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Found 14 results

  1. This is a catch-all for whatever we want to ramble about...you know, the general chat thread every forum seems to have. I'm gonna pin this one too so it's always at the top.
  2. This thread is for talking about the character creation process and for discussing rules changes. Bring any concerns and/or questions up here.
  3. Location: A roadside shrine in Taralogan "...and I shall chant your hymn for good fortune on my way to Konark, ancient one." The trader placed some incense on the tray beneath the dragon idol and lit it. He always stopped to pray at the Ancient One's roadside shrines when he passed through Taralogan; the monks said it lived here during the dry season and that it flew above the clouds and kept an eye out for lost souls. One could never be too careful. The trader exchanged gossip with the shrine's monk and climbed back atop his horse. He made sure his packs were secure and then continued along the mountain path. The thick trees and fog from the marsh below made navigating hard for most people but he had been along this route so many times that he could do it blindfolded. The trader's horse took him down into the thick of the fog and then across a small stream. He finally emerged into the enormous valley known as the Trail of the Great Serpent, which created a wide road for several kilometers. Then something in the fog caught his eye. He stopped his elk and squinted to see. "Eh, what's that? I don't remember a hill being there..." ********** Location: The roof of the Chamber of Light, Silgaea It is early morning, and the sun has yet to fully come over the horizon. The Pantheon Fortress is mostly built inside of Mount Silgaea, with parts of it extending outward and upward from the rock. There are various balconies here that can support Kalukatesh's weight, and it is on one of these balconies that he is waiting patiently. This particular marble balcony is an extension of the Chamber of Light and has a small canopied pool with seating cushions, but nothing Kalakutesh could use in his natural form. "You're early." A booming voice calls behind Kalukatesh. The dragon turns to see Ojin, the Living Shield. His layers of heavy armor make every footstep sound like a swordfight. When he gets near Kalakutesh he reaches out to hand him a sheet of vellum; it displays a hand-drawn map with notes on it. Ojin speaks in his usual brusque manner. There is little emotion in his voice, just impatience. "Šile Amûnan rangers were seen near Enicaar beyond the current armistice line. We already knew they were sending more soldiers and supplies to their border citadels. This just confirms their intention to start another push. The Archon feels they will be pushing harder than usual this time due to the amount of troops they are moving, and Lady Samaethir has requested I station more of my warriors in the area as a defense. I'll be at the battlements by this evening and will remain until the Archon summons me back to the western frontier." Ojin steps away and turns his back to Kalakutesh then continues. "The Lady has requested your aid. You know that Šile Amûne has two citadels on their side of Cibura. One of our griffon riders recently scouted them building the foundations for a third, hidden deep within a rocky region. This citadel cannot be allowed to happen. You are to find the construction site using that map and determine the best course for destroying it. You can take a unit of soldiers from Enicaar when you make your assault." Ojin walks away but continues talking. "The Lady says you should take as long as you need. She says she does not expect you to return here for at least a week. And that the Archon is too busy to see you." And with that Ojin leaves the balcony the way he came onto it, abruptly leaving Kalakutesh alone again. ((Ojin was at Cibura during the decisive battle that ended the first war. He fought alongside K at the time and respects him as a warrior but he doesn't care for him as a friend. He meets with K in person instead of sending a messenger out of respect for his past deeds. Ojin is now an extension of Samaethir's will and if Samaethir wishes for K to be away from the Archon as much as possible -- and she does -- then so does Ojin. This explains his coldness and lack of pleasantry.))
