes might link up. There is also a "stat block" style overview of the module, which gives the number of scenes; an estimate of the challenge represented by the module given as dot ratings out of five for Mental, Physical and Social challenges; and a suggested experience level for player's characters, given as a range of earned experience points in ranges similar to those suggested for various experience levels in the various games.Characters are described using the standard format used in the various World of Darkness books, with some elaboration. Scenes are categorised into Encounters, which are triggered by the players, and Events, which are triggered by certain circumstances which may or may not be within the players' control. All scenes are presented in a new, standard format which includes all the mechanical, story and descriptive information. Each scene also gets a "scene card", which summarizes the hindrances and help player characters might face, along with goals for both player characters and the Storyteller. The new scene format allows the SAS to separate plot and story, allowing for greater customisation and a more natural feel to the story. Has anyone here played or ran any SAS games?
  13. I'm about to start a table top Vamp (old style) game and I'm finding myself short of plot ideas. Characters so far: A female Malkavian A female undecided on clan A male tremere Here is what I have so far: The game will start with the tremere returning to town to discover that his chantry has been destroyed. The chantry leader seemed nervous before sending him away on an errand, possible foreknowledge of the danger. In fact the entire town has been devastated, the news media is calling it a mass terror attack, but it was vamp hangout spots that were destroyed. Elysium is gone, the vamp bars and other main spots are gone. I should also mention that he city is San Antonio and that Mexico is Sabbat territory. With the exception of the players every other vamp in the city is just simply gone. The city will not be a safe place to remain and they will have to head to Houston or Dallas for safety. I'm thinking something old and very dangerous woke up. Question is what and why and how to play that in to the rest of the game. I am thinking that the Nosferatu might be whispering rumors that the Sabat have tried to move in only to meet the same fate as the Camrilla vamps. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  14. Hey people ::smile As it is, its more likely that I will run a Changeling: the Dreaming (not Changeling: the Lost) campaing instead of a Trinity group. So I'm searching for a Forum with that topic ... does anyone know one?
  15. Tomorrow, I having a character creation session for my new WoD game. I'm using old WoD, because I don't intend to get the new wod until the other books are out, due to my players liking such different characters. Note 'such different characters'. Now I like for players to run their ideas past me so I can try and fit them in the story. I'm rather lenient, and my last merry band of travellers consisted of two werewolves (a silent strider and a red talon, no less), a mage, and a psychic cia agent on the run. Now I know that anyone who knows Werewolf will probably freak at the thought of a Red Talon and 2 humans travelling together, but the reason I allowed him was because he was a kind of diplomat. Nicknamed 'Monkey-Talker', he actually fitted in rather well. Anyway, I digress. This time I have to chuckle at the selection of characters laid before me. We have recently lost one player, but gained 3 more, for a total of 7 players (which is my maximum). They've run their characters past me, and I've stretched my story around them. So the characters will be- A bastet (werecat for non-wolfers), two mages, a corax (werecrow), a garou (werewolf), an arthurian knight (using highlander rules), and a mortal (nanotech enhanced) escaped convict. I thought I had a weird bunch before... ::crazy I'm seriously looking forward to the challenge. Have a laugh, SnakeEyes ::biggrin Edit: Ach! Now my printer's gone kaputt, so 2 of the character sheets might not be printed for tomorrow... damn you murphy! *shakes fist* ::ohcrap
  16. Welcome to the Human-Occupied Landfill! I need suggestions for a fiendishly wicked plan of unimaginable wicked fiendishness! In a one-shot game that I might be running at an extended New Year's party, an insidious archvillain will make his appearance on the Human-Occupied Landfill. He is a hypnotist, a plotter, a schemer, an inscrutable paragon of malevolence. He has centuries of experience in no-goodery. He is a betrayer, a liar, a manipulator, a man utterly without scruples. He is. . . the Master. Or at least a parody of the Master. Possibly accompanied by Cybermen. Or Daleks. Or Autons. Or all three. Anyhow, he has arrived on HoL and he has a sinister scheme of insurmountable sinisterness. What is it? What is he planning to do that can involve the player characters? Keep in mind that HoL is a parody of any and all other games and capable of infinite adaptation. Making fun of genre conventions is expected, bathroom humor is a staple of the game, and mocking RPGs is what it's all about. Any ideas? Do your worst. . . .
  17. I hate asking silly questions, but I'm away from my usual references. What other names has WW used for the Ascension War? Specifically, have any of them used "Paradox"? Thanks! FR
  18. Many of you may know about this already, but I was surprised. **** I don't know how many of you keep up with the Exalted books as they come out. Considering how good the 1e Gods Book was, I wanted to take a look at the new Book of Sorcery IV: Roll of Glorious Divinity 1 (Gods & Elementals). The "what's next" entry at the beginning of the book however derailed me. For those that haven't heard yet: Exalted: Dreams of the First Age has a January 23 release date. (Compass of Celestial Directions 3 Yu-Shan releases the same day) DotFA is supposedly a Boxed Set with everything needed for a First Age Setting. http://secure1.white-wolf.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=910 There's not a lot of information about it yet, but I suspect that will be remedied shortly. I may never play it, but I really want to see it. And just for completeness (No picture yet) Yu-Shan http://secure1.white-wolf.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=911
  19. I'm putting together some ideas for an upcoming Scion game, and borrowing a bit from Neil Gaiman's use of the House on the Rock in American Gods, I'm thinking it might be interesting to have other important, iconic locations play some role in the game. The scope isn't global, so I don't need the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World or the recently-elected new Seven Wonders. What I want is seven wonders of the United States. "Wonder" here should be construed as anything built by humans that is iconic, important, or magnificent--the "must sees" of a package tour of the USA. What are your nominations?
  20. Well, I was going to make a game where it would introduced Aeon type characters into the would of darkness, mainly Inspired/psychs. Would either of those two groups. Be over powering/under powering? See that maybe the psyche would be a bit underpowered as they can't get five dot in aptitudes. Or am I just being silly? ANd how would inspired work, I am going to look for the adventure rules, if they would be playable in the world of darkness. From what I have seen they are , but I am not sure. Novas are clearly right out.I think 30 nova points equals around 190 bonus points.And that would break the game balance. Lastly would psion fit into that sort of game? they have limits and well most things you could as a psion can be done as a vampire/mage/ just about anything else. Any thoughts on this?
  21. On the White Wolf forums, they just announced that White Wolf is going to be merging with the company that produces the Eve Online game. I haven't played it, but somehow I doubt that an Eve RPG is going to give a boost to Trinity.
  22. In April White Wolf is going to launch a new game called Scion: Heroes. I know that is about the offsprings of gods from different pantheons, but anyone could provide more information about the Pantheons, power levels, setting, is related to World of darkness...?
  23. Anyone flipped through this stuff yet aside from me?
  24. On the White Wolf forums, they just announced that White Wolf is merging with the company that does Eve Online. Am I the only one that finds this to be a somewhat bizarre merger? And I dread to see what kind of MMORPG is going to come from this to represent WoD.
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