  4. Yeah, I know, this should be BT's post. I just copy/pasted the stuff he put in the general thread, and added a bit at the bottom for Coraline's father and brother. The Archon (ruler) Marmir - The Archon of the Pantheon. Portfolio is rulership, authority, strength, mountains, retribution. Marmir has Q8 with the Climactic Supremacy power, but this power affects regions within Darmathia instead of the entire planet. He sits upon his throne and uses this power remotely to punish any uppity regions with droughts, floods, hailstorms, etc. He is also very capable in physical combat, though he doesn't leave his throne anymore. He has an extremely buff body with the head of a bull. He rarely discusses issues with his underlings once he has made up his mind and has been known to go into rages when things don't work out his way. He allows a great deal of in-fighting and bickering to happen within Darmathia as long as outside forces are stopped from invading. There are many novas who feel his hands-off approach and lack of mobility weakens the entire domain, a feeling that is slowly growing greater. He keeps his three wives against against one another so they don't turn on him, and it is rumored he is looking for a fourth wife. The Imperatrices (singular: Imperatrix, the three wives who form the Triumvirate who are the power players of the Pantheon) Samaethir - Wife of Marmir. A sun goddess who is also devoted to education, family bonds, truth, honesty, and loyalty. Samaethir leads what is often called the "Heavenly" branch of the Pantheon, which includes novas that share her philosophy. She has Q6 and very powerful light-based abilities. She is popular among the baseline population, who consider her the most beautiful and pure of heart out of all the wives. She has a welcoming personality and a warm smile to underlings, but also considers herself "at war" with the other two wives, who she feels are sinful savages that need to be smited and their novas converted. Asona Mahea - Wife of Marmir. A nature goddess who is also devoted to health, fertility, judgment, fortune, revenge, and punishment. Asona Mahea leads what is often called the "Earthly" branch of the Pantheon, which includes novas that share her philosophy. She has Q6 and very powerful nature-based abilities. She is popular among the baseline population, who consider her the most honest and well-intentioned out of all the wives. She is ambivalent to the smaller-scale politics of the Pantheon and prefers to see the big picture but is not above crushing anyone that slights her, and she believes the other two wives need to be killed in order for the world to be a better place. Viatami - Wife of Marmir. A death goddess who is also devoted to strength, manipulation, fear, the afterlife, necromancy, and war. Viatami leads what is often called the "Infernal" branch of the Pantheon, which includes novas that share her philosophy. She has Q6 and very powerful necromancy-based abilities. She is popular among the baseline population, who consider her the most feared and capable warrior out of all the wives. She is accepting of all novas as long as they show her respect, but makes sure everyone falls within her web somehow, and works day and night to undermine the power of the other wives who she considers weak and bound by morals. The Duces (singular: Dux, the leading generals of the Pantheon) Ojin - One of the eldest Pantheon novas, who wears a thick suit of armor and carries a massive cleaving blade capable of cutting down a dozen soldiers at once. He lives by a strict code of personal conduct. He is devoted entirely to Samaethir. Eresin - A god of the night who tends to be more analytical than the other duces. He has a habit of considering others expendable in battle and will do anything to insure victory. He is devoted entirely to Asona Mahea. Anashatala - The newest Dux whose bloodthirst on the battlefield is already the stuff of legend. She does not tolerate weakness or cowardice in combat. She is devoted entirely to Viatami. Others Phyremus - The guardian of Silgaea city. She carries out punishments on those that break the law. Cirnace - A god of thieves and potions who is also the praetor of Lichiduum. Unpopular with the Pantheon. Shoya - A fertility goddess and daughter of Samaethir and Marmir. She has numerous daughters, who she uses to marry off to baselines and novas in order spread the Heavenly branch's power. Steume, Heryadu, and Nolesa - Three serpent brothers who serve under Anashatala. Khaosammu - One nova that has two bodies. One body is a mother and the other a daughter, yet the daughter is also the mother of the mother in a strange paradox. She (they?) represent eternity and cycles. Time manipulator. Ishteros - A god of love. He is extremely popular with baselines. He carries a bow whose arrows can cause targets to become lovestruck. Shuns clothing. Foreign Nabananke - The leader of Sile Amune's government. A seer and legendary inventor responsible for many advances in the crafts of war. Nertartaral - The leader of Sile Amune's armies. A massive grotesquerie that is feared by his neighbors. Brother of Nabananke. PC Family Members Benjamin Hutchins, the Gryphon Rider - newly promoted to Commander in the Darmathian army, serving under Ojin. His fame comes from capturing and taming Sonora, a great white gryphon, and the first of the beasts to be used by the Darmathian army. He is the former consort of Skuld, Norn of the Future. Benjamin stands about 5'7", and weighs close to 200 pounds, with platinum-blond hair and pale blue eyes. He has strength and endurance to rival the most powerful of the gods, and a great bow gifted to him by Skuld. He has slain two Sile Amunen novas during the last war, and captured one of Nertartaral's generals. Erwin Hutchins - newly promoted to Hecatontarch in the Darmathian army, also serving under Ojin. Though the child of Benjamin and Skuld, Erwin has not displayed any sort of god-like abilities, leading some to believe that he is a foundling rather than Benjamin's son. Erwin stands an inch taller than his father, but weight some forty pounds less, with his father's eyes and his mother's dark hair. A betting pool has sprung up among the other hecatontarchs in his battalion as to whether Erwin will display divine heritage in the battle everyone believes is upcoming.
  5. ******************** Location: Coraline's Workshop, Silgaea Coraline has been in Silgaea for a week but most of the Pantheon novas only know of her name. She has been introduced to Marmir and several prominent novas in the Pantheon, but has spent most of her time setting up her new workshop. Her twin brother Erwin hasn't had much time for her either and has asked her to meet him later in the day at his chamber so they can catch-up. Before the reunion with Erwin, Coraline has time to familiarize herself with the city and meet a few more novas. ((If you'd like to extend the scene in the workshop for whatever reason you can. Otherwise we can move along. If there are any particular places or novas you would like to have Coraline come across then she can head in that direction, otherwise I'll have her 'stumble' across places at random as she explores. I also understand you may not be able to reply as often as you would like due to RL issues. No rush.))
  6. ******************** Location: The Green Shore, Lycetrian Waves gently roll upon the green shores of Lycetrian. The green sands run deep into the ocean making the shoreline waters glisten like a giant emerald. Crabs and other sealife dart around the waters, and a heron stands still watching for fish. Off the shoreline the sands give way to soil and forest. In the distance the smoking peak of Mount Kakus can be seen. A figure emerges from the waters. Trigon stands at the shore, nude. In one hand he holds a trident. ((This is Trigon's first time back to Darmathia since he fell overboard. It has been around a year. What he does or where he goes from this point is up to him.))
  7. Location: The Brass Ziggurat, Sea of Sarakan The minister continued reading the lower council's deployment requests. The demon Sultan Yinsolahad shifted a bit at his banquet table and turned his bored gaze to the cage at his left. The blood imp within picked at his food a bit, but decided not to eat. It seemed to be as bored as Yinsolahad was. He sighed and listened patiently. "...and finally, the southern walls are in need of repair after the latest bombardments but the council says it doesn't currently have the resources or manpower to complete the task so they are requesting a diversion of said resources away from the construction of the new ziggurat to complete the task." The minister rolled up the scroll and bowed his head awaiting a response. Yinsolahad put his elbow on the arm of his chair and rested his head in his palm. He continued staring at the cage. "You want your resource allocation so badly? The ziggurat construction has been planned for years." "But your highness! If the southern walls break down we would be vulnerable to invasion again. Your mother's forces can only be held back if they hold against her weapons!" Yinsolahad tossed a grape at the imp. "And how badly does the council want it repaired?" "Well...very badly, of course. It's a matter of security." There was a pause. "Aren't you as concerned?" "Sure, but resources are finite. I need to be...compensated...somehow." "Compensated?" The minister didn't like the sound of that. Yinsolahad smirked and turned to look at the minister. "Let's make a deal." ********** Location: Underworld Gateway, Lichiduum A deformed crab drags itself across the mud and filth in front of the gateway. It's just about to reach a rat carcass when Draygos emerges. The crab scurries away into it's hole. Draygos notices it is night and is then hit by the foul stench. He is standing on a wet, muddied landmass of some kind. The Underworld portal is behind him, and he can hear faint wailing coming from it. The portal is lined with what appear to be small totems with skulls atop them; they are likely wards to keep cthonic creatures from passing over. Draygos barely has time to think before a raven flies down off one of the totems and lands a few meters in front of him. It's face darts around quizzically. It's eyes are a glowing green. <Greetings.> the raven says telepathically. <You must be the one. The Spider Queen's tapestries said you would arrive. Please, follow me to my tower. It's best not to wander these forests. They are...unwelcoming." The raven starts hopping away. ***** Observations: It is nighttime as far as you can tell yet the sun is in the sky; it is dim as if obscured by clouds. You cannot see very far in front of you either, as if a deep fog exists everywhere. You hear water waves nearby so must be close to a shoreline. *****
  8. This thread will now be used when I need to announce some kind of update or change. Otherwise my announcements will get buried in the general gameplay discussion thread. Please don't post here. ========== The Lore ability has been renamed Occult, so Exalted players aren't confused. I've added two new entries to Phlegra's region info.
  9. The Darmathian Domain This thread is for information on the Darmathian domain the game takes place in. Don't post anything in here; if you have anything to contribute, contact me through PMs or post it in the general thread. When new places crop up in game they will be added here. A Brief History Silgaea, the Protogenoi The city of Silgaea takes it's name after a Protogenoi, one of the first novas. Legends say that when the nova Silgaea was cast down from the Upper Realm he smashed into the side of a great mountain within the Darmathian region. The force of his impact was so strong that it toppled the mountain it to half it's size and caused the ground to tremble violently for a day. Deeply hurt by his banishment and not wanting to anger the gods again for fear that they would one day return and exact further punishment, Silgaea declared that he would never leave the mountain. And there he sat, refusing to move. Baselines came to the mountain and chiseled the rock he sat upon into a throne. They erected a city around the throne using the mountain rubble and named their new society in his honor. The wandering rain-goddess Pontenki would visit Silgaea during the rainy season to keep him company, but he would otherwise remain alone. Local novas respected Silgaea's resolve, and after a hundred years of sitting upon his throne in penance for the sins of all Protogenoi, he turned into red dirt and passed on. Pontenki's tears fell upon the red dirt and Marmir the Absolute was born. Darmathia is Born Marmir quickly set about building an empire. With the city-state of Silgaea as it's capital his power extended across nearby lands and seas; within a century his domain spread across vast tracts of wilderness with little resistance. The few novas that lived within his borders were allowed autonomy as long as they did not interfere with his authority; any that resisted were expelled from his lands or killed. The neighboring domain of Šile Amûne, with it's large population and limited resources, eventually set it's eyes upon Marmir's lands. The Infernal General Nertartaral and the All-Knowing Nabananke organized armies to invade Silgaea. Marmir organized the novas and baselines within his lands into a single force to repel the invaders. The war between the two domains lasted over forty years and saw heavy casualties on both sides. Šile Amûne novas outnumbered Marmir's novas 2-to-1, yet the strategies of Marmir and his generals compensated greatly for the difference. The war ended in a dramatic battle at Cibura in which the Silgaean nova-general Darmath sacrificed herself for victory. Nertartaral's forces retreated back to the Šile Amûnian domain, having conquered little of Marmir's lands. Great enmity exists between the two domains to this day. For her sacrifice Darmath's name lives on; Marmir formed the Darmathian Pantheon at Silgaea, with all novas voluntarily taking a position or being expelled from the domain. Pontenki's Prophecy Due to a curse by Nabananke, the rain-goddess Pontenki passed on to the Underworld after her son's victory. She gave a dire prophecy to Marmir before she faded away: he would continue to exceed himself and grow in authority with every passing year, but if he ever left his father's throne his authority would come into question and wane. Upon his mother's passing Marmir placed himself upon his father's throne and declared that he would never leave it. His three wives took over the duties that he was no longer able to directly carry out and they became the de facto rulers of the Darmathian Pantheon. Marmir then split his domain into different regions with each given a different praetor, or regional leader. The praetors were given authority over their regions, but were expected to obey Marmir's rule at all times. Darmathia Today The Darmathian Pantheon is blessed with novas yet still has fewer than any of the three domains that border it, all of which seek to expand their territory. Marmir is still the unquestioned ruler of his domain but leaves Pantheon affairs to his scheming wives who have split the pantheon into three opposed camps. The various praetors maintain peace between themselves even as they attempt to underscore each others' influence. Nertartaral and Nabananke want to enslave all of Darmathia and they have the powerful Šile Amûne Pantheon at their disposal. Darmathia has enemies on the outside, enemies on the inside, and enemies from beyond. War is inevitable.
  10. This thread is for me to post information about the world(s) that the game takes place in. It will be updated as we go. History of the World Gaia was once a lifeless rock. Then the First Gods, whose names and traits are still a mystery to this day, arrived and attempted to bring life to it. They created the four elemental moons to help supply themselves with the materials necessary to bring life to Gaia; they created the Upper Realms to serve as their temporary homes while they planned; they created the Underworld to capture the souls of those creatures that died so their spirits would not bother the living. And when Gaia was complete they added baselines so that societies could develop and prosper. But the Gods watched in disappointment as their own baseline creations killed, conquered, and enslaved one another. They were incapable of descending to the world below and educating the baseline masses since their own minds were too complex to understand. So the Gods decided to retreat within the Upper Realms and in time they grew lonely. They had grown tired of each other and desired the company of others. Taking a few of the baselines from the world below and infusing them with quantum energy they created novas. These Second Gods were not true gods but were clearly more than baseline and kept the true Gods company for many years. Things were good at first but the novas eventually fell to the same vices as baselines. Fearing they had erred greatly with Gaia, the true Gods left one by one until none of them remained. And as they left they cast all of the novas out of the Upper Realms and down to the world below to live among the baselines. As the last of the First Gods was leaving she looked back upon Gaia and gave the novas a final message: to guide the baselines as a shepherd would a flock, to care for them as a parent would a child, to teach them as a teacher would a pupil, and to inspire them as the First Gods had inspired novas. Or so the myth goes. It has been roughly five-hundred years since novas first descended to Gaia from the heavens. Upon arrival they quickly set up societies and started educating baselines as the gods had requested. There was a period of peace for about one-hundred years where all novas cooperated but then conflicts appeared and wars were declared. The novas split themselves into smaller like-minded groups called pantheons that ruled over the various regions of Gaia. These divisions exist to this day, though the borders are constantly changing due to war. Conflict is so constant that none of the original novas are alive, their spirits having retreated into the deepest recesses of the Underworld forever. Their roughly one-thousand offspring now carry on their work and shape the world as they desire.
  11. Backgrounds Backgrounds have gone under heavy changes in this game. Every one except Resources and Sanctum have been removed and more have been added to replace them. Allies, Contacts, and Mentors are entirely roleplayed. There are also Background Enhancements that can be taken for each Background similar to Mega-Attribute enhancements for 3 NP. You can take multiple enhancements for each Background as long as you meet the requirements for them. The new Backgrounds: Armor Beast Champions Legend Pantheon Resources Sanctum Servants Weapon Worshipers All Backgrounds go to 10 dots except for Armor and Weapon. Only novas may take Armor, Beast, Champions, Pantheon, and Weapon. The Backgrounds are explained below. New enhancements may be added over time and old ones may be changed. If you have any issues please bring them up.
  12. Character Creation These are the overall changes made for character creation, using the chart on Aberrant page 120: "Baseline Phase" Inspiration This replaces the "Concept" entry and is unique to Theomachy. Before you can create your new character you first choose one or two mythological characters from our own real-world myths to base your nova on. You aren't making a copy of those characters by any means; as the name implies they are only your inspiration for creating the nova. The inspiration you take from these characters can be as little or great as you want...the nova you make does not have to resemble them in body or personality, just in spirit. You can choose characters from popular myths like the Greek, Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Chinese, and Indian stories or even go for obscure to lesser-known myths. Your nova could be inspired by Mercury the speedster or Set the crocodile-god, but nothing is stopping you from getting inspiration from Paul Bunyan or the Laughing Buddha. Name You cannot name yourself after a real-world myth character, but just calling your nova Dave isn't acceptable either. Since inventing names can be hard, try this: take the name of your Inspiration. Then jumble the letters around. If you have two Inspirations, then combine parts of their names together to create one name. There you go, your nova's name! Aside from his or her given name novas also tend to rack up aliases over time. You can give yourself one alias at gamestart if you wish (Hammer of War, Messenger of the Pantheon, The Watcher, Base of the Living, etc.). Two Natures When creating a character you choose two Natures instead of one. This doubles the opportunity to regain Willpower from Nature, and lets you define your character's personality a little more. You can also use Natures from the Trinity Players Guide (Competitor, Confidant, Cynic, Fanatic, Innocent, Monster, Perfectionist) and Adventure (Expert, Charmer). There are also four new Natures I created specifically for Aberrant which can also be used in this game: Deviant: Your mind is so far removed from what society considers moral and right that it can barely be called human anymore. While a few novas (mostly Deviants themselves) would consider your behavior to be a liberation from baseline thinking, most novas and baselines still consider you a dangerous freak of the highest order and call you what you are: a sociopath.Gain Willpower when your utter detachment from morality is a boon to your well-being and comfort-level in a situation where it would not be for a 'regular' person. Elemental: There are those that use their quantum powers and then there are those that live their quantum powers. Your specific quantum powers dictate the way you behave in many situations. It is common for a nova's powers to reflect their personality but your personality instead reflects your powers. While similar to the Nova Nature, you are different in that you think of yourself as a living embodiment of a force of nature and live accordingly. You fly wherever the winds carry you, live with the trees in isolation, or think like the computers you manipulate…whatever the case may be. Just make sure you remember that you are more than a mindless force of nature, or you might truly become one.Gain Willpower when your actions and behavior exemplify your 'element' in a way that is accurate (from your point of view) and/or truly impressive to others. Loner: You do best when alone. You stay emotionally distant from people as a way of coping with the realities of the world. You aren't against working with others, they just need to understand that you perform better when you don't have to rely on them. Getting close to others is a mistake since their friendships come with strings and are doomed to end eventually, but you also close yourself off for their sake since you have no desire to burden them with your problems. The only person you can trust not to betray or leave you is yourself. Unfortunately you are too stubborn and proud to request help when you do need it, opting instead to suffer alone.Gain Willpower whenever being emotionally or physically distant from others helps either them or yourself. Nova: To a nova with this Nature, any situation can be solved with the application of quantum powers. You live and breathe quantum and your day isn't considered complete until you've had a chance to stretch your quantum muscles and manipulate the world around you in ways no baseline can. Even the most mundane of activities can be improved through the application of channeled quantum. But be careful - in doing so you may overlook something obvious that a more "baseline-minded" person would notice immediately.Gain Willpower whenever you use quantum powers in an unusual and/or creative fashion.Ability Cap Novas may raise Abilities to five dots during the "baseline" phase instead of the normal cap of three. Free Specialties Novas start with two free Specialties at character creation, but baselines do not. This partly compensates for the novas' lack of Bonus Points. No Backgrounds There are no Background traits in this game. You are free to do whatever you want in regards to money, fame, followers, etc. as long as the Storyteller approves. Starting Quantum All novas start with Quantum 2. Quantum still cannot be raised above 5 at character creation. Since novas do not get Bonus Points, Quantum must be raised with NP later. Starting Taint Default starting Taint is 1 for all novas and it cannot be reduced to 0. Novas can only start with a higher Taint if they take points of it for additional NP. Starting Willpower Novas start with Willpower 5. Baselines start with Willpower 3. Changes to Bonus Points Only baselines get 15 Bonus Points to spend. Novas get three "imaginary" Bonus Points that count towards Merits and Flaws and nothing else. Merits and Flaws Restrictions You cannot take any of the Merits that mimic Mega-Intelligence enhancements. Eufiber Attuned and Eufiber Rejection cannot be taken since there is no Eufiber in this setting. Dependence to things baselines cannot be dependant to is an Aberration. Enemy cannot be taken. Ambidextrous is automatic for anyone with Mega-Dex or Mega-Wits. Physical aberrations cannot be purchased as Flaws...but mental and social Aberrations are perfect as Flaws. You can use various Merits and Flaws from the Trinity Players Guide and other White Wolf lines as long as they pass Storyteller approval. "Nova Phase" Endurance and Resilience Novas no longer start with three automatic dots in Endurance and Resilience. They are just as likely to starve, get sick, or become an addict as any baseline (except when certain powers or enhancements apply). Changes to Nova Points Novas start with 60 nova points (NP) instead of 30. If you take as much Taint and Aberrations at chargen that are allowed you add 15, bringing you to 75 NP. This is intentional; I was originally going to have 75 be starting NP with the option of buying off Taint and Aberrations with NP. This is the same effect. The NP costs for traits have been altered; use the list below to replace the one in the book: Quantum - 4 Level 1 Power - 1/2* (One point for two dots, can be split among two powers) Level 2 Power - 2 Level 3 Power - 4 Body Mod - 1** Quantum Pool dot - 1/2* (One point for 2 dots) Mega-Attribute - 1 (for first dot only), 3 (for second and later dots) Mega-Attribute Enhancement - 3 3 Attribute dots - 1 5 Ability dots - 1 Ability Mastery - 1 Willpower - 1 Taint +3 Low-level Aberration +1 Mid-level Aberration +2 High-level Aberration +3 * You can split 1 NP between a Level 1 power and a Quantum Pool dot. ** All Body Mods now cost 1 NP Changes to Taint Nothing can be purchased as Tainted. Instead you can voluntarily take a permanent point of Taint in order to gain 3 extra NP during character creation. You are limited to taking 3 points of Taint (9 NP) this way. Changes to Aberrations You may also voluntarily take Aberrations for additional NP. Aberrations work differently than in Aberrant; each Aberration has its own personal ranking of low-, mid-, or high-level that is not affected by a nova's Taint. The level of the Aberration determines its severity. This is discussed below. You are limited to gaining 6 total NP from starting Aberrations and they must be approved by the ST. You can take additional Aberrations at gamestart if you want but will not get more than 6 NP. Changes to Strengths and Weaknesses The Strengths and Weaknesses system is seen as a roleplaying tool in this game so is not available during character generation. You can voluntarily apply Weaknesses to your powers if you want but there will be no trade-off. Any Strengths will develop during play. Since S/W are now a roleplaying tool, it may be possible to have a power with Strengths and no Weaknesses after play starts. Ability Mastery Ability Mastery is a new option for novas during character creation (and during play) to reflect a nova that has absolutely mastered a certain Ability. If a nova has Ability Mastery he is considered to have every possible Specialty for that Ability, effectively giving him an extra die to roll with. He can also never botch a roll with that Ability (botches become standard fails). In order to take Ability Mastery a nova must have 5 dots in the relevant Ability. Remove all Specialties from that Ability and replace with the word "Mastery."
  13. Just copy and paste this for your character sheet. Eventually we'll have new threads for every character, where we will post our stats and update them as we go. Just a bit of explaining: Portfolio covers the concepts your nova symbolizes. Like love, eternity, healing, the family, horses, merchants, sailing ships, autumn, etc. Symbols are the objects, animals, etc. that your cult uses to symbolize you.
  14. Jackson Creed, could you make a new sub-forum in the Active Games category called Theomachy? Thank you So here is my game proposal for a new pbp game. I don't want to post much more until we have a subforum. So who is interested?
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